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    watching college sports. use to be a huge jock. naughty fun women!
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  1. Day Rental Hotel Rooms

    Agreed! I would always use VRBO or Air B&B when traveling. I stopped a few years back because the fees got fucking ridiculous!!! Now I use hotels like Residence Inn by Marriot, Holiday Inn Express, or Country Inn Suites by Raddison. I need a space with more room, a small kitchen, or at least something with a microwave and mini fridge. It's nice to bring back leftovers from eating out or have the option to cook. I'll always stop by a grocery store to pick up drinks and snacks to have during the week. I always do longer dates with ladies when I travel. I'm conscience not to bring up any unwanted attention to any possibly observant employees. I'm mindful and an adult. But I am conscience, as I may see three different ladies during my week stay.
  2. Moves your soul.

    Holy shit 25!!!! Where does time go? These guys take me back to a time and place in my life. Very lively band. Their vibe to me was similar to They Might Be Giants.
  3. 411 BanginBritt

    Ummmm this Brit---> BanginBrit's Profile ( She's 86 reviews in. She has 95% positive reviews. I'd totally jump in the pool!

    The Spark is back! Hey dude, don't abandon us little people over here in this world. Join in a little more often! Always great to have a participant who shoots from the hip to filter out the bullsh#t! Welcome back dude!
  5. Rumors of My Demise Are Greatly Exaggerated

    Oh..... I was informed by a person, who shall be unanimous for obvious reasons, that you won it BIG in scratchers, moved to Asia, and became leader of Turkmenistan. Well shoot, enjoy being recycled back into the world that is difficult exiting.
  6. Lulu Star

    Absolutely. Not all, but many! I used to travel to Portland twice a year for a while before Covid. Portland has the most strip clubs. Per capita the number is pretty interesting. A lot of these pretty gals migrate to TNA. Well, I was a sucker a couple of times with these pretty ladies. Silly me, I didn't heed the warnings and the alerts from the guys on TNA. The hustle in Seattle is with the coffee baristas. Pretty young ladies who were strippers have moved into the coffee biz. Baristas are the new strippers on TNA.
  7. Has anyone seen Vivi in Boulder?

    Jesus enough! Stop your whinnying! You've been here awhile! I've reviewed several ladies who don't pay for adds on TOB. There is a proper way to go about attaining information through P411 regarding a lady. What you don't do, is conduct yourself like you did in the AMP post that got shut the fu#k down!!!!
  8. Thanks, Country Gentleman!

    I'm amazed how clueless you are? Even in our subculture there is decorum, etiquette, and rules we have to follow. Specifically on this board. I never looked at that post regarding AMPS's until it was shut down. Curious to why it was shut down? As like rubber necking when you pass by a traffic accident. I was completely shocked and amazed at the conversation and information being shared in that post! Yea you don't have chatter about which new women are in town and give insight of your experiences with them! That's what fucking reviews are for. Or all the guys involved in that chatter needed to take that shit off board and discussed it in private conversations. Don't act ignorant, down grade it, and refer to it as " what we're not supposed to be talking about agencies"! The conversations were thinly veiled reviews kept to a minimum about the new hot Asian that just made it into town. Amp/ Massage parlors are totally low hanging fruit!!! And if your truly gonna take your chatter over to USASG. That is truly no GD surprise! USASG is known as total filth. The possibly lowest you could go to involve yourself in conversation when it comes to the hobby world! Guys go there to mostly talk about who's barebacking! Which is what one of you guys brought up in that AMP post. Also, the same slimy guys on USASG talk about how to talk ladies down on their rates. So to circle back. Stop acting ignorant! THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO ABOUT AGENCIES! Or I'm sorry if you truly are 100% clueless. Enlighten yourself! And I will add. Yes, thank you country gentleman for shedding light on pure stupidity! I was totally clueless to the post. Until it got ban hammered!!!!
  9. Lulu Star

    She's a dancer. I stay clear of them.
  10. FishnDude

    Ahhhh man. He was a cool hombre! I meet him twice at public events. I really enjoyed talking to him. Easy to talk to. He was straight forward and a no bullshit kind of guy, honest and genuine. It sucked when he stopped participating here on TOB. I really like hearing what he had to say. God speed FishnDude! Hats off to you and may there be unlimited trophy catches where you travel!!!!!!
  11. Is Tryst taking over?

    THE SKY IS FALLING! TRYST IS TAKING OVER!!!!! Come on Pink. Tryst is just another source for us guys to use. Lots of scared and lazy guys put out P411's on TOB hoping something sticks. I suppose I shouldn't be too critical. Just put in a little bit of effort and do some research. If not much to little comes out of it. It'll be an adventure if one moves forward. Not rocket science involved with the choices we make. I travel a lot and Tryst is a site that I use often when traveling. If a lady on Tryst has links to their website, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and an OnlyFans account. I feel pretty safe with her being legit. I will interact with them on one of their social medias on some level before setting something up with them. I'm a big fan of OnlyFans. If I'm really interested, I will subscribe to their OF page. Most my meet ups have been good experiences. Chemistry is a whole other thing.
  12. Who's on top??

    OMG YES!!!! I miss those days. I dated a gal for quite a while who had H size tits. They were perfect. Perfect nipples. Perfect areolas, Just perfect! I was always able to shoot my load when she was on top. I loved it, and so did she, when she hopped on top of me! I would just cup and hold those giant beauties. Oh, also have my mouth and tongue on them. She didn't ride me much. As I loved to thrust into her. Thrusting and controlling the pace allows me to climax. Man that was such a fun time! Glad it lasted awhile!