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  1. Which one?

    The day that excitement goes away is probably the day I will quit the hobby.
  2. 411 Serenity Snow

    She has a really nice looking, professional web site, she has a very large presence online and she does have a couple of reviews. You could reach out to the two who have reviews her on here. Short of that, she feels legit to me, just not a ton of reviews yet. If you can convince her to get an incall in the Springs, I will TOFTT.
  3. Another day on TOB...

    Thanks, you really saved me a lot of time this morning. If you could do this every 3-4 days I could be so much more productive at work.
  4. Proper etiquette?

    All good advise above, but keep in mind that rates can be moving target. I once booked a lady for two days later after seeing rates on her web site. I checked the site again day of and saw rates had changed. I confirmed with her before appointment and all was OK, but it really sucks to walk in with the wrong donation.
  5. Well, It finally happened

    I'll admit this possibility did cross my mind. This would mean she was in the room with someone else while I was at the door. No way of knowing. She did text me the room number just a couple of minutes before. She told that a few minutes before I arrived that she got a call about a problem that she had to deal with and ran out, in too much of a hurry to text me at the moment. She also told me that she had the text with her room number entered in an outgoing text about 20 minutes earlier and that it was either programmed to send at a certain time, or she sent it by mistake. I forget which. But I did get that text right at the exact minute of the scheduled appt. Also, over the course of the next 15-20 minutes, while she would have been in the company of someone else if I chose to believe that, she did send me a number of long texts to explain what happend, apoligize, and ask for a chance to make it up to me. I doubt she would have send those while in the company of someone else. It also seems unlikely that in the maybe 3 minutes between getting the text with the room number and me knocking on her door, she made plans with someone else. I guess I will never know for sure, but I have chosen to believe her, and if the opportunity presents itself, see her again.
  6. Gonna be a great week!

  7. Missionary Position

    Anxious to read the review.
  8. A big thank you to the boys and girls of TOB.

    We're all not perfect on here, but I'll take a bad day in this hobby over a good day at work anytime.
  9. Karaoke 101

    Piano Man.
  10. A tough one for me

    I once had a lady cancel with me because she felt housekeeping was watching her room and she didn't feel safe letting me come in. People are going to bail at the last minute in this hobby when things don't feel right, and I think that is just part of the landscape we all have to operate in.
  11. I'm is sales and subject to working pretty much 24/7, therefore, work is always my go-to out.
  12. 411 on Zoe Colorado Springs

    Zoe is legit and a lot of fun. She has many reviews.
  13. Bored at the airport

    Does that airport have a bar?
  14. Is common courtesy like common sense now?

    Wow, I didn't know that. You'd think they send you one of those Liberty Bell notifications on the top of the page.
  15. Well, It finally happened

    I think you forgot to turn on your sarcasm font.