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  3. Hello, you are getting the hang of this just fine. It was so nice hearing your voice! You are a delightful lady to talk to and I will enjoy meeting you in person if you ever visit Denver 



  4. TOB for male providers

    I don't know guys. I see a big red flag with the choice of beer here. 😁 Xoxo, Samantha Sheppard
  5. TOB for male providers

    I look like a Pez Dispenser with a 5LB tongue.
  6. Urban clubs

    Colorado in general isn’t really a place for urban anything...the most “urban” our precious Vanilla Valley gets is Aurora (becoming nicely gentrified) and maybe south CoSprings. If you find a gem though please let the rest of us know 💃🏾 Good luck! 💋
  7. TOB for male providers

    Who is TOFTT
  8. TOB for male providers

    Here is a pic from my website.
  9. TOB for male providers

    Aw heck, just give him your reference for one or two of each. That way we save time and avoid a bunch of tedious back and forth between the two of you.
  10. Strange Thing at the AMP

    Think you answered your own question. They're easy targets. Additionally, there's pretty good data out there to suggest that the women in the AMP's, unlike the majority of the women here on TOB, have a high likelihood of being caught up in trafficking, so they naturally draw a disproportionate attention.
  11. Strange Thing at the AMP

    It does not really make sense from the standpoint of it maybe being a cop. However, it DOES make sense as it maybe being one of those groups that film people coming out then publishes it
  12. TOB for male providers

    Hmmm, a half-hour of UTF for a 12-pack, hmmmm....... Hey girls, what does Boink look like? (That is my version of screening )
  13. raw meat, is where it begins

    Bring me a double of whatever he's having.
  14. Visual turn ons

    Six, big sexy numbers on a lottery ticket identical to the winning ones on a screen...oooh baby!
  15. This reminded me of you...

    Of course...there's two possible problems . One, you are probably not a lesbian. Two, if a girl has a really long tongue, there may not be much room in there for much else.
  16. Pornhub: Pay or not to pay?

    Just be careful of your payment method....may not be the kind of place to give your platinum card number to!
  17. More strange hooker math...

    It actually MIGHT make sense......I have seen lots of ads where, for some reason, the provider advertises...XXX HR....ZZZ Hour.......using HR to indicate a 30 minutes. In that event, the number make some sense
  18. Bar flirt game

    The wifey is fine with that
  19. Bar flirt game

    NO, but Melissa Sterling volunteered earlier. Now THAT would be awesome. Then she joins in...oh geez, now we're drifting into my fantasy, when this is supposed to be Dslate's gig.
  20. TOB for male providers

    It's a 12 pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon for the half and I don't do BB or Greek.
  21. Yesterday
  22. Best Local Denver restaurants

    Seasonal is a little tough this time of year. That said, Black Cat/Bramble & Hare in Boulder has their own farm (veggies, meats), really nice food. Once summer hits, many Denver restaurants start to feature locally grown vegetables and fruits. There are a couple of other restaurants out there that have their own farms as well, just can't recall right now. Along those lines, the Oskar Blues brewing chain of restaurants also have their own farm where they raise cattle for burgers (Chubb Burger), they have their own taco joint/tasting room in Longmont. Old Major in Denver makes their own charcuterie and butchering. The Kitchen locations (Denver, Boulder, Glendale) and Oak @ 14th restaurants (Oak in Boulder, Acorn at The Source) are farm to table. Hedgerow in Cherry Creek is part of the Kitchen empire, but have not had chance to try. These locations will source local as well as out-of-state. Lots of restaurants in Denver area that do farm to table. No real "Colorado" cuisine, imo, as that can be pigeon holed into game meat, trout, beef (Buckhorn would be good for that or The Fort in Golden). ADD: get a paper copy of "Westword" weekly newspaper and or scan their online copy to check out restaurant reviews. Generally pretty spot-on for where to go.
  23. Best Local Denver restaurants

    Bucksnort Saloon!
  24. TOB for male providers

    Well my screening process is painless..
  25. Strange Thing at the AMP

    Smart move re: circling back. But as pointed out, they might already have your info. Then again, if have not been back... Number of threads over the years on the board re: cops pulling people over after leaving AMP/highly-trafficed-static-incall asking what you were doing there. Recall a thread re: news story where guy admitted to getting some, so, busted him then went into incall and busted the provider. I remember a story from years ago where DA somehow talked a john to roll on the AMP: DA had lots of high $$ credit card transactions from the guy at the AMP. I guess with this angle, 1) pay cash, B: don't be a fixture at one place where they have your plate, financials, etc. ADD: ALL AMPS are under scrutiny, imo. Makes for an easy bust for LE, can wrap it into the trafficking reason. Like other static incalls, bigger issue vs. "sketchy" neighborhood is what the neighbors are complaining about. If a neighbor of the AMP is upset and calls LE, they will come out watch. Plenty of stories on the board re: someone rats on the business with lots of middle-aged men only going in/out at 30-60min intervals.
  26. Strange Thing at the AMP

    I think you made the right call, though if they cared they already had your plate. I generally park away from the place and walk in just to be safe.
  27. Strange Thing at the AMP

    It might have had something to do with the sign they had out front
  28. TOB for male providers

    Makes me wonder what Their rates would be? 😄
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