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  1. I missed everyone

    Welcome back. I missed you post.
  2. Bad Day, Roll In the Hay?

    I like to give my best friend a bath, clip his nails and take him to DQ. He loves that place.
  3. Hi TOB let me introduce myself

    Welcome to the board.
  4. newbie starting out on TOB

    Welcome to the board. And play safe.
  5. I'm always horny

    Yes!! AHnd then some.
  6. Hi there TOB

    Welcome and enjoy.
  7. Hello Denver!!!!

  8. How is this possible?

    Just one crazy.
  9. Cail

    He's a slew lorner.
  10. How is this possible?

    She's not looking for clients, she's looking for victims.
  11. Just wondering question

    Me too,
  12. Summer penis

    Just buy Goodyears "all season radial rubbers". Good year round.
  13. Would you be offended

    I just go with the flow. As long as she doesn't try to make me eat liver, pees or sweet potatoes, I'm good.
  14. Vara Faye fake

    Now that's how it's supposed to work. Great catch.