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  1. Warm drinks for snowy days?

    It’s not hot, but I love Rumchata with cinnamon whiskey when it’s cold.
  2. Advance Planning Mistakes?

    The more notice, the better. It never hurts to follow up with a confirmation a week out, day prior etc. (if the provider does not do so first).
  3. Stood up too many times

    Wow, sorry this is happening. Do you actually have confirmed appointments in place? It's difficult to determine if it is who you are choosing without reviews. I guess I would use reviews and advice from your piers as to who you may be able to contact who will not only make you comfy, but not cancel on you.
  4. Hose and Heels?

    Always have them on for my dates unless requested otherwise. They make me feel sexy!
  5. Just Wrong!

    I understand your view. However... It's pretty much just treating folks the way that you would like to be treated. Although this is an "underground" sort of thing, it does not negate behaving appropriately and with manners. Also since he seems to know his way around, he should know that behavior was not appropriate. As we've discussed many times unavoidable "things" do happen. On my end, I'll offer a discount next visit if I have to cancel. Chrissy counted on this meeting, so I'm sure she prepped, did not accept other meetings etc. Gosh, it may be the same guy that writes reviews, and constantly contacts me asking for specials. So crass....
  6. Expectations for Incall Necessities

    The reason I prefer to be on my own turf is because It's comfortable. I have been out to some dates, where beverages were not offered, no music, the cleanliness of linens and surroundings were very questionable, and I didn't dare ask for towels or soap (there weren't any). If I go to see an attorney, and his office is a mess, smells funky, is in a questionable area, why would I hire him/her? It says to me that they don't really care about their business. This is my job, and first impressions last. Have a clean place, (not cluttered, no animal hair, no smells)a decent area of town, furniture that is clean and inviting,clean linens every date, romantic lighting, some fun toys to share, a variety of beverages, nice stemware,a variety and quality supplies, a nice music center, clean bathroom, fluffy quality towels, non-scented soaps, lotions, mouthwash. How hard is it? It's difficult for me to get in the mood when my surroundings are off or uncomfortable.
  7. Zodiac Signs

    Me too! I love intamacy with Gemini and Scorpio men, but they are horrible relationships.
  8. Mexican food

    That sounds like an invite!😁
  9. What is your dream vacation?

  10. Infatuation…

    Ask me! Lol Most of us are very independent. I know for me I’d want to contribute financially and use my noggin, but my true passion is my man, my home and his tummy. My point really was that most men can’t /or won’t offer to take the lady “out of the game, so the point it’s fairly irrelevant.
  11. Infatuation…

    Dating in this business usually does not work. It’s nit that we don’t want it to work. The simple fact of the matter is that while it’s fun it’s still our “work”. Like Laci said, we love a lot of you guys. It’s different than being in love. Those that have gotten burned or hurt need to ask yourselves if you’re willing and able to take us out if the game. It’s diffucult for some of us to be intimate in our work, and in love with someone at home. I may come across harsh, but I will never lead someone on.
  12. Which path are you on

    Purgatory, I suppose.
  13. 411 on 310-795-7905

    Not to unnecessarily bump this thread, but..... I just received a call from this number inquiring to my availability this evening. I'm not implying it's management, but something is amiss.
  14. Discretion is paramount

    Well take it with a grain of salt. Did you ever play the telephone game in grade school? This is much like that! I don't want to hear it from other gents or ladies. Often it has some crazy ass spin on it, and I'm much too busy.