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  1. Sexiest Colorado weather person..go...

    Loren Whitney. 4News.
  2. Balls really are tasty

    I guess monkey brains are off the menu as well.
  3. Knowing her real name

    Shit, played again.
  4. Knowing her real name

  5. Knowing her real name

    See now. I feel closer all ready.
  6. Knowing her real name

    Are you telling me that you ladies aren't using your real names!!! This is bullshit!! What the fuck happened to trust!! I thought we were a family, god dam it!!! That really hurts. I can feel my heart breaking. Anyone got a tissue.
  7. Hi everyone! I'm back in the forums!

    Welcome back beautiful.
  8. Halloween costume

    Whipped cream.

    In front if possible, but not a must.
  10. Greetings

    Welcome to the board.
  11. Greatest movie scenes / quotes

    When you hate, the only person that suffers is you because most of the people you hate don't know it and the rest don't care. Medgar Evers
  12. What is Your Must See TV Shows

    Reminds me of Red Skelton.
  13. Similar Names

    Me too!!!
  14. Happy Birthday SophiaDeLaRue

    Happy Birthday!
  15. EROS?

    Never used them before but there are ladies on this board that have adds there.