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  1. Do You Guys Remember?

    Agreed! How many dark suits do you guys have? {1 formal(PC), 1 semi-formal, 1 business, 2 casual - I’ve been retired for 20 years so a lot of my coat&tie outfits have gone by the wayside.}

    I read that as two separate incidents.
  3. Sometimes you just wonder

    Bad idea!!! Since he didn’t personally threaten OldTruckerGuy, it would have meant Assault & Battery charges for OTG. The “stand down” from security was the right call. Sometimes good guys get in bad trouble for doing the right thing.(*) Maybe this time the RO can get kidnapping added to the list. (*) Yes, it would be more satisfying to see the trash get an immediate comeuppance, but not at OTG’s expense.
  4. Couples

    1) PMs for response 2) Have her arrange the date

    Yet another for us old timers 😁
  6. Certified Massage Therapist - CMT

    If you want a therapeutic massage, go to MASSAGE ENVY. The risks of losing her license (and throwing away 500-1000 hrs of study) are too great, even for PMs.
  7. Deal Breaker: Her/His profile said . . .

    It was the toilet’s fault. 😜

    Are you OK? I almost forgot about the night equipment jump where they turned on the green light at about 800’ AGL. I was 3rd man in the stick on a rising DZ. Fortunately only one of the team used an ambulance, but the rest of us had aches & pains. My knee still bothers me from that jump.

    Coyote ugly? Still have both arms?

    I don’t remember the initial seconds of my 1st parachute jump. The second was GLORIOUS😇 My 1st firefight is crystal clear. I’ve had a few “OMG he’s going to hit me!” accidents, but the only broken bones were from a self-inflicted low side. The only time I’ve had my body fail me was when learning belayed fall technique. On my first attempt I didn’t get my legs out in front sufficiently. On a flat wall, no problem. But there was a knob which impacted my groin. When the instructor had me climb up and go again it took me 3 tries before I was able to push away from the wall & jump.
  11. Deal Breaker: Her/His profile said . . .

    Naw, the lid’s closed. You can’t see the floater 🥴
  12. Deal Breaker: Her/His profile said . . .

    Deal breaker? Really? Admittedly you have be a little careful, but the anklet hardly gets in the way. 😜🤪😜🥴 Yes, years ago I visited a gal with such an anklet. No big deal. It just meant that she was limited to incall. 😁
  13. Newbie and black

    Throughout my life I’ve travelled. I remember ‘colored only’ motels & drinking fountains; never understood them. I remember the race riots of the 60s where blacks destroyed their own neighborhoods. Never understood that either. Why poison your own well? I also remember being a ‘honkie’ on the South Side (Chicago) or Montebello (Denver). But most of those are history (except BLM riots in black neighborhoods). The world is changing. Perhaps not as fast as some would like, but changing for the better.
  14. Remedies ?

    I’ve been told that ‘48 “from the brim to the dregs was a very good year.” Not unheard of.
  15. Dimly lite bars

    While I’ve not checked it out personally, I’ve heard good things about The Irish Snug on Colfax.