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  3. Stings, Always be on the Lookout !!!

  4. Gfe or not

    So what is she gonna say when you want ISE? And she doesn't know what to say? Pretty funny, and true about that. And what GFE mean's...I had experience a while back and the provider asked what I wanted.. It wasn't kinky or PSE and hung up on me! Oh well. back to reading reviews again.. Kind of like playing darts for the first time!
  5. Gfe or not

    ISE... I think that is much better.
  6. Happy Easter Everyone!

  7. Jane Smith from Dallas

    I read in KC that they had to take a un-scheduled vacation. It also said a couple of them are dancing at some of the Texas clubs. Maybe seeing a few regulars utr too. I don't think they will be back. Time will tell.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Not good enough????

  10. Not good enough????

    Drive safe Bit
  11. What's your fantasy?

    Aubrey in a white dress shirt of mine is an image that is permanently burned into my brain. Being asked to finish because they want me to, not just because the provider has other people they want to see or because time is getting short is a fantasy I've yet to experience and it would ruin it to ask for it.
  12. Who would you bring back?

    Aubrey and her lamp. I miss her to this day. She disappeared, returned for a few months, and then poof - gone again without a trace. Someone else listed Melissa Sterling, but she's still active in the Springs…
  13. Who is your favorite retired porn star and why?

    I was always a big fan of Barbara Dare and a lesser known one named Brandy Wine, but my classic era favorite was always Christy Canyon.
  14. Gfe or not

    Never had an ISE before. I'm intrigued!
  15. Gfe or not

    It really does depend on what you're looking for. Some are looking for a PSE or ISE, or that one girlfriend I had who told me flat out that she was going to make me finish twice in ten minutes, no matter what it took. :-) Others are looking for a true GFE, where they feel wanted and desired as much as you obviously desire them, and who actually are interested in using you for their pleasure. My dear retired ATF was excellent at this, always making me feel as if we had shared something together that we had both needed despite the obvious reality that that was not the case. Since then I have seen several providers, but few who provide that same feel. I don't think I'd do well with the hot PSE/ISE experience; I've been to too many strip clubs in my life that it always just reads as fake - even when coming from an actual GF. I don't think it's fair to make assumptions about what people are looking for here any more than it would be to assume how a provider will act. As for GFE, one of my favorite episodes of Two and a Half Men, "I Call Him Magoo," had Charlie missing his now ex-girlfriend, so he hired a provider and wanted her to act as mean to him as his former girlfriend did and wanted to act as if they were an actual couple with problems, as that was the true GFE to him. 😀
  16. Gfe or not

    Frankly....I don't understand the appeal of seems to me , if you want a GFE....go get a GF. An ISE would seem to be a more sought after item on sporting lady menu's.......Insatiable Slut Experience.
  17. 411 Elisa Blue

    I have seen her roommate. My understanding is that they provide similar services. They work where they live in a two bedroom apartment that is reasonably clean. Communication was a bit slow, but clear and concise. Location appeared safe. The pictures are accurate. Service is sexy, without being very sensual.
  18. Gfe or not

    We can fight over the remote, and what to watch on Netflix.
  19. Gfe or not

    Me: Where do you want to go Her: I don't care, you choose. Me: Then Red Robin Her: Not there! Me: *facepalm
  20. Gfe or not

    That can actually be pretty hot....
  21. Hey all I am wondering if anyone could suggest a provider or two that not only does Russian and UTF, but loves to do it. Would like to find someone with nice naturals, who appreciates having them handled. Thanks in advance.
  22. Not good enough????

    Memorial Day. Visiting a few National Parks on the way back. Starting to get hot(90s) down here.
  23. Long time hobbyist

    Forget the Rockies and spend your $$$ on the lovely ladies here. It’s a win win situation buddy.
  24. Gfe or not

    Raine, what else can we pick from?
  25. Gfe or not

    I like yoga pants, too.
  26. Gfe or not

    I like the yoga pants part....
  27. Long time hobbyist

    We are a wonderful little community. Enjoy your stay in Denver.
  28. Gfe or not

    I always laugh at GFE. I think I should be in my yoga pants, messy bun, no make-up, unshaven legs, and be unable to choose a restaurant.
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