Why JOIN as a Escort/Provider with us?

Join today for FREE and become part of a fast-growing community of Escorts and Hobbyists alike. Please pick your HOME base city and complete the JOIN process. Some markets do require a fee to post an ad. (currently only Colorado requires a $65 monthly fee)

(TOB) TheOtherBoard.com has been around for 15 years and is the Premier board in Colorado. We merged with a few sites, which will allow us to provide more information in fewer clicks. We would love you to Join our community today:)


We know how important your reviews are to your business. You will have access to manage your reviews. We understand that sometimes errors occur, as the reviewer reviews the wrong provider. If you have an issue with any review, you are able to contact that reviewer directly. If you are unable to resolve the issue, you can submit a rebuttal. We take rebuttals VERY seriously and will resolve the matter in the most expeditious way possible.

#2 REFERENCES (Similar to P411 OK's):
TOB is here to save you time. We want TOB to become part of your screening process! A large part of a provider’s time is spent trying to obtain references or providing references. With TOB, you are able to provide any TOB Member a reference with a simple click. You are also able to withdraw that reference just as easily. In addition, you are also able to view any TOB Member’s references at a glance and research the provider giving the reference. This allows you to focus your time on your client...

#3 ADS:
Quickly create and post an ad from ANY device, no HTML knowledge needed. Create galleries and then Upload photos from any device and simply pick that gallery for your post … it’s just that easy! You are able to edit and/or re-post that ad with a simple click. Finally, if you ever need to go under the radar, with 1 click you are able to hide all your ads and reviews.

#4 ADS with AUTO POST:
In some areas we offer an Auto Post. We believe that your ad should work for you and not you for your ad. There are 3 Auto Post plans you can attach to your ad;
Good: This will post 1 ad, at a time you pick each day. This will ensure you have an active ad up each day!

Better: This will post 1 ad, at a time you pick 3 times each day. This will help keep your ad active throughout the day!

Best: This will post up to 3 different ads, at a time you pick for each ad, each day. This will ensure your advertising is active and always fresh throughout the day!

As a Provider of TOB, you will be able to post in the forum. This will allow you to gain a higher profile in your area. You are able to interact with clients and other providers. You will become part of a larger community with all genders congregating collectively with the primary focus on our Adult pursuits. You will be able to share your thoughts and ideas on your local or national board; discussing and debating issues that matter to you, bringing your own perspective and influencing others or evolving your opinion based on those interactions! You can take advantage of learned tips and tools to navigate the web in search of your adult pursuits!