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    Yay!!!!! Good on you for certain.
  3. FS QV

    We shouldn’t bash others for having different views than our own. The different perspectives help broaden our own way of thinking. World would be pretty boring if it was all cookie cutter thinking.

    Congraduations!!! That was one of the most exhilarating feelings of my life!
  5. FS QV

    I agree! And super glad the OP isn't local LOL.
  6. Hey there y'all!

    Welcome pretty lady!

    Congratulations girl!

    Congratulations beautiful lady! Time to celebrate 🎉 So proud of you for sticking it out. I know it has been a tough road and you made it!!!!
  9. FS QV

    awe your so sweet laci 😀
  10. Significant Others

    No body wants to die Alone. So YES many Providers have families,Children, Boyfriends, Husbands,Lovers ect ect.. I myself just can't seem to make a relationship work While in the Hobby so I date Outside of the hobby Never revealing my personals..My Family Knows about my shenanigans so no secret there. There is no One Answer here. It is a loaded question that will get Many answers.
  11. Significant Others

    None of your damn business what is going on in our personal lives.
  12. FS QV

    Now I need to come to Stevie’s defense. He is a great man with a heart of gold. Period. If a guy likes quick visits so be it because there are those out there that will offer the services. Not my thing because my pussy isn’t a fast food drive thru. Aren't we all supposed to be nonjudgmental in this lifestyle? And for fucks sake can’t we all just be holly jolly and all of that?
  13. Vail

  14. FS QV

    why would I lie about that lucy? come on now!
  15. FS QV

    Since you seem to lack the reading skills, it's been covered many times on this board that the BP ads are not by choice. So I guess what you're wanting is for us to full on incriminate ourselves with explicit advertising so it's easier for you? Why does anyone need to explicitly advertise when we have reviews anyways? The cycle of information falls on you guys too. There was one reply in favor of FS QV, one and I wouldn't take his word, everyone else had the same sentiment. QV are not they way to get to know a provider and way more often than not they are not FS. It's not a rip-off to only get a HJ in fifteen minutes. And what efforts are you making? All the effort for a QV is made by the provider. Same amount of time and effort spent getting ready for a client that wants to pay the cheapest rate possible. You got your answer and you didn't like it. If you want validation for your choices don't frame it as a question.
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  17. FS QV

    Look, a lot of us have tried to explain it to you....some more politely than others, true. Unfortunately, we can't understand it for you. But, if you can find regular, reliable, great full service gfe for a 15 minute, 100 QV.....I say congrats to you and ride that pony 'till you drop.
  18. Is Thrifty Cheap?

    You have to use the tab. Top of the page. You'll find it.
  19. What are your hopes for the New Year?

    Thank god for that, Vegas is so busy and distracting. I’m excited for all the places that’s aren’t LA and Vegas.
  20. Significant Others

    Yesterday I read a thread here about things people love or hate to hear. Some one said they hate to hear about there SO. so I started wondering if a lot of providers have SO. I would guess a lot of clients also have SO. I would like to hear, if it is appropriate, how your SO handles the hobby or if they just don’t know( I don’t think you could hide it from them) thanks hope to to hear some answers.
  21. Is Thrifty Cheap?

    Funny, I didn't see this
  22. Is Thrifty Cheap?

    Thanks, rhood. No, but I am a full blown lesbian.
  23. FS QV

    Whoop, there it is!
  24. FS QV

    When and where is it OK for specific services to be advertised, FS or otherwise? Not on your ad which I just looked at to find we'll mix geekdom with passion, with no mention of the Man in the Boat. And whittled down to a "Contact: (XXX) XXX-XXXX" on BP, I have to ask, what advertising? Then there's the whole skies falling if the hobbyist asks specific questions, making it all a crap shoot by definition, mainly for the hobbyist. Not that providers don't roll the dice, because I know they do but then, so do cops, firefighters and Navy Seals, all in the line of "duty". As seen by a few responses here, FS QV is most definitely not unheard of, and I knew this with my OP. The question was, is it a rip-off to receive a H.J.B Franklin in exchange for my efforts which, unless the hobbyist knows going in, an improbability at best, I believe the answer is yes, as the least to be expected is a BnG for it. Well, Homey Don't Play That and neither do his Benjamins so, hh or better it is but, having met with the equivalent of blow-up dolls for more, I have to let the provider community know...the struggle is real. We're in it together, no?
  25. FINALLY!

    Well everyone, I’m finally done with school! I am graduating with honors and I am on top of the world! This roller coaster of stress with ups and downs and twists and turns is finally over...whew! I get my life back! Just a little break before the next fun school. Yeah I know...I’m crazy! What positive experience have you guys had that has left you feeling accomplished, excited, and left you feeling like you’re on top of the world? Other than sex! Because well Duh!
  26. Vail

  27. To Good for backpages?

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