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  1. Goodbye Aretha, the Queen of Soul

    So many great songs and memories of her and Motown in general growing up!
  2. The quarterly geography refresher course

    Pinkie, you're right about geography pertaining to DTC. No offense to gents who have to travel outside the metro area, but geez, Louise, are you guys making appointments between 6am - 8:30am or 4:30pm - 6pm? I travel pretty much all day in my car, and yes, Denver traffic can sometimes be bad, especially for those of us who grew up here. But I-25, I-70, Parker Road, Arapahoe Road , Church Ranch and others, are pretty easy to navigate during non-peak times. Schedule during these times and traffic won't be an issue ...jmo
  3. Summer penis

    Why am i picturing a huge influx of hair dryers being sold after reading this article? 😎😎
  4. Question About Excuses.

    S3, if he made time to book the appointment, he could easily make time to cancel...and stay in your good graces! I'm sure there are other common lies you ladies hear, but the car accident is crazy. Have him take a pic of the accident right away with his phone and send to you. If he had a doctor's appointment or some other important meeting, he'd make sure somehow, the receiving party will know he'll be late, needs to reschedule or cancel. If it's a broken phone, I'm not sure how this could happen. I did forget my phone once, but luckily, i remembered the number and location and called from another phone. As others stated, it's really about respect. What sucks is one of the lame excuses will actually happen to a good guy, and It'll seem like he cried wolf.
  5. Happy Birthday Airamerica

    May you have many, many more!
  6. Alien Luvin

    Jeri Ryan, aka 7 of 9 ...and just about any lady Captain James T Kirk bedded in the original Star Trek series
  7. Hey guys

    Welcome to TOB!
  8. P411 changes 2019

    I'm not going to blow smoke up Gina's skirt, but she seems like a pretty intelligent lady that always has some sort of plan. P411 (I believe) will still be around, but even if not, other boards will fill the void. Who knew about Switter and OH2 before SESTA/FOSTA?
  9. Favorite summertime beverage

    Arnold Palmer's all day long!
  10. Ultra-high-end

    Why are Bugatti's, G6, Ritz-Carlton's still around and thriving? Because, there is a market for people who believe these just aren't autos, airline or hotels. They see value in them, although, you can drive any car, fly any plane or stay in any hotel and yield the same results.

    Wow, thank you my good man! I had a lot of help from several ladies, but the two gents who I've admired when I started were Bit Banger and PFunk
  12. How do you typically handle negative reviews

    I thought one of the best features of TOB versus other boards is that ladies can rebut their own reviews. This way, the lady has the final say in her reviews. Since you now can't add any notes, rest of story etc to current reviews, you can only put Yes, No or So So. Anytime you leave a NO review (to me) it depends on the provider on how she'll respond. If she's well reviewed, then it could be no chemistry. If she's new, could be a myriad of issues. One bad review (to me) cannot hurt any ladies business (even by a respected reviewer). If there are a slew of NO reviews, then the spidey-senses should tingle.
  13. The difference

    I think the opposite. Curvy can be athletic like: Serena Williams or model like Ashley Graham BBW Melissa McCarthy Amber, I think all the ladies above are beautiful and sexy. I think the lines can be blurred btw curvy and BBW, but it's also in the eye of the beholder.
  14. Circus circus

    Circus Circus has the best Steak restaurant in Vegas, highly recommend. Have fun!
  15. ECCIE coming back????

    Colorado section is not up and running...yet. I cannot see my reviews. Texas reviews are showing, so maybe when CO is up and running, they will show.