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  1. Luscious Lily Tryst

    If you go back and read what I said, you will see that is not the case. I said: I do not usually TOFTT means that in this case, I am considering TOFTT, but, I need help determining if she is real or not. Then, I said, hey if someone wants to, that would be great, because it would be. However, the point of my post was that I am considering TOFTT, but, I need help with determining if this Texas girl is real or not. You can spin it how you like but, 'I do not usually' implies this time I am considering it. Thanks.
  2. Luscious Lily Tryst

    Some people seem to really like to see new girls and may have missed her since she does not post anywhere else, so, it was worth posting a 411. I didn't suggest it exactly, I just said it would be great if it occurred. I used to be more willing to take a chance before SESTA but the LE concern now is greater for an ad from a visiting girl than from a local. An LE ad for a girl from out of state could lead to trafficking charges of some kind not just prostitution which is serious shit so I was primarily asking if anyone could find anything more about her. I am not very familiar with the scene in Texas. I was not asking anybody to take a risk. However, some people, and I could name a couple names but I will not, seem to really like to find and review new girls of this age category, so, I tossed it out. I primarily seek information if anyone can find some however.
  3. Luscious Lily 469-436-0344 Colorado Companion I found this provider on Tryst. She is from Texas. She is visiting Denver. I searched for her photos on Google and found no matches. I searched for any ads or reviews from Texas or anywhere, and there are none I can locate, aside from Tryst. I texted her to ask. She says she is unaware of any reviews of her, and she is not on P411, but would like to be. She also said she has never posted anywhere other than Tryst, which strikes me a bit odd, but I am not sure if it is suspicious or not. I do not usually TOFTT so I almost just passed but, she is very beautiful and her photos seem normal and real, I thought I would ask for assistance. Any info would be great, or, if someone wants to TOFTT and write a review and possibly ref her into P411, that would be great too. She told me she has had little interest since arriving for her week long visit and probably will not return, so if anyone wants to give her a review that brings her local cred and biz she may change her mind, but Idk if I can TOFTT without a bit more assurance she is real. Thanks.
  4. general question 411 generally this type of ad

    Thanks for the information here. I figured that was the case. I cannot help but wonder though the actual intent of an ad like this? I mean, if you saw an ad that said Barely Used 2020 Camaro, Single Retired Owner Recently Deceased, Must Go Quickly, $15,000 you might call the number, but if you see one that says Barely Used 2020 Camaro, Single Retired Owner Recently Deceased, Must Go Quickly, $600 you would have to be an idiot to call them. Obviously they want to rob you of $600 or steal your car during the test drive or something. No way anyone with a brain would even call the poster of the ad. That is how $30 offered on Skip strikes me, and really should be more than that. Either these ads rake in the dumbest fools in the history of humanity, or, I am missing something here. I am hoping someone here has tried calling or going to such a place at this general price and can share what happened.
  5. Atlasno 631-937-2413 Colorado Massage Hello, Any 411 info on this particular woman is certainly appreciated but I am coming in presuming this is a fake ad. But, I see them constantly. I just gave this girl as an example because I would particularly like her to be real, but, I am guessing it is a fake ad. I have been in the Colorado hobby for 15 years. I recall a day when $300 to $360 with a 22 year old was a regular thing. However, that has changed, and the norm I would say now is more like $400 or more, and perhaps $200 for FBSM. I do not have any experience at all with asian massage. With that in mind, when I see ads such as this I roll my eyes and go, sure. $30 for an hour? $150 for a full day? I mean, that cannot be a real thing. Can anyone tell me the story behind these ads? The ad even implies it is more than just a nuru massage, but, the prices are absurdly low, so low it seems nobody would ever believe it or call the number in the ad. So, the question to those with more experience with massage places, is, is this a scam being run to rake in idiots, or, am I way off and $30 for an hour of asian nuru is typical?
  6. Greetings

    Hello. I hope everyone is having a good day. Thanks.
  7. Anybody seen Jewels on STG ?

    I can provide a slight bit more info. I began contacting her last week, and she was in Denver... She seemed like an inexperienced but real from how she texted. A day later, texted she was in Fort Collins. I just so rarely see ladies who do not have reviews. At this time, the question is, is she real or is she robbing people? I have less experience there. I have been robbed twice though and it is shitty enough that I just figured I'd see if anybody here has seen this lady before or can find anything about her. I have done image searches and they only come back to her ads. That tells me nothing about her intent , so I am open to suggestions.
  8. Jewels 720-689-6926 Colorado Companion I generally avoid Skip except that I've found two girls there so far who were legit and not interested in joining ToB for some reason, like, against it actually. I am unsure why but, in any case, now I look there from time to time. There are so few ToB ladies here that are 21-22, usually only visiting ladies from Texas, so Skip is perhaps the best place to go for ladies that age. In any case, I tend to examine both pictures and wording of ads, and then text them and see their responses. If they bring up anything about wanting me to bring contraband or ask me to text them what I specifically want, , I figure they are probably cops and stop contacting them. If they act like robs I avoid also. If they seem concise and act like escorts, I may go see them. If the young lady meets my criteria, her photos all match each other, they all look like amateur self taken photos, they look like they are taken at different times, and the language of the ad seems in line. For some reason I still have not met her though. Does anyone have any further info on her? Thanks.
  9. 411 on Sadie

    No, I am absolutely not full of shit. She has told me, personally, that she "likes to make old pervs' families' know. " She told me that 35 is her line, older than that is "gross" for a 23 year old. These people defending her are ironically the very people she is libeling.
  10. 411 on Sadie

    I know her personally, I will say, she has indicated she puts effort into attempts to libel her older clients as P words for pursuing a girl her age. I'd stay well away.