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  3. Pineapple as foreplay???

    The words "pain" and "extreme horniness" juxtaposed.
  4. Pineapple as foreplay???
  5. Pineapple as foreplay???

    So I'm thinking about rocket science. I imagine a ginger rocket in the aft torpedo tube......... suction on the foreward missile. I have to believe when both warheads detonate, it would rock the ocean........providing it does not break the ships back or make a mess busting a hatch.
  6. Pineapple as foreplay???

    In due time grasshopper
  7. Funny Money

    I wonder what is going to be funnier.......the look on the tellers face when I ask for 300 Susan B Anthony dollar coins, or the look on the Escorts face when I hand her the bucket of em.....?
  8. Question for the Colorado masses

    Genuine, classic, regional lingo knows no borders. I think "y'all" works just fine in Colorado! When you walk tall and speak proudly, you are always walking in tall cotton.
  9. Make Americas Escorts Great Again!

    In *fucking* credible. What a thing to say. I can't believe I didn't see this, it was like two days ago. Here's another video with sub-titles:
  10. Funny Money

    The 9news article listed in the first post states that the most of the counterfeit bills are 50s and 100s. Which makes sense because the largest denominations are the most profitable to the counterfeiter.
  11. 411 on Lola (Fitness Model)

    Hi Kilo. aka Cedric....come on now, this is just weak. And laughable. And no, by my definition of in shape, she is not, good shape, sure.
  12. My Bunghole is Exit Only…

    I tell everyone, I don't have a butt hole so don't even think about looking at it. Nope! No fingers tongues, nothing goes there.
  13. Pineapple as foreplay???

    Yes pineapple juice does indeed make things taste better! Not super yummy like, omg I can't get enough, yes please may I have another, but slightly better. Drink it 20-30 minutes before go time.
  14. Western Slope

    Demi is a gem of a lady. Been staying utr but one of the sweeties on the WS. Ya I am sue me....
  15. Funny Money

    I can see it now... Please allow 15 minutes extra so I can break out my Black light and magnifying glass, orrrr please pay with quarters. Please note my extreme sarcasm!!!!
  16. Question for the Colorado masses

    Nope, afraid not. A simple Hi Everyone, or Hi Everybody seems to do the trick! Al the ladies I know (and correct me if I'm mistaken) don't have a problem with this.
  17. Vivian Rose 411

    Umm, I gotta disagree here. Less than a week ago I was trying to schedule with Zoey. It was short notice and she wasn't available, but she said that her friend Vivian Rose was. She put us in contact and an hour later I was at Vivian's door. She's a little heavier than the 110 lbs advertised, but she's definitely not a scam and I left happy.
  18. Funny Money

    I love this response
  19. Question for the Colorado masses

    What what if there are ladies present as well
  20. Watching The Inauguration of Mr.Trump

  21. In support of clocks

    Just call the front desk and ask them call you back 55 minutes in. If you explain to them that your client only paid for 1 hour, that your time is valuable, and that you need to leave enough time between appointments to get ready for you next client, it should all work out perfectly.
  22. Vivian Rose 411

    She is scam, take your money and then play stupid and ask for you go to the ATM. Beware.
  23. A Guide to Escort Etiquette

    I miss her like hell too. Last time I heard from her, about six months ago, she was doing well. Still retired from the hobby. Safe and sound.
  24. Funny Money

    What are the most common denominations counterfeited? I've worked a lot of retail and seen a lot of fake bills but nothing ever larger than twenty. I've always felt that larger bills are safer. Am I fooling myself?
  25. In support of clocks

    I knew that was happening!
  26. Question for the Colorado masses

    I believe "you guys" is an acceptable alternative to y'all.
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