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  1. No Shave November - Are You Doing It

    I do it every year. My goal is the keep the beard through the end of the year, but usually break down and shave around the end of the month.
  2. Is sharing a profile with a YL the same as sharing your references with her?
  3. Thank a VETERAN

  4. Generic fails

    Nothing short of awesome is what Spam is. Don't knock it till you tried it.👍👍
  5. Well there goes my secret life....

    This is what I have started to do.
  6. Screening Question

    I just pulled the plug. Your are supposed to be excited when arriving at an appointment, not nervous. I just didn't feel comfortable. For what it is worth, I feel awful about it. I really liked her.
  7. Screening Question

    I have been screened dozens of times by ladies both on and off this site. Most of the times I've given the information they've requested and a handful of times I've declined and moved on. I think that is pretty common. Then this morning this happened. I've made an appointment for tomorrow with a lady I've seen before. All communication with her is via email. I saw her this past summer, she screened me, we met and had a great time, I reviewed her and she gave me a reference. I got an email from her today confirming the appointment, but then asking be to let her know the make, model, year and color of the car I will be arriving in. My first thought was, no big deal, I've seen her before and I know she is legit. If having that information makes her feel more comfortable, then what's the harm? But the more I think about it, the more it is starting to bother me. Isn't the fact that we've seen each other, and she gave me a reference, more important then any screening information I could provide at this point? Am I being paranoid, or is there reason for concern here? The lady is a member of this board and may see this thread. And no, I've not yet provided the new information.
  8. Apologies

    This was my first thought. I'm sure the OP is a nice guy with nothing but the best intentions, and I obviously have no insight into he relationship with this YL, but I very rarely reach out to the ladies in this industry for any reason other than to inquire into the possibility of engaging her services. Anything else will be looked on to some as time wasting.
  9. 411 on CorinneJean

    If everyone did their own diligent research what would we need the 411 forum for?
  10. 411 on Zay Colorado Springs

    Here you go: 719=602-2552 / Leximay69
  11. p411 on MiaLynn FAKE PROFILE

    Good catch. I saw her ad and figured TGTBT.
  12. Fun places in the Springs?

    I live 5-10 minutes from there but have never been. Might have to change that.
  13. Hate the CBJ

    The Columbus Blue Jackets (CBJ) best the Avalanche in Denver the other night. Can't stand the CBJ.
  14. Married guys and outcalls

    I've done two outcalls over the years, and both years ago. Both were with ladies I had seen before, and both times it went fine. However, I have decided I will never do it again. Doesn't feel conformable for many of the reasons above. If she doesn't have incall, I move on. If guilt is the concern, I don't see outcall being any worse than incall.
  15. Happy Birthday Mustang87

    Thanks all. I had a great day.