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  1. Day Rental Hotel Rooms

    Most don’t do check in until 3pm now. With these, you can do 12p-5p, 8a-2p… there’s different options depending on the hotel. The rate is usually a little lower than the typical overnight reservation.
  2. Day Rental Hotel Rooms

    I can help you.
  3. Day Rental Hotel Rooms

    Plus a $100 Airbnb is now around $400 with all the dumb fees. I never use them. I would never for business…yikes.
  4. Just trying to find the happy medium

    Personally, I don’t want an hour of non stop,humping. Ugh! How is that fun? If I’m in love, or have feelings for the person, yes that could be ok. I can see why they wont want to rebook. I can’t think that a younger lady would even enjoy that. 😳😳😳 Noooooooo! I’d rather have a drink, chit chat, caress, make out, be naughty and desireable. That’s my idea of a FANTASTIC date. What’s in it for the lady? Are you returning some fun for her? No, don’t want my vag 4ubbed raw for a full hour. Nope, not fun. You may be paying…but if you’re a big ole pain in the butt, you’ll get fired. Maybe find a girlfriend.
  5. Kik

    I would only ever send a deposit to a long standing lady that has a great private and public reputation.
  6. Football season is here

    Yesssss!!!! I can’t even imagine being the one with the helmet and pads on running.🤣
  7. Our Pup Update

    Awwwwwe that’s good new Sparky! Gotta love our pups.💙
  8. Plastic surgery is it worth it?

    I’m not sure what you had “fixed”, but apparently it was not your brain, black heart 🖤, or conscious. Go back! Don’t bother us until it’s corrected! Please!
  9. Western Slope

    I’ll be heading that way soon.
  10. Kik

  11. Weird taste in ages

    Everybody has their itch to scratch. When I turned 40, the 21-30 year olds came out of the wood work. 😳😂 I still get lots of those requests. Ha! The fun thing about this board is that there is something for almost everyone. I’ve said several times, I’d have a difficult time choosing. There’s tons of sweet, intelligent hotties here!
  12. Bad Provider vs Bad Client

    Right on @TrystinTrimble—- 💯 I’ll add that gossip on either side is uncomfortable for me.
  13. Immature Adults these days...

    Hmmm, I guess everyone has their way of doing things and running their business. I prefer to book ahead. I have a job, family, responsibilities as well. Us ladies Require more preparation than men. I don’t hang out freshly shaved, in makeup and lingerie.😂 Sorry to blow any fantasies. More often than not, it’s a messy pony tail, sweaty, in a 2003 tshirt. I’m perplexed by the above. If I had decided to block someone,, I wouldn’t accept the funds/deposit is the first place, but then again I was not part of that conversation. Better luck going forward, and finding someone else.
  14. Rockies providers this summer?

    I love visiting in the summer months. I’m thinking about a mountain tour before the weather changes.😃