Site Rules

We Site Rules/Guidelines
We hope to encourage a wider range of topic discussions amongst all Members, allowing varied points of view when posting to the forums. The administrators and Mods are well aware that most users try to conduct themselves in a proper manner.
Please do not attempt to find loopholes as Moderators will give notice to anyone with intent to violate the rules or interests of TOB.

No Advertising in the forums!  Providers are welcome to contribute to the discussions to move the threads forward, but NO Advertising is permitted. 'Advertise' means to post information for the purpose of drawing attention to yourself. Providers and/or Agency spokesperson's are not permitted to answer "In Search Of Provider" type posts pertaining to their own goods & services other than responding through PM's.... To Post an Ad click your Profile icon in the top right hand corner and select Post Ad. You are only allowed to advertise yourself in your independent ad please do not infer services with another.

Note to Providers: Your forum signature may contain text links to your website, your reviews, and/or a link to your P411 page or similar pages. Contact information such as phone number or E-mail address is only permitted in your signature. Please refrain from highlighting or placing any of the pertaining text in Bold.  No other information that could be considered advertising is permitted in your signature line & Posts or implementing Tags to promote yourself. Quotes/other text is ONLY permitted if you choose to have no contact info or links in your signature. You may upload your picture to use as your avatar only.
Note to Gentlemen:
No Shilling in the forum: Posting an unsolicited endorsement for a provider. this includes posting a link to her reviews, web site, ad or profile. you can only post this type of information if another member has ask for it.
Your signature may not contain links to any adult orientated website. No other information that could be considered advertising or self promotion is permitted in your signature or in posts Tag's & in your forum Profile. You may upload your picture to use as your avatar only.
Also; It's OK to give a simple thumbs up or down in a reply to a 411 provider request, just don't go into detail as that would be Review material and/or shilling & not allowed.
Signature lines will need to be kept to 12 point or less text size with no additional spacing a Standard set for both Male & Female members......
The About Me Text Editor. No contact links or Advertising information allowed other than than Photo's & a brief Bio.
When starting a thread; Emoticon/emoji's will not be allowed in the Title/Header.
No advertising in the Active Status Section of your profile.

IMPORTANT Guideline Information
If you received a warning notice please understand that we don't think you are "bad". Most times you will receive a Friendly Reminder a zero point warning, which is just a heads up and please don’t feel overwhelmed when they are sent to you.
Warning/Infraction List/Policies.
For whatever purpose some individuals will abuse any system imaginable.
In order to maintain a welcoming environment that everyone can enjoy, we require all TOB members to follow the simple guidelines outlined on this page. Thank you.
1. Moderator complaints; use the PM method for contact. 1 point warning.
2.  Forum Provider Advertising / Gentlemen shilling (Overtly drawing attention to one self) Providers may freely respond to any questions that are asked in the forum, but are prohibited from discussions toward their own goods and services. Gentlemen also no Advertising in the Forum and Do not use the board to shill, i.e. provide unsolicited endorsements 0 friendly reminder or 1 point warning
3.  Over-bumping. Post does not contain relevant information and was made purely to keep the poster's thread near the top of the thread listing. We allow two bumps per thread. 0 friendly reminder or 1 point warning
4.  Outing (Personal info) Post contains a private email address, phone number, license plates (partial or full), street address, real Identity or other private information about another individuals real identity friend or foe, living and/or deceased whether on TOB or elsewhere. Including Information that draws unneeded attention to specific localities isn't allowed, as in cross street locations of in-calls would be considered outing a specific and/or fixed location. Do not make reference or allude to having any Real World information on anyone in a forum post. There will be no information exchange pertaining to Outing---> good, bad or indifferent. DON'T POST PERSONAL INFORMATION OR ATTEMPT TO OUT SOMEONE. Again Outing is to produce information about a real individuals identity, This will result in Suspension or Banning
5.  FUD: Fear, Uncertainty, & Doubt.... Speculation. 2 point warning
6.  Personal Attack. The author has attacked another member’s intelligence, character, or appearance. Also If you are a disruptive reason that derails an otherwise productive thread by singling out another member with, bickering and or belittling, we will not care who started it, all parties will be equally responsible & culpable for their actions on continuing the posting path to failure..... Do not call for the "banning" of other members. Do not accuse anyone one of wrong doing. You are welcome to make a suggestion privately. 1 point warning
7.  Trolling (Group attack, Provocation, Widespread) Post contains an attack against the intelligence, character, or appearance of a group of users, posting obnoxiously in multiple forums or threads with the intention of distracting the user-base and annoying moderators 1 point warning
8.  Content (Racism/Gender/Ethnic/Religious beliefs) Do not post messages that are outing, racial or ethnic slurs, direct personal attacks, or intended to antagonize or produce harm. Post contains a judgment of the intelligence, character, or appearance of a race of people, supports a position of superiority of one race over another, or contains humor or other text which would reasonably be considered offensive by a member of a given race. Also; this thread is Gay is no longer an acceptable forum response. A primary focus to promote religious beliefs and/or including scripture is not allowed  0 friendly reminder or 1 point warning
9.  Content (Violent) Post contains content which conveys a threat or depicts an injury in a graphic manner. 1 point warning
10. Content (Nudity) Do not upload or post images of the genitals or visible pubic hair of any person or of sexual acts (simulated, suggested or otherwise). As well, posting images of children, however innocuous, is not permitted. 0 friendly reminder or 1 point warning
11. Offensive content and/or a Primary underage theme(Offsite links). No images or links to content that would be considered offensive and/or a primary underage theme.. Do not post comments with a primary focus on an underage person in the Forum.  Also; if you change the wording and enlist the term/phrase "Forbidden Topic" into a thread and or post  people still know what you are posting about, and is referencing the content that is not allowed. 0 friendly reminder or 1 point warning
12.  Offensive content (Substance abuse) Post depicts or endorses the use or abuse of mind-altering drugs or the abuse of alcohol. An illegal drug title/term/label can not be used as a forum Profile name. At this time the topic of controlled substances whether it's meth, pcp, weed, etc.. are not allowed. We understand that some states allow Marijuana but this subject is still not allowed in any of the forums. 0 friendly reminder or 1 point warning
13. Redacted Content has been removed from view for undisclosed reasons. This infraction is not really an infraction at all, and is only used when we must hide otherwise acceptable content for legal, ethical, or other reasons. 0 point friendly reminder.
Rules # 4. 5. & 6. Will be closely monitored for provider drama. We have adopted a zero tolerance policy especially provider to provider drama.
There will be no information exchange pertaining to Outing---> good, bad or indifferent.
FUD posts will not be allowed to flourish in the forum; “he said she said” and/or “this looks like their MO” type posts will not be tolerated. Do not call for the Banning of anyone. If you have undeniable proof please notify the Moderators privately so we can deal with it.
Any provider baiting, snarkiness, rude post, PM or posting to any other member as a conduit to make your "provider drama” point will result in an infraction notice.
In other words if anyone is a disruptive reason that derails an otherwise productive thread by singling out another provider with bickering and or belittling, we will not care who started it, all parties will be held equally responsible & culpable for their actions on continuing the posting path to failure.
Moderators will warn and/or suspend members up to 5 days for violating this the first time, 21 days for the second time and then ban that member if it occurs again. However, if the moderator feels the member’s behavior is egregious that member can be banned at any point.
Updated January 16, 2018 by Kaduk