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  1. Orally speaking

    I've had several root canals. Hardly any pain afterwards because the nerves are gone; lots of pain before hand. Use an ice pack for the 1st 24hrs. Most of the pain is due to swelling, which the ice pack alleviates.
  2. Rocks, neat/up, shaken

    There is no reason to drink that much! I often make one drink (about 2oz or 75ml) last all evening. I drink for taste, not to mess with my brain. I smoke (cigars) for the same reason.
  3. Rocks, neat/up, shaken

    Traditionally Scotch is supposed to have a splash of water to open the flavors. This is more true for the heavier, peatier malts. Try it sometime; first take a sip, then add a few drops and sip again. Very different from the watered down Scotch & water typically served in a bar; ask for water back.
  4. Don't let one individual turn you off to a wonderful group of providers. Like any other groups of individuals, we get along with some, some we don't.
  5. What land would that be? White land? Most of the Europeans who immigrated here weren't allowed to own land (or at least didn't) in their home countries. Hence their immigration. Black land? That would be in Africa where the tribes used to wander about. Some blacks tried going back to found a country. It's called Liberia. The US doesn't claim any colonies there. As for individual or corporate holdings, you need to make your claim in Africa Red land? You mean the land the First Nations claimed by rite of conquest when they crossed the Bering Strait? Then late comers, like the Navajo, forcefully seized land from early arrivals, just as Whites did when they came on the scene. Yellow land? Well Asians didn't have much land in the Americas until the late 19th century. They probably have the best claim against 'stolen land', but that's been handled by the courts. The long because I wasn't sure about your other half.
  6. Rocks, neat/up, shaken

    Have you tried whiskey stones? i usually drink my Scotch neat.
  7. Bat shit crazy!

    You're beginning to sound like our dear friend, Demure Morman 😜
  8. Bat shit crazy!

    Hmmm. I see a potential problem here. If they think they're the only chick in your nest you haven't been straight with them. Tends to complicate things.😡 I understand - for some if you don't convince them that they're the one & only for always then you wouldn't be getting any nookie. They must think you're BSC for not clinging to them. 😜 I totally agree - lots less hassle dropping your line in this pond. 😁
  9. Any Transgender

    Check the reviews & profiles. You'll find what you seek
  10. STD testing

    I suspect there's a typo in ^that^.
  11. Not really. Remember, cheating is really defined by those involved, not by those outside of the relationship. If in her mind it would be cheating, then so be it.
  12. off the clock time and extended dates

    Thank you for that response.
  13. off the clock time and extended dates

    Was that before or after her query?
  14. Unfortunately racism, or rather fear & distrust of those not members of our tribe, is primal. We have an instinctual fear that they will steal resources vital to our tribe's survival, perhaps killing to achieve their goals. We continue to wage war for resources. Physical characteristics (skin & hair color, eye shape, etc.) are early, easy indications that someone does not belong. Fortunately education & positive exposure help to control these instinctive fears. I say 'positive exposure' because negative exposure can reinforce our fears. When the draft was discontinued we lost one of our best means of educating society. In the service (it need not be military) the blending of cultural groups and mixed teamwork expand the definition of "tribe". I have noticed an increase in the xenophobic tendencies of society and in the isolation of cultural groups since the adoption of an all volunteer military. The echo chambers of the Internet have only accelerated this trend.
  15. off the clock time and extended dates

    My remark was more a general admonition, not directed at you. Why make it personal, as in, why did this become a 'pile on Lucy' thread? Sure, I have my disagreements with Lucy, and with others. But I try to focus on the topic, the ideas, instead of the person expressing those thoughts. (Yes, it's hard sometimes.) Why did I quote you? Because you seemed to be making a very personal defense.