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    Ladies with spunk, old cars and my dog.
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    As good once as i ever was.
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    Can't afford one.
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  1. Selective Providing....

    F him. You deserve and should demand respect. Simple as that.
  2. New here Texas girl

    Welcome to Denver.
  3. 411 on Avalon BP

    Some of the pics were used by a provider going by Apalonia.
  4. It just makes me sad. Don't ask me why, it just does.
  5. Just Saying Hello

    Welcome to Colorado.
  6. a thanks

    As long as you did your best for him while he was here, you should have no regrets. Best wiahes to you and yours.
  7. I grew up on a farm in Kentucky. Kinda makes me homesick. Like fresh cut hay.
  8. Interaction on the board can only improve your chances of meeting new friends.
  9. New to TOB

    Welcome. Stay safe.
  10. Kickstarter fund for TOFTT

    $50. if I can watch Laci and Malissa.
  11. Kickstarter fund for TOFTT

    Viewer discretion is advised!!!
  12. Animal Totem

    Badger aI think.
  13. Like the ladies have never seen a small penis. Please!!!!!