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  1. Memorial Weekend

    My wife used to say Mothers’ Day was only 50/50. 🤐 —EDIT— I arrived last night. My unloading schedule - took a massive hit. Finding a place to park my trailer w/in 5 days - took a hit. UGH 😡❄️💧
  2. How to Treat Us......Theoretically, of course.

    That video is spot on! I especially liked - You’re paying for a service! Nothing more.
  3. I got dirt under my nails!!

    I feel sorry for all of you who forgot that if you plant your garden before Memorial Day, you’ll end up replanting your garden. Snow on Monument Hill today! {I think I came N too soon🥵}
  4. I’ve been a member of TOB since inception (almost - I’m not one of the founding members). Topics frequently repeat as we get new members. Though most new members lurk for a while, few, if any, search the archives prior to posting.
  5. Not taking on new female providers?

    ^this^ I’ve used my handle (or a variant) since my introduction to the web based portion of hobby in the last century. Protecting ‘the brand’ is important!!!
  6. First meet - ladies outfits

    Technically, that’s a visor 😛
  7. Spinners

    Empirically, she’s a spinner!
  8. Spinners

  9. Memorial Weekend

    Me too! The real key is how much damage (dead heart muscle or brain tissue) the clot caused. We’re still pulling for you, JR.
  10. Memorial Weekend

    If just a stent and you’re otherwise healthy, recovery is just a week or two. 😏 If it was a bypass or valve job, MONTHS! 🥵 But in either case the relief is almost immediate. It’s recovering from the surgery itself that takes time. (Yes, I’ve got the T-shirt & the ball cap.)
  11. Good People Where I Call Home

    I got lucky! After watching my father dry out in an ICU I backed off my alcohol consumption before I became dependent. I can still enjoy the taste of a beer or Scotch. Some days I even splurge and have two. 😱 Hats off to those who took the pledge.
  12. Describe your cooking

    Try making risotto with V-8 or Snappy Tom sometime.
  13. Pinky had a problem

    Roflmao 😁🙈🙉🙊🐒
  14. What do u do for r&r?

    My transitions from winter quarters to Denver (and visa versa) are a chance to recharge. Right now I’m in the Big Bend area. 3mi hike & didn’t see a soul.
  15. There are a few physiological tells which would be difficult to fake w/o extensive biofeedback training.