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  2. Another new guy

    There is a law is called the "Driver's Privacy Protection Act," and it was signed on September 13, 1994, by President Bill Clinton, who later remarked that he wished he hadn't signed it because "I never would've hooked up with Monica if I knew she drove a Neon." Anyway: the Driver's Privacy Protection Act, or DPPA as it was affectionately nicknamed by the Legislative Committee for Affectionate Nicknames, prohibits the disclosure of personal information gathered by motor vehicle departments. The result is that the most information a person with your plate number could possibly get is the make and model of your vehicle. Not your name, not your address, not your date of birth, not your social security number, not whether you had feathered hair in the '80s, not whether you reach for slices of bread at restaurants but then put them back when you find out it's an end piece, etc. So basically you have nothing to worry about when a normal person sees your license plate number, unless of course they have some sort of access to DMV records. Fortunately, this access is limited to the most upstanding members of our community – cops, lawyers, process servers, DMV employees named Alice whose fake fingernails are the size of television remotes – and that means it's pretty hard to get.
  3. Here’s a large part of our problem

    Agreed, but it wasn't in quotes in the KKTV piece: Those were the words the reporter chose to use. My degree is in print journalism and back in the day we were tought not to take stories exactly the way they were packaged for us by authorities and actually do a little reporting in search of the truth. This reporter was happy to just take the piece the cops gave him and run with it verbatim. The police are expected to have an agenda, the press are not supposed to.
  4. How do I post a picture?

    This is the site I use it's easy peasy, call me Laci I'll step you through it again lol:
  5. How do I post a picture? is a site that hosts pics for free (its a lot of porn though)
  6. Here’s a large part of our problem

    But it’s not just the media. They play their part for sure but it’s not they’re just spinning duck tales. This is a direct quote from the officer speaking on the piece. "There's clearly a demand," Black said. "If there wasn't a demand, we wouldn't have traffickers. So not only do we take a look at dealing with the traffickers, we are also taking a look and arresting Johns that are making choices to be a part of this lifestyle."
  7. Here’s a large part of our problem

    The piece on KKTV refers to her as a "human trafficking survivor" although it doesn't mention that she had done anything against her will, or that she was underage for that matter. It's really scary how the media uses terms like that to sway public opinion.
  8. Wow! Sounds like this Eccie site was a real gem...
  9. Its a slippery slope, be careful!

    To everybody that answered any questions I have . I want to apologize I do have reasons I was asking about the outing policy. And sometimes my humor gets the best of me. And I don't mean to be rude but some people making comments should not throw rocks if there house is made of glass.
  10. Another new guy

    Pithy, Miss Gemma. Next time try Haiku.
  11. Layna Luxx COS

    I've come to the conclusion that she is TGTBT and not worth the risk in this climate. I'm out.
  12. Penis Transplant

    Penis Transplant OK guys. Let your mind(s) run wild. Ladies too. Signature
  13. KimmiKalil

    I googled her number and it came back with several links 90% of them directed you to adult friend finder, however 1 link went to a black chick with the same phone number from a few months I'm passing on this one which is too bad
  14. FBSM Recommendations

    I had a great experience with
  15. Today
  16. Meanwhile in Russia...

    It’s all fun & games until somebody gets their eye poked out 😱 Seriously, not my thing, but nobody’s getting hurt so why should we care what others do for pleasure?
  17. Its a slippery slope, be careful!

    Lol. I asked about this a few days ago. I was told they're working to get it back up. I miss that little trash can too. I hope its soon. 😊
  18. Here’s a large part of our problem

    This is the new war on drugs....the war on sex! It’s everywhere! How many famous people have been accused of sexual harassment? Same thing here, men are going to be called traffickers. It’s all stupid! The lines are all blurry, so watch your steps people! A wise man said, “Trust and verify!”
  19. 411 - SouthernTwist

    I've met the girl in these photos twice in person but under a sugar baby context. Not shocked to see her surface here.
  20. Here’s a large part of our problem

    Unfortunately trafficker and trafficking is gong to be used by LE and the media as a way to promote their puritanical agenda against the ladies who work as sex workers and gentlemen who partake of their services.
  21. Its a slippery slope, be careful!

    I wrote an answer about outing which you seem very concerned about. Then you went on to say if you knew something about a person, it would be okay for you to pm people about it. I interpreted that as you trying to make something more out of the outing rules so that you could start pming people out of the clear blue sky about things you consider inappropriate. that is why I said don't try to keep making more out of this. I do believe you have been around TOB long enough to understand what outing means.
  22. Its a slippery slope, be careful!

    Ideally....a provider only board is a great idea and used to exist, as Boink posted. Imagine if you will, if there are any circumstances whereby a provider might allow a guy access to see said board. While pondering that, let me say this......Significant others, tips, reviews, intoxication, friends, use of client computer, anger at another provider, and much more. While on the subject of historical TOB features, I will bring up the old "chat rooms" which were well used, great fun, had many versions, and would be quite useful under the current situation. I suspect that there are problematic issues with that also, much like the Provider Only Board.....otherwise, it likely would exist.
  23. I barely posted on Eccie so not looking to win a popularity contest and I really do not post much on here either. My reviews on Eccie were true and accurate, unlike most of yours that were of girls you picked up at strip clubs, posted your "initiate" ad reviews to introduce a new girl in your flock, getting your attaboy dick clique club members to keep bumping those reviews to the top to give her more exposure, then that no history girl was suddenly a verified provider within minutes of your review. I do give you credit for having the Eccie staff wrapped around your finger., I do not think this site is going to tolerate your deceptive and FUD bullshit on here, which is why it is still up and functioning.
  24. Meanwhile in Russia...

    Definitely not something that turns me on, but I used to see a girl who told me that two different guys she dated were into that. Whatever turns you on, I guess.
  25. Its a slippery slope, be careful!

    Laci it was not my intention to do either. I just asked a question. Ilovewomen I'm not making anything, I asked the question that you wrote in response to. And bit Idk what your problem is ,is there a problem with asking for clarification on a rule?
  26. Hello Colorado

  27. Hello Colorado

    Welcome Amy! You look...well....Amazing!
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