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    I think we all can express our own limits,comforts, and choices while not condemning others for theirs. I can honestly say that in a decade of kissing, having fluids (cum,saliva) on my body and mouth, I’ve never contracted an illness. This does not make these activities safe/right for everyone. As adults, we should research, analyze risks, and make choices accordingly.

    I don’t have any “friends” that ask for help. I guess that’s good since I’m having a hard time helping my damn self.😂 As I stated in another thread, most if us have a little something to offer. I usually give to the homeless. I saw a lady out today, and it’s so hot. She was under a tree. Ugh I just gave her some water, and the cash I had. It’s not my business how she uses it. I gave it to her, as in it’s hers to use how she sees fit. It may not be how I would use it. I hope she’s ok. Makes me sad. 😢 I want to help the world. Things are so hard right now.
  3. Hard for me to type this..RIP Ryann

    I’m sorry that you’re dealing with this, and other F*ckrsrds in our own community doubting your word Hailey. Grief is such a tough emotion anyhow without this nonsense. If there is something I can do to close this out, please DM. Again, please accept my sincerest condolences.🩷🙏🩷

    All true… we’re all here for the same thing. Where we get it or advertise it doesn’t make any of us better or worse than others. There was a time not so long ago where the ad boards were down/ reorganizing, and/or going away, Never say never.😉

    I don’t mind step-mom role play at all, it’s a fun role play for me. The mom daughter scenario,, not so much. I guess we all have our limits.🤡😈

    They go after what brings revenue.😉

    Isn’t that the truth? I’m tired of getting my helping hand bit by crazy, belligerent entitled losers. I’ve got way too many stories.
  8. Content partner on the 29th

    I save them to send back to the next 🤡 that sends one
  9. Educating Clients Using This Platform

    I’ve said this many times; I’d love to have an informational sticky for folks to read and acknowledge some T&Cs or basic education on using the site prior to being able to peruse the listings. There could be some very basic terminology, (not incriminating acronyms), how to navigate the site, find a safe provider, open and READ ads, view reviews etc. I’m sure there are limitations with the laws implemented several years ago, but can be done.
  10. Etiquette question, booking

    I’m not sure how to say this eloquently… Why are you waiting for your window of opportunity to book? You should not have a problem pre-booking to see who you’d like. Select the provider, date, time, duration of visit, right? I’ve seen several threads on various venues where hobbyists are saying us ladies are “flaky”. 😂 The reason is that the person they want is not answering etc. PLAN AHEAD and have fun. So, who is the real flake? The guy that can’t get his shit together is the lake. You don’t just walk in for a dentist appt, hair appt, massage appt etc. Hell, we have to make an appointment to get your freaking oil changed these days. Are you guys avoiding booking ahead in hopes of not paying a deposit by doing same day? What gives? I rarely have immediate or in the hour availability. I don’t sit by my phone 24/7. Most of us have other jobs, caretakers, family commitments, travel etc. Someone told me they couldn’t plan ahead, because life is a “moving target” . Same buddy same! What that equates to is, “I’m an inconsiderate jerk who thinks I’m more important than you paltry escort.” The bottom line is this doesn’t need to be so difficult. I hope things improve for you love. Xoxo
  11. Provider or Client

    Yep, he’s still a bit of a pain. He knows that, but is fun, loyal and compensates very nicely for being a pill.😉
  12. Totally new

  13. No Show No Call

  14. Female condom

    They can definitely be cumbersome, but they do work great for some that don’t do well with constriction.
  15. father’s day ~

    Happy Father’s Day to all of you dads. 💙