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  1. Mans Dinner Menu

    Gotta add some starch & grease. Dip it in cornbread and deep fry that stick. 😁
  2. It's happened a few times. I'll be interested in a YL, but she moves on before I actually book a session. Less painful than having a favorite who suddenly disappears.
  3. Guidance

    Yes, for some several $K is pocket change. For others it's a few month's' pay. Some save, forgoing other adventures and splurge on an overnight. An old gambling adage - "Never bring more to the table than you can afford to lose."
  4. Guidance

    Nailed it! Providing a reference for a friend is one thing. That's what being a friend is all about. But how many friends are going to pay your legal bills? Even saying she'll make it good, how many friends are likely to loan you several $K?
  5. On the few occasions I have hosted someone I've not met in person, I have had ongoing board conversations with the for several years.
  6. How Facebook Outs Sexworkers

    I don't think Twitter is any more secure than the rest on them. Those bits have to pass through the ether. 😕 I think I'm back to a pair of tin cans & a string. Even those notes passed in class may get intercepted. 😜
  7. STING by DIA!

    I imagine that the Broadmoor has enough high powered clients that LE doesn't like the hassle. Expend all that effort on a bust and nothing sticks.
  8. How Facebook Outs Sexworkers

    On an AI related note, pornhub is using it to enhance your viewing experience.
  9. How Facebook Outs Sexworkers

    Great article. Can't wait until they out someone in WitSec to the Mob or an abused spouse to their stalker resulting in a trip to the morgue. Just one more reason to NEVER join FuckButt. Yes, I missed many family pictures, but I smelled a rat. On a side note: Welcome back, Elizabeth.
  10. DPD officer in hot water

    This story broke in the papers & TOB yesterday morning. The ECCIE thread started almost a year ago, but did not include any outing until more recently. I do NOT expect P411 staff to monitor every escort board for this type of thing. It's up to us to keep our own house clean. I'm sure that once alerted, they will take appropriate action.
  11. No towels!

    What you describe are amateur moves. But these ladies are supposed to be professionals. That said, I agree with those who suggested that the client should have asked for a towel.
  12. Alternate payment types?

    Yorick, I had a similar scheme with a different hobby. Works great!
  13. DPD officer in hot water

    Actively participate and CONTRIBUTE over a period of time is required to gain trust. Yes, there's plenty of free material, but recommendations can add confirmation to that information in damaging ways. The Old Guard is likely to be even more cautious for a while now.
  14. DPD officer in hot water

    Probably because the mods of those services haven't put the pieces together yet.
  15. DPD officer in hot water

    How many of you noticed this story in the Post? $40? Slept together but no sex? You've got to be kidding me.