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  3. Can I take a Muligan?

    O my, so many pussy whipped men here
  4. Any one have a good ghost story?

    Astral travels- some of us work harder In the sleep realms versus this one they called reality and “awake states” Are we sleep walking through our day to day exsistaces? Just one of those aspects in life we need to give more consideration and thoughts to in life. When you awake from a dream what kind of symbols stand out from your dream? Do you ever wake up with bloody nuckels or sore body parts? Pay attention to what you can remember and what stands out in your dreams.I love journaling about dreams going back and re reading something and remembering what stood out. If your talented enough and have some control? Try lucid dreaming 😊😊
  5. Can I take a Muligan?

    Brother, I’d say you, like me, are full of heart. This is a crazy situation on analysis. You have come to realize that a beautiful woman is available to you for nothing more than a few dollars. That’s an intoxicating revelation my friend. With that crazy concept, you’re still in high school. Now, you are no longer in high school, there is an experience you dreamed about back then that is available for the polite asking! Just ask my friend and you shall recieve, but make sure you do be patient, and by all means, behave yourself! The World is your oyster!
  6. Knowing her real name

    Oh, btw, if you know her real name, congrats, you're hot stuff, but u dont have to brag about it. Was this u goodguy69er?
  7. Hot Encounters

    Kali wants to be a fly on the wall! 🤩🤩
  8. Knowing her real name

    Apparently everyone already thinks you're the psycho.
  9. Knowing her real name

    What's the point of this thread? If I saw a lady here and all of a sudden she starts a topic named " knowing his real name", I'd think, OMG, I found a psycho.
  10. Men's only area

    It's already men only, tob guys have to speak for their girls
  11. Can I take a Muligan?

    Wrong again Mikey
  12. Conflicted

    I Agree with Melissa, I would def like the heads up, never need a release bad enough to make a young lady try to preform when she does not feel good or is in pain. And depending on how well I know the lady, I would not be opposed to taking soup or heat packs if she needed, but to threaten with bad reviews if she wont see you, well FUCKTARD is all I can say. Just my 2 cents
  13. Conflicted

    Didn’t read everyone’s post but here’s my take.... Used to be if you called a guy to cancel because you had a visit from Aunt Flo, a guy appreciated the heads up. No worries, a little disappointing but the guys certainly did not want a lady in pain and would rather see her at her best. But man, these days, girls are seeing guys because you just never know how he’s going to react. Wah, Wah, cries of selfishness I’ll just write a bad review. So not ok!!! Bad reviews are used as weapons and ladies threaten black lists. What happened to two adults getting together in a naked fashion, leaving each other breathless and sweaty and don’t forget smiling? Lady doesn’t feel good, bring her some soup or show some compassion but geez! If you’re that desperate for a release, call another girl. Luckily in my experience, guys see through this type of review.
  14. More Breached Hookup Sites

    Interesting. But really, anything you sign up for and post, can be exposed at any time--I wish more people would realize that, and care.
  15. Can I take a Muligan?

    Nope, no u already told it right
  16. Can I take a Muligan?

  17. Etiquette

    Oh wow! You are right. This reminds me of that movie I think it was falling down with Michael Douglas and he was a very unhappy man. He went into a fast food restaurant and ordered a double cheeseburger in the picture of it looked so big lottery and delicious and what he got look like it was under a heat lamp for a couple of hours and I'm having a hard time to keep from laughing well I'm typing this. There was also a couple of thugs that tried it roll him for his briefcase and he beat the F out of them and as they were running away he said hey you forgot the briefcase. Anyway I have had visits where it definitely was not the same girl or maybe it was but they still look pretty good so I went ahead and went through with it but there has been a couple times that I change my mind. I've had them tell me they lost weight they gained weight they had a hairpiece in in the pictures, but some of them are just downright down right deceiving. Somebody had a thread called truth in advertising and that would be nice
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  19. Conflicted

    Young Gun I personally think you made a bad choice by posting this on the forum prior to reaching out to the lady that you are talking about. If you had reached out to her, who knows she may have offered you another chance to make up for this particular mishap and then again you may have just shot yourself in the foot for any other future dates my friend. Whatever you do, please don't write a negative review, her REBUTTAL is not going to be pretty............
  20. Can I take a Muligan?

    Monday the 15th I wrote a bone head post about "How Long do You Wait Before Moving On" The post was written out of frustration and disappointment over a day and a half of missed texts, confusing texts and delayed conversations I was engaging in with a young lady I wanted to see. The High School sophomore in me decided to throw a fit because things weren't going his way. Boo Hoo. You would think I would have that little fu*#er under control by now but I was horney and impatient. Anyway, as is usually the case when two adults take a deep breath, take a step back and slow down,,,, things work out. I know that if she is worth seeing she is worth waiting on. Patience will always win the day. I apologize.
  21. More Breached Hookup Sites

    Thanks for the heads up!
  22. Ready to rock.

    Hi Bella. Welcome in. 💙
  23. Ready to rock.

    Welcome to our little corner of the Cosmos! Enjoy
  24. Any one have a good ghost story?

    I have so many stories. When I was a child we would find things Left on the floor that were put away when we all left the house. The brothell;. I was invited to my boyfriend's best friend's birthday party that I had never met. After half an hour of being there I felt exhausted and asked to go lay down. After an hour of resting I was more exhausted like something was pushing on my ribs and I could not breath. I told birthday boy that, he explained that the house was a brothell, and he had the same thing happen, and would see a man in a brown suit outside his window. One woman had the strongest energy. I think she died having a baby or terminating her pregnancy. Just my sense of her... Staying at a friend's house while she was out of town. I felt like my hands and feet were constantly being pricked by hot needles. When she returned home she had told me of the old ladies death in her home... I don't think the old lady liked me very much because she kept pricking me. My best friend was with me when I tripped down some concrete steps holding a birthday cake, and some napkins and ended up at the bottom without ever touching the steps.... we both looked at each other, because I was still holding the cake and the napkins had not moved but we were both at the bottom.
  25. Any one have a good ghost story?

    Interesting, my birthday is April 15th, and I only wear black clothes for the past 20 years. Maybe, we are connected.
  26. More Breached Hookup Sites

    A number of hook-up sites have been breached. One big take-away is that they were using a password encryption scheme that is really old and really easy to break. So, usual reminders to not use the password for your bank account on your play accounts. And to be careful what you are putting out there.
  27. Body cleansing

    Very nice Sabrina! Mint is good for many things like I said earlier. Mint is protection on many levels! 😊😊
  28. Conflicted

    Mine boggling that you got 5/6 great appointments and want to lose It all over a perfectly normal part of life. You'd be surprised how many ladies work SICK DEPRESSED or during PMS...(which by the way is a sucky part of being a woman) Ladies bills dont stop when we get sick.... we dont get paid time off for sick and personal days. You should sit back and soak all this in.... you've been a.member of TOB way too f'n long to even act like this. Pitiful....
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