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  2. STING by DIA!

    Thanks so much babe but really I'm ok lol. I just wasn't tight enough w my screening bc business had been slow so I was anxious for the $300 he said he had lol. My fault totally. The warning signs were all there. Lesson learned though. I'll nvr waver from my screening again.
  3. STING by DIA!

    It's too bad we do not have a women's only area anymore. This information could have been shared without invoking a panic amongst all of us, and maybe would have had information (helpful screening ) in there that could have helped this poor girl avoid what I am sure was a horrifying experience.
  4. Today
  5. Thank you

    I'm don't understand why "likes" are limited in the first place. I'm probably naive...
  6. Guidance

    The best advice you can give her is to get a lawyer. Tell her she needs to improve on her Screening.
  7. Think twice before you engage anything unprotected with a stranger. Better safe than sorry...
  8. Love SoCal

  9. Guidance

    you have the right to remain silent.
  10. How Facebook Outs Sexworkers

    I don't think Twitter is any more secure than the rest on them. Those bits have to pass through the ether. 😕 I think I'm back to a pair of tin cans & a string. Even those notes passed in class may get intercepted. 😜
  11. Harvey Weinstein, why are people shocked?

    Just an FYI. Weinstein has a huge ego and it obviously led to his downfall. Paparazzi will tell you that ole Harvey loved to photobomb pictures and get his face in as many photos as he could at Tinseltown events. So don't take a 5 second photo op too seriously. The majority of studio owners and executives (producers,etc ) are rather shy at self publicity,Weinstein being the very obvious exception. As for a Weinstein/Clinton connection. Weinstein contributed a lot of money to Hillarys campaign ,helped pay for Bills' legal fees in the Monica affair,lived next door to them at least one summer and as recently as a year ago,on CNN,declared the Clintons to be his mentors. A lot of audio tapes involving Weinstein are coming out,people are still stepping forward ( some could be telling the truth,some just want self publicity ) and it wouldn't surprise me one bit if more of this becomes public in the following months. Just hoping there are no video tapes of Harvey in the shower.
  12. Guidance

    dont do it!!! you must be a regular or otherwise she wouldnt be asking you, only disappointment gonna head your way
  13. just takes a second ...

    NOT. But I am badass and I know it, every day. I try my best, and that's good enough. I know where I've been, and I know where I'm going. Either you can ride along, or step off. Love yourself, but don't ever forget to care for those around you----or else, declutter(before they do).
  14. Looking for gal in Rockies for tonight. Must take cc

    Check the ads is your best bet or take Laci up on the shinny penny!😀😀
  15. Guidance

    Tell her to call a lawyer. Its not your problem.
  16. How Facebook Outs Sexworkers

    So it's a tweet for twat kind of thing?
  17. Guidance

    Probably smart choice .... but 23 words to not say one ?? LOL
  18. Guidance

    How much help pray tell.? If a little - tell her to get an attorney. Are you an attorney - represent her - but if you were you wouldn't be asking, would you? Want to help more - pay her attorney fees for a good one - but make damn sure that is what it goes for and not just bullshit. And with all the above - only if you mean arrested for alleged prostitution - anything else, why is it your concern - I assume she is a grown ass woman responsible for her choices? Unless there is more relationship between you than explained, in which case let your heart be your guide but for whatever power you may believe in's sake verify and/or only help financially directly - to bail bondsman, attorney, whatever NOT to her. JMHO's Again .... how much help are you feeling?
  19. Guidance

    So many questions I want to ask on this... Going to give this the benefit of the doubt and not say a word.
  20. Thank you

    Love this! What a warm and fuzzy thread.😂
  21. How Facebook Outs Sexworkers

    Why we should all tweet 😂
  22. Looking for gal in Rockies for tonight. Must take cc

    Side note:: Providers can't mentioning that they accepted credit card and/or other payment options in a post this would be promoting their goods & services and not allowed.
  23. Harvey Weinstein, why are people shocked?

    Money can kill a woman's self respect faster than wedding cake can kill a new brides sex drive.
  24. Love SoCal

    Well you probably saw it didn’t end well for the broncos, but seeing your pretty face here on the forum helped ease the pain a little, thanks Alexis!
  25. Harvey Weinstein, why are people shocked?

    Marshmallows?! I'll find a nice stick. 😂😂
  26. Yesterday
  27. STING by DIA!

    That's good advice for a "newbie" like myself who hasn't been with a provider in roughly 4 years looking to get in with a respectable gal. Throwing out early that you'll book the Broadmoor opposed to the BedBug Inn probably speaks volumes..
  28. Mans Dinner Menu

    I am going all-out ! My first trip to the store is done. Took me over an hour and half!! Am soooo dreading my next trip for the Chili and Jambalaya stuff So far there will be ribs, Wet and Dry two different styles chicken, fried and grilled, hot dogs, bratwurst ,juicy Lucy burgers, kabobs, stuffed bell peppers, stuffed mushrooms, four different types of cold salads, and I have two family recipe warm salads , three different casseroles. And of course all the potato chips and dips, vegetable, meat and cheese platters and I'm even doing bobbing for Apples!! Great deal at Hobby Lobby for the barrel..a good All American tradition LOL Not done yet but I have got it covered. I am Making Desserts tonight, if not store bought. Those can thaw LOL Nephews and Neices shucking corn, Siblings decorating, Dad is grilling, My Queen(momma) is gonna just chill in her chair while I make my Third attempt in life to pull off this big a shindig 😒 So if yall see a cast about a "Huge Welcome Home @ DIA" on the news Its us 😄..please no freeze framing the TV! Hahah Again thank you so much EVERYONE! I was freaking out the other day when I found out I had somehow volunteered the Welcoming Committee and First days Grub, And just today I now have every detail accomplished ... Thanks for all the wonderful p.m's with ideas!!! Xoxoxo Chrissy
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