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  2. Looking for a surrogate provider.

    This comment was so stupid I feel like ridiculing you over it would be too close to bullying. Look at all the fucked up things I've said here and let that sink in. Also, I've already admitted that I'm a coward. I'm only courageous when I'm hiding behind a keyboard.
  3. 411 on Naomi Tate

    Here's the link to her profile She has deleted her listing.
  4. Stanley Kubrick

    While watching his bad movies,kinda wished I had a pill to keep me awake.
  5. Price of adds

    P411 is kinda pricy for us clients, and every year I consider not renewing, but I always do. Almost all the providers I decide to see have p411 profiles, and it's been my most consistent, useful resource over the past five and half years.
  6. Price of adds

    I don't go anywhere outside of Denver metro without a visiting ad, not Ft Collins or The Springs or out of Colorado. That $20 ad makes all the difference for me. Best $20 i spend.
  7. Feds take over Florida escort website

    The owner was busted for porn he should not of had ..
  8. Price of adds

    Or pay for a visiting ad is $20 a month , but yes the site is fee to us unless you do visiting or feature or post new photos a lot ,
  9. Looking for a surrogate provider.

    I love people like this! It's fun to watch them struggle, flail, and generally look goofy. It's like a cartoon. I've always thought the coward is the guy who attempts to act tough, but just looks silly.
  10. Stanley Kubrick

    I agree he is one of the best Directors of all time. He has made some of my favorite movies. My top four would be Dr. Strange love, 2001, Full Metal Jacket and Clockwork Orange. Not only was he great Director, he made huge variety of movies science fiction, horror, drama and comedy.
  11. Feds take over Florida escort website

    I thought that site was gone long time ago ?
  12. Which is the Most?

    How about Breast with mouth so the nipple to get stimulated.. Not my neck don't like it to get nibbled on .. or my ears
  13. Yesterday
  14. Stanley Kubrick

    I think they make a pill for that.
  15. Stanley Kubrick

    Most influential filmmaker of the 21st Century ?? There were so many great filmakers that its very debatable to hang that title on just one. That said,saw his "A Clockwork Orange" on the big screen on its first release (dressed up that Halloween as the Malcolm McDowell character ). Loved "2001:A Space Odyssey." But,as others noted,he did have some flops.
  16. 411 on Naomi Tate

    many providers may take a break or just go UTR - and only see their regulars for a while/forever... sometimes the resurface - sometimes they don't...
  17. 411 on Naomi Tate

    you say she disappeared - she may not want to be found...
  18. Looking for a surrogate provider.

    Aww...Show us on the doll where Boink hurt you. 😭 🤣🤣🤣
  19. The wonerful cyber world

    Have had my opinions changed many times,on Facebook ,watching C-Span , and yes,here on TOB. Sadly,I have to agree with you that discussions do exist online that go nowhere.
  20. Looking for suggestions and help on FBSM in Boulder

    Hey, we all started with post #1... OP, kudos to getting right to what you are looking for - and hopefully the content on these boards will help you... AMPs exist for a lot of reasons and you touched on why their convenience makes them popular... My experience with these places is this: 1. you will have to try for yourself a lot of times because they can truly be YMMV. Looking at the 'encounters' section for this type of date should help you get an idea of which ones may address your needs, then try em... 2. most have high turnover. many of the amp favorites just move on and you may have a great spa to visit and then poof it just isn't so anymore, try another one... 3. they are a fixed address so most local yocals know where they are and most of them know what they are so you have to assume mitigating risk rests on you - like all kinds of this type of 'dating'... 4. just choose as smartly as you can and then jump in head first, so to speak... hobby safe!
  21. Looking for a surrogate provider.

    Don't try to hide your cowardice behind reason. You're all yella. Especially that Boink character.
  22. Which is the Most?

    or aim a little lower and just take care of the little man in the boat... get him happy and everyone leaves least that is what i have heard...
  23. Looking for a surrogate provider.

    Well, reading the forum posting rules I don’t think he’s done anything beyond trolling which offers a 1 point warning and not a ban. And the trolling is obvious but also admitted to. Beyond that most of the posts are self deprecating or say things in a blunt form.
  24. Looking for a surrogate provider.

    Where's Boink when we need him??😂 Kaduk is way too nice and Whisperer is too fair. @NolaScofflaw I hope today is filled with happy blessings for you.
  25. 411 on Naomi Tate

    Not that I am interested in her, but a link to the lady in question always helps in searches and verification. She very well could have been a visiting lady judging by her telephone number you provided.
  26. Looking for a surrogate provider.

    The moderators can't ban me. They're too chicken. Bawwwk bawk bawk. I double-dog dare them.
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