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  1. VeroVeroCam01 411 Colo Spgs

    She's been on my radar too but this recent review probably puts an end to that. I was suspecious of the first review because it is the only review by a new member with no other presence on this board. The 2nd review I suspect tells the more accurate story.
  2. This week's game

    J-LO for me please.
  3. Hobby phone question

    Follow up hobby phone questions. When you purchase a card with pre-paid minutes, say 60 minutes over 90 days, do the 90 days start ticking off when you buy the card it or when you activate the card? Also, it looks like Trac Phon has the best selection of cheap phones, around $20, but a can't find a local retailer (Colorado Springs) who carries the low-end phones. Does anyone know of a retailer who carries $20 burner phones in stock that take Trac Phon minutes? Thanks,
  4. VeroVeroCam01 411 Colo Spgs

    I'm curious too. Could we share this information with the group?
  5. I'm up to no good

    Maybe banana bread would be a better idea.
  6. meaningful quotes are they accurate

    I might be wrong, but I'm convinced.
  7. Speaking of Screening…I got a Text...

  8. Kickstarter fund for TOFTT

    Whatever happened to Fork? He did all the TOFTT for the group.
  9. I got a text

    I think I figured it out with the help of another member. Apparently the lady who texted me is involved in an agency. I contacted another lady who is in the same agancy this past spring. Each lady uses their own number. We weren't able to schedle and I've never seen anyone in that agancy, but the lady I contacted would have had my information. Apparently they compile and share that information within the agency and their marketing plan involves texting people on the list in the hopes they book. So far ignoring the texts has worked. Thanks for everyone's input.
  10. I got a text

    I'm getting old, but not that old. I've never contacted this lady or given her my personal information. I agree with her, or someone, being slow and looking for business, but she got my information from another source. We're all aware that our information, name, email address, phone number, etc. is sold and traded around the web all the time. My guess is this is something like that, just more small, local, and much more targeted. But, of course, if other aren't getting contact in a similar fashion, I could be wrong. Either way, I think ignoring the contact is the best way to go.
  11. I got a text

    Thanks for all the input. The lady in question has not logged onto this site in over a year and has not posted an ad in over a year, but she did receive her latest review about 3 months ago. I believe she had an association with an agency at one point. Because of this I think it is unlikely she would respond to a PM thru this site. I also don't think it was a accidental dial or a mistake because there were two texts and she addressed me by my first name. I think it is more likely that someone shared my information with her, possibly as part of a list. I can't think why just my information would be a hot commodity, so I don't think it's a stalker situation. It's been almost 24 hours and she has not contacted me again, and I think it's unlikely she will at this point. It's a little concerning but hopefully a dead issue at this point. I would be curious if others do receive similar contact.
  12. I got a text

    My instinct was to ignore the contact and hope it goes away. So far it has. Maybe I will either call or text back and ask her where she got my name and number. But I doubt she would tell me. I don't hobby a lot in Denver, but I have enough that it would be tough for me to narrow down the list too much.
  13. I got a text

    I got a text on my cell phone this morning that simply read "Goodmorning (my first name)". I was from a Denver number, I'm in Colorado Springs. I didn't think anything of it. Twenty one minutes later I got another text from the same number saying "Hi Love." This one got my attention so I googled the number. Turns is it belongs to an established yl on this board with over 30 reviews. Now this lady is not someone who has ever been on my radar and not someone who I've ever contacted or given my name or number to. I'm not sure how she got my name and my number and why she would text me out of the blue with these two messages. There have been no more texts and I've not replied. My only assumption is that someone in the hobby who knows my name and my cell phone number game them to this lady and she was hoping I would reply and possibly schedule something with her. Is there a more logical explaination I'm overlooking? I've had ladies in the past that I've contacted, contact me out of the blue. I've had ladies that I don't know send my unsolicatated messages on this board, but I've never had anyone that I don't know contact me with my name and cell phone number. Just wondering if anyone has any advice on what, if anything, I should do about this, and if this has happened to anyone else?
  14. Are all females women?

    Are you saying you look more like a women then any T-girl might?

    You'd be surprised how many ladies don't want screening information at all, even when offered. I've had two prominent ladies on here recently just ask for my board handle, and then booked right away. I'm very willing to be screen to the ladies satisfaction (within reason) but the standards are very erratic and you can't always know what to expect.