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  1. Mans Dinner Menu

    Do NOT forget homemade Mac and cheese....souped up if possible with multiple chili...or bacon....or pepperoni......etc.
  2. STING by DIA!

  3. STING by DIA!

    "Looking for minors"...."the battle against human trafficking".....Some of the usual excuses to cover the truth.....Mandated and enforced morality.
  4. just takes a second ...

    Well THATS not much of a dare....I Dare you to walk into a bar...stare into everyone else's eyes and say "I am better than everyone else."
  5. How Facebook Outs Sexworkers

    ELIZABETH MURRAY!!!??? Somebody done fired up the time machine....WB!!
  6. New Game of the Week

    Tyrannosaurus Sex
  7. No towels!

    I just know this will illicit "eeews!!"...but I had a friend tell me once he ONLY bought black towels, washcloths and sheets because they don't get stained by dirt and blood.
  8. Thoughts on using CC?

    Enjoy cash while you can, use and support it. Governments want it gone to ensure instant taxation, ease of confiscation, and total financial tracking. Central banks want it gone to force everyone to have, and pay for, accounts. Super-wealthy folks want it gone so "electron money" can be made out of thin air, has no serial numbers, and thus avoids inflation no matter how much is invented. Cash is being globally vilified and systematically eliminated. Eventually, this endeavor will have to transact business in some other way.
  9. No towels!

    Here is a wild idea that is likely not the case, but might be. MAYBE she wants you to leave the donation in the bathroom. Possibly if you opened a cabinet you would have found not only towels, but a receptacle marked..."donations". ......Or, the shelf might collapse dumping its contents loudly on you, signalling that you were in the cabinets.. It could go either way
  10. want a large women

    I think most of us guys like a woman with insatiability and aggression.....but that combo is spectacular with a thick lady.
  11. Haha!

    Sounds like you might be sending him the wrong direction.
  12. Weird behavior?

    Short answer is "yes"...However, I would like to know what you mean my "weird and suspicious"...and how "lately?"
  13. Borrowed, Fake, Stolen, Lifted

    At least if she ever decides to have kids, she won't be in labor too long...the kid will drop like a bomb from a B52.
  14. Male Sweet Skin: Circumcision Debate

    No and famous people all use butt mints so their farts don't stink.
  15. Review ettiqutte question...

    If you tell her that when you book, understand that many providers will view that as you trying to manipulate her into ramping up her service. Which is exactly what some guys do.