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  1. Do BJ's cure colds?

    Sounds logical to me 🤷‍♀️
  2. It always strikes me...

    I think a lot of guys have good intentions of writing reviews and time gets away (that happens to all of us). Then again, some guys don't write reviews, because they did not have a good time, don't want to hurt someone's feelings, and don't want to suffer backlash. So....once you are finding these gems, I hope you are writing reviews to contribute. Some think that once a lady has so many reviews, there is no sense writing more, but new reviews always help as far as new dates. Some ladies prefer not to be reviewed, so keep that in mind too.
  3. Wanna play a game??

    ...wet dreams
  4. Last Minute Cancellation

    That’s true... sometimes after shenanigans, you lose the attraction. Thats why in an earlier post, I commented that stuff does happen, we’re human. Does it happen as often as excuses are being made? NO! (On both sides) We’ve become a complacent flakey society as a whole. I know how disappointed, I am when I’m looking forward to an event and it’s canceled. Booooo! I know one time I canceled, my little was in the hospital, and my mind was elsewhere. I felt like the biggest jerk. In my dealings with the op, I would say it was a real thing and not a spur of the moment, “I don’t feel like it”. :-). Gosh we never get tired of this topic.🤭
  5. Last Minute Cancellation

    I offer 50% off on the rescheduled time. You feel so bad, because it's not your norm. I felt horrible when it happened to me too.
  6. All these fucking guys playing games. Ya. On tob go figure

    Well, I guess I’m a “bitch talking shit”. I can count on one hand how many shitty guys I’ve met from TOB. I can’t however count how many WONDERFUL guys I’ve met. If you’re having that many NCNS and shitty guys, then perhaps you should look at your marketing, attitude and screening. If you need some help with marketing or screening, I’ll help. I can’t change your attitude though. Hopefully things get better for you.
  7. A big thank you to the boys and girls of TOB.

    We just adore you too! I absolutely agree with your sentiments.💕😘
  8. How much is too much

    Yes, Owl you’re correct, and we appreciate that. And I even agree with you AsianLover. I got shot down though. If a guy is not willing to join and go through protocol, he’s more than likely a time waster. I don’t see a lot of benefit of having anyone and everyone on here reading, then immediately dialing or texting. However others think that will impact business. I’d rather not have the headache of dealing with 300 wasteful inquiries just to get 1 viable meeting.🙄
  9. Yes I like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rainI'm not much into health food, I am into champagneI've got to meet you by tomorrow noonAnd cut through all this red-tapeAt a bar called O'Malley'sWhere we'll plan our escapeRead more:
  10. private or hotel

    I REST MY CASE.😂🤣😂. If this is your biggest problem that you want to continue to rehash with sarcasm and obstinance, you’re doing well in life. At any rate, I stand by my comments including “sounds not very fun”. You’ve received lots of information here to make an informed choice. I do wish you the best.👌
  11. No AA?

    You've been around since 2015. Surely you have seen at least a few of the 100's of threads on this topic. Bottom line, everyone has their preferences for their reasons. You may not want to see blonde ladies. It is all a preference. Do you really want to see someone that is not comfortable with you or will not have a good time? For every lady that does not want to see AA, there are 3 that will. Denver is a mini Dallas now. It is OVER SATURATED with ladies. Just pick another one out of the 1000's available. Best wishes
  12. private or hotel

    Your posts did not come across as rude. They did come off as combative and argumentative. So to BB's point, it makes you sound not very fun, and like scheduling with you would be a nightmare. I'm not saying that is true, it's just the vibe that we as people who have actually been at this for while are getting. FWIW---- I have a very nice discrete private incall that is used only for this. That is my preference. However when touring, I often use a hotel. A well reviewed lady with her head on straight that has been around for a bit, knows how to mitigate the risks for visitors. Take that however you'd like.
  13. Great day for homemade chili

    Don't go to Wyoming then. Their seasons are Windy, Very Windy, OMG hold on, and it's fu**ing WINDY
  14. Is common courtesy like common sense now?

    So, I vote that BadBoy holds an " Intro to Hobbyist Communication" course and "Remedial Hobbyist Communication" course that is mandatory for all hobbyist before any additional dates may be arranged
  15. Well that killed the mood!

    Maybe if you put your secret endorsement on it, and make this one a sticky Boink. I bet that will work, you're right.