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  1. Has anyone truly found their purpose in life…

    Lmao! What a great song for the post however, I know what my purpose in life… I was just curious if there was anybody else out there that possibly did….
  2. Our Pup Update

  3. boycott Russian ASP's...?

    Guys take it easy! I think he just has a dark sense of humor…. In times like these, if you lose that, you go out of your mind…
  4. Has anyone truly found their purpose in life…

    I’m gonna send you a PM of my star chart and you are gonna trip out at how much we have in common and my mother is also a Sagittarius!!!!
  5. Has anyone truly found their purpose in life…

    You and I have always been on the same page!!! I love that about us!!!! Yes! Astrology is amazingly insightful! Interesting fact! Not only do I share a birthday with John F. Kennedy, in Chinese astrology, we are the same element and animal!! Fire Snakes! Chinese astrology goes by the year you were born! Maybe I should’ve gotten into politics? I think not!
  6. Has anyone truly found their purpose in life…

    It was the coconuts wasn’t it??? 🥰
  7. Or, the meaning of life? or how many licks it takes to get to the center of a toosie pop?

    Stared in that movie! Also wrote the book!
  9. Increasing Threats, Harrassment and Solicitations

    CORRECTION! She is not new here. She’s been on the board since 2018. she has 103 reviews…. But never post it again after she put this up. Hola Everyone, In just one day of posting in advance to get a few prebookings I have received over 50 harassing, threatening messages and solicitations from pimps, photographers and truly disturbing messages to where I m not even comfortable working. Are other providers experiencing similar type things? ..... Dani.
  10. People Drugs Are Bad!

    Nope. That takes the cake for any evening.
  11. Is Tryst taking over?

    I COMPLETELY AGREE! I put an ad up last month, for over $100, not one hit. My ad ways always at the end of the 3rd page if not it was on the 4th page. Also, the ladies seemed to be HIGHLY priced for their appearance. So I felt like I was under cutting with my amount. I have yet to meet a woman with the golden punany!!! Trust and believe, I have looked😛. I was also hit with an enormous amount of e-mail, regarding the security of.my account. Which make me think it is overseen by computer. Not Moderators. This board is the best in Colorado. And I believe it will remain that way for quite some time.
  12. Biden for 2024

    I lost a client actually because of my political views back in 2020. I was raised by hippies. I’m as liberal as they come. I do not believe in war. I do not believe in treating people badly. I treat people as I wanna be treated !! I think we, as a species, are way past issues like, women’s rights, civil rights, equality, energy efficiency, and politics. We are in a war for our minds, bodies and souls! ChatGBT, for instance. It is smarter the all of us. These are the thing’s coming down the pipeline. I am not a Trump lover. I am not a republican. I’m not a Democrat. I am not an independent. I am someone that wants peace on every continent. Clean oceans, and every species removed from the endangered species list!! With that said, no matter how you look at it, these charges are from years ago. However, do you want to see it? It is election interference to indict him in an election year. When they could’ve done it in 2020, 20,21, 2022. In New York I found it questionable the American people were told that the grand jury was not going to convene again until April.Suddenly, Trump was indicted a week later. When a grand jury is selected, it can be a secret grand jury. In this case it was not. However, you want to see it. The American people were lied too!!! Our judicial system is now also crumbling. It does not matter who’s president. We are no longer a nation that is united, and we are an embarrassment to the rest of the world. We have lost sight of what President Kennedy wanted for not only us, but the planet, If we don’t get back to that place quickly, it will be the end of the species.
  13. Finally some young talent and more reviews activity

  14. Lakewood CO

    Exactly! “Message” is not legal unless you are licensed…. “Body Rub”. Is much less incriminating….
  15. Rumor has it, that Ben & Jerry’s are going to create a flavor for Biden… What should they call it? 1. In-peach-mint 2. Bideneconomics- An empty container, that’s 3x the cost 3. Snifferdoodle … Thoughts…. For FUN ONLY