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(TOB) TheOtherBoard.com is an adult dating comunity featuring Profiles, Reviews, References, Listings and Discussion Forums. We'd love you to Join our community today. Here are 7 Great reasons why you should!:)

• Guys-
It's FREE to become a Member and you will have instant access to the Reference area and be able to post your inquiries in the 411 Forum.

#2 "TOB 411":
Don't get burned by a Fake profiles! We have a national "411" area within the Forum, which will allow you to verify if the profile you see anywhere on the web is legitimate. This is FREE to use, just go to the forum, select the advance search above, enter the number and under Forums select "TOB 411". If we don't have the that person in our database let the TOB volunteers help with the research. Simply enter a few pieces of information and watch as Members provide tips, tools and the pertinent evidence you need.

#3 REFERENCES (Similar to P411 OK's):
As a Member, once your profile is created you can request references from or share references with any TOB female member with a click of a button, you can also just as easily unshare your references. If you have references from non members you can add those to your secure reference location as well. You also have the ability to share all your references with any non member easily, with a simple click. This sends a unique link to that individual so she can easily view your TOB profile and reference information. This will save you time, as there is no more copying and pasting references into an email or text. In addition, as an added layer of security, the link disables itself after 7 days, so your information is not hanging out there. If need be, you can always resend another unique link to that individual.

Reviews are always FREE to view, however, as a Member you are able to write reviews and have Instant access to any new review published.

We have the largest Verified Listings in Colorado. Listings are FREE to view and you don't need to be a member to get the ladies contact information.

As a Member you are also able to create a list of favorites, as well keep notes on that favorite. In addition, when a new review is posted for that favorite, you will be notified.

The forum is always FREE to view. However, we'd love you to join! As a Member of TOB, you will be able to post in the forum. You will become part of a larger community with all genders congregating collectively with the primary focus on our Adult pursuits. You will be able to share your thoughts and ideas on your local or national board; discussing and debating issues that matter to you, bringing your own perspective and influencing others or evolving your opinion based on those interactions! You can take advantage of learned tips and tools to navigate the web in search of your adult pursuits...