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Found 40 results

  1. Denver Ladies are the Best

    So I’ve been meaning to give this shout out a while ago to all the amazing Denver ladies out there!!! I had a shorty experience with the hobby while visiting another metropolitan area and it just really made me appreciate all of my wonderful experiences with all the girls in Denver. I know guys can get frustrated with their own bad luck and vent on here about how shitty the CO/Denver providers can be; i’ve had not-so-great experiences with providers in the area. It happens. But all in all, we here are blessed to have so many beautiful, kind women who do their best to meet our needs and fantasies. I thought it would be cool to experience the hobby in another city, but I had such terrible luck with two lame providers that I haven’t even tried again since. However, as the months pass and the sting of the last experience cools, i’m getting more excited about the possibilities with the range of gorgeous Denver/Boulder girls or those visiting (even just visiting this beautiful place makes people nicer ... and sexier) in the near future. Thank you again local ladies for making this area the best for the hobby. Can’t wait for my next experience with one of you to wash away the memories of the last ... Guys - quit bitching. We got it made 😊
  2. Hi everyone :)

    Hey everyone I’m Angelica. Just thought I’d take a moment to introduce myself to the community
  3. Just saying hi

    Moved here a year ago thanks for the warm welcome
  4. 411 Jenn

    jennis4me2 Colorado Companion Has anyone seen Jenn? I've seen her posts on other sites, first time seeing here on TOB. Anyone have any experience?
  5. Tegan Daily

    Tegan Daily Colorado Companion Has anyone around had a chance to meet with Tegan? Seems tgtbt, honestly.
  6. Hello Denver!!!!

    So Denver has become my home away from home. I come this way every month now. I just can’t get enough. Well this will be my first time saying hi to everyone on this site. Even tho I’ve been on this site for maybe a year. And several years and the other sites. Thankful To this site , I get lucky when I’m up that way. So hopefully with a little introduction, it will be easier to link up with you beautiful ladies. I’m from Houston, so I guess I’m kinda spoiled by the access we have to the hobby. Oh PS I will be back in Denver in August 25. I hope to meet some of you soon.
  7. Suggestions for the Denver area...

    Hello Denver I'm hoping to gather some suggestions from people in the area as far as restaurants/what to do/etc. I appreciate any and all input!
  8. I’m new to the hobby and really need to see who is newbie friendly so I can get references. I know I’ll need at least a few before I’m taken seriously . So any newbie friendly providers . Let me know . I would like to meet up soon. Thank you in advance.
  9. Check out .. Some of the stars and seminars are announced,as well as VIP parties . More information will be added as we get closer. Looks like Friday Ladies Free Night is still on. Disclaimer:I have nothing to do with this expo except as a mild mannered reporter. Had a great time at it last year.
  10. 411 on NaughtyNicole

    Naughtynicole 720-546-6597 Colorado Body Rubs Any info would be appreciated! Want to make sure it’s the girl in the photos and if she’s cool or not. Cached link.................... Phone as posted...............7205four6659seven
  11. Urban clubs

    Hey guys ! Where Are your best Urban Stripclubs??
  12. new in town

    hey I'm completely new here , to this city and this board . Where I'm from we use others . With that being said a few tips or pointers from some experienced users on location and other basics would be greatly appreciated xoxo Rebecca Snow xoxo
  13. 411 on Liz BP

    Liz 720-650-9753 Colorado Escort Anyone know anything about this new provider up North? I'm super curious, since there's a huge shortage of cute providers up North.
  14. Riley

    Riley 786-747-5694 Colorado Escort any info?
  15. Long time no see

    DTC Still the most favorable area for Denver ? Been A While since I’ve made a visit a my schedule is finally finished. Just needing location suggestions, so please feel free to chime in !
  16. 411 on BP Opal

    Opal 720-381-3274 Colorado Escort Caught this cutie on bp and wondered if anyone has had the chance....ρ-f-тhє-lιηє-extremely-sweet-blonde-opal/43854873
  17. NCNS in denver

    I live in Colorado Springs and decided to make an appointment with a lady in Denver tonight. We agree to a time and she asked me to go to street intersection and call. It's all normal so far. I arrived at the location little early. I figured since I am driving from springs it's better early than late. I called her and left a message asking her to call me when she is ready. I waited and no reply. I called again no reply. after 45 minutes I called again and the same thing. After that went back to springs. A Little bit after I came home I noticed she put up another and that made kind of upset. This lady has lots of reviews all of them good. Part of me does not want to post an NCNS review, but also at the same time what she did was wrong. Why take an appointment if you don't want to follow through. I am accustomed ladies not wanting to make an appointment with me because I am fairly new and I am fine with it. This is the first time this has happened to me. I wasted three and half hours of my time and sat there like a jackass in the street for 45 minutes. I think I will just sleep on this before I decide what to do.
  18. Denver to SPRINGS

    Omg I went to Denver for a couple of days and I will not be going back . More luck in the springs for me Denver too slow for me assuming not to many blacks go there.
  19. TER Question for the Ladies

    Hey Ladies! So I don't use TER, but I got a review on there by a guy I didn't get along with so I randomly check. I recently noticed the second review I have states that I am not independent and that I have a driver. Is there any way to ask TER to change that or do I need to contact this person to change it. I've had a decrease of appointments and a lot of text messages asking about it. Any advice would help since this information is untrue. -Amber720 XOXO
  20. Ceeci

    Ceeci 720-298-6232 Colorado Escort Ceeci was around last summer. Great young woman. Does anyone know what happened to her? Feel free to PM me. Thanks!
  21. Just Wanted To Say Hello!

    Hey everyone! I'm new to the industry. I recently just moved to Denver from out of state! I'm learning the site and any advice or tips is very much appreciated Hope you all have a great week!
  22. Southern Gal: Greetings TOB

    Hey everyone, just getting to interact with the community ! I'm Lola. Its pleasure to be here , it was pretty smooth getting on the other board. I look forward to becoming more acquainted with the community and maybe learn a few tricks. I love to post and keep the community updated so keep me informed. feel free to give some feedback. I'm currently looking for a good photographer if you have any suggestions in the Denver area. [snip]
  23. Keyana

    Keyana 303-359-4941 Colorado Escort 303-359-4941 Might be fake, but she's been posting for a while and her photos have changed a few times, but always the same girl, because the tats match up.
  24. Where do I stay??

    So everyone keeps telling me "go to Denver" and I never seriously considered it. Well, I accidentally landed myself in Denver and I am essentially stuck and totally lost. Soo, are hotels and such out here okay with business or is there anything in particular I should avoid? What's LE like out here? And my big question, which areas hold the middle ground between affordable, but still classy?
  25. As a photographer I've always wondered if providers would be open to working with one of their clients if a provider genuinely likes a clients abilities with a camera. Would any providers be open to this idea?