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  2. STD testing

    It's always amusing, but not surprising, to see guys (and girls) get their panties all twisted up over this topic. The simple fact of the matter is: 1. Having unprotected oral sex, something that the majority of providers offer, because, if they didn't, they'd be out of business, is having unsafe sex. 2. Having unprotected vaginal or anal intercourse is also having unsafe sex, and it's probably more dangerous compared to getting your shlong sucked without a cover. But 2. doesn't negate 1. In both cases you're engaging in unsafe sexual activities. If you're still having trouble with this argument, consider the following: 1. If you jump from the 7th floor of your apartment building, you're probably going to die. 2. If you jump from the 4th floor, you'll probably survive. The conclusion probably isn't to advocate jumping off of the fourth floor. In both cases it's a bad idea. So, please, let's stop with the bullshit and start from the premise that 1) sex is inherently an unsafe activity and that 2) what consenting adults do with each other is (mostly) their business. Now, how you explain coming home with a "drippy dick" to your wife, now, that's whole 'nother story. Maybe you'll get away with that old "I got it from a toilet seat" story.
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  4. What's your experience with LE and STD?

    dear penthouse forum.......
  5. Favorite sexiest accents

    Add a kilt and I'm soaked.
  6. 411 on Brittnay 5592163720

    She's legit. . . Will review.
  7. Orally speaking

    Melissa I have had three root canals..Audry is right the dentist will give you shots that will be uncomfortable until the medication releases. There is a yoga exercise I often do. Lift one of your legs up in the air and make the 👌sign with your power hand. Slightly pinching the skin with your pointer finger. I do this for the dentist as well as for when I have blood drawn, shots (medical doctor) too.
  8. Kyra of Denver, responsive???

    To set the record straight, I heard from her the following day and she truely had one of those unavoidable life events. In hindsight I was as much to blame by making assumptions.
  9. Prepping For an AM Appt My Crib…

    Some times Samantha...😍😍
  10. Bald heads are indeed sexy.

    Lol tootsies pops! I like the orange ones! Bit so sorry about your chest!😨😨
  11. Bald heads are indeed sexy.

    Yes and you sport it very well too I might add F.W.😘😘
  12. Bald heads are indeed sexy.

    I think you are sexy and beautiful bald or otherwise. It comes from your inner beauty and well that scared the c away! Love you Jez! As for bald men, they are sexy as well
  13. When doing doubles...

    I think this was your problem. You built up a mental image, and then the session didn't match that image. This can happen in singles sessions too. Next time show up, relax, and go with the flow. The ladies will tell you if they want more attention.
  14. Bald heads are indeed sexy.

    Now where did I drop that bag of lollipops? I had to let my cue ball grow out when they cracked my chest.
  15. Date ideas that are more than just the bedroom

    I concur! But to be clear, there have been a few overnights (her hosting) when I've been treated to breakfast, both home cooked & at a local eatery. Of course when I'm hosting, I often serve fresh baked scones with her favorite morning beverage.
  16. The gentleman. Always.
  17. Date ideas that are more than just the bedroom

    Now...let me ask a question sure to set off outrage, nasty comments, and pontifications on the stereotyped roles of men and gentlemen. you are down with a concert\dinner "friend"........and only expect a donation if\when there are bedroom hours. No problem. Tell me......The Concert Tix...parking...dinner......who's picking up those tabs?
  18. Hello everyone new to the board

    Welcome! I hope you have a productive stay!
  19. Bald heads are indeed sexy.

    Mr. Clean, he's a sexy sonofabitch!
  20. Hello, my darlings!

    Thanks you two. I must say it's been very energizing getting back in the swing of things! I sure do love this hobby.
  21. When doing doubles...

    I'm never one to dismiss the "ego trip" aspect of sessions, but it sounds like you took it too far. want to please the ladies and "perform"....but REMEMBER...YOU are the one paying for the time and on a double, let THEM perform on YOU. Let them envelop you, overwhelm you. Thats the real joy of the double....letting two babes work your ass over......forget about trying to be "a Double Stick-man"
  22. I love your comment that you" like to make a connection." I always strive with my providers to make a special connection in the first 15 minutes. When I do so, both of us throughly enjoy our meeting. I still like my idea of meeting and talking over lunch and getting turned on then heading to her place for an hour of fun. I think this should be done ONLY after meeting at least one time beforehand

    Admiral c. Was it a epileptic fit maybe?? I dated a girl in college where this really happened.
  24. Kyra of Denver, responsive???

    First post for each newbie. Ok

    Could be anywhere between 0 and 100%, so I don't waste time speculating. I just hope they are all real! Most reviewers (myself included) seem to believe!

    That's something I don't think about and don't want to know. I choose to believe that are all genuine....except ONE. That girl was twitching and flopping uncontrollably on the bed several minutes after, so I was sure she was way over the top faking...Even then I was was just a, ya know.

    Probably not very often......but there's been a couple of times where I surprised myself (and REALLY surprised the lady!) Those are the moments we live for.
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