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  1. 411 Queen9

    Someone has posted a review.
  2. Low Volume Girls

    I guess I'm a little different from must. I would consider as often as twice a day to be low volumn. Once in the moring one once in the afternoon/evening.
  3. The Tip up front

    Have never been asked for a "tip" right up front, but have certainly had the upsell start right away, or shortly after the action begins. With an AMP you have to go in knowing the advertized rate will not be the final price, but in most of the sessions I go into these days I only carry the amount of the agreed to donation with me.
  4. Any info on this hottie?

    I would personally never let a girl who is only on BP, and that you have no other information about, come into my home, or my hotel for that matter.
  5. 411 Queen9

    No reviews, no specifics in her ad, no website and you can't ask her any questions? I wish her luck.
  6. No grounds for a review here at all as she cancelled the session 30 minutes out. That sucks, but it happens and would not be considered a no show. The manner in which you shared you dissappointment might explain why she didn't reschedule. Cancellations happen, sometimes ladies who are posting don't respond to you, it happens. Pick another lady and move on. If you are nice and polite you should not have any trouble getting someone to book with you.
  7. New Guy Here - encourage me, PLEASE!

    You wrote this, and it is not true: "Maybe we should direct them all to Mustang as he claims that in the hundreds of women he has seen, he has never once given up one iota of personal information to anyone to get screened to verify who he is. He can tell them how to get screened without giving up something." Not sure why you feel the need to keep challenging my positions just because you disagree with me. I said I've hobbied hundreds of times. That's true. You said, I said, I've seen hundreds of women. I never said that. (but I have seen over a hundred, many of them multiple times) I said I never gave up my name and employment. That's true. You said, I said I never gave up any information. I never said that. I've given my handle and access to my profile. You can varify everything I said by just looking at my profile. If you want to tell everyone the only way they can hobby is to join p411, feel free, and I won't challenge.
  8. New Guy Here - encourage me, PLEASE!

    Never said anything like that. It's just that I have never given up my name and employment, and I've hobbied hundreds of times, not see hundreds of different women. Please don't misrepresent what I said. I think P411 is a good organization, and if you don't mind give up your name and employment, they by all means go sign up. It's just I've never found the need. I have posted many reviews and have many references and no p411 account. I'm not trying to talk anyone out of getting a p411 account, if fact for some it is a really good option. But the OP expressed concern about giving up personal info and I just wanted to let him know that there might be another way. And yes, you are free to direct anyone to me that you would like. I'm happy to share what info I have.
  9. New Guy Here - encourage me, PLEASE!

    Not at all, I just don't give up my name and where I work, have never even been asked. I've been successfully screened by Russian Dolls and Matchless Beauties and wasn't asked any of that information. You can look at my many reviews and see my references and see I have no problem booking with some of the very best ladies in our community (including one who has posted in this thread). I'm not saying anything bad about p411, I've actually heard mostly good things, I'm just saying I have not needed to join, nor give up personal information, to book with almost any lady with whom I've tried.
  10. New Guy Here - encourage me, PLEASE!

    I've never given these things up and have hobbied hundreds of times over the last 7-8 years. Have not joined p411 either. It can be done without out too much trouble.
  11. Adult Fun in NV

    Just collect some of those cards they pass out on the strip in Vegas and call which ever girl you think is the hottest.
  12. new in town

    Welcome to the board and to the community. I don't think you'll have an trouble making friends.
  13. Has this ever happened to you?

    Would hate to see that happen. This is the exception, not the norm. This has never happended to me, and I've hobbied hundreds of time (even earlier today). Don't leave thinking this is how the hobby usually is. Get a hobby phone, their $20 and just use common sense.
  14. Has this ever happened to you?

    Was this your personal cell phone? I switched to a burner last year. She did get your number somehow, and you are in the hobby. There must have been some prior contact, but nothing to warrant what she did.
  15. Newbie needs help

    Yikes, was I just called a dick because I said we posters on this thread should give the OP a break for being a newbie and not real savy on how some of these sites are supposed to work? I put the safety of the ladies (and of course the gents) on this board, and this industry above all other concerns and issues. Nothing I've ever said on this board, or, more inportantly, done is this hobby contradicts that. I'm sorry you've gotten such a bad impression of me, but these type of posts only serve to chase away the good guys. That would not be in anybody's best interest.