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  1. The difference

    I think the opposite. Curvy can be athletic like: Serena Williams or model like Ashley Graham BBW Melissa McCarthy Amber, I think all the ladies above are beautiful and sexy. I think the lines can be blurred btw curvy and BBW, but it's also in the eye of the beholder.
  2. Circus circus

    Circus Circus has the best Steak restaurant in Vegas, highly recommend. Have fun!
  3. ECCIE coming back????

    Colorado section is not up and running...yet. I cannot see my reviews. Texas reviews are showing, so maybe when CO is up and running, they will show.
  4. New to Site Hello Everyone

    Welcome Misty!
  5. Prefer shaved and a little hair is alright. If I see a gorilla salad, I'll have to pause on DATY.
  6. What do you enjoy with FBSM?

    That I don't have to 'drive' is the main reason I enjoy FBSM! It's nice to just lay down, relax, not think about too much and then flip over! (oooh weee!)
  7. Your First.....

    Like others have said, good to see you back Dance! Yes, I remember my first time and it was a lot more than I hoped for or expected. We still joke about it to this day!
  8. ECCIE coming back????

    According to a few ECCIE moderators, they are stating it's taking a little longer moving their servers out of the country, hence the delay. There are many rumors about it on Twitter and other sites, so like others have said, I too hope it's back up and running soon!
  9. New Business Names

    IB6 UB9 Always gets declined by DMV, but . . .
  10. Post Your Funnies

  11. Where Will You Discover Us?

    #TOB #P411 #Twitter and was told about a few more, but these are the sites I like best.
  12. new here

    Welcome to our little slice of the World Nina. I too echo what Audrey said about your name!
  13. What’s the first thing you notice?

    1A. - Smile (Mon, Wed & Fri) Eyes (Tue, Thu & Sat) 1B - Tits
  14. Happy Birthday Raine

    Happy Birthday Raine!
  15. Pornstar

    As others have stated porn star is pretty vague wording. If you're on P411, they have a search feature for Amateur & Professional porn stars. Currently, eight are listed here in the State of Colorado.