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  3. Jess Huntress from Tryst -- Gone too soon.

    You can't out people even when they die!!!
  4. Jess Huntress from Tryst -- Gone too soon.

    Sad to see that Jess Huntress lost her life in a house fire on 7 July. Woman identified who died in Denver house fire | Jess Huntress | Find independent escorts
  5. Hard for me to type this..RIP Ryann

    I apologize for the late resolution to this matter. the thread was somewhat ambiguities. As no one included a TOB link in the thread & at first I thought the reference was strictly to the tryst ad.
  6. Members you miss

    Paris Palazzo in COS. God she was a lovely woman!
  7. I am honored when a provider I have seen reaches out to me unsolicited - to me it indicates a certain connection which is what I usually long for in intimacy. This just recently happened to me, and it may my day. If I were to receive a text from someone I have never seen, however.... meh, not so thrilling. Maybe even a little creepy.
  8. TS/Shemale

    I for one am TOTALLY intrigued by trans girls! There are some trans women, who, in my opinion are more feminine that some of the females I interact with.... The trans woman that owns her femininity, complete with make-up, enhancements, lingerie and attitude is really sexy in my opinion. Granted, I am a bit of a dom in my intimate relationships, and bottoming with a t-girl is something that I have no interest in whatsoever. But the idea of topping a beautiful, submissive trans woman definitely floats my boat!
  9. Father and Son

    That's an excellent guess! But, incorrect! Did you realize that Mr. October was so locked-in in that WS game ... that he hit those 3 HR on a mere 3 pitches ... from 3 different pitchers! (And, one of those pitchers was a knuckleballer!) NOW, THAT'S BEING LOCKED-IN! Back to the original question: What I find amazing is that the starting pitcher was still in the game after the opposing lineup had batted around against him! (What are the chances of that happening?) I'm gunna give ya a hint: His son is currently a big-time player in the NL! Tainted by scandal! (ANOTHER JUICER!)
  10. TS/Shemale

    Lets be clear on a number of things. The OP was intended to do two things: first to demean trans folk and more importantly those that enjoy their company. And second as with all threads started by the POS that is Savior Fairy it is all about him so he can pontificate endlessly and respond to every post in the thread to show us how magnificent he is. Except of course me, which he pretends to ignore. I am crushed!! What kind of asinine question to ask why someone is attracted to a ts lady. Would it not be offensive if I asked why anyone likes Greek? After all why play in the crapper when the diner is around the corner. Yes that would be demeaning and pointless. Everyone has their own things that turn them on or that they enjoy. Half of the hobby is feeding those interests because they damn sure can't get most fetishes at home. And then despite the fact that the even more offensive incest thread got removed ( hallelujah, thank you mods!) he just has to inject more references to it here. Another reason hopefully this thread goes the same route to oblivion. Just to show he is after all the GOAT in his own mind. Why else even go into starting alter egos just to banter back and forth and display his awesomeness for all to see? Well Mr. Savior Fairy let's be clear - you are indeed what I called you in the deleted thread, and have simply further confirmed it before our very eyes. To jog your memory that was an FM lol. Lastly to the mods - why is it remotely acceptable to create a post simply to insult and demean some members over their personal preferences and desires? Is not that exactly the type of shit one expects elsewhere but seeks to avoid in an escort forum because everyone here has some odd fascination or fetish. Its just that being in absolute love and awe of himself as well as obviously incest are SF's kinks. And IMHO wanting to try a ts lady so bad he can taste it but won't admit and prefers to ask others why they do and then demean them to deflect from his own yearnings that for some bizarre reason embarrass him. Carry on, SF and perhaps to maintain the charade of ignoring me you could have TRS respond lol.
  11. Is she asking for a deposite? IF you are seeing ads in three states (unless she is working the four corners) I would NOT provide any deposite or pre payment. She or it could be in a third world nation and just trolling for deposits.
  12. I've seen this occur when a lady retires, or moves on, and passes her contact list to a friend - who needs to jumpstart her business. Not "professional" but it happens. If the area code is out-of-state, or not where you have visited before likely a scam.
  13. TS/Shemale

    Kali I agree with what you are saying and this post is not to embarrass anyone. Everyone has the right to READ/IGNORE/RESPOND to it. I can promise you, there is nobody on TOB LOL that people try to SHAME/DISCREDIT/CALL OUT more so than The Savior. I post my KINKS and I share my daily stories because this is SUPPOSEDLY a DISCUSSION BOARD full of FREAKY ASS PEOPLE LOL. I am not necessarily a FREAK but LOL this shit that happens to me on a weekly basis is on a total different level. I love your ending, BE YOU and DO YOU.................. If you LOVE YOURSELF and you are not ASHAMED of WHO YOU ARE lets all talk shit and enjoy one another. I am glad that you have changed up from before, I like the NEW YOU...............................That other you LOL, I am sorry I IGNORED her, not because I didn't like her, I just would rather IGNORE a person before I give them a real reason not to like The Savior............Thanks for your input........................
  14. Texting or calling a gentleman without expressed permission (and a specific time and date) is Terribly indiscreet.
  15. TS/Shemale

    I would have to DISAGREE WITH YOU. I was going to ask you to go back and read the question again but since you didn't get it the first time, LOL you probably won't get it a second time either. The question was not for either of you to answer, so he didn't provide a clear and concise answer. The question is for TOB GUYS that have bent over/reviewed a TS/Shemale. Pay attention to what you read versus how you feel.........................
  16. TS/Shemale

    A client came and visited me religiously; I knew he was gay, but he was having a hard time coming to terms with it. Then we got to the point where we were talking about it and when He stopped seeing me for TV, i was SO proud he made his choice. He was afraid of his true desires, and I was so happy when he opened up to me. I also think some guys enjoy a variety of ladies, and there is no reason to be afraid of going After what makes you happy. Also, I think it's okay to stay quiet if you wish also. No judgment from this woman, I also have a couple that loves entertaining TVs. Be and do you! 😎
  17. Father and Son

    He wouldn't have been drafted at all.
  18. TS/Shemale

    Bud, some people are really into that. They roll a different way and it's OK with me. Cut them a little slack and roll the way you like to roll. The world is made up of a lot of different people with different likes and loves. Can you imaging how boring this rock would be if we all had the same tastes in everything? Relax. Some people are different from you. Me, myself, am happy for densification on a lot of different levels and accept people for who they are, as long as they are nice and welcoming. This country needs more acceptance and less judgement for people that seem to be "different" than the mock judges that seem to be in everyone's business now days.
  19. TS/Shemale

    As always you've provided a clear and concise answer to a relatively poorly put question. Thanks for that.
  20. TS/Shemale

    Laughs, come on Cool Hand Luke, lets be HONEST here. You and I both know if a woman walks in that you lay eyes on and you think is a WOMAN, then you just happen to see her drop it all and then the UNEXPECTED shows.................................Everybody is going to REACT, period..................No ifs and butts about it....................
  21. TS/Shemale

    I didn't have a problem with what the guy did then nor if he did it now, thats why I said, DO YOUR THING................. I am not one to trip off of WHATEVER FLOATS ANYONES BOAT. Thats how ADULTS in THE HOBBY ROLL. You respect what you see and you either join or leave it alone. Now to answer your question, there was a load of girls that were there that particular night that he pointed out and yes I acted ALMOST the same, I told him NOPE, do your thing but I didn't warn him LOL that he was going to make a mistake because none of these girls were dropping their panties and giving you an UNEXPECTED SURPRISE.
  22. TS/Shemale

    Whatever trips your boat. I admit that I have found some TS very attractive but have never partaken. Would I? Depends on a lot of things. The fact that a guy brought a TS to a public place he obviously doesn't have a problem with that. Suppose instead he had brought a female to the same place and you did not find her enticing; would you have given it the same reaction? Possibly not. Beauty and sexual attraction is in the eye of the beholder.
  23. Every case is different. I have had several ladies reach out to me to refresh our acquaintance but not one I have never seen. In your case it is IFFY. If she is out of state and coming to your area then I would say that I do not find it unusual in that she is trying to get some bookings. If she resides in your area of travel and is contacting you I would say it is unusual but maybe she has now decided to try out this hobby. If she has no reviews it could be that she is active but does not want reviews. I do not think that LE would be actively soliciting as it is entrapment. I know several people in LE and they told me that and a bust in that case would be thrown out of court but probably wouldn't even get out of interrogation if you had any decent attorney. Good Luck deciding.
  24. Convinced/Tricked

    Steve E when it comes to TOB, there hasn't been any TRICKERY at all. But I am all over the place on all of these sites and there is TRICKERY going on BIG TIME with FAKE PICS or BAIT N SWITCHES. The above example wasn't a trick because I knew one of the girls would be there, I just didn't know they all would be there when I arrived.
  25. I am a SINGLE GUY. And I am always on a total different level with my PROVIDER FRIENDS. Now coming by my HOUSE without being invited is unprofessional/inappropriate...................
  26. TS/Shemale

    Applauds you for a fair and honest answer as well. Steve E I was watching a Superbowl GB porno and it was a good one too. It was all women and one Shemale. I was enjoying the porno and then they showed the Shemale, which I honestly thought was a woman until I saw it hanging................ I think its part of the HOTWIVES PORNO SERIES.
  27. TS/Shemale

    Nods my head and applauds you for a fair and honest answer. And yes, in my opinion, if you are interested in the mano-a-mano, you are not too far off opening up to being with a GUY/MAN..............................
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