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  1. Megan 411

    1) This 411 is outing! You provided information from private communications, not generally available to the public 2) You seem to have your process reversed. You should be doing your research backwards: phone number search, review search, photo search, 411 request, then contact the YL. Why waste her time with back & forth, setting up a "will he or won't he" in her mind?
  2. It is time to say Goodbye!

    Be well, Ms Rayne
  3. Question on PMs

    I occasionally use the PM feature for a private response to a post. I try to not let this drag into a long, involved conversation. (Ex: A few weeks ago a new to the area member commented about the lack of a particular music venue. I PMed the location of said venue, instead of blathering away on the board.) As for booking appointments, follow the provided instructions.
  4. Don't Be A Hobbiest....

    Tough to do when the YL NC/NS (in FL)
  5. TOB needs a daily paid advertising section

    On the old TOB where the advertising board was wiped clean every night, I could see daily fees. Considering the persistence of the new TOB I can see why their fees are monthly.
  6. Did I Ignore Your Request? Oh Jeez, Im Not sorry.

    You must have missed this 😁
  7. Did I Ignore Your Request? Oh Jeez, Im Not sorry.

    I read that to mean Blue Tooth
  8. Providers that complain

    That came across in your first post, but most clients will not understand that you have extended the session to allow for your 'get it together' time as this is not SOP. Therefore they will be anxious up front and short change themselves expecting the session to end 'on time'. Communicating this difference to your clients may relieve stress on both parties.
  9. Providers that complain

    Perhaps she vapes? Many do not consider that smoking.
  10. Providers that complain

    The only part I had a problem with was: #1) "De-nicotine ..." These are things that should have been dealt with before. #2) "... not part of an hour ..." while I agree that these should not be part of the client's time (see #1), this is not normal ASP behavior. I'll be looking at the clock and fuming "Get it together! This appointment started 15 minutes ago." Puts me in a great mood 😡 Then I'll feel rushed or short changed when I leave 'on the hour' as we've been trained.
  11. 2 Girl Fantasy

    Best bet for a good combo (imho) is to ask a YL you've had a good time with in the past if she has a doubles partner. Even if you've never heard of that partner (she may be UTR & thus un-reviewed) you are likely to have a great time. YL/YL dynamics are the key to a good time.
  12. Providers that complain

    Agreed! But my point was that the primary focus of adult boards (TOB being but one) is the Sex Trade, of which a significant portion does not involve intimacy. TOB leans toward more intimate encounters. This is something the OP may not have expected. Being nude with someone is neither sexual nor intimate. I live among nudists. We play games (pétanque, pickleball, volleyball, etc.), we go to dances & concerts, hang out at the pool & bar without benefit of clothing. Occasionally we may get into intimate conversations with friends, just as people do in the coffee shops of the 'textile' world.
  13. Providers that complain

    In our little corner of the world(TOB) where GFE is the standard, I would agree with this statement. Even more so in mistress (SB/SD) relationships. But for a vast portion of sex workers (amps, brothels, street trade, much of BP), No. When mechanical release is the goal, an emotional connection is not part of the deal. In these situations it is disruptive and often looked upon as scamming for a larger tip. Since the OP is new to our venue, I can see where he may be confused.
  14. Where are all the providers?

    On that I agree. 😁 Perhaps I should have been more specific - wrong season for planting bulbs.
  15. 411 - Myra Gold?

    Time to book an appointment. You asked, she answered. She asked, you answered. No need for an endless back & forth.