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  1. Happy Birthday Kandi Apple

    Happy birthday gorgeous lady!
  2. How Many

    If one hasn't had a warning or dinged with points, their probably missing out on some fun! To the OP, I have read the rules, but probably need to review from time-to-time.
  3. Greatest movie scenes / quotes

    I like A Few Good Men quote the best. For pure silliness, I love this one from Billy Madison ....
  4. Killer B's

  5. Happy Birthday SophiaDeLaRue

    GUYS? Have you seen her Twitter feed? I'm sure she'll be happy with males or females spoiling her fine (and I'll throw in another fine) ass! Happy Birthday Sophia, make it great!
  6. Thigh highs or pantyhose !

  7. Most Walkable/ Picturesque Neighborhoods

    Depends on what you mean by picturesque? 7th Avenue between Colorado Blvd and Josephine are beautiful.
  8. Who would you bring back?

    In no particular order - Christina of Denver, Jae, Tabitha Grey, Alia Violet, Lady Raquelle and Cristal Geyser. Great thread. One thing I've learned is if you'd like to see a lady, you better see her sooner than later, or you'll be contributing names like we're doing.
  9. Favorite Hiking trails

    I'm in Grand Junction this weekend and a few of us hiked some trails on the Grand Mesa. They were short trails, but several hundred feet of elevation changes. Breathtaking views too!
  10. I want to say hi to everyone in Denver

    Welcome to Colorado and TOB!
  11. Shopping questions

    I know you mentioned brick & mortar local locations, but thrift, ARC, Habitat are probably better options. Online stores are good. I use Wayfair and RetailMeNot for options.
  12. TER is back up and running

    Yes, I knew this. I guess I should've said back using a web browser.
  13. TER is back up and running

    I'm never one to promote one site on another, but looks like another review board has been added back to the scene. Say what you want to about this site, but I think it's always a good thing to market and read/write reviews.
  14. Spell check

    Now, your really paying attention! I spelled your instead of you're. OK, I'll stop!