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  1. Backpage ads

    The laws may be the same as they were pre-Net Neutrality, but the environment has changed, significantly. The Net Neutrality laws were put in place because Internet usage was changing. Some users were beginning to over consume resources and ISPs were trying to figure out how to control, to throttle, this over use. The new laws attempted to make the formation of vertical monopolies less cost effective. Now the mega-corp ISP can channel customers into their content and stifle other content providers. Initially I expect the battles to be over volume, bandwidth, and speed. Small fry like TOB need not worry. But once controls have been developed I expect 'the righteous' to demand that these tools also be applied based on content.
  2. msog in an hour

    Remember when I was young? How could I forget? That was only a few decades ago 😜 The first round inside the QV mark, then wood that would NOT quit. Now I just use other appendages combined with lingual katas to make sure she gets MSOG 😙
  3. msog in an hour

    I've been one-n-done for years (getting old ain't for sissies). I figure it's my responsibility to pace myself. Going overtime, even if she's not complaining, is just rude. "A man's got to know his limitations."
  4. Literacy Rant

    I would agree. Though it was probably sufficiently erudite to pass GSAT muster.

    Congratulations, Melissa! To answer your question, finishing Q2 and earning my beret.
  6. FS QV

    In my younger days, FS QV was both possible & common, though more likely billed as "up to an hour" one-n-done. GFE was an unheard of term. Times have changed and so have I, in both tastes and abilities.
  7. To Good for backpages?

    ^^ THIS ^^ Most folks, M or F, don't know about all the boards (local like TOB or national like TER) for this industry. But they've all heard about CL & BP on the news. So that's the 1st place the majority of clients will look. And the first place that comes to mind when a new escort goes to hang her shingle. By the same token, these BP denizens (M&F) don't know about our research methods, photo & phone searchs, background screening, blacklists, reviews, etc. i don't blame an established escort for continuing to advertise on BP. Afterall it's probably where she gets a good deal of her new clients. I do blame her if she stoops to the shady advertising techniques (false/misleading pictures, etc.) common there.
  8. Never left a bad review

    +1 (w/emphasis)
  9. Gifts, Gifts, Gifts

    Sorry, friend, but gifts from providers are special. I've gotten a few, some serious, some trinkets. But perhaps the most surprising was her friend (a co-worker) 😁 That was a night to remember. I've given a few as well. Lingerie is common, but some come out of my workshop: small treasure boxes, a humidor, candlesticks, dildos, & floggers.
  10. Whisky Tango Foxtrot!! Snow?

    Needless to say, our luncheon ride was cancelled today. Maybe tomorrow, because it's supposed to be back in the 60s. 😁 I remember training for my 1st Ride the Rockies in '98. I rode every weekend from Jan 1 until the Elephant Rock (early June). That's one of the great things about CO.
  11. RIP: August Ames

    Naw, you just need a qualifying adjective. Something like 'lynch' should do the trick. Capitalization indicating a proper noun, The *ob vs. the *afia, just isn't enough for some. 😁😜😏😕😵😄😆😝😁😜😡😁😙 Just to be clear, the "some" in this case are those calling about Mafia involvement, but not JR for fielding the calls.
  12. Whisky Tango Foxtrot!! Snow?

    If I were in Denver, no big surprise. But in S. TX? Brrr. How the hell are we supposed to get nekid? 😡
  13. Holidaze

    Interesting! Until your ^replies^ I didn't make the association. Whatever. In the meantime here's a tune to sooth your savage beast.
  14. Provider that sees couples

    Try having your SO reach out to providers, instead of you.
  15. Review Bullying

    Try "DILLIGAF"