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  1. Eclipse...

    Actually, use that hole to project the image onto another sheet of paper.
  2. ...The Other Bored...a Parody...

    WTF is that in the bottom R picture? Dude, did you drop a load in the woods? Gross! ---- 😄🙀😵🤡👏🐋🐳🦈🐬 ROFLMAO - Good one!
  3. Condoms - Yes or No?

    From the back of an FC2 package: Protect against pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Pregnancy rate for 12 months of use. FC1 female condom - typical use(21%) perfect use(5%) Male latex condom - typical use(15%) perfect use(2%) The enclosed instructions clearly state, "The FC2 Female Condom is indicated for preventing pregnancy, HIV/AIDS, and other sexually transmitted infections(STIs)." Check out As for size & fit, similar issues exist with male condoms. When male condoms are not properly used there can be consequences too. If you have conflicting data, please, post your sources. Bottom line: Use condoms - EVERY TIME!
  4. Condoms - Yes or No?

    Can't fault most of this message, but female condoms do provide protection against STDs.
  5. 411 - Corey FBSM

    Speaking of Mother/daughter check this out
  6. Jerry Lewis - A great comedian, perhaps better known to the younger gereation for his philanthropic work. Dick Gregory - Perhaps better known for his civil rights politics, but still a class act.
  7. Role play ideas

    {dons asbestos armor} With all these fantasies floating around about schools, teachers, sitters, etc. is it any wonder that we're seeing so many news stories about folks who have crossed over into reality? {goes over & sits in the corner}
  8. Eclipse...

    Folks do realize that it's radiation in the non-visible spectrum which are harmful. But because pupil dilation is controlled in response to visible light they will be wide open, allowing an overexposure to what would normally be limited by pinpoint pupils should look at the normal mid-day sun. Why should creatures with better night vision (larger pupils) not be effected?
  9. GOT!!!!!

    Would that be a pair of Uggs for traipsing above The Wall, sandals for crossing the Red Waste, or pointy steel ties with greaves? Sorry, I'm reading the books & they don't talk much about foot wear, except when barefoot.
  10. Eclipse...

    You should go put your head in a box! Not that kind! Read above about old school camera obscura.
  11. Eclipse...

    I have to agree with Mellisa. Besides, what would it hurt to protect your pets?
  12. Apology

    There's something I learned even in my 20s - a woman can almost always outlast a man! So I focused on learning other techniques for pleasuring a lady. A man has multiple appendages. When one gets tired, switch things up and use another 😁 Besides, it's not the destination, but rather the journey which is important.
  13. Eclipse...

    I think I'm going to sit this one out - me & the cat inside w/the blinds drawn. I was supposed be driving back from mtns (NNW of FtC) at the peak; moved that up a day. Traffic coming up to the mtns this afternoon was TERRIBLE. I still remember one in NY (60's). The birds were all confused. Evening songs, then an hour later, morning songs. I much prefer the full eclipse of a blood moon. Don't need anything more than an alarm clock.
  14. FitFirm in Longmont, legit?

    If you use the 'new posts' button (newspaper, L of the search glass) they will show up.
  15. Advice Please.

    Congratulations, Chrissy. I'm glad things worked out well for you. Yeah, this thread probably put PAID to that review. It does sound like your client's communication skills need some work, as in expressing his reasons for the per-date. I can understand the unknowns & doubts making your head spin. Thanks for for the update. Finding companions for extended engagements can be a slow process. I usually start with a standard hour session. If all goes well I move on to a dinner date. After that I may consider having the discussion about being a travel companion. So far this has worked for me.