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  1. 411 on Victoria Belle

    Nope, no response. I was open all last week. Reached out to her on her website. I was pretty detailed for all the information she asked for. I'd love to see her, but strike two for me...
  2. READ!

    Dumbass is just one of the many labels TRS can be addressed as. He's a total wet turd! Adds nothing to dialogue or meaningful conversations on TOB. He's just a bored out of work teacher who didn't attain his Masters or PHD to move up on the academic food chain. Also has clear symptoms of a couple mental diagnoses with his over worded grandiose responses! Clearly doesn't keep under the guidelines of Occam's fucking Razor! In laymen's terms, something just ain't right with that crack!
  3. Salt Scrub or Sugar Scrub

    P you mentioned coconut scrub. There is a lady friend I see who has coconut oil in her bag of goods. I always preferred this...
  4. Alia Abaza's Return

    How sad! I remembered I always wanted to see her. Again, so very sad!!!
  5. The great shopping cart debate

    I thank all those who participate in kindness every day! It's good when we practice in kindness to others, we share the planet with. I contribute monthly donations to several animal causes. Sadly, animals have to share the planet with us not so kind humans! I always have several five-dollar bills in my wallet. When I see a person who looks like they need help. I will pay it forward. Or also those who give me great service. There is an awesome gal at Subway that knows my sandwich when I show up. Or the great kid at Walmart when picking up my groceries. These are the people in our world that need to be acknowledged. I make sure I pay it forward by tipping them!
  6. Activities

    I get the whole YMMV thing. Guys can be unattractive in multiple ways. Which leads to this or not that in their experience with a lady. But let's get real here. The majority, guessing 95% of these she will or she won't in the reviews are with the Latin ladies who speak little to no English. Just to clarify, I have no issue with a lady who speaks little to no English. As I have a regular, I see in Houston that is Honduran. She speaks virtually no English. We communicate through text, and Google translate is my best friend when I'm with her. I feel comfortable enough, I have taken this super-hot lady to a very posh restaurant in Galleria. Sorry as I digress... This stable of ladies that revolve in and out of Denver are the ones with this issue! It's not with just one, but most all of them. The inconsistency is great. The most recent review is a perfect example of this. Sometimes she does. Sometimes she doesn't? I will admit I reached out to one of these ladies one late night. As I was really wanting to see a lady at later hours. I was fortunate to be told that she wasn't available and was referred to another Latina. I chose not to. As when I looked at her reviews. It was this pattern of she will and then she won't. Also, I was/am skeptical of the pictures. Sure, similar is fine. But I noticed one who seems to have different pictures up. Which leads to me to think she is a picture stealer, or more so the manager is. So, I'm wondering if it's even the same lady guys are seeing? Maybe that's why there is this sometimes she will or she sometimes she won't? Just to circle back. Women have every right to see who they want to. I get and understand YMMV. As I know there are many slobbish guys with poor hygiene, or who aren't nice, or who are demanding. But with all these uncertainties with these Latina women. I have chosen not to reach out to one of these ladies again...
  7. Every Relationship Runs It Course

    Hopefully your quest for love or matchmaking works out for you with this one. I believe in another post you came on here to tell us of another relationship that went down like a burning ship...
  8. 411 on Victoria Belle

    I reached out to her a few months back. I never heard back from her. I can't blame her. I had a very limited schedule when I tried to set something up with her. So, my window was very limited. I have plenty of free time next week. Thank God I have an open schedule. I did reach out to her again today. I'll see what happens. Fingers are crossed! God she is my physical type that I desire!!! I am willing to TOFTT, so to speak...

    I use to see this awesome gal in Seattle. She was obsessed with a nice penis! She told me that she did not care if the guy had a butter face. But she did care or liked it if he had a nice penis. If it was a nice penis, she could suck and play with it all day. Oh, how I miss her!!!!

    I never understood this? How are people not conscience when taking pictures of their surroundings?? So many examples of this. Drugs or paraphernalia in view. Pictures of guys in the background. Or the infamous pic of the gal with the turd in the toilet???? If someone lives sloppily, I always think of, what is their hygiene like?
  11. Hotel Breakfast

    That would be so cool to do something like that Mustang! And to think about it. Maybe there are people who do this to get free breakfasts? There is probably no chance of someone catching you is my thought. I can only think of one time I was given coupons for breakfast. I had to give it to the waitress/waiter. The coupon was actually for a discount of the total bill. It was a nice hotel. The restaurant occupied the lower floor of the hotel. I have on the other hand had many breakfasts with providers. I used to do A LOT of overnight and multiple day dates. Lunch, dinner, and breakfast came with the encounter.
  12. I hate flying!!!!

    I'm the opposite. I only travel by plane! Understandable with you dislikes of it. As what you mentioned can be annoying and problematic! Hopefully you are enjoying Beantown! It's a great place!! Oh, forgot to add dealing with some of these nickel and dime airline companies sucks balls!!!! Had to fly out on Frontier recently. I try to never use them but had no choice. I remembered why I try not to travel with them anymore!!!
  13. Bill Walton

    Noooooooooooooo!!!!!!! Damn it, that really sucks!!!!! He was an awesome dude out of basketball! I can only say I remember when he played for Boston in his latter career. Last summer, ESPN had a great three part series of him. He was such a cool and good dude!! Great humanitarian. This just really sucks! He will be missed by so many! DAMN IT!!!!!!
  14. Screening…..

    OH MY GOD!!!!!!! This thread is still ALIVE?!?!?!? Still no new or relevant information from Hobbit Bobbit! Five pages of mostly repetitive delusional diarrhea drivel from one source!!! Put this horse out of its misery for God sakes!!!!! You poor ladies! Not only do you have to deal with guys with bad hygiene. Guys who haggle you on your prices. You also have to interact with guys with no boundaries...
  15. RIP David Sanborn

    Shoot that sucks! Crazy, I didn't realize his age? I remember him playing with Paul Schaeffer and the Late Night Band during the late 80's and in the 90's on David Letterman.