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  1. Does anyone do belly dancing?

    I like Sahara on Arapaho’s near Clinton
  2. St Patricks Day Weekend....

    Had my corn beef & cabbage for lunch. Walking to the dance tonight, where I will ply myself w/Jameson & Guinness. (I looked for Murphy’s, but the RGV is not known for it’s cosmopolitan tastes. 😕)
  3. Your worst nightmare...

    And yet EVERY SECOND counts. You may survive, but the longer your brain is w/o O2, the worse off you’ll be afterwards. A friend was at a walking event when the person next to her collapsed. She did CPR while her husband tag teamed for respiration, and someone else contacted 911 and the event medics. All for a successful outcome.
  4. Good vibes...

    This and similar messages (sentiments) are what make TOB such a special place.
  5. Good vibes...

    Good luck & speedy recovery.
  6. 411 on Sarah

    Missed the edit window: — Edit — I grew up in the days w/o Internet advertising, back in the print media and YellowPages days. Photos were expensive. Today everybody is pressured into putting an image/photo in their ad and it’s cheap. The new BP policies, designed to give them plausible deniability under Federal regulations regarding Internet publishing, just adds pressure. Just as guys have fear of screening, gals have fear of putting too much of themselves out there (for similar reasons). But they need a picture in their ad, so they grab a pretty image from someplace on The ‘Net and use that. Remember - superlative sells, average doesn’t.
  7. 411 on Sarah

    In 50+ years of ‘the hobby’ I’ve only had one(1) dangerous experience and just a few nefarious (cash & dash, strippers only, upsell hustle, etc.). I have no idea what the gal behind the curtain looks like, but she’s probably average, someone you’d see out shopping. Services? Probably NOT cuddlesome GFE with a drink & shower.
  8. Real world dating as an adult

    Right😡 The way I read the news and all those mandatory HR classes, “give the look” and you could ruin your career. Some gals may like a little flirtation at the club, but all it takes is one to complain.
  9. Fear Of Screening..?

    You wear pants when visiting providers??? 😱
  10. I Failed!

    ^^ this ^^ 1) Most gentlemen will own up to themselves when their issues are the problem. 2) For many of us, it’s not about the destination, but rather the journey.
  11. Your worst nightmare...

    Laci, I hope your love bug is doing well. Kudos to you for doing the right thing - sticking around and offering what assistance you can. Don’t forget 911, though difficult to dial while administering CPR. If you’re worried about discretion, remember - nothing (your ID, his ID, what you were doing, ...) is hidden if your friend dies; getting help is the right answer. Some of us carry nitro tablets, but check about ED drugs prior to use. The combination can be deadly!
  12. Fear Of Screening..?

    In general I would assume that if the ladies contact each other, then they have a short conversation about you. This can work both ways. If you’ve been a bad boy (LE, hurtful, stalker, etc.) your secrets’ out. But it could also be “He really likes ZZ. But don’t try to YY; he’ll freak.” Of course there are other ways to screen: black lists, white lists, P411 & TOB references, The Dog, Beth, & company (😁).
  13. Who is your favorite basketball team?

  14. Real world dating as an adult

    I love to travel, seeing new sights around the country, around the world. However, I dislike traveling alone. You’re surrounded by strangers all day, if you interact with people at all. If something happens, who has your back? It’s nice to have someone to share the adventure. But-civilians in the age bracket I seek have a difficult time getting away from home for weeks at a time (so do some escorts).
  15. Friend Zone

    This is beginning to sounds like “let’s be friends” of the dating world. 😟