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Found 25 results

  1. Massage Fort Collins

    Hi everyone. I’m looking for a massage therapist who gives quality service, and a sensual ending to go with It. Anyone know of a therapist In the Fort Collins area, that provides this type of massage?
  2. Actual Massage Skills?

    Any recommendations on providers who possess some actual massage skills? My lower back is stiff and really should not be.... Of course, my lower front is not.... and should be..... Any thoughts would be appreciated..... Vic
  3. Male in Golden looking for a good Nuru massage.
  4. There seems to be a large concentration of Chinese Massage Parlors in Casper and a few providers. For some reason a dearth in south eastern Wyoming. Is there a reason for that? They all seem to advertise that which they cannot deliver, Those of us who are a bit financially strapped, a FBSM at one for $100 is sometimes the best we can afford. But you usually do get a great massage and and some. These very nice ladies are nothing like those in their ads except the one I mentioned earlier at which I got a pleasant surprise.. It is a pity we do not have a category to accommodate that service.
  5. Brittany Colorado Massage Has anyone seen Brittany from Skipthegames? 970-509-5530
  6. various 303-900-5308 Colorado Companion Sorry if this has been covered but I couldn't find anything on it. There are tons of local phone numbers all advertising on Rub Ratings (among other sites) for incall to westminster and aurora. Ad format is always the same, fake pics, over the top offerings, but with a wide variety of local phone numbers. Texted a while ago and was told that incall was to an extended stay America. Pass. Now some ads are calling it the westminster house. Texted recently and was told it was indeed a house. I have no doubt that the women in the pictures won't be answering the door. Just wondering if anyone rolled the dice on it. And why so many different numbers? If it's one place they must have the own call center. Here's one example-
  7. Zella Luxe Colorado Massage Anyone familiar?
  8. Any providers that might be traveling through southern Colorado please contact me. Thanks, stay safe and stay healthy.
  9. couple massage ???

    Hi, A couple of days back a friend of mine recommended us to get a full body couples massage. My wife curiously asked me later in the night what couples massage was about, the discussion that night ended with me telling her that i will gift her a couple's massage. She nervously mentioned i only want a women to touch me. Since my wife is very nervous about this we are looking for one who would understand the nuances and get us a confirtable and memorable time. Can you guys recommend someone?
  10. I lived in China for awhile. It was easy to find a haircut from a pretty lady wearing a bit on the the skimpy clothing side, she'd be flirty with me, give me a long scalp massage (dry shampoo), and a shoulder/arm massage in the chair. The haircut service was way more enjoyable than anything I've ever found in the US. Does anyone know of a stylist like this? I know there are the knockout franchises and others like it. Though I don't think the do what I'm describing? I'm not sure, perhaps someone here has been and knows how it went, or has a person they recommend? I'm also a bit covid paranoid, so going into a place with 12 chairs and a lot of people doesn't seem that ideal. I basically want a girl next door, that does haircuts in her backyard / garage kind of thing, and she's flirty and gives a good massage may charges more. I know there was someone in Denver, that's a bit far from Longmont though. I'm looking more towards the Longmont/Boulder area. also, my haircut isn't difficult at all, it's basically a buzzcut, pretty difficult to mess up. I think most men haircuts are pretty easy, I did it myself a few times. Though I'm tired of that, and lonely to find a nurturing woman to pamper me and clean me up.
  11. Cinnimon 605-273-2155 Colorado Massage This lady has posted on skip the games. I was wondering if any of you from the eastern slope have met with her.
  12. I am a CMT but would love to know what makes a good massage GREAT!!?!
  13. Luna 719-281-8843 Colorado Massage I was wondering if anyone has been able to get a hold of a massage provider by the name of Luna in CO Springs. Recent phone as of early 2018 719-281-8843 previous 719-252-1265 Link:
  14. Most authentic Nuru in Colorado?

    I’m looking for an authentic Nuru experience — or something close to the real thing. Really, at the very least, would love a mutual shower experience followed by the body glide. Have seen a few providers who advertised Nuru, but it wasn’t even close to that. Any recommendations?
  15. Heading to Vegas in a few weeks and am wanting to get a 4 handed massage by a Female and Male. Any ideas on where to look and find this? Preferably in my hotel room, not interested in going to an AMP.
  16. NE Denver FBSM Recommendations

    I’m going to have some free time next week after work and am looking for FBSM recommendations in the nertheast Denver / Commerce City area. Thoughts?
  17. So I reached out to a massage therapist to see where she was exactly located up north. She did tell me which was greatly appreciated. During the conversation because she asked not to discuss particulars I stated I was checking with her clients to see if we would be a good fit. I was told not to bother her clients (2 reviewers) and that after the initial email I could ask her whatever I wanted. Seems that since TOB had to tighten things up, it keeps getting harder and harder to get answers from people. I do not feel I steeped over the line to see if she was good at her job! Have other been experiencing this?
  18. 307-370-2016 Wyoming Body Rubs Has anyone seen this massage provider in Cheyenne?
  19. Looking to share an office/ studio

    Hi All! Wondering if any lovely ladies would be interested in sharing their office or studio with me? Send me a PM! Thanks 😉
  20. Harmony 720-503-1690 Colorado Body Rubs Seems legit based on searching her name and phone number. Has anyone seen her? Thanks.
  21. Hi! Has anyone explored or taken an online class in Reiki, Massage Therepy or any other form of holistic/ natural medicine? If so, what was your experience? Feel free to PM me I'm looking for a good certification program for any of the above! Thanks!
  22. Hi there! New to this board, and somewhat to the community - though once upon a time I was a regular. It's been about 15 years since I have done any hobbying, as I met the girl of my dreams and we've had our fun together (and occasionally with others, but I hadn't felt the need to hobby). We have an upcoming anniversary, and a joke on my part on how we'd celebrate it led to her seriously suggesting the following scenario; We get a hotel room, possibly Mon Chalet, but more likely something far more upscale (either way, hopefully with a hot tub in the room). We find one or two providers we're both into, and who are willing able to fulfill all of this for us. We each get a decent massage - not a FBSM, but an actual massage (erotic is fine, but the intent is that it is on par with what we'd get from a CMT or similar masseuse); about 45 minutes to an hour each. After the massages, we have some fun for an hour or two (or maybe even a bit longer, depending on budget and rates and etc.) - nothing exceptionally kinky or fetishy is needed; just a good old fashioned ménage à trois or foursome, with fairly equal time spent pleasuring her and me. So now, I am out of touch as to who is good at what, and willing to do what. And she is only vaguely aware of the industry. So the first consideration is, who is out there who is willing and able to provide a high quality massage, and satisfy both halves of a couple? And what are your rates for doing so? I realize asking for two massages back to back is taxing, especially when followed by play time - which is one reason why we'd consider two providers. But then we have to find two providers both skilled in giving massage, willing to play with couples, and willing to play with each other (or at least work together while playing with the couple). Once we have a decent idea of who, if anyone, meets those criteria, then we have to decide who meets our personal preferences for looks. She has slightly different tastes in women than I do, another reason we'd consider two providers. But they're close enough we can usually find compromises; so that isn't a huge hurdle. Anyway, I did read the forum rules, and saw the whole no shilling, no advertising clauses. So if you can't answer my questions here, you can private message me. Even from other guys out there, if you know of a lady or two who you think would fit the bill. ...And, in case you're worried, once she and I pick one or two providers, she will be glad to handle most of the phone calls and emails to nail down the details, so you can be sure I am not some weird dude springing a surprise on his wife which will end up with you getting a bunch of hate from her. Or some weird dude with an imaginary wife or whatever. Besides which, she wants a sense of whomever we'll be meeting before we finalize anything, and so would prefer to have one or two phone calls before the event in any case.
  23. What the Deal with So'le message in Westminster? I have been there once before and they have great reviews. the service I had that day was awesome. Now every time I stop by the women through the PA system says that they are all booked up and that I have to make an appointment. I ask to make appointment and she says that they are all booked up rudely. I call and no one answers and the mail box is full. I went there yesterday and she asked if I had appointment and I lied and said yes. She than asked for a door code. What door code the fist time I got in there was none. How do you make an appointment at this place. Was I just lucky to get in the first time I went? Can anyone help out here.
  24. Jayla

    Hello all. Been seeing this girl in the body rub section for a while so I assume she isn't a complete flake. But unless I am typing it wrong I haven'ts seen a review on her. Wondering if she looks at all like the pictures and if the rub is worth it. Marcadimus
  25. I know most of us have seen the videos of a super hot nuru massage with Asa Akira. Im looking for a provider in Vegas that offers this service. I did some searching on this board but no luck. Any help would be appreciated. thanks