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  1. Black mail & Being Outted

    I do'nt know, and I don't want to know, if the person is looking to blackmail money, services, both, or something else. What I DO know is this 1) Blackmailers seldom if ever stop at one payment. They tend to try to bleed the victim forever. 2) Half the time they divulge the secret anyway. 3) Blackmail, AKA Extortion is A FELONY. Ilovewomen suggested turning the tables by threatening to tell his family he sees ladies from this site...well, he is half right. Turn the tables by telling him if he informs your family you will turn all the e-mails, recorded phone conversations, and other evidence over to the police and have him imprisoned for 10 years for extortion. Tell him by then your business will be done, so why not involve the police and have his felon ass locked up.
  2. Musings of an old man

    I want to give you an alternative suggestion to the assortment of "hang in there's, sometimes it be that ways, and good lucks". If you try to arrange playtime but still come up empty, DO NOT just make some rash, last minute, Hail Mary choice. Don't get upset, frustrated, or post too much about it ( not that the posts bother me by the way). Instead, if you get shut out, I suggest you do this: Take however much you planned to donate and spend it on yourself in whatever favorite things you like, other than a woman. Sports tickets, great dinner at a favorite place, fishing \hunting store if into that, whatever you like. You mentioned books,...well you can buy a hell of a lot of books for an hour or two donation rate. Think of it as free money, so spend it like water. I have found doing that makes getting closed out not a bad thing at all.
  3. Musings of an old man

    I think lots of that lack of communication is hedging. A lady who tells a guy he did not pass screening might experience negativity from him. Additionally, it is unlikely he will ever try her again, even if he later obtains whatever screening info he lacked. I think guys who NCNS often are hedging too. They decide to see someone else but they don't want to get branded a time waster so will dodge screening, use fake info, or invent an excuse. It is unfortunate, inconsiderate, and would not work for me, but I can understand the logic behind it by both providers and clients.
  4. Booking Apps

    Yeah...I probably would'nt do it either. Just keep in mind this is a business of PLEASURE. If a protocol makes you uncomfortable, that is the opposite of the whole point. Just move on to someone else who does not have it. It's not like you don't have lots of choices. Same goes for the ladies. While one protocol\rule what have you, might cost them some clients, it will be ok with plenty of others and it makes them more comfortable.
  5. Musings of an old man

    Change is hard for everyone for sure. These challenges are just the way it goes now. I sometimes run into similar situations and only hobby a fraction as much as I used to\want too. If it's too much hassle and inconvenience, I lose interest. Being part of the new normal, it tends not to frustrate me, and I just figure in cases where I lose interest it's for the best for both me and for the provider. Like you's just harder now for folks to connect. The upside is that it will likely thin both the provider and client herds in the long run.
  6. Musings of an old man

    Getting laid is always relatively pun intended. Hence guys hobby, where it becomes easier, but somewhat expensive. I think OP's frustration is the realization that nowadays, getting laid via hobby is often expensive AND hard.
  7. Married guys and outcalls

    I dunno how he knows, but condoms, wrappers MUST be bagged...put in car, and disposed of AWAY from home next time out.
  8. Married guys and outcalls

    I much prefer outcall to my house, however, I am single. That said, I have not always been and have done what you are thinking about. Here are my tips. 1) Do your homework and make sure its not a drama queen or thief. 2) Have a good excuse thought up and planned about who she was if she gets seen. 3) Take the current sheets off the bed and put on different ones. Be sure to note where they are in the sheet pile, how they are folded so you can return them exactly after washing. Then return the current sheets to bed unwashed.4) After, empty all trash 5) Meticulously look for leave behinds at every cleaning step. 6) DEFINITELY look for long head hairs different in color than the wife\GF...those are dead give aways.7) Delete all contact info from all electronics, accounts 8) Rehearse this excuse in the event she ever discovers you visiting this\other sites.." Well , this is kind of embarrassing. I don't trust porn sites but these have sexy girl pics. Sometimes I just get so horny when you are gone or not in the embarrassed look) I go here to look at the pics and know" Copping to that is embarrassing so believable and might actually get you laid by her immediately. for guilt....silly question. Where should not matter to that.
  9. How Old is too Old?

    Slow, sensual is one path. Ego feeding is another path. Yet another path is active, intense, mutual sexual enjoyment. I like that last one.
  10. How Old is too Old?

    Dead is too old. Now that we have cleared THAT up....on to talking about those NOT dead. If you have the desire and passion you are not too old. Experience counts for much! So you market that experience and passion. Certainly some clients are age range buyers and won't call. Others will. I will use myself as an example. I am approaching 60 and find women in their 40's 50's who can really cut loose and get wild and uninhibited with skilled oral festivities as ideal. I have felt that way way about women in their 40's and 50's since I was in my 30's!! I probably will until I am too old...AKA dead.
  11. Real men of the forum...

    This is not all that complicated. If she is genuinely a friend, then loan or give same as you would any other friend. Here is a way to tell. This might draw fire. She says she is a friend, and accepts money. Would she give YOU money or do a free session as your friend if things were tight for you? If she would NOT she is NOT a real friend and you are a mark. When you give a friend money its the same as giving them free "whatever you do". If they would not do the same for you..that is not friendship. Now understand the fine line because I'm not suggesting a loan\gift with strings attached. That fine line is important because fuckery people hop back and forth between "business, intimate, personal, professional, friend, client " whichever is most convenient to them, and that applies to ladies and guys. Mutual understanding of the realities and boundaries of any situation is the key....unless you have unlimited funds...then just throw it around everywhere.
  12. Shopping questions

    Because Craigslist was first to be anti-provider even before anti-provider became popular...they tend to be forgotten. Well....if you are looking for STUFF....still works pretty good.
  13. Truth in Advertising

    I think I will wade in here and perhaps have something to offend everyone! I am going to assume that the O.P. knows nothing about advertising and that he boycotts most advertised products and fast food. That burrito or that Arby's sammy NEVER looks like the one in the picture, or on TV....FALSE ADVERTISING!! No, it is not. They just stack and stuff all the fillings and meat camera side and don't show the empty backside. Now I can hear a collective scream from ladies, " Oh no he did NOT just compare us to a roast beef!!", because I know how happy such comparisons make the providers. I do believe I hear some guys keyboards just a clicking away about how its NOT a 3 dollar burrito, but a 300 dollar hour. I know....I know. I'm not talking about ladies, burritos, hours, or Arby's sandwiches. I'm talking about ADVERTISING!! Accentuate the light, good angles.....the sizzle not just the steak.. (oh hell, here we go again...another food). When you gents who complain the most sold your old car, I bet you did not show close ups of every dent, scratch, tear, crack...did ya? Be honest. When you said it was in "good shape" that was a subjective opinion and a sales bit. I know...I know.." Oh no he did NOT just compare us to a used car!!!"......" This is NOT a 300 dollar hour, it's a 3000 dollar car!" is STILL all just ADVERTISING. A lady gets older or puts on a few pounds, what is she supposed to do? Hide in shame? Dress in mumu's and call herself fat in the worst selfies she can take? HELL NO!! Accentuate her positives! Advertise! This is business in America and we should all know it. We have all done it too I'll wager.
  14. Friendships

    We are talking about 3 different, but possibly over-lapping things. Client\Provider.....Friends........Romance. I have done all 3 and all more than once with providers. Friends works, but not if one party wants to push it to Romance and the other does not. Some people, guys and ladies can't be friends AND client\provider, others can and it is varies widely. In those situations where they can, the guy certainly would continue to pay for time, as did I. Romance\relationship can also work, but this industry adds elements that can obviously be quite a problem. Interestingly, it is often not realized that just because two people are able to handle the unique issues of a relationship in "the hobby", they are not suddenly granted a pass on normal relationship problems. Those are also in play and are as big a challenge to those relationships as they are to any other. In the end, all three get down to the same thing but in various degree's of depth. Compatibility of honesty, communication, and expectation.
  15. Constructive Criticism

    Incels.... Man, how long have you been waiting to try to find a way to slide that word into a post?