Gentlemen Help

(last updated 1/4/16)
I Can't Login:
#1 Use the Forgot Password link to obtain your login information.

#2 If you are not able to login please email us directly at
In the Subject Line of the email please put "LOGIN" and then provide us with your as much of the following details so we can resolve your issue the first time:) Please give us your:
User Name:
Email address:
Approximate Date You Registered:

Provided you have all the information, we should be able to resolve this the same day we get it.

Do I Have To Join The Site To Use It?
No you do not. However, if you want write Reviews and post in the Forum, you must JOIN!:)

If I Join, Do I Need To Pay?
There is NO fee to become Member and use the site.

How Do I Use The References?
As a Member, once your profile is created you can request references from or share references with any TOB female member with a click of a button. If you have references from non members you can add those to your secure reference location as well. You also have the ability to share all your references with any non member easily, with a simple click.

What is a TOB Reference:
TOB References are similar to P411 OK's. These are ladies that are also members of TOB and have provided a reference for a TOB male Member, just like a P411 OK.

What is a Personal Reference?:
These are unverified reference's entered by you. If your reference is not a member you can enter their information in this area. This will allow any TOB female member, that you give access to your profile, the ability to contact those references directly.

How Do I Share References?:
First, your references are private and No one can see them unless you allow them access to view them. There are only 2 ways to do this;
#1- Locate the TOB Female Profile and click the "Share My References" button. This will send her a notification you have shared your references with them.

#2- Click your name in the upper right hand corner, or 3 horizontal lines on mobile, select Share References and enter their phone number or email. We will then send a secure link to that person so they can easily view your TOB profile and reference information. This will save you time, as there is no more copying and pasting references into an email or text. In addition, as an added layer of security, the link disables itself after 7 days, so your information is not hanging out there. If need be, you can always resend another secure link to that person.

How Do I Stop Sharing My TOB References?:
Click your name and then select "TOB Reference Permission" This will display a list of current TOB Members that you have allowed access to view your references. Click the "Stop Sharing My References" button on the next page to stop sharing with that provider. You are unable to stop Sharing References with non member whom you sent permission by email or text. However, the secure link that was sent, will be automatically disabled after 7 days. You can always re-share your references with any individual again.

The User Never Replied To My Reference Request?
We suggest contacting the user by text, phone or email. She may have overlooked your request. When she logs into her account she just needs to scroll down below her gallery to "Pending Reference Requests" Under that heading will be your user name, session date and a description of the session. All she needs to do is click "GIVE REFERENCE" or "REJECT"

How Do I Read Reviews?:
Simply hover over the Review and click to expand to read entire review, click to collapse. Clicking on the Users name will take you to their profile page where you can review all reviews that have.

How Do I Write a Review:
There are two ways to write a Review.
#1 Click the Reviews tab above, then click the Write Review button. You will then enter her phone or email and be taken to the review page. If the user is not in our database we will create a profile and ask that you enter some statistical information. You will then be taken to the review page.

#2 Locate the users profile or a previous review, click on her name, which takes you to her profile page, then click the Write Review button and enter the information.

How Long Before My Review Is Live:
Once submitted the review is run through an algorithm and then placed in queue, prior to review and publishing. This process can take 8 days. You and the user will be informed if the review is approved and you will be informed if denied. If it has been longer then 8 days we are still trying to verify information contained in the review, we will contact you if we need anything from you.

How Do I Read The Listings?
Listings are initially displayed in "List View" Clicking on the title line displays that listing. Once the listing is open you can read the users information. There are 4 icons;

Camera*- all the pictures attached to that listing
Book- all the reviews that user has linked to the profile
I- statistical information about that user

Clicking on each icon displays that information. You can also click on that users name and be taken to their profile page. This contains a wealth of information. You can request a Reference, write a Review, view all that users reviews and view all of that users listings and much more.

* camera- The pictures have two cloud icons the first allows you to do a TinEye picture search and the second allows you to do a Google picture search. This will help you weed out fake or stolen pictures.