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  1. Astrology, if you are Intrested?

    This will give you an idea what Human Design is about. There are lots of people\sites that do charts and lots of information about HD online. I have found HD to be accurate and insightful......
  2. Astrology, if you are Intrested?

    If you really want some great info to go with your Astrology, you should get your human design chart done. That information is very eye opening and explains lots
  3. Day Rental Hotel Rooms

    This has been rather common forever in major metro cities like NYC, Chicago,L.A. etc.........frequently used for sex and generally looked at as flop houses.
  4. Double Standards

    Does not really sound like a double standard to me, it sounds like a traditional dating attitude. You ask a woman out to dinner. The man traditionally picks up the check. In this case, "the check" for the meeting DATE is the cost of someone's ticket. So her request seems quite normal to me. Now, I suppose you COULD be concerned that if you buy her a ticket she might cash it in or not use it. Frankly, I consider that unlikely since she suggested you come see her, but maybe its your concern. In that event, suggest she buy her own ticket and explain that you will reimburse her when she actually arrives. That seems reasonable.
  5. Our wild animals? This is so sad!

    Actually, that is NOT what I am making reference to. I am literally talking about TOB 15-20 years ago. You were not here then. The forum was a constant blaze of flaming and attacks with probably a dozen or more regular "flame thrower" experts, and many others who would get drawn in. It makes spats on here nowadays look like nothing.
  6. Ball Busting - Swing away

    Back in the golden days of TOB I knew a very popular and sexy provider who shall go nameless. She told me about a client who hired her to stomp his nards wearing her spike heels. He wound up in the hospital over the deal. I later spoke with him about that at an infamous gathering, and he said it was the best session of his life.
  7. Immature Adults these days...

    My only problem with that would be an overpowering desire to chuck a bucket of water onto the front of that t-shirt for obvious reasons...but that would be damned rude.
  8. Our wild animals? This is so sad!

    Thanks for the welcome back. Perusing, I get the impression that the posting guidelines and moderation has been greatly relaxed since I was last reading\posting here. Not to the degree of the flame attacks and troll wars of 20ish years ago....but trending that way. Could be highly entertaining. Glad your test was negative. Those tests are not too selective, so the good news is, you likely don't have flu, RSV, etc. either.
  9. Our wild animals? This is so sad!

    I would not say I have been hiding......just not following the board. I trust and hope you are well?
  10. Immature Adults these days...

    You must learn to harness your inner "Soup Nazi" in this biz......"NEXT!!" Now I get it...sometimes a set of pictures look so good you can scarcely contain your enthusiasm, but eventually, you must read the text of the ad. Suddenly you see she has business practices\procedures that don't work for you ...."NEXT!" Move on. Don't expect or try to get her to change for you. While on the subject, maintain that mindset when reading reviews. "These reviews indicate that she does not offer what I want....." " NEXT!" That kind of quick trigger and short memory will save you, and her lots of annoyance.
  11. Our wild animals? This is so sad!

    Isn't someone supposed to post a guy with popcorn meme right about now?
  12. Two words. Economic Contraction. In any sport, hobby, business, economic endeavor, when the economy takes\they CONTRACT. Only the best of the best providers of said services can stay in business.....and only the best of the best ( wealthiest) clients\customers can continue to afford it. That is where we are and "old news". ( and others) can no longer afford it. OK. Scores of ladies, no longer here, and \or soon to be gone, can also no longer make it with the less business. Unfortunate for those affected...sure. Not the end of the world. It is, after all, expense for buyer AND luxury business for seller. Tough economic times dry out the market from both ends . Old news.
  13. Trying not to get your feelings hurt…

    If you care about someone, they should have the ability to hurt your feelings. If they say something that does, it is insensitivity on their part that you\they should deal with so it does not happen again. If you do not care about someone, they should not have the ability to hurt your feelings. If they say something that does, it is over sensitivity on your part that you should deal with so it does not happen again.
  14. Wondering why women aren't advertising being vaccinated?

    Thats the second time you mentioned soapboxes....I'm starting to think you may have a soapbox fetish of some kind. I don't care one way or the other if people believe me. Just to stay on topic, I similarly don't care one way or the other if a lady is vaccinated if I am interested.
  15. Wondering why women aren't advertising being vaccinated?

    I'm not going to get into a big thing over this and here is why. All people who say "post proof of this claim" have one thing in common.They simply dismiss every source that disagrees with their position as "not credible"...even if they have used it themselves before.