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  1. Question for the fellas......

    A cast would not detract because quite frankly....we guys hardly even notice your hands. However, if you were missing a hand and had one of those cool Pirate hooks...that might be an extra turn on......
  2. With The Repeal of Net Neutrality Today

    You are thinking too small. The hobby fish is a minnow. The issue is the use of the Net as a powerful tool of propaganda.
  3. Is Thrifty Cheap?

    I think I understand that part of your musings and questions seek honest reply....even if said reply may be unpopular or uncomfortable. While there is a certain idealistic appeal to that quest, there is also a certain naivety. Keep in mind that this is a public forum with varying levels of anonymity between participants. More to the point, most of said participants are either buyers, or sellers. Hardly the right environment for seeking such public honesty.....although I do understand you spoke to that fact in "cojones" terms.
  4. I think that "team" who's name you forgot is "The Revolutionaries".....Mostly chaos and disorder with leaders that overthrow everything.
  5. Denver Broncos Losing Streak

    This will be John Elways big test.Siemian is not even fit to be back up now. He never had any long acuracy, but the QB merry go round has destroyed his confidence and he is "guiding" short passes, not throwing them. He is ruined. Talib is a loud-mouthed arrogant, trouble making liability. The team has quit on their coach. Coach, Talib, and all 3 QB's need to be booted out...PERIOD. If Elway does not do this, Bronco's and Elway, will continue to fail.
  6. Paris (dayum!)

  7. The Popping Pussy Bubble

    Opinions vary, and everyone is entitled to theirs, be it about this thread, rates, Lucy, etc. However, you do touch on a valuable additional subject. In any environment permeated with negativity, and competitive argumentativeness, communication is an error. Much more so the case when involving a business
  8. Denver Broncos Losing Streak

    I think I will rip-off Terry Bradshaw .....Denver is thinking of changing their name to the Denver Possums...because they play Possum at home, and get killed on the road.
  9. Paris (dayum!)

    If you click on her "my ads" thing that shoul give you all the info you need. She is currently advertising the entirety of Colorado....all at the same time, with a variety of rates and no dates.
  10. The Popping Pussy Bubble

    As I alluded to in my reply to Bit, it WAS in a bubble....the popping of which explains, among other things, the rate stagnation. Keep in mind that when bubbles pop, the markets change...but do not vanish. The worlds oldest profession will never dry up so to speak.
  11. The Popping Pussy Bubble

    Goes without saying that will be the United Sex Workers......USW69
  12. The Popping Pussy Bubble

    Actually, I don't smoke anything, but I do enjoy some good whiskey on occasion. Jameson and Knob Creek are good enough, although I sometimes get brands made for people who plan to die penniless. I hope yours is a tasty brand! I have indeed encountered ladies on this board....both recently, and in the "before time", but you are right that you and I have not met. Schilling rules prevent me from mentioning them here of course, as does discretion. Discretion also likely being the reason you thought I have not seen ladies around here. Pussy certainly has started some wars and caused many the mighty to fall, but I would stop short of saying it runs all. However, it sure can be fun to encounter a lady who thinks, and acts that way, especially if she is fired up with some tasty whiskey.
  13. The Popping Pussy Bubble

    Exactly. Also, the closure of many other forums, ad sites, chat rooms, review boards etc. The rise of P411, a form of regulation prompted by expansion of the hobby, and the L.E. efforts. It mirrors other bubbles in many ways. Since pussy is not a stock, or home, it's price is not going to drop like a rock....but the failure of rates to rise, definitely echoes a "popping sound".
  14. The Popping Pussy Bubble

    15-20 years ago, when the internet was much younger, "the hobby" exploded in popularity. Pussy almost became part of the boom. Boards were everywhere. Now we see threads on rates, L.E action, newbie troubles, regulations of sites, board closings, etc. Sadly, it seems the "heyday" of poon is past. We are living in the Popping of the Pussy Bubble. I suppose it stands to reason. We saw the tech bubble, real estate bubble, gold bubble....a plethora of bubbles that all inflated....then popped. The "pins" of market saturations, regulations are just a few of the culprits. It really only stands to reason that the Pussy Bubble would not last forever and would eventually pop. Most likely, in a few years we will talk about the Pot Bubble. Reminiscing about the past is a Thanksgiving Holiday Tradition. The Pussy Bubble of the past was indeed a beautiful thing. I suppose today we should focus on being thankful we enjoyed that bubble more than focusing on the Pussy Bubble's Popping.
  15. The Horse That Just Won't Die

    Over the last 15-20 years, I have talked at length with many providers. In that time, there have been some "lean times" for the ladies. Economics, scandals, board shut downs, L.E. crack-downs are some of the reasons. Here is the survival plan that was discussed with me a few times by a few ladies. When times are tough, they chose select regulars and gave them a special lower rate that created more visits from them. These clients were hand-picked by the ladies as ones who for whatever reasons were "less work like". As you can imagine, that can be anything from the guy being great looking and great in the sack, to he is nice and done in 5 minutes, and anything in between. Naturally, these selected clients were NOT supposed to be disclosing the rates in reviews or forums. Advertised rates and other client rates remained the same.