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  1. Role play ideas

    I am the Warden of the toughest Women's Prison in the country. Inmates in MY prison know that they MUST absolutely obey without question. There are NO lesbian "preversions" allowed here. The guards know better than to engage inmates in " oral preversions" as well, and having sex with them is not tolerated. There are NO conjugal visits here. Just hard time and obedience..THAT'S the kind of institution I run. I emerge from washing my hands in the bathroom ( something I do many times daily) and am startled to be confronted by two armed inmates. A perfectly organized and successful prison break\riot has occurred with a complete surprise take over. The two in my office have been sent to "take care of the Warden"......whatever that means.......
  2. Twitter

    Distract more than help?...don't be ridiculous! I mean, as everyone knows, even the President uses twitter and..............never mind.
  3. Check Mate

    You got me confused here. You say you did not try to cash it....did this dude actually MAIL you a check in advance??.....or after? Or did he hand it to you after the session?
  4. Any Denver ladies heard of the NFL

    Football? Nachos? Beer? Underwear? Wanna watch a game sometime?
  5. Trim your trees

    A bit of respect for the humble, if loud and ugly cicada. Living under ground for 1...9...13...or 17 years before emerging to breed, drink sap, and sing. Victims of many predators, the first cicadas evolved almost 300 million years ago. Thats quite a run.
  6. Ladies preference – session length?

    ...well when they are grandpa age, they gotta take shortcuts...minutes count!
  7. Ladies that drink tequila kick ass!

    Thats been MY experience...a little too much tequila and a lady just MIGHT kick my ass!!
  8. What is the difference between a New York City Stud and a Texas Stud? A New York City Stud will see a hot girl, walk right up to her and stick it in. A Texas Stud will see a hot girl, stick it in, and walk right up to her
  9. Gramps

    If his GREAT grand daughter is about the age of adult providers...then he pretty much has to be a vampire.

    Now that was cool as ice cream and just as smooth.
  11. Duo Gfe

    ....and before you call, be sure to click on the blue " i " for information.....always smart to check out rates and such first.
  12. Duo Gfe

    Get ready for some testy replies. That said, what you seek is odd and interesting. I have never been fortunate enough to have a Girlfriend who regularly invited another girl to join us. Indeed..GFE is vague enough as a term.....but DUO GFE? I gotta say....I don't have a freaking CLUE what THAT is. I do however, wish you luck in finding it.
  13. Bp completely removing ad

    For some ladies, there is NOT enough bread out there. Also, ladies can be territorial...just like men. Considering the global history of endless war dating back before humans could even record it really that surprising?

    It goes without saying, or at least SHOULD, that YMMV. However, ladies boundaries and service restrictions vary greatly. Some ladies simply do not allow DATY, or do UTF, regardless of the client. Others simply do not kiss, or at least DFK. From reading, guys who like greek often have less choices. Providers have every right not to like or provide any or all of these things and more. I think most experienced hobbiests understand YMMV....but conversely, it is in EVERYONES best interest to know what the hard rules\limitations are...( pun kinda intended)