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  1. Happy Birthday MileHi Jasmine

    Happy birthday Jasmine! Make it great!
  2. Happy Birthday Callie Vane!!

  3. Happy Birthday Audrey Astor

    Happy birthday pretty lady!
  4. Daylight Saving Time

  5. Pickup lines

    "I'd take two scoops of dat ass!"
  6. What is your Poison?

    I have not, but will give it a try!
  7. What is your Poison?

    1. Cabernet (Silver Oak) or similar 2. Beer margaritas made with any 100% agave tequila 3. Jameson
  8. Happy Birthday Laci French

    Happy pre/post and actual birthday sexy!
  9. Happy Titty Tuesday

    Wow, we can do this all seven days!
  10. Are there ever female participants?

    Please go on!
  11. Happy Titty Tuesday

    Dang it, that's what happens when you try to upload a pic from your phone vs laptop!
  12. Happy Titty Tuesday

  13. So, if you were a billionaire .....

    In Denver, rent out the top floor of the Ritz, have the ladies put their cell phones in a bag and have fun all night (and morning) long. Otherwise, rent a big ass yacht for the weekend, (cell phones secured) and have fun on the high seas!
  14. Who’s watching me

    Strategically placed mirrors are nice if you can't look into their eyes!
  15. Do we know?

    Guy is worth $6.6B. He not only went their once, he went twice! Maybe, she love him long time! Maybe, it's one helluva table shower!