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Found 30 results

  1. Massage Table at ARC

    Anyone ISO of a nice, portable massage table will find one at the Arc on Austin Bluffs and Barnes in CO Springs
  2. I have a newfound pleasure with FBSM, but the Lingam Massage is by far something I have yet to really enjoy. Have you? If so, please share the deets...
  3. There seems to be a large concentration of Chinese Massage Parlors in Casper and a few providers. For some reason a dearth in south eastern Wyoming. Is there a reason for that? They all seem to advertise that which they cannot deliver, Those of us who are a bit financially strapped, a FBSM at one for $100 is sometimes the best we can afford. But you usually do get a great massage and and some. These very nice ladies are nothing like those in their ads except the one I mentioned earlier at which I got a pleasant surprise.. It is a pity we do not have a category to accommodate that service.
  4. Massage Table

    Hello all, I have a professional stationary massage table that I'm looking to sell. Please dm me if you're interested and I'll provide pics and details. Thank you!
  5. I am a Brit living in the US for many years. I was too busy working a new business to notice how the Puritan “ethic” still underlay life here. Since now leading a more relaxed life and requiring some companionship it became quite stark! Back in the UK many years ago inBrighton, Sussex we had a great health club in the center of town. Sauna, dip pool, hot tubs, coffee bar, snooker and much more. The first 3 items were mixed “non clothed” just a towel to sit on as in Scandinavia, Germany and other countries. Then trips karate training to Okinawa again hot spring baths mixed no clothes, and exceptionally invigorating massages which are regarded in the USA as criminal. Why? The whole Chinese massage scene is seen as a den of iniquity and trafficking. This is likely due to the activities being illegal. Make something illegal and it attracts crime. In Holland some retirement homes offer to bring in local prostitutes if you so desire on a monthly basis. Intimacy is deemed essential to good physical and mental health! I. Japan your prostate is going to be massaged as a matter of course. Far less troublesome prostates in Japan than the west! So the puritans hate people having a happy time.That is why as an Englishman we waved them goodbye from Plymouth Hoe in 1620 as they sailed away! The taverns and brothels could then reopen safely and the parties resume! Thank you comments welcome as are female invitations too!
  6. Girlfriend

    Hi, My girlfriend wants to get me a fbsm. And she wants to watch. She thinks it will be hot. I dont disagree! Has anyone tried this and is there a cooperative provider in the Boulder area? thanks!
  7. Chiara720 720-772-1579 Colorado Massage Thing maybe TGTBT?
  8. Massage

    The posibility of Colorado Massage Any FBSM around wheat ridge and Golden? PM me thanks!
  9. I would like to personally thank you all for what you do. I know it is impossible for most of us men/clients to fully understand what you all go through to prepare/encounter/work/service your clients on a daily basis. With that said, I just want to whisper to all of you "Hot Mommas" to keep your heads up and THANK YOU for your unparalleled/unmatched services...............................
  10. couple massage ???

    Hi, A couple of days back a friend of mine recommended us to get a full body couples massage. My wife curiously asked me later in the night what couples massage was about, the discussion that night ended with me telling her that i will gift her a couple's massage. She nervously mentioned i only want a women to touch me. Since my wife is very nervous about this we are looking for one who would understand the nuances and get us a confirtable and memorable time. Can you guys recommend someone?
  11. providers in downtown Denver?

    Can anyone recommend any providers in downtown Denver? I'm going to find something convenient enough for a regular lunch sesh.
  12. Ania Lucia 720-441-3432 Colorado Massage Hello all. I have gotten frustrated by the blow level talent available at AMPs. Decided to go with a lovely lady on Rub Ratings. I for the price for the body to body sensual massage and am wondering if anyone has seen her. I would like to know what to expect as that is a bit more than an AMP.
  13. Hello all! Newbie!

    Hello there TOB'ers out there, my name is Dakota, I'm a 22 y/o student here in Denver, [Snip}
  14. FBSM Only

    FBSM only and have a difficult time fighting off the "escort" menu. Are there still a few mature gents out there that like to just lay back and be soothed?
  15. Lila?

    Lila 720-642-5798 Colorado Escort Has anyone taken the plunge? There seems to be a influx of new "too good to be true" talent out there.
  16. An FBSM Ranking

    Just a general question if someone knows ToB well enough: I'm looking at the "Ads" and I find and one "I am Ranked 1 of Denver's BEST FBSM's on TOB!" To me that's a clear implication that there is a ranking of FBSMers in Denver. Do you know where that list is? "Denver's best FBSM's on ToB" ? Thank You! Blaze
  17. Ashley 719-415-7442 Colorado Body Rubs Does anyone have any experience with Ashley @ Divine Envy Massage in Pueblo. Have seen some ads on BP and they are pretty forward about advertising FBSM on Facebook and their website
  18. I'm interested in knowing why people ask so many questions about what you provide isn't it all the same?
  19. ISO Thai Massage

    Colorado Companion Hey folks - I have lurked around here for years and I once ran into a provider who offered this at the old Player's Club, and for some reason I keep revisiting that experience in my brain lately. I did some searching through reviews and the forums and the only provider I saw that seemed to give Thai Massages right now was Jinsum's and there seems to be some ... strange behavior (411info)... going on there. Do any of you all recommend a provider that offers Thai Massage (think naked yoga with a partner stretching you)? Thanks in advance! (Mods, let me know if this should be posted somewhere else, sorry if this is not the right spot)
  20. I've compiled some ideas to help the ladies provide a better Full Body Sensual Massage sessions. I'm not criticizing anybody. I'm just sharing my wishes, combining techniques I've seen from several providers and what other people have mentioned here and in other places. Assumptions in this post - I'll just use the term massage in general [snip] including body rubs. - Standard 1 hour session - The client is respectful, not looking for FS but for FBSM. - The client is clean. - The provider is serious about her work, I'm not talking here about providers that just give lousy rubs and quick HJ. - Mutual touching, fully nude, body to body, tits massage, Nuru, BJ or similar options don't affect the following recommendations. In general - Besides the massage in the large body parts like the back or shoulders also massage hands and fingers, face, ears, and scalp. You don't have to be a licensed masseuse to massage those areas. It feels very good and is very relaxing. Avoid scalp massage with oily hands. If you are not sure, ask the client. - Include the feet and toes, if you are not sure if he would like it, just ask. It's easier for you to ask if he likes it or not than for the client to request it. Most people like foot massage. While he is facing down - Massage the whole back side, from head to toes, no only back and shoulders. - Tease the balls, inner thighs and crotch once in a while during the massage. Your oily hands on that area feel awesome. The teasing should not be only for the happy ending. - If he is really clean, as for example freshly showered at your place, include the crack and anus during the butt massage. No need to go inside him, just outside, which should be clean. Obviously, some men don't like this so if you are not sure you can insinuate it with an exploratory massage or just asking. Again, it's easier for you to ask if he likes it than for him to request that massage. Once he is facing up - Once the client has flipped over, massage the full front side of his body. Don't go directly to the HJ. Massage legs, thighs, arms, chest, neck, face, etc, etc. From head to toes again. You should calculate your time on the back in order to have time for the front. - Tease the fun parts once in a while during the front side massage as well, don't wait for the actual HJ to do this. - Tease/rub/pinch / (kiss/bite) the client's nipples. Men's nipples are similarly sensitive as women's. For the final fireworks - Do some penis massage, before the HJ or as a replacement for the traditional HJ. There are plenty of video clips in porn sites that show what a penis massage is. This is different than the traditional up and down handjob. For example: Massage for the Male Penis or Penis Massage. - Massage the balls and surrounding area. If you've massaged his crack and anus (look above), do it again at this moment. - "Edge" at least one time. Edging means take him more or less near to the climax and then stop and give attention to other areas of the body while he relaxes. You can "edge" as many times as you want. You should calculate your time for at least one edging. - This one is very important and a common error: once the client starts cumming don't stop right away doing what you were doing. The first shot of cum is not the signal to stop! Continue doing what you were doing until he becomes too sensitive to resist it, that should be obvious and that's the time to stop. Or when he tells you to stop. (Optional: once the overwhelming sensitivity has gone, softly HJ him a little bit more, even if it's already soft. Feels very good) - Clean him up with warm towels, or whatever you use. This is a nice touch and very much appreciated. - Do some post-cum body massage. It's awesome to calm and relax for a few minutes after the orgasm while receiving a soft massage, instead of getting dressed immediately. I know a provider that saves the feet massage for this moment. Some trial and error for the distribution of your time probably would be needed but everything should fit in the 1-hour session. Everybody, please feel free to contribute, add or criticize my suggestions. Ladies, if you can please give some feedback about this, maybe you see things from a different point of view that I have not taken into account.
  21. FBSM

    Hey guys I am looking for the best FBSM in Denver/Boulder/Rocky mountains. Would love any suggestions! Thanks.
  22. Harmony 720-503-1690 Colorado Body Rubs Seems legit based on searching her name and phone number. Has anyone seen her? Thanks.
  23. I have been surprised by the seemingly recent addition of FBSM providers advertising at $300 for a session. That is within my budget, but not my normal preference. Especially not "for a first time visit" See: or maybe or What am I missing? Most of these providers don't have any reviews. Anyone TOFTT?? What was your experience?
  24. I'm looking for a classy, calm and highly skilled FBSM provider in Chicago. Please post your recommendations. Also, what sites are used? Thanks
  25. Massage seeking...

    This might be the wrong place to post this, but I'm not sure where else to ask. I am only looking for FBSM providers (not FS). The difficulty is that most FS providers also offer FBSM as a lead in so when I specify FBSM or Tantra as a search parameter, I still get mostly FS providers. Added to that, the services provided is not on the summary list so I have to click through the reviews. Does anyone know of a way to better filter the search results?