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  1. Hangover Cures??

    It you cannot keep anything down, you are gonna have a hard time with a cure. That said, here is the most likely thing to stay down and help you. Apple slices....or quarter and core it...whatever you can manage while sick. It's very hydrating, but not all at once triggering a hurl like water. It is slightly acidic to balance the stomach. The pectin is also a stomach settler. Slowly munch apple while you lie there in bed .
  2. Should I stick to one provider?

    Color me a repeat kind of guy. It is hard enough to find just ONE compatible playmate....hunting mulitiples would be a full time job.
  3. This is apt to get me in Trouble maybe...

    Let's also not discount advances in agriculture and transportation. Millions that would have historically starved survive with increased food and the ability to get it to them. Adding inoculations and other "medical miracles" not only creates MASSIVE over-population of the range, BUT also critical weakening of the gene pool. Disease and starvation take the weak member of the herd first. Economic hard times as well. Now these people survive, procreate, and pass on their weaknesses. The human genome is weakening and mankind is now DE-evolving in conjunction with exploding numbers.
  4. Condom Broke - Freaking Out a Little

    Ya know Mike...maybe this activity is just not for you. You just seem too skiddish. Condom failure is just one of the risks of this gig. How many civilian women have you "done" WITHOUT a condom, any of which could have delivered a deadly dick rot? ( it is a rhetorical question, please spare us the standard male assurance that we would only bare bang a Doctor certified virgin wife). Ya pays your nickle, you takes your chance. It's not really that easy to catch a dose of...whatever. It does not incubate like the flu on steroids. You gotta learn to relax or it will ruin the fun...which is the point.
  5. Serendipity happened today.

    I disagree. I think the answers he is getting are EXACTLY what he expected, and precisely why he posted.
  6. Choose your hotel chain carefully

    Cash deposits raise red flags. Cash deposits over 10 grand trigger a SAR...Suspicious Activity Report. To compensate, drug dealers, providers, income tax evaders began limiting cash deposits to less than 10 grand. Authorities then set up regulations to look for this pattern which they call "Structuring". If they see numerous cash deposits and suspect it might be structuring, they can seize the funds while launching "an investigation". Outcomes of such investigations vary wildly, but one rather constant in the deal is that it is very, very difficult to get you money back.
  7. Choose your hotel chain carefully

    or "penalty for early withdrawal "
  8. 9999

    Why would he marry a fish?
  9. Big Game watching

    With 7 minutes left, the Patriots strung together an unprecedented 4 first down in one drive. This broke a 3-3 tie giving tem an insurmountable lead. They added a FG at the 2 minute mark to complete the blow out, 13-3
  10. Big Game watching

    I noticed that too. None of the usual catchy cool commercials, they kinda matched the game. When Romo was sarcastically talking about that 65 yard punt as the highlight of the game, you could tell he was about to really start making fun of how bad it was. They quickly went to commercial and I am sure told him to chill out.
  11. Big Game watching

    I found the game absolutely lame. I did not care which team won, I just wanted a good game and did not get it. After the "season of non-stop scoring" they delivered the "Superbowl of non-stop boring." It really was not even especially good defense. Both teams were super conservative, just waiting for the other team to lose on a call or mistake. The Rams, coach and all, were like deer in headlights...clearly too big a stage. Both teams owed much of their entry into the big game to incompetent or corrupt ( your choice) officiating and it clearly looked like the best two teams were absent. Those who chose not to watch it made a great choice and I am sure the NFL was horrified with the game. Not to say they were horrified by who won, but I think the LAST thing the NFL wanted was the lowest scoring punting contest in SB history.
  12. Whether I fo a mo depends on the mo to be foed, so mofo or no ya never know...ya know?
  13. The "after the fact truth bomb" can also be effective. You just slip out and leave, having forgotten your ( known) phone.When you get back and she asks where the hell you been you say....." Oh....I was just out bangin a ho ya know...getting my freak on and all".....she will mumble out some stunned words...then just laugh slightly and say...."ahh... shitty day at work...went to the bar for a couple shot...did not wanna dump my shit mood on you"
  14. "Hey! My friend Jenny saw you at the store buying CONDOMS and you KNOW my tubes have been tied for YEARS!!!!" " Relax honey! Of COURSE I was buying condoms, but not for know we never have sex. They are to keep the rain and snow out of the rifle and shotgun barrels when I'm out in bad weather silly!"
  15. " I'm going to go out for a bit....." "Where ya going?"........I'm not going to tell you! YOU have a birthday coming up...heh heh...( or Christmas, or Anniversary, or Valentines day) "Don't go rummaging around in the car when I get back!"