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    And I’m still trying to figure out how to give myself head!!!!!!
  2. Boy do I know how to find them…

    Also overly confident! I’ve read most of your posts on this board. There is a handful that are positive. Every other one is critical, negative and who needs that in life. I wish only the best for you and hope you find some positivity in your life.…. End of DISCUSSION!!!!!!
  3. Boy do I know how to find them…

    Guess what you are right you’re a total jerk wad, which makes me think that you might be the Jerk that I was dating!!!!
  4. Site for providers to review men

    I only know of one. Can any ladies please PM me ASAP of any other sites or any sites they know where girls can go and put up reviews about violent aggression, not paying, etc…… Thank you very very much
  5. Boy do I know how to find them…

    Are you an English professor??? Thanks for the grammar lesson now…. Build a bridge and get over it!
  6. Boy do I know how to find them…

  7. Boy do I know how to find them…

    Well Stevie I don’t respond to rudeness and I did not say he was rude to me in 2016. I said I met him then so please reread and try not to be so rude. It’s not becoming of anyone and I said just venting, which means just venting. He was great to me. He was rude to me. One time. We didn’t talk for two years after that. So yes, I just made the choice to see him again when he was not in a relationship. Is that good enough explanation for you Stevie or do you have more complaining to do?
  8. Boy do I know how to find them…

    I love you girl!!!😘
  9. Boy do I know how to find them…

    So, a few months back a gentleman I met in 2016 contacted me. In fact the last time we communicated he was extremely rude to me, very unpleasant. Completely caught me off guard. Anyhow, he contacted me, in October took me a minute to figure out who he was. Made the decision to see him and watched it play out to be something that was a dream that I woke up quickly from that was a total nightmare. I kept asking myself this doesn’t happen. This isn’t pretty woman. So for those ladies that get into situations that think they found their Prince Charming if there’s something that’s too good to be true that’s usually what ot is. I think that I am completely content with being alone for the rest of my life!!! I’m completely content with who I am. I’m not ashamed of anything I’ve ever done!!! it has made me who I am. I am a strong, independent woman and I am proud of that. Just venting❤️
  10. Have you ever dated?

    Yes. My husband‘s name was Kelly. Maybe she’s a Rolling Stones fan who knows
  11. Skip the games

    Point taken.
  12. Skip the games

    I do not have control over the actions of others. Yes, giving advice, is always an option.
  13. Skip the games

    Maybe the answers in the question skip the games.
  14. Skip the games

    No!!! in fact, a lot of the girls have shown up and yes he’s been drunk, but they will take the money and leave and secondly I’ve had numerous things of mine stolen from these women, so maybe you’re the exception of the rule, but I’m guaranteeing you that the majority of the women on that board are golddiggers, and they are no good!’
  15. Skip the games

    My roommate is constantly calling/texting girls from this site. I have to say he gets screwed 7 times out of 10…. Girls are addicts, thieves, gold diggers…. Just my knowledge first hand.