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    New in the ASP world and having a ball! Looking forward to meeting new fun people!
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    Well besides the obvious; reading, poker, board games, cooking, shopping, family and friends
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  1. Truly Bi Providers?

    Try Elle Blake.
  2. Pacific Northwest

    Huge hobby area. P411 is also good. Have a great time!
  3. Snow

    Hmmmm.... whatcha doin tomorrow?😘
  4. Donation instead of tip?

    FWIW, most don’t tip, and it’s just fine. It does not affect service on my end. It’s not expected (this is an expensive) hobby. When you continue to come back; that’s better than a tip. ❤️😘🌹
  5. Donation instead of tip?

    I remember something like that as well. I agree with Gina. I tip my independent hairdresser, my nail people, my snow shoveler, even my babysitter. I don’t feel obligated, but truly enjoy their services, and I know that times are not easy or even comfortable economically in Colorado. I think most of us ladies are very generous and much involved with fundraising and supporting each other during tragedy as well as causes that are important to us. I would advise that if you are inclined to tip, pass it along to directly to the lady. I don’t mean to come off greedy, but expenses (if done correctly) are high, housing is astronomical etc. When I had a job, I was rewarded with a cash bonus based on yearly performance.
  6. Snow

    Oh you will honey. We will see you and some snow ⛄️ ❄️ next week. 😉
  7. Snow

    Awwwwe that is sweet! I’d bring my blower by for you as well.😘
  8. Top 3 best gift ideas

    It’s really sweet of you to ask. I think a good portion of us ladies are taking care of RL stuff and fams. I’m not doing extravagant outings, new hand bags etc. So what I am getting at, is even the smallest gestures, really mean a lot, and create a memory. I received the cutest most delicious little box of chocolates and remember that gentleman perfectly. 😘 1. New LV handbag 2. Sunglass Hut gc 3. Perry’s gc 4. Victoria’s Secret gc 5. Amazon gc
  9. Snow

    I don’t mind (it is Colorado). I could use a snow shoveling husband or roomie though. My driveway is HUGE.
  10. Best BBBJ in Denver

    I’m sure you have your own mental list.😂🤣😂
  11. Best BBBJ in Denver

    Really? I would say all of the ladies! You’re bound to like one😘
  12. Turned down by my looks-yikes!

    I don’t recall you being hideous. I think that’s very fickle, and not nice.
  13. Favorite Nipple

  14. Big Brother Is Watching

    This is the type of situation I would have avoided in the first place. Sometimes trying to be cute or economical is not the best. Thank gosh all of you were safe.
  15. Big Brother Is Watching

    You have to think strategically when choosing the location to hold meetings. It doesn’t take a genius or Rocket Scientist to know this. Choose ladies you trust, who behave intelligently, and who has the wits to protect not only themselves, but their potential clients. You might be surprised (or maybe not) to know who might be/is a ticking time bomb willing to risk not only themselves, but clients. Choose your lady and location carefully, think straight and you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.🤷‍♀️🤔🙄