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  1. Living with the pandemic can life go back to normal??

    Naw, just use a straw to slurp up the juices 😜
  2. Life and times; Notorious RBG and moving forward

    I was not aware that g’daughter had tapes. I intended “She was outspoken...” as a mark of respect. RBG was a strong, independent woman, and as such earned my respect, even when I disagreed with her opinion. You would not find me booing speakers at her services; show the occasion a little decorum.
  3. R.I.P. Notorious RBG

    As they should. While I disagree with many of her positions, her fight for women’s rights was both significant and correct.
  4. Living with the pandemic can life go back to normal??

    Not wearing a seat belt - you put yourself at risk. Not wearing a mask - you put others at risk. There is a difference! As for staying at home if you’re ill? Yes! The problem is that you’re infectious before you know you’re ill. 😕
  5. Life and times; Notorious RBG and moving forward

    And they were both wrong! The President should nominate and the Senate should vote. If the vote fails to confirm, rinse & repeat.
  6. Life and times; Notorious RBG and moving forward

    No. She was outspoken enough that she would have publicly stated this long before her death. This would not be a deathbed remark.
  7. Current turn-ons

    Yes. I wasn’t at Buffalo Grove for the concert, but at Buddy Guy’s Ledgends waiting for the after-party. 😨
  8. Asian Massage for Two

    I’ve gotten great couples massages at 10,000 Waves in Santa Fe, but no tug.
  9. STG any luck boys?

    Just as it was with BP, CL, and even EROS.
  10. Price increase.

    Hey, at least the gals haven’t taken their cue from the hospitality industry. Portion size in restaurants seems to have shrunk slightly. As I travel back & forth to TX, hotel pools are closed and the ‘free’ breakfast (or even coffee) is no longer included. Yet their prices have not been adjusted downward to compensate. Would you like our fair ladies to adjust their services instead of their prices in these troubling times? Not me.
  11. Faces - natural? Or makeup?

    My wife was a cosmetician. The goal was to draw the eye away from any ‘flaws’, enhance features, and yet look like there wasn’t any makeup. Exaggerated makeup is for stage performers so the audience can see facial expressions from the back row. It looks gross from the front row. (Yes, I’ve worn stage makeup.) For providers I prefer the ALL natural look, just as I prefer the fresh showered scent. I don’t want lipstick on my collar.😱
  12. GFE vs.PSE I Love Both But.......

    I’ve seen plenty of porn w/condoms. Just sayin’.
  13. Hobbies Outside of :the HOBBY"

    Nerdy? Who me? Uh... My alternative passions are woodworking with traditional (18th/19th century) methods & tools, the study of classical guitar, and travel. Working on my 2nd fifty of these United States; only the lower 48 and border provinces for the RV though.
  14. When to hang it up...

    I remember a (now retired) provider telling me about a monthly client. They got together and played cards for an hour. It can be important to have conversations outside your normal circles. I remember when I had a hostile work environment and no partner. I paid a shrink to sit and chat about life. Even if the main plumbing doesn’t work 100%, I have 11 other extensions that work just fine.😝
  15. 411 on RubRatings-Steph

    ^ Insufficient data ^ phone number? ad link?