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  1. Top 3 best gift ideas

    1. A repeat visit 2. A repeat visit 3. A repeat visit
  2. Best BBBJ in Denver

    I always thought the answer to the OP's question was 'the last one or few' I had?
  3. Big Brother Is Watching

    Am I worried? Short answer....No! Long answer.....No! If LE really wants to catch you, they will. This is just another step in technology to capture real criminals, not consenting adults! At least this is my take.
  4. Escorts at strip clubs

    Welcome back mtmoves!
  5. Every time she starts trending on Twitter, most people get nervous, but today she turns 98! It's so good we have a living legend who's still at the top of her game! Happy Birthday Ms. White!
  6. Haven't we all....

    This FANTASY world we delve in from time-to-time is the most intimate of intimate business transaction. I think having an SO at home to satisfy a lot of emotional needs vs seeing a provider to satisfy physical needs is the key, at least it is for me. I love to flirt from time to time, but know that at this point of my life, this is a fantasy world I can plug into and out of. I choose to live in the real world and that's how I compartmentalize the difference!
  7. Sybian

    If $1300 is too taxing, you can try this poor man's version for a lot less! Good luck!
  8. Happy Birthday Megan Marie!

  9. Favorite holiday song

    This Christmas by The Temptations
  10. P411

    Always a good reminder to see ladies NOW vs waiting for the future. Every now and then, some of them return like a few did this year. As others have stated, unless the ladies ask to remove their accounts or YOU delete the OK, they should be active.
  11. Pimps

    To the OP, I know your question is rhetorical, however: A. I don't think you'd get any pimped ladies to come into this thread and explain why they 'enjoy' or are 'forced' into this lifestyle, and B. Any pimps to explain the benefits to the services they provide As for influencing ladies, @COclimber for the record, not ALL pimps are males!
  12. What are your hobbies out side the hobby?

    Golf, sports weekend warrior, Golf!
  13. When money talks

    ^^^^ THIS is probably the most accurate statement of all. If ALL ladies needed the hobby to survive, then supply/demand curve would be applicable. Since this isn't always the case and some ladies want to play a few times a week, they charge what they want at the rate they want for what they want. I remember chatting with one lady who only wanted to play three times a week. Her rate was $$$, she bumped to $$$$$, was still too busy and settled at $$$$$$$$. She was not a spinner but felt comfortable with her three times a week dalliance. To the OP, charge what YOU feel you need per week/month based on YOUR set of criteria.
  14. Interactions with providers in public

    I went to visit a provider recently, saw one in the lobby, and another rode up to the same floor I was visiting. I've never seen the other two before, but I just smiled and nodded. Do not under ANY CIRCUMSTANCE call her by her provider name in public. Just smile and nod.
  15. Happy Birthday Brooklynne

    Happy birthday pretty lady!