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  1. I Failed!

    Sometimes, dicks fail. The end.
  2. Fear Of Screening..?

    Every person has a comfort level on info and discretion. A provider chooses her screening process same as she chooses her rate, and what's on her service menu. If a client is not down with any of it, he does not see her and both should be just fine with that. The only reason it is a problem is that people see the rules but then want an "exception" to them.
  3. Real world dating as an adult

    I'll have a lash. If you are looking for a husband\father to children, don't look here. Use whatever you determine is the most serious site to meet serious family builders. Children deserve that and more. On the other hand, if kids are NOT part of this equation, my advice is to not bother. Forever love, soulmates, together for life....all of that stuff is fairy tales made into expected goals with the purpose of keeping order in society. Overcome the false, implanted obsession with finding "the one" and with each passing day, a person becomes more happy to be solo. There's a good chance part of the reason you struggle to maintain interest is that part of you understands it is a bad idea. This job will provide physical, financial, and some friendship ....,believe me, that is all you need. Children aside, the quest for love cause WAY more problems and heartache than happiness. It might still be worth the effort IF it was not based on the ILLUSIONS of monogamy and forever...neither of which are NATURAL for humans....which is the real reason it almost always fails.
  4. Watch out girls! Don’t be tricked like I was!

    I had a bad experience paying by credit card. Lady gives me the ok to pay by card, so I swipe the card. Next thing I know she is mad as hell screaming that the card gave her love button a paper cut kinda deal.
  5. Friend Zone

    It seems to me that "let's be friends" in the hobby world should be much easier than in the dating world. First off, you have relieved any sexual tensions! Secondly, one seldom spoken of problem with "lets be friends" is that when one or both of the "friends" acquires a new significant other, that usually kills the living shit out of the friendship since the S.O. tends not to be down with it. That's certainly less of a problem in the hobby world!
  6. I've had enough

    As children, we learn right from wrong ( hopefully). We are taught to expect people to behave rightly, and those who do not get punished and eventually come around. That makes for happier children, but sadder adults. We grow to learn that there's lots of Fucksters in the world who don't care about others, right or wrong, and who do whatever the hell they please. In this business, there's likely a higher % of them. Now here is the part you may not like, BUT IS helpful. While the fuckery and douche baggery is eye roll annoying, the anger, hurt, and stress are caused by OUR EXPECTATIONS. We EXPECT people to behave like civilized beings, and when Fucksters pull shenanigans it often hurts, angers, outrages, and stresses us. HOWEVER, contrary to school teachings, these individuals are NOT going to learn, change, or stop..... they are always being what they are. It is expectation of them to behave differently that causes pain. Instead, accept that they are what they are, will do what they do, and dismiss them from your mind as the irrelevant, defective, inferiors that they are. Expecting them to act like people is hurtful only to you. Roll your eyes as you quickly deal with the shenanigans, knowing it "goes with the job." Then forget them as vermin and take heart in the fact that later on, you will be happily playing with a great person, but the Fuckster will still be a douche bag.
  7. I've had enough

    Gee...I wonder what the odds were the caller was drunk.....
  8. I’ve gotta say I don’t GET IT, AT ALL.

    92% is a staggering number. In the past, it has happened that certain girls would arrange for associates to call other girls and book no shows to ruin their businesses or run them out of areas. I suppose that technique could also be used by some morality group or even L.E. Granted, wholesale disrespect is becoming common place, but 92% is way over the top. I don't know where all you advertise, or if there is any way for you to figure out where these callers are coming from, but it seems likely to me that they coming from the same place. If these guys are P411's or known reviewers, I would think these acts will wreck havoc on their references. Perhaps its a new attack plan against providers. If you can track where they are coming from, might give some insight.
  9. The Tip up front

    While she is walking towards the bed where you are tied up, it does not hurt is she is dropping clothes and asking about that tip in a sinister and foreboding manner.
  10. The Tip up front

    If a lady is going to ask about a tip in advance, she should at least wait until you are tied up.
  11. JoeyB

    Call me weird, but I would NOT want a FBSM from a super hot looking provider. Too frustrating to have a partial hands on, up close and personal look at what you can't actually have.
  12. Stood up twice in one day

    Stand ups are going to happen for reason both legit, and not. Even highly reputable girls might suddenly be offered "free tickets to...."....and your session may get cancelled. In that event, it is unlikely you will be told the real reason. Here is my policy on stand ups: I go to my favorite shopping and spend that donation on all fun stuff. I may include a nice dinner. That policy does not make a cancel GOOD...but it makes it not so bad either.
  13. Low Volume Girls

    Forget low volume girls......Give me a loud moaner \screamer any day.
  14. The Tip up front

    In Morocco that "tip" is thrown into a Bris and whoever gets it in their bowl is considered to be going to have good luck all year....( My thinking is to make up for the very LOUSY luck they had that day)
  15. Donation

    Sadly, you are incorrect. They do NOT have to make an arrest. If they believe cash ( or whatever) might be used in an illegal activity they have the right to confiscate it under the laws labeled "Civil Confiscation". This is often applied to just an "investigation", even if said investigation starts AFTER they find the cash. If you are walking into an incall and L.E. has the place up and stops you......if they find an envelope of cash on you, they can just assume you are a perp and seize it. You then must go to court to try to get it back. Research the laws about, and stories about "Civil Confiscation" for your daily dose or horror and outrage.