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  1. Anybody hear from JRWolfe lately?

    Ladies - Kudos! This level of caring about each other is one of the things that makes TOB such a great community. Hopefully JRW is pleasantly occupied, probably in CA.
  2. Dear Fifi: Am I bad at sex?

    This may surprise you, but sometimes freebies do happen. Not because you ask for them, but because a friend wants to surprise you by doing something special for you. But more likely a gentleman gets dinner or drinks off-the-clock. I’ve even had ladies cook for me or take me to breakfast. Yes, this IS business for the ladies. I don’t EXPECT them rock my world for free, any more than I expect free legal or electrical work from a friend. They deserve compensation. What is almost always “free” when you’ve developed a personal relationship with a provider? Your sessions become more free-form, flowing from one activity to another as you know each other’s tastes & limits. You tend to get more Fun Factor.
  3. It's a Business

    Text (or phone calls) might not be good for the previously stated reasons. But if you’re an active member of TOB what’s wrong with a PM? i get PMs all the time from new YL trying to drum up business. I generally try to let them down gently because I see established ladies. But a PM from an friend I’ve seen several times before just might spark my interest to see her again (schedule & funds permitting).
  4. Dear Fifi: Am I bad at sex?

    On the whole I tend to agree with this remark, but would note that some YL have “it’s just business” attitudes. They’re not interested in developing deeper relationships with their clients. And quite frankly, there are YL that I do not have any interest in developing such relationships either. Such is the nature of life.
  5. Looking for provider

    Now that’s how networking helps us all. Good work, NoCo!
  6. Is this true???

    I recently saw a T-shirt that said, ”If your Dad doesn’t have a beard, you’ve got two Mums.”
  7. Dear Fifi: Am I bad at sex?

    DATY has always been a passion of mine. I’ve read countless books on sexual techniques. As Average said, it’s about shared pleasure. One time a bisexual ASP/friend who knew this about me took the time to improve my skills through explicit instruction. I’ve been forever thankful.
  8. Go Topless Day

    On this I totally agree. It’s actually the point I was trying to make - that I can derive sensual pleasure w/o sexual interaction. Granted, that pleasure is quite different from the pleasure of consuming the delicacies before me.
  9. Should I review?

    I would change that to “... a VERY negative experience AND you don’t want to see her again. (Or any of her friends)”
  10. Go Topless Day

    On ^this^ I will disagree. I sometimes derive great pleasure from looking at the nude form, just as I derive pleasure from looking at a Renoir, a fine piece of furniture, or a mountain vista. Not all sensuality is sexual.
  11. Text or talk?

    Got it. 🧐 My phone beeps when I get new email, so I didn’t see this as a distinction. Maybe WE need to turn our phones off at night. 😮
  12. Oh, for the good old days

    Preach it brother! Some of these youngsters don’t have the reference points to see the true beauty of TOB.
  13. Text or talk?

    I don’t understand this. It’s just as easy to discard an annoying text as an annoying email. Why the difference?
  14. Bad Day, Roll In the Hay?

    Though death is part of the circle of life, it still takes its toll on those left behind. I still remember what I did after dealing with the details (cover, call hospice, etc.) - I grabbed my guitar, then waited for others to arrive. Music lightened many a dark hour in the following months; still does today. I also remember the support I got for this community. A few months later when I lost the other significant female in my life (feline), my rock during troubled times, three of our finest kidnapped me for dinner. Thank you all!
  15. Go Topless Day

    As a card carrying naturist I’ve seen the gamut, from string beans to individuals so obese that you couldn’t tell their sex, M and/or F. And guess what? They’re all real people inside😄