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  2. AA Men

    ? fuck, now I gotta order the T-shirt.
  3. Do you ever get into argument with a provider?

    I actually had one provider tell me it was time to go, 20 minutes in the hour because I popped one off. I've talked with other guys that seen her that said the same thing. She offers a minimum of hour sessions and tries her damnedest to get you to finish fast, in order to bring in the next guy. She was amazing, for the short time, but paying for an hour and then rushed out was not my typical experience. She even thanked me for not trying to extend it all the way through the hour, "like other dudes try to do". She was also the first provider that upsold going down and pleasing her.
  4. Visiting Alamosa Co.

    Gunnison has the highest percentage of hot women across the age spectrum, bar none. That's where I'd do a trip and look for providers.
  5. Dilemma

    If I was asked to give recommendations for a lady I haven't met, I'd consider asking if she's volunteering a session so you are able to explain fully to others what the session would entail and how the service was.
  6. I'm not done until he's done. I don't give any indication that he has to leave before time is up. I will lay there naked with him regardless of whether or the not the general is showing up for another round. If he knows that another round isn't happening and he wants to cut the time short then he'll have to get up first and I'll follow his lead. But putting a towel or clothes back on just because you've "finished" is in poor taste. Besides I wanna walk him to the door naked. 😘
  7. Today
  8. ECCIE coming back????

    Another site with No More California section! SMFH!
  9. What should I wear?

    Since seeing this thread I decided to ask my next in call for a particular wardrobe. pajama bottoms with a white v-neck t-shirt with no bra underneath. Pony tail is optional but would be greatly appreciated. I'm a huge sucker for the casual look. She's a casual type of lady too, so she's more than happy to oblige.
  10. Moving to Denver from Laguna beach

  11. I’ve tried joking and teasing via text before a meeting and those didn’t end well for me. Got a few, “contact me when you are serious about meeting me” sorta things and then I don’t go through with the appointment because of their attitude before meeting me. It makes me not want to spend time with them anymore. And makes me wonder if I’m too sensitive for this hobby. Maybe I just suck at text foreplay. 😂
  12. Dilemma

    Agreed. You don’t need any more references under your name. The only thing this stands to do is hurt you and your reputation. You have nothing to gain and things to loose. Bad business deal.
  13. India Luv

    Yep. I like the 2nd picture of the India2 set best. Her smile lights up the room!
  14. Happy Monday...

    This Sunday. Grand Daughter's B Day Party! YAY!
  15. What should I wear?

    LoL There is a very popular Hobbyist in Houston that shows up in Full Costume to every appointment. I got him as Spider Man .. My Bestie at the time got him as Batman.... My Review was well earned😎
  16. Bodyrub

    You do know how to search? Right. Took me under a minute to find her 14 reviews.
  17. Marathon and pre-race sex

    Airplane landings are over rated, always jump out when you have the chance.
  18. Marathon and pre-race sex

    With a shattered ankle & torn MCL, running is out for me. And to think that I used to jump out of perfectly good airplanes 😁
  19. Any info/legit?

    Do you have research that links the two? thsnks
  20. What should I wear?

    EVERY woman should have a LBD in her kit. But as you say, many don’t. Like a man’s dark (black, charcoal, navy) suit, it goes everywhere for most occasions.
  21. India Luv

    Wow, she's a babe... let us know how it turns out!
  22. Visiting Alamosa Co.

    You'd be better off visiting the sand dunes, any of the Indian ruins, fishing then tryin to decipher any talent in Alamosa. The bars will yield a lot of friendlies, but their men there are really protective. I was doing well and was warned off by the bartender to watch my top notch. As I was alone on. a sightseeing and fishing trip I took his advice, not the friendliest town there is.
  23. Best Cities To Tour

    DC, Seattle and Austin it is! Thanks Ya'll J
  24. Visiting Alamosa Co.

    Alamosa is a college town and I’m sure there are a couple of ladies there, but I have no idea who or where to look.
  25. What should I wear?

  26. Dilemma

    I could never vouch for or give a reference for a lady that I did not know or have never met. For her to ask for a reference from you since you have never met is completely wrong and raises a red flag about who she is and her motives. When you give a reference, it reflects on you. Please do not give her a reference unless you have met her.
  27. What should I wear?

    And we'd both be horney.
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