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  1. Blind Couple

    that's impressive.
  2. Enya

    I use to relate the song 'only time' with my horse Crickett that passed away when I was younger. made me cry everytime. such a beautiful song.
  3. Buc-Ees

    I'm glad you had such a good time with your grandson and his friend! sounds like a grand time. i miss my grandpa so much. moments to treasure
  4. Why is uber "better" than a taxi?

    Thank you dear! It’s great to see you too! I think the AI cars are so cool… just shows how much AI is becoming more relative in the modern world. Crazy to think about.
  5. Why is uber "better" than a taxi?

    Yup I feel safe riding with Uber / Lyft as well. The only thing I hated was the small talk. But I had one Uber where I could control the temperature/ noise before I got in. That was nice. How do y’all feel about these AI cars? Ever been in one? I wouldn’t mind giving it a try. What is the world becoming? So many technological advances!
  6. Why is uber "better" than a taxi?

    i don't drive. when i had extra money i would use uber / lyft. i would only need to wait like 5-10 minutes for a ride. you can reserve a ride for a later time if needed. adding stops to your ride is easy once you figure out how to use the apps. once i took a taxi once and i realized that it cost more than an uber / lyft. now they have ai cars that don't need drivers! crazy!
  7. Best place for sex toys

    Hustlers Hollywood in the Springs
  8. Moving forward / rediscovering myself

    I love vision boards ! thank you for reminding me (: I really want to get a bulletin board I can hang on my wall & make a collage board. I think that would be super cool ! I love the topic of our subconscious. I find it fascinating. I try to fill my mind up with good thoughts & focus on what I want & not what I don't want ! I've been trying to reprogram my mind for several years now. moving from a negative, blindsided point of view to a more positive & aware state of mind. your words are encouraging & your kindness goes a long way ! appreciate it much love<3
  9. Good Deeds

    I don't expect anything for helping others. We all could use a little help in this world ! I recently became a donor for UNICEF. I want to be a good caring citizen in this world & help others in need when I can ! If you expect something from someone for helping them then you are not coming from the heart but out of greed. Speaking in terms outside of sw because I do expect to get an allowance for that Outside of sw though, I appreciate those who are willing to give a helping hand for those in need.
  10. Moving forward / rediscovering myself

    I'm just happy I can focus completely on my health / self care sexually n spiritually ( now I'm celibate ) n know that I've had an intense wild past decade of my life finally closing a chapter knowing I gave it my best n not all things work ou I love " working ". I honestly feel like it's the only thing I'm good at ! It's been hard moving on from it. I'm still attached & I'll probably never get away from it. I'm pretty strict on my screening though so that has lowered my work drastically. If I am inactive on p411 for a month then they will shut down my profile ! I don't want that to happen. I've had that profile since 2013 & I just can't get myself to let it go. I'm on here for the occasional fun, it's not an everyday thing anymore. Parting ways is hard. I agree, it is sexyy ! This is such a sweet comment ! No question is stupid & I don't mind answering them ! I hope you are learning your way around here alright. -Xxxo-
  11. Moving forward / rediscovering myself

    you are a wonderful companion I really appreciate your kind words ! I think you are very beautiful ! I'm uploading all my photos from the beginning of me joining to TOB to now so I'm working up to the current ones ! I'm a bit chubby now but thank you ! -xxxo-
  12. Question for providers as well as gents.

    men who take safety precautions are HOT.
  13. Question for providers as well as gents.

    I want to be informed as much as possible & have safe sex ONLY. I was young when I started working & really didn't know any better. Being informed & making smart decisions is very important ! Shouldn't be having sex with guys who are okay with risky sex. Not worth putting your health at risk ! Stay safe.
  14. An educational article written about TOB

    yeah I better be careful what I post on the boards since people can come on here and write an article about us ! you live and you learn. it would be hard to rely on sw completely. been there and done that. Desperate times indeed. I feel so much relief knowing I don't have to survive off sw anymore ! I use to want to do it full time but it just didn't work out that way.