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  1. The ass man

    I don't think there's a right or wrong answerto your question. Besides, ladies who provide MSOG, would give you the best of both front and back!
  2. New to this?

    So far, so good! Welcome to TOB!
  3. Is P411 dead?

    I renewed recently with no time restrictions in place. To the OP, I say the question lies in you. If you are active and like to see local and touring ladies (or you travel and play) P411 is a valuable resource. If you only play local, then you have to decide if it's warranted.
  4. Curious

    Took me six months to make the initial call almost 10 years ago. She was very active on CL and Sowet. Thought I did my research and was "pleasantly surprised" at one of the two MSOG. I'm happy to say she's still active these days, and we still laugh about it every time I see her.
  5. TOB Fantasy? I wonder

    Yes, besides socials, have had had several members at bars, dinners and golf. As shared above, this community brings us together, but we members also share outside interests. BTW, I'm always up for golf dates!
  6. Happy Birthday Francesca

    Happy birthday sexy
  7. Dog humor....


    I'm going to agree to disagree! We are starting to peak down dark hallways with this discussion. Believe me, I'm no choir boy, but if "stands' aren't taken, we can get into this type of behavior...and justify it!

    KC did release him after they found the facts. Unfortunately, I agree with Pinky, some team will justify he did bad in KC, but they'll be able to rehab him on their team. At least, he's not scheduled to play for the rest of the year being on the Commissioner's Exempt List. All being said, never, ever lay your hands on a lady....anytime....anyplace.....PERIOD!
  10. Happy Birthday, Hunter VanDyke

    Happy birthday pretty lady!
  11. New to Denver - Howdy from Texas!

    Welcome to our little corner of the world!
  12. Happy Birthday CaliRose

    Happy Birthday!
  13. The Homeless at Christmas

    Dance, thank you for what you are doing. ET, thanks for sharing your experiences (and service). I too feel we are a blessed country and tight knit community here at TOB, and a little extra disposable income this time a year is nice. Children's Hospital speaks to me since I had a son that was there years ago, over Christmas, and have and will continue to donate to them often over the course of the year. I never want to tell someone where they should donate, but PLEASE donate to where it speaks to you. Dance, I know many shelters need socks and kids coats, do you know of any other clothing items?
  14. Fwb

    Pfunk, you beat me to it! 😁 In that scenario, FWB quickly turns into Wives Who Won't F*ck Anymore .... WWWFA
  15. Happy Birthday BadBoy

    Happy belated birthday!