Escort/Provider Help

(last updated 1/8/17)

I Can't Login:
#1 Use the Forgot Password link to obtain your login information. If you have a phone number in your ad we can send a text message to that phone as well:)

#2 If you had an account with or and you are not able to login  please email us directly at
In the Subject Line of the email please put "PROVIDER LOGIN" and then provide us with your as much of the following details so we can resolve your issue the first time:) Please give us your:
Account Name:
City you Advertise In:
If you are Paid or Free:
Approximate Date of Last Payment:
Approximate Date of Ad Expiration:
We should be able to resolve this the same day it is reported.

I Got Logged Out Then Was Logged Back In:
There us an intermittent issue where by it appears to log you out, however, when you click another link you are logged back. This is caused by the Single Sign On we implemented to bridge the Forum and the rest of the site. Don't worry everything is fine:) There is a patch to ensure that you stay logged in when you click another link. We are sorry about this and working to resolve it.

Pre-Paid Cards We Know Worked 
#1 (user reported 1/8/17) Netspend Visa and PayPal MasterCard 

#2 (tested 5/10/16) The company name is Green Dot and can be purchased online and at major retail stores like Walmart. They do require your social security number. They do charge a monthly fee and there is a 3% foreign transaction fee which would apply when making payments to us. Read their FAQ

#3 (tested 5/1/16) The company name is Account Now  they do require you to enter your social security number and then will mail you the card in a few days. There is a Classic and Gold, we recommend the classic as there is no monthly fee  

I Can't Make a Payment:
First, you Cannot make payment with a Visa or MasterCard Gift Card. Why? In 2012 homeland security passed legislation to counter terrorism and forbid gift cards to be used for purchases outside of the USA.

We always advise that you use a straight Visa or MasterCard sometimes the debit cards work, we have provided 2 pre-paid options above. If you want to use a different pre-paid card call the number on the back of the card Before you purchase and make sure that they will allow INTERNATIONAL purchases from the UK (United Kingdom).

If you tried to make the purchase and it didn't work please contact your credit card company and make sure they will allow an INTERNATIONAL charge from " Pink Lily Media". This is how it will appear when we submit an authorization to your bank. Because it is an overseas charge some banks will flag it as possible fraud to protect you.

Once you have spoken to them and they say they will allow the charge, please try and make the payment again.

If that does not work please email us directly at

How Long Before My Ad is Live?
Once you JOIN, simply upload your pictures, select the Post New Ad link, fill out the form and Post the ad! Please note that some markets require a fee.

My Reviews Are Not Linked to My Account:
Please email us at and provide us the following information:
Your Ad Name
Date of the Review
Reviewers Name
If it is under a different phone number or email address please explain why. This can take us up to 7 days to research. We will send you a follow up email of the status.

Posting An Ad:
To Post an AD click the LOGIN link in the upper right hand corner and login using your email address and password. Once logged click your name (on mobile devices there is 3 horizontal lines, looks like a hamburger) in the upper right hand corner and select Post New Ad. Then, fill out the Title information and anything else you would like to appear in and be associated with the ad. Select the Gallery you would like attached to the ad, then enter the information in the body area. There is no need to know HTML, just type in whatever you want to appear in the post. Then post the ad! 

Re-posting the ad is even easier, select My Ads button or link in the menu and select the ad you want to re-post. You can also do a quick Edit or copy the ad to create a modified version.

If this is your first time please add images to your Gallery. Once you have completed that then select POST NEW AD and you will be taken to the Posting page.

Adding Pictures to the Gallery:
#1 Click to Create New Gallery. You have the option to Rename that Gallery.

#2 Then click ADD TO GALLERY  This will open the Media Manager window. (If you added pictures previously, they will be in there)

You will then click and browse your Tablet, Phone or Computer and locate the pictures you want to upload.

#3 Once you have upload the pictures, please CLICK each picture you want to appear in that gallery.

#4 Once you have CLICKED all the pictures you want to appear in that gallery, click the ADD PICTURES button at the bottom of the Media Manager window.

You have now created a gallery. You can repeat the process for each gallery you want to create. :)

Manage Auto Post:
If available in your market, managing an auto post is simple. Click your name, click Manage Auto Post, Select the Ad, Select the Time and Save!

How Do I Change My Ad Profile Picture?:
Click the Edit Profile button above your image. Then click the Change Picture button below the profile picture. This will open the Media Manager. If you have previously uploaded pictures Click the picture you want and then click the ADD PICTURES button at the bottom of the page then click Save.

What is TOB a Reference?:
TOB References are similar to P411 OK's. These are other providers, such as yourself, that are also members of TOB and have provided a reference for a TOB Member.

I have a Reference Request, What Do I Do?:
To view the Reference, login and on your TOB Profile scroll down below the galleries to "Pending Reference Requests from TOB Clients" You will see the clients name, session date and a description of the session. You can then click the button to "GIVE REFERENCE" or "REJECT" the reference. Any Reference you GIVE can be withdrawn at anytime by you with one click. IF you don't remember the client you can click his name, view his profile and send him a message.

I Denied a Reference Request By Mistake?:
Have the Client submit another reference request.

A TOB Member Has Allowed Me To View His References, How Do I Do That?:
Login,  scroll down the page below your gallery to a heading titled "TOB Client Profiles Shared with You" Then click on the user name you are interested in. These are the only users that have given you permission view their references. Once you click on their user name you will be taken to their profile page. You can then scroll down to view their References area.

What is a Personal References?:
These are unverified reference's entered by the user. We encourage you to contact those reference's directly to verify the client.

How Long Before My Review Is Live:
A Client said he submitted a review for me, but I don't see it. Once submitted the review is run through an algorithm and then placed in queue, prior to review and publishing. This process can take 8 days. You and the client will be informed if the review is approved and the client will be informed if denied.

How Do I Make a HyperLink In My Post:

There are two ways- enter the and then click the Enter/Return this will put the cursor on the next line making the hyperlink. You can also click the Link icon and enter the URL(website address) and a description (optional) then click the Insert button

How Do I Make My Email a Link:
Click the Email icon then enter the email address and description (optional) then click the Insert button.