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  1. Overnights, Your Opinion Please.

    I think ladies have the right to get as much as they possibly can for their time. I don't know why someone would offer a lower rate if they were capable of getting a higher right. The bulk discount is a valid point. It's true that Rockies tickets are cheaper if you buy season tickets as opposed to buying tickets to individual games, but you sit in the same seat. Of course $100/hr to sleep is not bad money.
  2. I'm baaaack!

    Welcome back.
  3. Hello TOB

    Hello to you.
  4. Should I leave a bad review?

    I have gone to a hobby phone and hobby email, as well as communicating through here to avoid this exact situation. I have also held off in the past give a bad review for this exact reason.
  5. Second chance?

    I disagree. Getting stood up happens to everybody in this business sooner or later. I would not give up on this hobby just becuse it happened. I got stood up my first time out too, very glad I didn't give up. I understand that bumps in the road with scheduling and actually linking up might cause you more issues then some others. Don't let that stop you. The vast majority of my encounters over the years have gone pretty much as planned and have been great experiences. You were smart to pick a well review lady that seemed to be what you were looking for. That is smart and keep going with that. I would not rebook with the same lady unless she contacts you and apoligizes and offers to make it up to you. I also wouldn't pick someone so far away. It look like you are in Monument. There are plenty of great ladies in Colorado Springs and South Denver. If you can't find one, PM me and I will give you a couple of recomendations. Don't give up. Keep plugging away. I'm glad I did.
  6. calling for specials for ladies and gents

    I'm also one who will take advantage of the occasional special. Don't see anything wrong with that. She did offer, after all. I would hope in that case she would post the special rates. If not, I don't think it is wrong to ask. If she won't answer the questions about rates, after advertising a special, I would thank her for her time and move one.
  7. Mel Tillis

    I have had a stutter most of my life, but not as bad as Mel. He did make it a big part of his act and a big part of who he was. Not unlike Dolly Parton uses certain assets she has as part of her act. I don't think Mel would take offense to people pointing it out now.
  8. Should I leave a bad review?

    This is good advise that I have followed many times.
  9. bait n switch

    It is Ok to cut and run with no donation if it is obviously not the yl in the pictures. This is another good reason not to host an outcall with a lady you don't know, whom you cannot varify otherwise. (There are many great ladies on here who only do outcall, but they are easy to research) It's tough to cut and run when they are on your door step.
  10. New to Touring...Pros/Cons

    I understand you are asking advise from ladies who travel, and I meet neigher of those standards. I do, however see traveling ladies from time to time and thought maybe my input might be welcome. As very few traveling ladies come throught Colorado Springs, I have to travel to Denvel to meet them. I have to plan these trips a bit ahead of time. That makes it very important to me that the lady advertises in a place that I will see it (like here) at least two weeks in advance. As I hate to travel to Denver and get stood up, it's important to do as much research on the lady as possible. Having a place that I can go and see reviews like TER is a big deal to me, if there are no reviews on a local board. Accepting pre-booking is also a big deal. I also feel better about the booking when I am able to communicate with the lady when I book and leading up the appointment. I've had bad luck when all I get is an auto response from a web site after I book. I feel much better when I get a personal email from the lady thanking me for booking, and mentioning the location, time and date of the appointment. I also feel much better when I get a personal follow up email confirming the day before the appointment. I know most traveling ladies will host in a hotel. I feel much more comfortable walking through the lobby of a conference center-type hotel where there a usually a lot of activity going on, as opposed to a hotel aimed at travelers where everyone checking in in the evening and checks out in the morning, and any activity outside that pattern is more likely to get noticed. Happy travels.
  11. Will the real Kylie step forward

    You tell 'em girl. She has plenty of reviews out there as well.
  12. New client trying to join community

    Be nice and polite and correspond with her in the method she requests in her ad or on her site. You'll be amazed how far just being nice and polite will get you. Answer her questions as best you can without giving out personal information. Not usually an issue as I don't think I've even been asked personal information while being screened. It's unlikely a lady will want to meet for coffee without being paid for her time. Nothing wrong with that, just work out that arrangement ahead of time. Of course you need to do your research ahead of time, and the ads and reviews on this site are a good place to start. Hobby safe.
  13. Nearly made me tear up!

    Not sure what the President has to do with it, but until you've sat in a parking lot staring at you phone and praying you'll see her number pop us, you have not really hobbied. Never been reduced to tears, but I have driven home sad many time.
  14. To incall or not to incall...that is MY question.

    I personally will only do incalls anymore.