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  1. Screened and vetted but still wants a pic

    I wintered in South TX last year. Let's just say that the bovine excrement hit the rotary impeller on this issue. They cracked down hard because some guys were running 'off the books' agencies(pimping?), in with collusion a local mod. Changed moderators, banned some individuals, and generally thinned the pool of YL. The agencies left because they couldn't keep up with the ID requirements for their part-time staff. The flame wars were legendary!
  2. Lost my contacts last week😟

    I didn't say it worked all the time. But you never know until you try. No offense taken. Too many variables.
  3. Need advice please

    When training for my 1st Ride the Rockies (at 50) I would often hit 170. The 140-155 was my cruising range, depending on wind & incline. Never wore the chest band to or during a session.
  4. Lost my contacts last week😟

    Next time put your phone in a sealed jar of rice for a few days. The little warranty stickers inside will still show water damage, but the rice will often suck enough moisture from the device to make it functional.
  5. Profiles...

    Why limit this to the ladies? One of the reasons I want YL to read my P411 profile preferences for beverages, scents, and attire.
  6. I had to abort

    That was my interpretation as well.
  7. Lost my contacts last week😟

    Don't forget Anthony🤡
  8. Screened and vetted but still wants a pic

    I think the 'touch your cheek' is to ensure that the picture is in response to her request instead of some stock photo. Sort of like a photo with today's newspaper to indicate a current picture. I have to agree that cops, especially male cops, will do what they need to get the bust & then lie about it later. I doubt a female decoy would go through with a session for a bust. No, money does not need to change hands for an arrest. Remember the Ft Collins busts when guys knocked on the motel door? Whether the charges stand up in court is a different matter, but at that point LE has already messed up your life. Someone in this thread mentioned a review. Unfortunately I don't think this is a reviewable experience since the session never happened and was not really a No Show. She cancelled when the OP refused to comply with her screening procedures. Yes, it sucks & was wrong of her to wait until the last minute. Perhaps this was her way of shifting the blame to the OP when she wanted to cancel.
  9. Need advice please

    Mine's a Colt 1911 I also have a 1911 frame converted to .22LR for cheaper range visits.
  10. Are We Covered?

    I mostly agree, except for the last bit. You need to respect the limits of your partner in crime. If they match yours, have at it.
  11. For those who might want to tighten things up, shrink their lips, improve their response, etc. there's this guy... (DISCLAIMER: I have no experience with the above mentioned individual. Merely passing on information found on the 'Net. Enjoy 😏)
  12. Shilling?

    There was a caveat to the old time limit: ... unless there is a significant change in service. For example: the 1st session is FBSM & the 2nd is FS the 1st is an hour, the 2nd is all night the 1st was solo, the 2nd is part of a dynamic duo Like pfunk, I think the shilling rules apply to the discussion forums, which are less moderated than the reviews. If the mods let a 2nd review through, there's probably a reason.
  13. ISO Provider wanting to be Pampered

    It all Depends 😄
  14. Overflowed with bullshit

    As I recall 'the envelope' came into fashion 10-15 years ago. A gesture towards discretion in the belief that LE needed to hand you the cash; like the "you touch mine, I'll touch yours" cop check. I don't believe either would hold up in court.
  15. Users Banned- LustyLeah and RJB1354

    Right. As in for him it was a game. The challenge - trying to maintain multiple personalities, cross sexual ID boundaries, etc. Nothing outright BSC, but definitely screwing w/TOB for fun. Not say I approve.