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  1. Getting bumped out of your scheduled visit

    If you search this board, you’ll see that most men don’t like to visit during 11. Gross Also, the reason I don’t hold dates when sick, is out of respect for my date. I don’t want to get him sick or have him take home an illness to his family. If I had to choose between 11 and 12 or go to work, have fun and make money, I’d choose the latter. Although I can count on 1 hand how many times I’ve had to cancel.
  2. Favorite Hiking trails

    I second Rocky Mountain National Park. Pack a nice picnic, and make is as relaxing or exerting as you like. You can take the pups too! There are great photo ops there as well.
  3. How Old is too Old?

    First of all you are beautiful and fun! Second, as long as there are young men in the hobby older providers will have a thriving business. Third, as long as there are men in the hobby that are looking for a slow, sensual experience as opposed to feeding their ego, older providers will thrive. I say it’s all good!
  4. How Old is too Old?

    She deserves a blue ribbon!
  5. Question about Prescreening

    For situations like yours, pre-screening is great. It allows all of the boring stuff to get out of the way for when you’re ready for the fun stuff. That being said.... I can’t tell you how many requests I have had for pre-screening I have had from travelers, or guys that “ don’t have the time right now”, who continuously put up other reviews. That does make it feel like I took time out to pre-screen for nothing. It’s all good though. If you have genuine intentions, continue to do it. ;-)
  6. Real men of the forum...

    Things are pretty tough right now. It’s nice to know that some of you guys really are still sweet. I’ve never expected anything to be given to me, however I have donated to a few ladies in need whom I’ve never even met. I guess that’s just what our little community does. ;-)
  7. Thank you!

    Well, I’ll take my points too then. Laci is truly a team player. She looks out for us ladies and clients alike. I’ve made so many wonderful connections because of her.
  8. Own Who You Are

    You didn’t used to be grouchy. Maybe get laid.😀
  9. Own Who You Are

    You learn to develop a tough skin in this business. I think the majority of us have quite a bit of confidence. And thanks to guys like @airamericavet65, it just grows. A lot of the mature ladies are too busy to sweat the small stuff too. Here's to the wonderful gentlemen
  10. Hello all

    Welcome sweetie, and have fun!
  11. Constructive Criticism

    Part of the problem is that folks are not always truthful about the smoking question. IJS... it bothers me too, and I can pretty much always tell. I do have a friend who smokes, that I enjoy who is so clean, that I can’t tell. Her kisses are sweet and fresh. A good tongue brush, hair washing and Listerine strips do wonders.
  12. I’ve done it. It’s easy and convenient. I’ve only done it for folks I trust though. Just as an FYI you can gift anonymously (giver and Receiver) with Amazon. That works great for deposits.
  13. An Introduction

    Welcome and have fun!
  14. 3s Company?

    What if we have a friend over?
  15. Shopping questions

    I have a bunch of stuff. Lol. Need a sofa?