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  1. Visual turn ons

    Thick thighs and nice eyes!
  2. A little Help in the Highlands

    Agree with S3 about quantity of providers in downtown vs some neighborhoods. RiNo (River North) is pretty close to Highlands/North Denver too.
  3. fresh meat

    Wash your ass!
  4. An FBSM Ranking

    Number 1 ... the BEST ... ATF and others are all great marketing terms, but mean different things to different people. One could probably have the most reviews, but that doesn't translate to the BEST. That being said, I bet gents could come up with a consensus Top 10 list and somewhere, the top 3-5 ladies could/would/should be represented. Have fun compiling your list!
  5. Getting notified when a provider post an ad

    I was going to say mailing list or social media. Many ladies on Twitter for instance, post their touring schedules.
  6. New to TOB

    Welcome to TOB!
  7. I like getting my ass licked

  8. Deciding to walk.

    When a lady post their pics and stats, it's like a job resume, your going to highlight (embellish) your best features! Only the reviewer can decide how much embellishing they want to put up with. If it's your 'hot button' i agree, walk but at least explain WHY you walk to her or in a review. I know a few ladies who advertise their age 10 years less than what they really are. Age and weight seem to be the rwo biggest lies. For me, neither of these are my hot buttons, but I would definitely walk if a hot button of mine came into play.
  9. I miss you my favorite ASP.

    Mona 'Camel Toe' Monroe Lauren Alexa Cristal Geiser Jae Sinclair Janell Naomi Michaels, and I'm sure a few more!
  10. Songs by the dead

  11. New to the site

    Hello C-Bug, welcome to the wonderful world of TOB!
  12. How old are you guys?

    Might have been better in a poll vs open forum, but with the gents who posted their age (sans hooker math ages) I would've guessed the avg was over 55. Kudos to you pointymustache! I'm 53
  13. Favorite Christmas Songs

    For fun In seriousness Happy Holidays to All!
  14. Bars in Denver

    Mardi Gras, Denver Denver, NEO's, Gadgets, Thirsty's .... yes, our age is showing ... and we LOVE it!
  15. Significant Others

    Your questions not a bad question, it's just like Chrissy said. Some find it obtrusive while some want to know. When I started, I was curious as you, but after awhile, I really didn't care. The main reason is there's no need to share my situation, so I really don't want to know about theirs! I'm there to enjoy my allotted time!