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  1. Increased "ghosting"

    I'm sorry to read this. Your time, arrangements, and interactive presence are valuable.
  2. Day Rental Hotel Rooms

    Interesting DayUse website. Looking at the website, at first glance It only seems to serve five major cities, but when I hypothetically typed "Denver" for an arbitrary day, it list6ed six options.
  3. The End of Escorting?

    This thread interest me because when people converse or examine how people respond to incentives, they show the way the world really is. For more considerations about responding to incentives, you are welcome to consider Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner's "Freakonomics: The Hidden Side of Everything". So far, I read two of their books, which are as follows: "Freakonomics: A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything" and "Superfreakonomics: Global Cooling, Patriotic Prostitutes, and Why Suicide Bombers Should Buy Life Insurance" For more information on these books, you can consider the Freakonomics website "Books" web page. I just got to thinking, could there be an interest in a group of us reading a book or viewing a video of interest and then conversing about it, such as on this platform? If enough of us are curious and we want to consider more books or other mediums of interest, maybe we could form some kind of book or resource club.
  4. The End of Escorting?

    Interesting forum thread.
  5. The hardest experience

    Oh my.... Elleie, may a friend or friends comfort your family and you during your challenging time.
  6. "Jim Larkin, pioneering co-founder of Phoenix New Times and Backpage, dead at 74" While his c0-founding and management of Backpage with Michael Lacey was controversial, it is sad to read of co-founder Jim Larkin died by suicide one week before the start of his retrial in federal court. https://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/news/jim-larkin-pioneering-co-founder-of-phoenix-new-times-dead-at-74-16810276
  7. You Only Live Once

    Thank you for clarifying by using the deja vu vibe. I was just curious how you arrived at your comment and what the context could be.
  8. You Only Live Once

    Hi Kali, can I ask you how you know that identifiers of the first worldview you mentioned believed in past lives for a time?
  9. Jasmine injured.

    Oh my. May friends who personally know her comfort her with their presence. I have yet to set up a Twitter account, but the news must be tragic given Caressa's concern. Thank you for sharing, Caressa.
  10. Nuru Massage and/or Denver Massage Girls?

    Thank you for your suggestions, @Caressa Duval. I wonder what a Nuru session could be like from time to time.
  11. An educational article written about TOB

    Reflecting on this, the "educational" article does not seem to be educational. Instead, the author started with some broad assumptions and terms she used to label people in this community as well as human voluntary associations in general, and then attempted to find information supporting her assumptions. This is a phenomenon seen too often by supposed educated people on all sides. Consequently, I suspect actual incidences and frequencies would suggest a very different reality, as far as conclusions are concerned.
  12. Crock Pot

    Cool thread! I just now noticed this thread. I plan to check this out and maybe make some orders. I'm in the process of improving my kitchen for better organization and consider better equipment.
  13. Moving forward / rediscovering myself

    Hi sunshinelovely, thank you for sharing. Change can be challenging. May you have peace and encouragement.
  14. When your favorite Colorado friend dies

    Yes, Hunter, a wish for a simple friendship is something a number of us long for, including me. For me, just being in a presence of a woman who cares by accepting my presence and facilitates initial greeting and possibly conversation leading to mutual comprehension and respect for boundaries would lead me to conclude the session was successful.
  15. When your favorite Colorado friend dies

    Caressa, I'm sorry for your loss. May you always have a friend who can comfort you with their presence and lift you up on wings of eagles.