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    New in the ASP world and having a ball! Looking forward to meeting new fun people!
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    Back in Denver Baby!
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    Well besides the obvious; reading, poker, board games, cooking, shopping, family and friends
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    hmmmm..... Entrepreneur

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  1. What do you think?

    Things are real tough in KC right now. If she’s highly reviewed, I bet she got paranoid. The fact that she gave you back 2/3 shows quality. I would have given it all , but.... Just be patient with us right now. We’re mostly all being extra cautious. Sorry, and I hope she does make it up to you. :-)
  2. Where the Fuckery Comes From

    I absolutely agree. This is my pet peeve, it’s damn rude and inconsiderate. For all we know Badboy procured a sitter, went to the barber and drove 90 minutes. It’s just rude. It’s not a cancel at the set appointment time, it’s a NCNS. I do the same as Hunter. After awhile the block just goes on. The few times, I’ve canceled were in I advance, and followed up with a nice incentive next visit. Nobody likes to have their time wasted or be disappointed. Imagine if there really were, that many car accidents, flat tires and call backs to work.🤣😂🤣
  3. What is your favorite TOB avatar?

    Oh my gosh, I just noticed average1’s avatar. Sooooooo cute!!! Which is your favorite avatar? (Sorry in advance if this is not allowed.)
  4. New to the hobby

    Welcome! I would definitely recommend a nice hike in Rocky Mountain National Park. It’s very beautiful and peaceful. :-)
  5. Brand New To The Forums!

    Welcome, and have fun!
  6. Pondering life and other random thoughts.....

    Welcome back! You gave me a good chuckle.😂
  7. Is there such a thing as too much sensuality when on a date? (Making out, Kissing neck, nibbling caressing)? Do you like it? Or do you want to take care of businesss and be on your way?
  8. Happy Birthday goodguy69

    Happy birthday 🎉🎊 sweetheart! Hope it’s a good day.🎂
  9. Do the ladies mind ?

    If I trust you, it doesn’t bother me. I have a fairly nice collection. Just bring a new one for me too. That being said, I don’t keep a weapon at my business, just because they can be a very permanent solution to a temporary problem. There was a tragedy in Greeley a few years back where a man was killed. we should start a TOB shooting club.
  10. What to do on this Saturday?

    Trying to get laid—— very unsuccessful. My ego is taking a hit.👿
  11. Other sites!

    Was it good inexpensive service, par for the price or what you might typically find on TOB? Some areas seem to really be on the STG hype, but it seems like it’s for a different clientele than my marketing attracts. I’d like to hear your insight. Glad you had good luck. 😍
  12. Other sites!

  13. The rap

    Hey Hoe, Hey Hoe, Hey Hoe Please don't gooooo
  14. Cutting The Cord!!!

    Go to the sports bar.
  15. Do you know of any profiles...

    There is not such a list @seeker 5280. I was just looking at the huge list of members. Didn’t recognize very many of the handles. @Mustang87 may have a point though. I bet a bunch of handles come to view the necessities, and not post in the forum. Makes sense!