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  1. Never forget

    Me too. Driving to work in the mountains and listening to morning radio, and thought they were joking. When they said the second tower was also hit, I pulled over on I-70 (with a lot of other drivers) listening in. Got to work and heard about the Pentagon. Got too work and boss said to go home. We had many partners and customers in NYC and trying to contact them to make sure they were alright, but of course, the phone lines were overworked. #neverforget
  2. Retirement Announcement

    Best wishes to you Elle!
  3. Already July? Damn

    I too was going to the Bay Area in April and Charlotte last month. The only other thing I really miss is being social around close friends at bars and restaurants, or even on my back deck.
  4. Reaching for the Lamp

    Wasn't she reaching for the lamp on the other side of the bed?
  5. Members you miss

    Mona Monroe, Mona Talbot, Naomi Michael, Destiny, Velvet, Jill Roberts, Soaren and a few UTR ladies!
  6. If you won the Powerball?

    I have a list of the Top 100 golf courses to play in the World and in the US. I've played 17 in the US. Depending on the size of the Powerball (I know that sounds bad), but if it were nine digits, I would want to play the remaining 83 courses and possibly take a crack at all 100 in the World. Definitely mix in playtime wherever I was!
  7. Favorite position

    @Bit Banger I think Audrey is referring to being number one in life or everything she does, not necessarily a sexual position. To the OP, it really depends on the lady. A nice ass, RCG and K9 are always fun, big breast, CG is enjoyable.
  8. When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time! ~Maya Angelou I too agree with the others who've stated let the reviews stay up. I remember a particular provider in the past told me she would short guys their time and didn't care about bad reviews as she wasn't going to be in this for the long time. Pretty looks, great body and that's why some gents (her words) put up with her. Well, guess what? She took a little hiatus, came back and didn't really thrive because of past shitty service and behavior. @stevie-2249 is right regarding bad reviews. To me, it's very hard to write bad reviews unless as Bit said, it's an obvious danger situation or rip-off. Sometimes, two people just don't click, but sometimes, there's bad service / bad gents.
  9. He would have turned 17...

    A permanent solution for a temporary problem! @Mustang87 thank you for sharing your story and I too hope others find solace in your words and sites posted!
  10. Happy birthday Raine

    Happy birthday Raine, make it great!
  11. A happy birthday shout out to ...

    Lá breithe shona duit Jez agus é a dhéanamh go hiontach!
  12. Restaurants and to go orders

    Nono's Cafe - Littleton Hogback BBQ - Littleton Virgillio's Italian & Angelo's Italian - Littleton Torchy's Taco - multiple locations
  13. Happy Birthday Audrey Astor

    Happy belated birthday sexy one!
  14. Top 3 best gift ideas

    1. A repeat visit 2. A repeat visit 3. A repeat visit
  15. Best BBBJ in Denver

    I always thought the answer to the OP's question was 'the last one or few' I had?