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  2. 411 - Corey FBSM

    The difference between decriminalization and legalization. Legalization not only carries with it taxation, but also special interest groups that protect their own interests, like LMT schools that lobby for certifications in order to practice, who then get laws passed to make them not nice to haves but requirements to practice the craft.
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  4. Eclipse...

    Cool shadows through the trees!
  5. Eclipse...

    Nice! Thank you.
  6. Eclipse...

    Actually, use that hole to project the image onto another sheet of paper.
  7. GOT!!!!!

    I have to slightly disagree. They do a decent job, but the TV show is nowhere near the quality of the books. If you're a Frank Herbert fan you might catch some parallels between his series and ole Uncle Martin. House Atreides .... anyone?
  8. Eclipse...

    I think a bird just landed next to me. I can't see shit. Blind as a bat. Fucking sun.
  9. Eclipse...

    Take a piece of paper poke a hole through it with a pen tip. Look at the eclipse through the hole in the paper. And please put sunglasses on.
  10. Apology

    most ads are short and to the point.......i dont need a novel, i have the attention span of a gnat.
  11. ...The Other Bored...a Parody...

    Have to check those shots tonight on my p.c. the screen on my cell is too small. Just hope whatever Bit saw is not catching lol well other than a big fish!😀😀
  12. Come to Fort Collins!

    I look at ISO's as a lazy way of trying to get laid. Do some research, be respectful, be prepared for screening and be respectful (I know I said it twice, but it is worth repeating)
  13. Come to Fort Collins!

    Did you look on Fort Collins ad section? Damn have to apply effort to get results.
  14. GOT!!!!!

    This will be fun! Can't wait to see the pics.
  15. Role play ideas

    Thanks to all...I have some ideas and still looking for more so keep em coming.
  16. 411 - Corey FBSM

    The Great Board Migration of 2015 (2014?). When OG TOB was moved to current platform, you got weirdness like that. Another example, all old reviews have an age of 22. If not satisfied, per usual, contact Boink for your prorated fee refund.
  17. ...The Other Bored...a Parody...

    It has treble hooks on it. It's my top water turd lure. I throw it outta the boat against the dam at Chatty for Smallies LOL
  18. Apology

    Dude. Well done. And let me apologize for the snarky response I gave. I really thought you meant a rape fantasy.
  19. RIP - We lost two with important legacies

    I only hope there are people worthy enough to keep their visions alive. RIP gentlemen!
  20. Role play ideas

    I know what you're driving at, but the entire interaction is a role play of sorts. She pretends to be interested in me, and I don't have to pretend anything. That's the fascinating thing -- she knows I am there for sex, and I know she knows. There is a freedom in that. The fantasy is "Private Lessons" circa Sylvia Kristel, and I swear that scenario was close to happening with my typing teacher way back in the day. She would intentionally flash me and drive me insane. She knew it (of course).
  21. ...The Other Bored...a Parody...

    WTF is that in the bottom R picture? Dude, did you drop a load in the woods? Gross! ---- 😄🙀😵🤡👏🐋🐳🦈🐬 ROFLMAO - Good one!
  22. ...The Other Bored...a Parody...

    willing to buy the gas just to watch
  23. Role play ideas

    director conducting auditions for a xxx rated film with all beginers having to demonstrate every scene over and over
  24. ...The Other Bored...a Parody...

    I have some glassware!!!
  25. The broker

    I love the romantic atmosphere at the Broker. I've been to the Fort a couple times....I can take it or leave it. I need to try Fleming's and Shanahan's. The Capital good. Also want to try Ocean Prime. Chart House in Genesee is good.
  26. ...The Other Bored...a Parody...

    Hi Fish, I have $50 bill, got change? I can do a regular thing, but after the 3rd visit I'm gonna fall in love, and therefore ask you to give me a discount because I am just that awesome! Plus um, I want dick pics, and that includes funny underwear like the elephant etc. I don't mind back or chest hair, but I do like to braid it, if you don't offer that , it's a deal breaker. I expect a reply, nowish!
  27. Profiles...

    That is a great suggestion. In that you also get to know a little about the person and their favorite likes and styles.💐🍰🍇🍧🍷🍻🍸 🍹
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