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  1. Why is it so

    I found that doesn’t help when her thighs clamp down, covering your ears. In the other hand, at least my eardrums are protected from her deafening cries of ecstasy. 😱😁😱 😇
  2. HH vs HR

    The more I think about this I come back to - save my $s and handle it myself. At least I don’t need instruction on what works best.
  3. Pacific Northwest

  4. HH vs HR

    IMHO you’re missing more than 1/2 the fun.
  5. I'm back "kinda"

    Yes! This is a VERY supportive community. When I lost my wife, this group of people (even the nominal trolls) helped keep the walls from closing in. It’s slow process, but that light at the end of the tunnel is not a locomotive. I remember a time when my long term goal was to see the sun shine tomorrow.
  6. Turned down by my looks-yikes!

    But he usually needs to be accompanied by his clones or other family members. 🤫
  7. Enjoy Your VD

    Remember, Always dance naked because there are parts of the body that keep moving when the music stops 😇
  8. Enjoy Your VD

    Oh, I looked. We’re having a dance tonight. Uniform of the day - boots. 😁 But I’m old enough to remember when VD = today’s STI. 😱
  9. Enjoy Your VD

    All this talk of BJs? You gals are a month early. Steak & BJ Day is March 14th. But as I say when asked “What’s under the kilt?” - On a good day lipstick!😁
  10. Best BBBJ in Denver

    Nah, just grab her ears and PULL! 😱😁😜🤡🥴
  11. Enjoy Your VD

    I was going to say that was a misleading thread title.
  12. Top 3 best gift ideas

    No one has mentioned P411 credits(gc)
  13. Best BBBJ in Denver

    ^^ THIS! ^^ I’ve had BJs that turn me off 😡 -EDIT- Ladies, ever have somebody whose DATY technique made you wish they hadn’t bothered?
  14. ANR/ABF

    Urban dictionary was my friend.
  15. Snow

    That was my 1st winter in Denver. We’d gone home to see family. When we arrived at the airport for our flights back, our connecting flight told us that the Chicago-Denver flight was cancelled. We rebooked for the next day & spent the night w/family instead of on the floor in O’Hare. When we got to ORD, they told us that our DEN flight wasn’t cancelled, merely delayed 6hrs. Spent the day in ORD, catching the last flight to DEN. Caught a cab, with 3 other destinations, home that night. I couldn’t get back to Stapleton to retrieve my car for 3 days.