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  1. Friendly Friday fun for night dwellers.

    For me, the only time it’s a ‘planned thing’ is when the YL is part of the whole evening, starting with dinner. I go light on the booze and make it an early evening.
  2. Lina Mesa/ Jessica Martinez

    Kaduk, our super sleuth 🕵️‍♂️ 👍
  3. Kegel

    Don’t look now, but I think that’s Noink behind the wheel 😛
  4. Kegel

    While a lady my exercise to strengthen & gain some control of the appropriate muscles, from what I recall it is the gentleman’s ‘skill’ which entices her to use them. 😙
  5. What's Kinky???

    I’ve been reading a sci-fi/fantasy series on Stories On Line about a ‘religious’ group whose 1st rule is, “If it harms no one, do it.”
  6. What's Kinky???

    Fetish is tickling your ass with a feather. Kinky is using the whole chicken! 😜
  7. Kaitlyn 411

    Sort of true 😏 Back when I was quite active on the Denver scene (I now spend 6-8 mo/yr out of town.) I had a list of perhaps 6-8 ladies I rotated through, seeing one each month. But attrition caused me to visit 1-3 other ladies/yr. Some made it to the list, some were ‘one offs’. So, despite having our favorites, we need to encourage new talent for our future needs. You never know who’s going to retire or leave town next week. We can either do it now and accustom this new talent to our (TOB) ways slowly, or suffer through a crash course at some future date. Not everyone (M|F) can adapt to this disfunctional, but caring family. 🤪
  8. Lilyreign / Tegan Daily

    Yes, indeed he is!
  9. What's wrong the nowadays porn!?

    She got “religion” and worked in the anti-porn industry. (As did Ms. Lovelace.). There were a few vids floating around the ‘Net where she proclaimed the horrors of being a porn star.
  10. What's wrong the nowadays porn!?

    Let’s not forget Jennifer Centefold, Angela Aspen, and Linda Lovelace (though she retired here).
  11. Sooo Slowwww

    Why “disrespectful”? 😦 Do you look down on your less fortunate sisters? How many were on the street because of the high advertising overhead pre-Internet? How many worked the street because it’s short term & impromptu? In some areas street trade is the norm. In one European country (Sorry, I can’t remember which.) they even have specific areas with private pull-outs designed for car dates. Perhaps you should go hang out in a few strip bars where the dancers look down on hookers. 🤪
  12. Lilyreign / Tegan Daily

    I notice that several recommendations are from low post count individuals. I’ll pass.
  13. TOB blocked at Starbucks

    I’ve had that happen frequently when using public Wi-Fi. P411 often gets blocked too. When that happens I just turn off Wi-Fi and use my data plan.
  14. Sooo Slowwww

    Of course we can! A health discourse is a wonderful thing. As long as we debate the issues and don’t stoop to nasty name calling. 😁 Wouldn’t life be boring if we all thought the same way? Actually, though not productive, name calling is even allowed provided it’s not punctuated with physical violence. 💋🌹😘
  15. Sooo Slowwww

    Thanks for the PSA 😘