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    Ladies with spunk, old cars and my dog.
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    As good once as i ever was.
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    State of Confusion
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    Can't afford one.
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    Going the distance

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  1. Diamond4488

    Welcome and have fun.
  2. Does anyone do belly dancing?

    I guess that would be a way to make ya scream and talk dirty. Not sure if in a good way though.
  3. Does anyone do belly dancing?

    I do if the lights are off.
  4. Thank you!

    Have a great time and stay safe.
  5. Who is your favorite basketball team?

    The Harlem Globetrotters.
  6. Hello all you wonderful TOB people!

    Welcome back.
  7. Are very long fingernails sexy?

    Manacured are good, it's the hairy nuckels I have a problen with.
  8. Its a heartache, nothing but a heartache

    Beats what I was told. " It's always darkest before it goes totally black" .
  9. A little Help in the Highlands

    I'm not sure you want to know.
  10. I am a Golden God

    I think i love you.
  11. Its a heartache, nothing but a heartache

    You should put that in a song.
  12. Do you think?

    The cream always rises to the top. AKA Denver.
  13. Longest Orgasm: 30 Minutes

    That explaines why thayer always laying in the mud. Got to cool the old nuts down
  14. Super new here.

  15. Visual turn ons