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  1. Tipping or gift giving

    If she is active on P411, Points are an option. I've used them for holiday presents.
  2. A Guide to Escort Etiquette

    This is one of the advantages of AMPs - they take care of this detail for you 😎
  3. BBBJ and DFK

    I've heard the same answers provided by the Admiral.
  4. 30min, 1hr, so why is 45min uncommon ??

    I'm with Lucy on this one (😳) Book the full hour and use what you want. 45min too easily slides into an hour. Besides, the marginal savings is not likely to be much.
  5. AirBnB vs Motels

    Not to be too pessimistic, but ...
  6. Where my A's and B's at?

    Check out our leprechaun, Jez U'abrien
  7. Hello from west palm beach

    Hi & welcome, Barbi, from the Gulf Coast.
  8. PSA: Not all BP girls are low hanging fruit

    Was that a Freudian slip? 😏
  9. Overflowed with bullshit

    ^^ this ^^ Expect the FLAGs to fly.
  10. No Honor or Integrity???? You be the judge

    Some of my very best sessions have occurred when referred by one provider to another. For which I have quite grateful when next I saw the referring provider. Yes, it's excellent business practice.
  11. The Ultimate Body Rub...LOL

    I agree - on both points. 😏
  12. Etiquette rant

    Car lot? Bad analogy. When I walk onto the lot, I already know that the truck I want has enough power to pull my trailer and I for damn sure don't expect to pay list price.
  13. Etiquette rant

    Ah, but there is a considerable cost difference. Coffee date ~$15, lunch ~$40, dinner & movie <$100, ASP >$200. Granted, the total investment for 'the good stuff' is likely more in the dating market, but the cost of entry with the option of early exit is considerably less. 😏
  14. The Ultimate Body Rub...LOL

    I wonder if she realizes that geisha seldom provided sexual services?
  15. PSA: Not all BP girls are low hanging fruit

    I think that most here would agree that not ALL BP escorts or clients were problems, but there tended to be more of the 'less than honest' when dealing with BP. I would posit that the uptick in unsavory clients though they are responding to ads on TOB are not actually participating members of TOB. The demise of BP has temporarily expanded pool of both clients & escorts to a broader market. In time the dregs will be filtered out. Many dislike the indiscreet nature of the review process, but it does have the benefit of improving the experiences for both clients & providers.