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  1. Was wondering how’s good’ol Denver Colorado was doing after Covid have t been back in awhile was wondering has the dust settled an life resumed completely
  2. Your Idea Of a Perfect Provider

    Thank sweetie ☺️
  3. What are you Streaming Now?

    The last Kingdom Awesome Show Totally hooked a must see
  4. What are you Streaming Now?

    What’s this about babe
  5. What are you Streaming Now?

    I love this definitely has me on edge very interesting
  6. Moves your soul.

    I totally agree
  7. Moves your soul.

    I totally love these songs oh my gosh definitely will be saving these on my play list
  8. Favorite places an must see wonders of Denver

    Most definitely looking forward to it save some fun for me
  9. Your Idea Of a Perfect Provider

    Attitude, enthusiasm, and professionalism are definitely a key factor I totally agree with you!
  10. Best DATY in Colorado

    I’m with you on that one 😽😽😽
  11. Best DATY in Colorado

    would most definitely vote 🙀🙀🙀🙀
  12. Your Idea Of a Perfect Provider

    Would love to hear your ideas of a perfect dream companion from physical form to attitude,personality,mentality & other distinct characteristics or details,Close your eyes an create your true provider from head to,Please do share…..
  13. Tell me about money

    very smart hun…More should take your advice
  14. no I do not know what it is

    Wow looks very interesting definitely something I would love to explore with my witty self,I love being spontaneous an what’s more spontaneous then a secret door on mars…Really spooky
  15. Favorite places an must see wonders of Denver

    Thank everyone for the suggestions,There so many things to do here I didn’t realize.I can’t wait to go see the drag roses in Morrison.Hottub action is definitely my cup of tea…Also love hiking just need hiking partners….Guess I’ll never get bored between my TOB family an Denver’s beautiful city,I can’t wait to explore,Glad it’s not snowing so I can get out an enjoy these places,You guys are so sweet thanks again an have a beautiful day babes….