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Found 26 results

  1. Hey there! Im Taylor! Im pretty new to the area, I moved from Phoenix in January. 🌵 I was a provider in PHX as well! I went by Marie Taylor for the majority of the time. Just looking to meet other providers and clients in the area! 👀 It’s nice to have a community! 🙌🏻 Hope to talk to you soon! ❤️
  2. Bedpage - Las Vegas

    Curious if these ads are legit? How would I ensjure its not Law Enforcement? TIA
  3. So, two things

    two things I want to discuss. first topic: does anybody here use private delights? well.. I got banned from PD forum permanently because of some drama. they banned me saying I was causing dissent within the community. It's a long story but I got outed by some of the girls on there calling me a snitch saying I set a girl up then another girl said I sound more like an informant. A summed up story of why this is happening: I met a girl off humaniplex. She let me live with her while I was pregnant n working. She would throw orgy parties sometimes. Well the cops showed up at this party saying they had a noise complaint from one of the neighbors. My roommate was expecting me to lie to the cops but I'm an open book n a genuinely honest person n I ended up admitting that I was a sex worker n what I was doing at the party. I told le that I wasn't trying to out anybody out the party but just told a female cop the truth. I told her I wasn't comfortable staying at this apartment anymore since they got involved so they ended up getting me a room for the night until they could transfer me to a shelter. yes it was a trafficking shelter. they considered me trafficked because I was working to pay rent at that apartment. I know how all of this sounds but this is weighing on my mind. I didn't feel comfortable staying at that apartment with that girl n all her friends cause I knew I was probably the only one who told the truth n you know how people are towards le can be very hostile. So I'm getting bad ratings on humaniplex n even though my ad is still up on PD like I said they permanently banned me from the forum. All of this is weighing on my mind cause I feel like my presence on this board might be a problem if anybody eventually heard my story. So I'm just being upfront about it. Maybe I didn't know my rights as a sex worker. Maybe I didn't make the best move. I'll own up to that but I never set anybody up. Nobody even went to jail on the day I left. The only thing that happened was I left with le to go somewhere else. End of story. next topic.. ... about STDs. question was a lil bit nosey, opened up about it.. I wrote about me having a life long disease that I'm medicated for. So I have hpv but I am on treatment for it that I take medication for everyday which prevents me from passing it to somebody if I were to get intimate. I explained this to hobby hobbit n basically he told me that its irresponsible n wrong of me to be in the game if I have that. I know that there are women or men out there who have hpv n don't tell anybody yet I get criticized for speaking on it. Just like I got criticized for speaking up on PD forum about my side of the story of what happened. So basically I wanted to discuss these two topics because I want to know other's thoughts on this. Are y'all going to call me a snitch n ruin my reputation as a provider? Was I in the wrong? Do y'all think it's erroneous for me to be sex worker if I get treated for HPV? Is my presence on the boards doomed? i want everybody's thoughts on this because if my reputation is just run to the ground from being honest then I don't see any reason to stick around anymore even though the escort boards are the only place I feel I belong... also, this happened in California. the girl who let me stay with her did get evicted but as far as I know this happened later on down the road because she texted me to tell me that n ended it with a " PEACE SNITCH BITCH " maybe it's my fault but definitely wasn't my intention.. I've noticed that the girls on PD who basically run the boards are very hateful n negative n full of demonic energy so I feel like it was kind of a blessing in disguise to be banned from that board. I just don't want the same thing to happen on here but I'm sure a lot of you aren't going to be cool with me after reading this unfortunately I'm too honest of a person. It's in my DNA. Regardless what anybody thinks I will be respectful n not cause any dismay in the community so that I can stay on the forum. The only way I'm leaving is if I were to get banned. I've been a companion for 10 years n I've been thankful to be apart of the sex worker community. I hope some of y'all can relate n understand where I'm coming from n if not oh well. Much Love. Guys I meant HSV not HPV. My bad. For anybody concerned I'm no longer working. Just on the boards for fun. please be kind and leave useful feedback. thank u.
  4. I am a Brit living in the US for many years. I was too busy working a new business to notice how the Puritan “ethic” still underlay life here. Since now leading a more relaxed life and requiring some companionship it became quite stark! Back in the UK many years ago inBrighton, Sussex we had a great health club in the center of town. Sauna, dip pool, hot tubs, coffee bar, snooker and much more. The first 3 items were mixed “non clothed” just a towel to sit on as in Scandinavia, Germany and other countries. Then trips karate training to Okinawa again hot spring baths mixed no clothes, and exceptionally invigorating massages which are regarded in the USA as criminal. Why? The whole Chinese massage scene is seen as a den of iniquity and trafficking. This is likely due to the activities being illegal. Make something illegal and it attracts crime. In Holland some retirement homes offer to bring in local prostitutes if you so desire on a monthly basis. Intimacy is deemed essential to good physical and mental health! I. Japan your prostate is going to be massaged as a matter of course. Far less troublesome prostates in Japan than the west! So the puritans hate people having a happy time.That is why as an Englishman we waved them goodbye from Plymouth Hoe in 1620 as they sailed away! The taverns and brothels could then reopen safely and the parties resume! Thank you comments welcome as are female invitations too!
  5. I've been hobbying since 2014. I 've been with so many fun providers ranging from $200-$300. Yet after covid happened, scams and prices have been on the rise. More scammers asking for early deposits which is a big no no in my experience. Seems like the new normal for 1 hour is $400-$500, and the girls don't even have any reviews! LOL! What frustrates me is they aren't even good looking and most girls only do one shot then bam done. I haven't seen an escort since Dec of 2020, I've decided to save my money for Thailand to monger there. Crazy how in Thailand you can get a drop dead beautiful, young, and cheap girl for $400 USD for 24 hours! wow! thats only 1 hour in usa, with 1 shot lol! A 1 hour session is average $40-$100. A 1 hour session with a 10/10 model is around $200 usd including msog, cim, dfk, and massage. How the fuck is that so reasonable!? Nuru and soapy massages are less than $100 an hr! I was completely mind blown! I dropped every provider site in usa and started to save up/research more of Thailand! I am going to be spending 2 months in Thailand, my budget alone for escorts is going to save me more money in the long run than usa. Cheers everyone I will keep update on my experience in Thailand!
  6. Sabella 510-930-0041 Nevada Companion Has anyone seen Sabella in Las Vegas? She doesn't have any social media at least publicly available. However she does request verification which is always a plus. I obviously don't want to get scammed. $300/hr seems low too since she is pretty attractive. However, I have never seen a provider in Vegas so i could be wrong. if anyone has any knowledge of her that would be great. Thanks!
  7. Luscious Lily 469-436-0344 Colorado Companion I found this provider on Tryst. She is from Texas. She is visiting Denver. I searched for her photos on Google and found no matches. I searched for any ads or reviews from Texas or anywhere, and there are none I can locate, aside from Tryst. I texted her to ask. She says she is unaware of any reviews of her, and she is not on P411, but would like to be. She also said she has never posted anywhere other than Tryst, which strikes me a bit odd, but I am not sure if it is suspicious or not. I do not usually TOFTT so I almost just passed but, she is very beautiful and her photos seem normal and real, I thought I would ask for assistance. Any info would be great, or, if someone wants to TOFTT and write a review and possibly ref her into P411, that would be great too. She told me she has had little interest since arriving for her week long visit and probably will not return, so if anyone wants to give her a review that brings her local cred and biz she may change her mind, but Idk if I can TOFTT without a bit more assurance she is real. Thanks.
  8. AmberJ

    Amber Colorado Companion Has anyone seen Amber? Feel free to pm me. Https:/
  9. Cinnimon 605-273-2155 Colorado Massage This lady has posted on skip the games. I was wondering if any of you from the eastern slope have met with her.
  10. Skye

    Skye 971-232-8878 Colorado Companion Looks to good to be true. Anyone seen her or have any info. I'm no expert but all I could find is she has previously run ads in DTC. Feel free to pm me.
  11. Dimples 757-582-3714 Colorado Companion Anybody seen her? Looks to good to be true to me
  12. Jemma Jade

    Hello, I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Jemma Jade and I am from Cincinnati, Ohio. Trying to figure this site out. Any help is much appreciated.
  13. Introduction and Backpage question

    Hi First I wanted to introduce myself as a new person to the group and a guy returning to the hobby after many years off. I have not booked anyone through Backpage at this point and was wondering what the experience has been with providers who advertise there. I get the feeling things can be rather hit or miss in terms of quality. Also, clients have their own safety concerns from law enforcement or getting ripped off. Anyone have any tips for which providers are good or bad, accurate pictures, etc? Thanks
  14. Anyone seen this girl? I love the video.
  15. I did this back in oct/ Nov 16 and he rip me off and I haven't look back. Always wonder if it was the way we met? Oppinion? I have moved on to single life again I have been a loner for 8 years. Lol and a provider so, well you know lol I have great friendships with clients. 👍🏻👍🏻💪💅💄. Works better for me.
  16. This is probably for new providers. The ladies who have been around for awhile are probably aware. When you register to vote all of the information becomes public record - Name, address, and phone #. If a anyone googles a phone number one of the first urls' listed contains all of the above mentioned information. Is what I am saying is use a different phone rather the one entered on the voter registration. You can get a good tracfone for $100 and the cards are not that much. Wish I would have thought of this when I would have registered. I would have left the phone # out or done the 9999999999 thing. Might cut down on all of the annoying phone calls you get around elections.
  17. 411 on Paige

    Paige/Jade 303-632-9863 Colorado Escort She has had posts on bp and other boards for quite awhile. Seems to have changed names from Jade to Paige. Same phone and pics. I cannot find any reviews. Anyone seen her? GFE?
  18. 411 on Ariana

    Ariana 442-237-0564 Colorado Escort Ariana seems to come through Denver and stay awhile. She looks to good to be true. I cannot find any reviews. Anyone seen her? GFE?
  19. 411 for KatieB

    Katie 775-990-3897 Colorado Escort Has anyone seen her. No reviews I could find. Thinking I would like if she comes through Denver again. GFE? Thanks
  20. 411 on Stella Fox

    Stella Fox 720-549-0551 Colorado Escort Has anyone seen Stella Fox. She has a TOB profile but no reviews. She also has posted localescortpages using the same pictures and phone # but as AYA. PM me if you have seen her. Thanks!!
  21. Crystal,Mya 725-266-2979 Colorado Escort These girls are bate and switch. Crystal was supposed to look like the picture below. Not anywhere close to this girl. Mya was even worse. I called them on it they grabbed my $400 and said they would be happy to call the police.
  22. 411 on Redd, COS?

    Redd 719-426-4486 Colorado Escort I have seen plenty of ads from her for quite some time now. I am wondering if anyone has seen her? Or has she switched her name within the past few years? Thanks in advance Cached ad link........... cached Ad BP Colorado Springs escorts June 10, 2016
  23. Kacey 719-231-3020 Colorado Escort Cannot find any review etc. anyone have some information to provide ?
  24. 411 on Jade

    Jade 832-970-8008 Colorado Escort Has anyone see her - did a bit of research ; found a lot more pics but no reviews. Anyone ever seen her? I have a feeling she's real but is she worth it?
  25. I found one TOB review. Anyone with more info? Thanks Cooper ____________________________________________________________- 602-281-0631 Alexxa Rayne cached Ad BP Colorado Springs Escorts cached Ad LiveEscorts NEW NUMBER 720.584.7713 / 720-584-7713 cached Ad BP Denver Escort Oct 21, 2015