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  1. Give the body back, you're getting it all wrinkled!!!
  2. Doggo Style...

    Is bondage with a gator, a fetish or a extra?
  3. Be kind, you never know what one is going through.

    Just say, "compared to what?"
  4. Spicy or sweet?

    Wet and nasty will work.
  5. Zombie or Alien?

    zombie blowjobs are great! No teeth.
  6. hello im new

    Welcome and have fun.
  7. Sooo Slowwww

    Nope! I hate shaving my legs and back.
  8. New Member, Older Gent

    I think she's retired.
  9. What do we need for the big one?

    Tater soup, crackers, Hershey bars, chocolate chip cookies, milk and extra TP.
  10. Happy Birthday Laci French

    Happy Birthday Laci.
  11. Old tv shows! What are you re watching

    Hogans Heroes, Rifleman, BaaBaa Black Sheep, and Wanted Daed or Alive.
  12. I Love You So Much!!!!

    I ment, chili and skittle and yes.
  13. What makes a good lover? Thoughts from all

    Bill shit! Ask her her weihgt and she gets amnesis.
  14. I Love You So Much!!!!

    Chili and Slittles.
  15. Born to Be Wild...