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    🤗 {blush}

    Me, I remember those days. The Yellow Pages has them, too.
  3. The difference

    And when the ratio is 1.20 ?...?
  4. How do you typically handle negative reviews

    Hey, I’ve been here since the beginning of TOB and my reviews are subject to approval, just like everyone else’s. Good thing, too. I believe you are referring to having your newbie posts moderated, which is different & also a good thing. Helps keep the trolls in check.
  5. Looking to throw a bachelor party

    I’m thinking “disease free” is code for “we want BBFS” ☹️👎
  6. Venmo scam, or paranoia?

    On rare occasions have I given a provider a deposit. I’ve been known to offer a check (50-60% of the total fee) to cover a traveling companion’s at-home expenses before we depart on a trip. Keep in mind - these are VERY trusted providers. We’ve seen each other before, several times, and have firmly established ground rules for the trip. As for payment systems (PayPal, Green Dot, etc.) with a “new” provider - no way Jose! That’s just waiting for a scam to happen.
  7. Regardless of her policies I’m a one-pop guy. If she’s departs (or suggests that I depart) promptly, we’ll let’s just say I have better odds of seeing a snow ball in The RGV than of seeing her again. ☹️ YL who sit & cuddle or chat until time’s up, they earn repeat business. 😄
  8. How do you typically handle negative reviews

    That was the rule on ECCIE. NCNS ‘reviews’ were posted on the discussion board where they ruled from view. You could still find them by searching though. As I Recall, on TOB the rule was that you had to have a firm appointment before you could post an NCNS review and NCNS was part of the Services dropdown menu.
  9. If a man is in the middle of a forest, there isn’t a woman for miles & miles, ... is he still wrong?
  10. What should I wear?

    Those aren’t the Walmart people I’m used to seeing.
  11. What should I wear?

    This is something I put in my P411 profile, along with beverage choice. It’s amazing how many providers don’t bother to even read my profile (I get notified when they do) before our appointment. Those that do know how to turn a good session into an outstanding time. And get my repeat business I might add.
  12. I’d adjust that to read: ” were a popular provider here for 18 years.”
  13. Dilemma

  14. Yes. It was near the end of an extended visit. I think we were both nervous/anxious about that. It wasn’t the end of the world. We still joke about it years later.
  15. India Luv

    Yep. I like the 2nd picture of the India2 set best. Her smile lights up the room!