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  2. Serious question

    Bella, you are a FANTASTIC, LOVING mom. Giving your child (and children) the love and support she needs at this critical junction in her life. I for one have NOTHING but respect for you. Thank you for being the great and understanding Mom that you are. We all love our kids, that is a given. I think sometimes people seem to forget that. I for one, undergoing so many challenges when my kiddos where younger tried to take it all with a "grain of salt" I had a lot of challenges (still do) but through it all at the end of the day I wouldn't change a thing. I love them and they love me. Isn't that really what life is all about? Thank you for sharing this with all of us.
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  4. Any big butts in Denver???

    If you look and do some homework, you will be sure to find what you are interested in. BTY, stamp collecting is real boring! Good luck!
  5. Any big butts in Denver???

    I'd suggest stamp collecting perhaps?
  6. Felony stupid

    Yeah, the coppers are onto us...
  7. Any big butts in Denver???

  8. Who's going to the EXXXOTICA expo?

    I'll be there Friday with my gal wearing a black pleated mini skirt, like this. Say hi and we'll buy you a drink.
  9. Question for the gentlemen on TOB...

    Agree 100%!!!πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
  10. OMG....this is HOTTTTT.....YUMMY

    Take note of the choice of lingerie.. tantalizing, erotically charged and the way she uses/moves her body.. sensually stimulating and incredibly sexy.. the fact that he maintained any modicum of self control is amazing (or he's a friggin' eunuch!!).. incredibly hot and blue-ball inducing.. lol
  11. Felony stupid

    Welp looks like a new word instead of DONATION should be used... Jkjk!!
  12. Beautiful

    Yes indeed.
  13. Who's going to the EXXXOTICA expo?

    I am definitely going!!! I'll pop my own cherry on this one since I've never been to one before. It will be nice to gather a nice group of us and raise hell!!
  14. Asking a provider to be a reference

    Love the idea of contacting your original provider with a request for a refrence by voice over the phone prior to contacting your new provider of interest. Hell I just call that TACT baby! Kisses😘😘
  15. Beautiful

    What goes around always has a way of coming on back. Yes we all have our own special gifts, talents, as well as beauty. 😘😘 Thank you!
  16. Felony stupid

    I wonder who this Tracy that he called.
  17. Blackhawk 3/28

    Just wondering if any of the ladies are planning on going to Blackhawk tomorrow? I want to go but not looking to make it an escort type situation, just friends going and having fun. I will help financially(e.g. giving you cash to play with), but like I said, I'm not looking for it to be an appointment, so please keep that in mind. Anyone just need a day off? Honestly, I don't care if one of you guys goes with me instead, I just need a day off. PM if interested. And, sorry if this is a solicitation, and if it is, I'm sure that it will not get approved to be posted.
  18. Felony stupid

    Sometimes you can't fix stupid.
  19. Yesterday
  20. WWYGD

    You did good!! You would been ripped off!
  21. Serious question

  22. Serious question

    That someone was Samantha the Wise. Thanks, whisperer.
  23. Serious question

  24. Serious question

    Someone (Bella?) along the twists and turns of this thread posed thoughtful, meaningful ways to engage the/an OP that might "engage" them in such a way that engenders discovery..."why do you feel such and such". The rest, replete with kick in the teeth labels and attacks, could never foster meaningful dialogue; quit pretending that is the goal. In the context of tolerance and visceral attacks over any lack thereof, at some point one has to wonder who's offended for humanity's sake and who for personal reasons such as, "a little d" is right up their alley. Man up!
  25. Felony stupid

    Ditch the body cam before you ask a girl out.
  26. Serious question

    Serious question! Can this thread be locked or deleted? I'm really sick of seeing it in the activity feed.
  27. Asia Kym

    Thanks fellas!
  28. WWYGD

    A review would be helpful. Leave out the forbidden words. Many ladies like roses.
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