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  1. Immature Adults these days...

    I have to agree with the gents above. Your request is very reasonable, but if it doesn't confirm to what the lady wants, it doesn't matter how reasonable it is. Some ladies want to talk, some text, emails, deposits etc. It's up to gents to make the ladies feel comfortable in seeing them. If it doesn't work for you (or them), then move on, or wait until you have your day off and see if she's available.
  2. FishnDude

    So sad to hear this, he's always been so helpful in and out of this world!
  3. Depends on what you mean 'High Profile'. Some ladies will show their faces while others do not due to their own comfort level. If you're referring to their number of reviews, one of the reasons (to me) they are high profile is that they know what they are doing with regards to screening, availability etc. There's always a chance that a provider can out you, but conversely, YOU could do the same, but more importantly, harm them in some way. This is supposed to be fun and if your spidey senses are tingling, maybe do more research on said lady/ies
  4. Do You Believe In Giving Second Chances

    @Savoir Faire in your scenario, there really isn't a second chance as neither provider saw the gent, just hearsay on why a session didn't take place. In general, I would say depends on why the original session didn't take place. If it truly was an accident (family emergency, touring provider/client not in town when they said they'd be) etc, I would say a second chance could be warranted.
  5. HOT or NOT

    If guy #1, #2, #1001 knew about it and either party discussed beforehand, I'd say it was roleplay. If they didn't know beforehand and the wife wasn't into it at all even with coaxing from hubby, it's awkward to me and I'd have to go in the NOT camp.
  6. Missed retired providers

    Thank you @Seeking ~P-1761 for chiming in! Also, forgot to mention Chloe Bloom
  7. Missed retired providers

    This topic has been discussed several times like here and here, but still brings back fond memories. Agree with @coolhand luke about Jae/Birdie and @geecue2 regarding Megan, Abigail and Justina. I'd like to add Lauren Alexis, SophiaDDD, Destiny, Melissa Sterling & Kyla Young. Ladies that moved away I miss are P of Denver and Naomi Michaels.
  8. Favorite Christmas Carol

    Mannheim Steamroller or Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Carol of the Bells
  9. To Review or not To Review

    I think most guys feel awkward about posting a negative review, but ... your post is actually a pretty good review of your experience. All that's missing is the ladies name. If she is an established provider she'll want to make it right, if what you say is true. If her perception/truth is different than yours, if posting a review is still an option, she'll have a chance to rebut like previously stated. Definitely appears communication was lacking on her part. The fact she reached out before your time together and then didn't respond until after you left would piss me off and would be tough for me to want to book with her again. To me, there's no benefit of posting a review.
  10. TOB Pet Peeves

    I'm a usually a pretty upbeat person so don't think I have many pet peeves. What I do see frequently is ... "Treat her with respect" as @BaldPilot said. "Sorry, No AA" You're not sorry, you just don't see AA guys. "I really don't want to write this review as I want to keep her to myself" If you really felt this way, (and she's in agreement) become a SD or put a ring on it "Age is X" and has been X for the past 10+ years "Guys who whine about giving too much of their personal information to providers who have over 100+ reviews" Are YOU going to be the person she decides to flip on vs the other gents she's seen for years? "Gents adamant about not paying deposits" Either pay them and see the lady or don't pay them and don't see the lady.
  11. Winterization Sprinkler Blowout

    I typically blow mine out last week of October, first week of November. It's easy since I'm on a hill near the foothills.
  12. Reputable Hobby Sites

    @SultryKitten very insightful and well written. To the OP, I think Samantha hit on most of the national sites, but there are several local sites that may yield results. I don't know them all, but others would include: ECCIE, TNABoard, EscortAlligator, OurHome2 and others. If you play locally, TOB, P411 and the national sites are probably best to peruse. If you travel, then find out what 'their' TOB board is. Good luck!
  13. Question for providers as well as gents.

    It doesn't bother me if a lady is CBJ or BBBJ if I really want to see her. I get tested often since I'm in healthcare.
  14. Ummm. Uhhh…Aaa…Ok…

  15. One of the main reasons I love TOB reviews vs other boards is ladies can always rebut a review. I'm glad @Kaduk linked the rules of a 'no visit review'.