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  1. Sex Ed teacher outed as escort

    I thought it was as “Found On Road Dead” Been driving Fords for 30+ years.
  2. Going dark

    I’m back 😱 Had a great time for the most part. Caught som sort of crud that kept me from enjoying Bangkok & Singapore. Came home to a week of antibiotics before I started to feel human. lots of pictures, strange food (shipworms), rode a water buffalo, plenty of Buddha’s, and some new perspectives on WW II.
  3. Going dark

    Pacific Rim. Cruise Alaska - Japan - Singapore
  4. Going dark

    I’ll be going ‘dark’ for a few months during international travel. Be well & be safe.
  5. Tomorrow

    Great! I’m happy for you😁 Walking your (step)daughter down the aisle is a very special feeling. Watching the next generation begin their own journey through life fills one with hope, joy, and trepidation.
  6. Tomorrow

    Focus on your daughter. It’s her day after all. Let the others & their drama fade into the background. Try to not imbibe too much, and thus become part of the drama.
  7. Football season is here

    Oops indeed. Talk about a smack down. That parking ticket must have taken Coach Prime’s mind off the game. The QB was probably dreaming about his new car. 😱
  8. Football season is here

    Actually, if you’re driving at night it’s a good idea to put on sun glasses when you stop for gas or a diner. It protects your night vision, making you a safer driver for that first 1/2hr after you return to the road. 😱😁😜
  9. Weird taste in ages

    Count me as one who prefers providers with more life experience. Every time I’ve dipped into the <25 crowd it has been a subpar experience. Some of my better experiences have been with the 55+ YL.
  10. Our wild animals? This is so sad!

    Yes, TOB used to a much larger, more vibrant community. I miss those days. I suppose recent government regulations have chilled not only this board, but the industry as a whole (or driven it underground). We’re also an aging population with younger generations gracing newer platforms. Much has changed since* We’ve always had our share of trolls. Remember 2Big, namdaed, to name a few.
  11. Our wild animals? This is so sad!

    The population of ladies has never been large. That’s typical of all the escort discussion boards I’ve participated in over the last 30 years. TOB has one of the more resilient female contingents.
  12. Question to the ladies regarding showers

    No, we bought it at Cub Foods. I still remember the look on the nice Oriental lady’s face as I counted out 100+ spears, in Japanese😁 This was an anti-oxidant research study. I was’t the one getting blood draws and saving urine; I just ate what was being served for dinner.🥴 Yes, I like asparagus, but not that much. There were other elements, like a freezer stuffed with bags of spinach.
  13. Question to the ladies regarding showers

    It’s not just pH, but also diet. I remember being on a research diet with vast amounts of crushed garlic (1pt/wk). Folks around me remarked. It also included like 60 asparagus spears/wk, which altered the odor of my urine,
  14. Kali, best book with Massage Envy. There used to be a massage school in Aurora where you could book inexpensive student massages. Other than that, find a private therapist. Good luck!