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  1. It’s not you, it’s not me, it’s Countess Oreo. Countess Oreo, then eat the caller...problem solved.
  2. No big it is a "period piece", history provides closure should the author die before completion....." 'And then, the Black Death swept through all the lands. It claimed the lives of over one third of mankind...including all of the characters in this story...The End"
  3. New Again!?!

  4. New Again!?! were just being "cunty".... I was hoping for a description of, and map to, the Golden Pussy.
  5. I think that was rude

    The ability to message others for details is too valuable to risk losing by violating a forum policy. There are potential pitfalls of things being deemed shilling, FUD, flaming, etc. and those are judgement calls. I suggest avoidance of anything that could in any conceivable way be interpreted wrong. Stick to jokes, meme's, video's, compliments to ladies, not overly detailed answers to direct questions and surveys. If you like rolling the dice on edgy stuff, use 2Big as your model there as his longevity suggests an excellent grasp of where to draw the line. When it comes to posting, less is more as they say. CYA is the order of the day.
  6. What's your Unicorn?

    Winning Lotto ticket and Fountain of Youth...the rest will then take care of itself.
  7. Favorite snack

    Pears, apples, swiss cheese, rye crackers and Chardonnay...OR....Cherries, dark chocolate and sea salt bars, dark rye, sharp cheddar and Zinfandel.
  8. What should I wear?

    Wardrobe and props depend on what, if any, game is on tap.
  9. Men: Morning / Women: Midnight

    So...the solution is to be with a woman who works the graveyard shift. She comes home for bed wake up horny. You have at it, then she sleeps, you get up.
  10. Although hitting 50 DOES cause changes, it is 90% the woman. Since I hit 50, I have had plenty of singles, and doubles in an hour. I have had two ladies have to work to pull off one in an hour, and two who each easily pulled 5 in two hours. Give me an insatiable 69\oral freak and we are on for a barrage of "shots". Give me someone just going through the motions and one is all one can expect at best. Medical conditions aside, I suspect it is the same for everyone factoring in sexual compatibility. A real woman with genuine sexual mojo kicks Father Time's ass.
  11. The Springs

    The North part of Colorado Springs is mostly all good. Most of the East also. The West side is older, nostalgic, funky, but fine. South is spotty, particularly South East. I will call Central spotty to mostly "OK" mainly because we don't exactly know or agree what "Central IS". Trust your feelings and you will be fine.
  12. Cancels happen sometimes, usually for reasons you never know. You had fun with her three times and you say and wanted her as a regular, so stick with her. It's not like you had scheduled's all good.
  13. What Fantasies Have you acted out recently

    Roleplay is only as fun as the lady is into it. It is generally best to script a couple options for her to choose from. One fun past experience was.....The lady was a condemned criminal scheduled for execution in the morning. She had a choice on her last night on earth. One...a visit from a last Boy-Toy to enjoy as she wished and who would please her as she desired....or.....Two...a visit from her executioner who MIGHT choose to set her free, IF he was well pleased and convinced to do so.
  14. Help about losing the erection

    Just name your dick Lazarus. Anytime that happens yell "Lazarus...cum forth!!" and that will take care of any awkwardness.