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  2. 411 on Nikki Nichole

    I think her reviews speak for themselves.
  3. 411 Hard Body Mona/Mona Rae

    She’s extremely active on Reddit if you want to see more.
  4. 411 Hard Body Mona/Mona Rae

    I am interested also.
  5. Provider review

    @Davidsboard she is 100% real and I am surprised that she is not a member of TOB.
  6. Lingam massage...

    I would agree, hence the post.
  7. Tomorrow

    Thanks bud, I'm glad I went as well. I'm kind of an introvert apart from my job, where I kind of have to be in "killer mode" so things like this makes me feel uncomfortable. All of my anxiety seemed to fall away when I was driving to the wedding venue. I was 100% relaxed and thus had a very nice time. Today my daughter called me and thanked me for walking her down the aisle and for the gift I had given to the bride and groom. She is a very good kiddo and gets me despite all of my faults. Her Husband is a nice young man that loves her a lot. I'm content in knowing this. Thanks for your thoughts, I appreciate them as always!
  8. Tomorrow

    Thanks bud, glad we went, glad it's over! haha Walking my daughter down the aisle was one of the greatest honors I've had, second behind the father daughter dance. Everything was perfect more than I had hoped.
  9. Provider review thank you for the reply. She is doing a dual with this woman apparently so if that safer? Victoria seems to have some positive reviews on this site and others? And is verified? Thank you again for any insight.
  10. Provider review

    She is not from around here and probably hasn’t been here before. Proceed with caution.
  11. Visiting Nashville in October

    Try P411 or ECCIE
  12. Lingam massage...

    Then I would say you haven’t experienced a FBSM
  13. Coming - best plan now

    LOL I do not know how I managed to embed the constantly renewing camera shot. The intent was simply the shot the day I posted which showed about half a foot of fresh snow, now almost completely melted lol. But I guess I did not forget anything lol. Good grief this place is dead any more.
  14. Tomorrow

    Glad you went. You would have regretted not going for a long time. Very glad it turned out great!
  15. Football season is here

    Well Sanders did not invent the current idiotic portal rule but he certainly used it to CU's Advantage. As to the former players - how exactly did they expect to continue with full ride scholarships at a great school for playing football at a level that placed them literally in the bottom ten of college football. May they all learn and play better elsewhere.
  16. Football season is here

    A little perspective. CU has been horrible for a few years and suffered through more than one disaster coach (ask Michigan State about the one they "stole" lol). This year they have three times more wins than last year, defeated a ranked media darling team and Nebraska and CSU. It is already a highly successful season lol!!! And I suspect they will win a few more even if the Pac 12 is brutally good in its last year of existence and therefore the schedule is very difficult Go Buffs, go Coach!!! Now the Broncos on the other hand, why was it they hired Vance Joseph again? Unwatchable! Perhaps Payton is somewhat less than the genius he is over hyped to be? They look like a horribly coached team especially on defense. I guess this week they and the Bears will decide once and for all who the worst team in the league is. Maybe they can actually steal a win before playing the Swifties.
  17. Yesterday
  18. Football season is here

    It used to be players were stuck with the college they initially played for while coaches could leave while under contract. It used to be that college players couldn't benefit financially outside of college costs. Sanders came in, used the tools available to recruit and market his new team. College football is all about making money. So far so good. And his statements about Henry Blackburn receiving death threats after the CU-CSU game might just be the best sound bite I've ever heard from a football coach.
  19. 411 Hard Body Mona/Mona Rae

    I inquired but 350 deposit is a nonstarter for me
  20. Football season is here

    I could not believe yesterday's Bronco game. Miami may be good but not that good. A sad day for Bronco fans. It was like a car wreck that you just can't stop watching. Is our defense really that bad? Time for more personnel and staff changes?
  21. Tomorrow

    Great! I’m happy for you😁 Walking your (step)daughter down the aisle is a very special feeling. Watching the next generation begin their own journey through life fills one with hope, joy, and trepidation.
  22. Football season is here

    So we had a bad weekend!! CU and Broncos lost big time!!! SMH!!
  23. Tomorrow

    I'm happy to report everything went great, and my anxiety was misplaced for once! haha HI Kali, I'm happy to report everything went great! We had a lot of fun!
  24. Tomorrow

    I did just that. Everything was very good! We had a nice time. Thanks bud!
  25. Tomorrow

    HI Kali, I'm happy to report everything went great! We had a lot of fun!
  26. I’m open to anything, guys, gals, couples or anyone who just wants to talk!
  27. Tomorrow

    Sorry, what I said got messed up! I bet everything went well! It is always an emotionally charged event wedding’s in general! Sending my love and be very proud dad!❤️❤️❤️
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