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  1. Traveling Guys

    In addition to P411 I’ve used ECCIE, TNA, and the former BP, depending on locale. In Denver, TOB is my go-to. But as others have said, these days I’m seeking less nookie while traveling.
  2. What going on

    I’m working on my no-line tan 😜
  3. Christmas specials

    Tide, I think you have it confused. In your case it should be Jan 2 - Dec 30. 😝😱😝😜
  4. Time?

    Not always. Sometimes it’s made clear to you that “time’s up.” Like when she leaves the room, and he walks in wearing his black duster & says, “Leave!” I’d only been there for 15min & paid extra for “the full hour.” True story from years ago
  5. Taking a break...for now.

    TFT, take care if #1 first. We’ll be here when you’re ready. ‘Til then be strong.

    There goes the wallaby 😡
  7. Is P411 dead?

    Don’t think I could have said it better.
  8. What we have here

    Let’s see, what do I do in the buff: sun bath (right now) line dance petanque woodworking/carving The possibilities are endless 😜
  9. Hypothetical

    Actually I think the guy was clueless about the games going on between the providers. He was getting his Willy wet so he didn’t care about the dynamics.
  10. Hypothetical

    The situation is slightly different from a group of folks going on a trip together. I’m quite certain you tell your employer how you want to do your job. They have no problem if you want to skip off to the dance club for a few hours. If the guy has a problem with it, she could end up walking home or losing a long term client. But I do agree that she could made suggestions about activities, w/o whining. But I suspect the other YL would shoot them down; it sounds like she was playing dominance games.
  11. What are you wishing for?

    Whirled peas. 😁
  12. TOB Fantasy? I wonder

    Don’t forget the Blue Ribbon 🤪
  13. TOB Fantasy? I wonder

    Golf? Is that a good walk with a cigar interrupted by folks yelling, “Fore!” 🤣
  14. New spam/scam phone calls

    Lately I’ve been getting spam/scam phone calls which mimic coming from my own phone or voice mail service. They tend to come in pairs. The message is something to do with my Microsoft account. What’s up with that?