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  1. Serious question

    This is a given, no matter if the situation turns good or bad. Are you married? Still to his mother? How will you explain what you know about this industry? Ask yourself - Will he think you a hero or a rogue?
  2. My Rant…

    Right, J, it's all good. Just because (hypothetically) this is your first opportunity to schedule some private time in six weeks. You've been looking forward to this for the past two weeks. Then some unprofessional ... steals the moment with an NCNS. Too bad, but you won't get another chance to play for at least another three weeks. Right, it's all good. 👹
  3. I'll just leave this right here...

    Dayum! I have several CDs of "nasty blues" but none are as explicit as that.
  4. An interesting euphemism

    Sorry. Updated version: Works all day, never cleans house or cooks, hangs out with her posse all night, and ... - still has a headache at bedtime. . .
  5. An interesting euphemism

    That one prepares a meal, does the dishes, & scrubs the floors, but has a headache at bedtime. I'm NOT interested 👎
  6. Question for the gentlemen on TOB...

    Sun dress, backlite to highlight your curves 😁 Side profile in high contrast silhouette ... with or without clothes.
  7. Question for the gentlemen on TOB...

    Neither have I. Probably because at that point I have already invested several hours in the experience doing research, freshening up, and driving to her door. I may also be discarding a window-of-opportunity, sometimes more precious than the cash. Having experience pre-dating Internet escort ads probably helps. It makes me less sensitive to appearance. If a print ad had a photo, it was almost guaranteed to be stock. If you wanted a visual check prior to selection, you either solicited street walkers or visited a brothel; RARELY a working gal could be found in a strip joint. Even brothels (AMPs) could be luck of the draw.
  8. EEEEKKKKSSSS, I have a rash…

    It has to be Jungle Rot! Expect everything to fall off. 😄 {/sarcasm} I might have curtailed activities and refrained from posting this until I had the test results. The OP borders on FUD. 😱 There are many benign explainations. I do wish you well.
  9. An interesting euphemism

    I believe the OP is reporting on the euphemism "transactional relationships". Which I've heard before, but usually in a Sugar Daddy/Baby context.
  10. All CC Accepted...

    During the hyperinflation of Argentina, folks were using gold & silver chain for currency. Clip off a few links for this, a few more for that. Coins were too big for common goods; nobody could make change. And of course, nobody wanted that paper peso which might be worth centavos tomorrow.
  11. All CC Accepted...

    I remember that in 'Nam they would do this every so often in an attempt to curtail the black market. Bases would close and everybody had 24hrs to exchange their Military Pay Certificates (MPCs). Of course there were limits on how much you could convert, and the possession of green backs in country was forbidden. Often Mamasan or the drug dealers would get stuck off base with a pile of worthless paper.
  12. Oh Maybellene ..........

    I remember a concert at Fiddler's Green. Something ticked him off 1/2 way through the set. He just walked off the stage, leaving the band & audience with a WTF feeling. Eventually Barry Fey came out and apologized. The concert resumed with another act. We never did see Chuck again.
  13. Quick etiquette question

    Don't forget that those are medical devices for treating female hysteria. Oops - wrong century 😝
  14. If The Hat Doesn't Fit

    Since she's OK w/bbbj, go with Female Condoms. They'll fit that 16oz can of PP-lite 😜 I have found them to be more disruptive to the flow of a session, but I imagine that with practice this could be worked into foreplay. They are also significantly more expensive.
  15. How long to wait/did I handle this wrong?

    Of course she will. If there are no consequences for NoShows or being exceedingly tardy, why should she change her behavior? That's why I get so perturbed with clients who refuse to write negative reviews. They just leave these chuck holes for the rest of us to step in and waste our time.