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    My (weak) preference is natural B’s. Not a fan of extra large (E+), especially if their bolt-on. My main requirement is that they are responsive. A direct, dynamic connection between nipple & clit is wonderful.
  2. Ladies, Please Don't....

    What’s worn under a kilt? On a good day, lipstick 😜
  3. Update on Kitten listing....

    GREAT! 👍😸🎉 Glad you’ve been reunited.
  4. Happy Happy day JRWolfe

    Happy happy, JR. Enjoy the vision in the surf.
  5. What is Your Must See TV Shows

    Pale Rider
  6. Any one have a good ghost story?
  7. Here's a Tip - Don't Drink and Drive

    You may be the 1 in 10 who maintains consistency across all advertising venues and scrubs the Internet of old ads (including scrapers). But until you convince a significant majority of your competition to be as assiduous, you’re going to get asked about rates. Or would you be OK receiving the donation requested in an old ad that Bing/Google found. (Unlikely😕)
  8. Is it just me? Probably!

    It’s also a lit cooler (temperature) than a black hat. Pith helmets also let the air circulate around your head. I’d say it was a wise choice on her part. Hey, maybe there’s a reason those d**m imperialist wore white pith helmets.
  9. What is Your Must See TV Shows

    And most of the actors had badly synced dialogue 🙂
  10. Here's a Tip - Don't Drink and Drive

    Yes, it drives men batty. I check out a YL’s website when I’m trying to determine if we’re a good fit. Over the years I’ve learned that posted rates are OFTEN inconsistent. The only rate that matters is the one we agree to when establishing the appointment. If you’re not prepared to discuss rates for your time, then I’m sorry you wasted OUR time.
  11. Here's a Tip - Don't Drink and Drive

    Saigon Tea == high priced watered down drinks Dancers get a kick back for every one they get you to buy
  12. suggestions

    Hikes in Cherry Creek State Park. There’s a frisbee golf course in the city park across the dam road from the state park. Cruising Park Meadows Mall or IKEA
  13. Here's a Tip - Don't Drink and Drive

    “That’s a fetish. Costs extra.” I’m trying not to stereotype but in my experience, YL who come to escorting from the stripper pool tend to nickel & dime their clients. It’s part of the strip club hustle. Tips on the stage, better tips = more time she spends in front of you, more $s for a lap dance, more for the next dance, Saigon Tea, etc. Where as YL who start out escorting, w/o going through strip clubs or massage parlors, tend to set their boundaries for all-inclusive pricing.
  14. Here's a Tip - Don't Drink and Drive

    Should it matter if it’s: $250 advertised + $50 tip OR $100 advertised + $200 tip ???
  15. Here's a Tip - Don't Drink and Drive

    Sorry, but a YL’s website is the last place I would expect an accurate statement of her CURRENT rate. With rate A on her website, rate B on her P411, and rate C in her most recent ad, I continue to ask, “And your rate for an hour of your time is?” Or pick the lowest of A|B|C (if I found all three) and state, “I assume your rate for the hour is X.”