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  1. If TOB shuts down right now...

    What the hell are we going to read all day???
  2. Diamond4488

    Welcome! Have fun!
  3. More beating of the dead horse

    Wow, that is really disheartening to read. I'm sorry you have had some stike-outs. I don't know of any ladies who perpetuate that behavior, so I don't have any good advice to give you other than what the other respondants have said. It's sad that the world in general has become so flakey. I have huge time constaints as well, so when I book, I don't take it lightly. Why ruin someone's day by giving them the run around? Canceling should be rare, no call no shows should be in an extreme emergency. Seriously.... how often does an etreme emergency really happen? It's just common respect. I had to cancel a morning appointment not too long ago, which is very rare, and still feel bad to this day. That is usually followed up by a steep discount, but I don't expect that to just make everything better. Hopefully your luck will improve as there really are a bunch of great ladies here.
  4. Good vibes...

    Oh no, I hope you have a speedy recovery.
  5. Is Denver overated ?

    Hmmmmm..... you don't say? I have to say that I looked at your reviews, and I only recognized one provider's name. That leads me to believe that you have seen traveling ladies (not from Denver) and/or "fly by night ladies". So I'm not sure what you are comparing when you say " rates are a bit high for what you get". Are you talking about types of ladies or services offered?
  6. Fear Of Screening..?

    It's more of a yes, I saw him, he was safe, on time, and clean----or some variation. It is not OMG, he has the smallest pee pee, or he wore Spongebob boxers. We don't get into intimate details.
  7. Your worst nightmare...

    knowing CPR is probably a must for us providers. I know that had I been in Lovebug's situation, you are the provider that I would want to have with me. I'm sure you handled it with compassion and expertise. xo
  8. I Failed!

    I bet he had a fantastic time anyhow. It happens.... I'm sure it was nothing to do with you.
  9. Hot Springs

    Yes they do, and they’re awesome. They’re actually pretty romantic. I think there are showers in there as well.
  10. Happy birthday Laci

    Happy birthday beautiful!
  11. Get some happy flowing.

    Had some really good meetings this week, lots of family time, and just had the best laugh of the week reading CandiO's post.
  12. RIP

  13. No TF Games

    Yes, some bozo filled out the reservations form on my website filling in the fields with the services (SEO, Web-design etc.). WTF??? lol It's so aggravating to stop and have to look at that crap thinking that it's a real client.
  14. Not feeling it.

    Maybe you just didn't feel any sexual attraction. That can happen, but most of the time all works out well in my experience. The only advice I can offer is to really pay attention to board presence (if there is one), ads, website and reviews to try to determine your compatability ahead of time. I like to compare this to massage often. Sometime we will link up with someone that totally rocks our world, and sometimes it will be just an average massage, but nonetheless, we did get the service. Have fun, and try to focus on the girl as a person instead of a menu (not saying you did that), but the guys that study and pick a lady without any pre-conceived expectations seem to have the most fun.
  15. Are very long fingernails sexy?

    I prefer very short, and manicured. The pictures you show are very pretty though.