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  2. Heterosexual women have fewer orgasms.

    just a quick query, what if i go down there and it does one get out of that sort of situation with tact?
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  4. congrats to open minded people...

    Thank you
  5. And The Oscar Goes To........

    MOONLIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What an ending to one of the most self-congratulatory events in Hollywood. Warren Beatty pulled a Steve Harvey and fooled us all. I am so happy for the Moonlight team and especially Mahershala Ali. And for Viola Davis and her beautiful acceptance speeches. Someone needs to check the best actor envelope because Denzel was robbed and Hollywood needs to stop awarding pricks like Casey Affleck. I am a cinephile and Oscar night is like my Super Bowl Sunday. Tonight was a great show and fuck up that won't soon be forgotten. Anyone else watch??
  6. Need advice please

  7. stings tonight in northern colorado

    BETTER yet know who you are going to in LAKEWOOD
  8. My Restless Mind Is Pondering Again...

    I spent a year taking GRE classes and practice tests etc. it was exhausting, but really helped me with my advanced degree options and choices... I'm glad I got it out of the way before diving into the conceptual and thematic parts of advanced studies.
  9. 60 shades of Grey

    Simms Landing, love that place. Located out on 6th and Simms. They have big giant windows and you can watch the planes fly in and out DIA. The food is fantastic however you need to make reservations in advance...awesome steak and sea food!!! Very romantic and elegent eating and entertraining.
  10. SI

    Nooo, SI would never resort to that!!! (Sorry sarcasm font non-functional)
  11. Any of you ladies... I found this is this the website that is contacting you ladies? I have never heard of any of these ladies? Beautiful but are they really here?
  12. Hi! I'm new!!!

    More like this
  13. Any of you ladies...

    I can't understand why a companion website would ever put "LE" in their name. Seems like the worst marketing move I can possibly think of.
  14. My Restless Mind Is Pondering Again...

    Congrats Samantha!!! Proud of you too! Something so incredibly sexy and beautiful about women who work on self betterment!
  15. congrats to open minded people...

    Big difference between being "open minded" versus taking things to the mindless illegal minor dead animal level. After All this is an ADULT forum.😃😃
  16. My Restless Mind Is Pondering Again...

    i'am pretty sure it's been discussed ad nauseum.
  17. SI

    you have heard of photoshop......
  18. Hi! I'm new!!!

    Welcome cock. I'll just call ya pp for short.
  19. Need to Clarify "Party Friendly"

    So, it's NOT the backroom at Chuck E Cheese?
  20. Hi! I'm new!!!

    or this:
  21. Any of you ladies...

    No but tons of calls from! That site has gotten some traction, but a ton of retired ladies on there.
  22. Heterosexual women have fewer orgasms.

    Thank goodness I am open minded. Gotta say though, there's a lot of guys who won't go down. Never quite understood this. I mean besides a strong older, why not.
  23. CloudBleed / CloudFlare Leak

    Thanks for info.
  24. SI

    Have to admit not many her age are that hot. Wonder how much plastics she has involved. If she does it isn't obvious. Unfortunately, I dropped off her fanboy list when she dumped the short guy Billy Joel, since I'm on the vertically challenged side also. Of course, he may have been an ass, so who knows. One SI gal from close to that era that I'm still a fan of is Cheryl Tiegs.
  25. Hi! I'm new!!!

    Something like this?
  26. 411 on BP Ashley in Denver

    I pulled the trigger. She is legit and the pics are real. She is leaving tomorrow so I will probably not review as think she was just passing through on her way to L.A. anyways, 3G, pm if you want more details.
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