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  1. Hello

    For outdoors Red Rocks is always a fun place to play
  2. Holidays and Traditions

    Decorations and trees go up shortly after Thanksgiving but only if I'm going to be at home otherwise it's bah humbug no decorations
  3. Insomnia

    So sorry that sleep evades you as everyone has said geting your mind in the right place is key. I don't sleep a great deal four hours or so is usually more than enough has been for years since I had a job which often required extended periods of no sleep. Meditation practices self hypnosis exercise and distressing your life are really important if you wish to just totally relax your mind and body. Don't allow the lack of sleep to become a habit that is more difficult to break work on it now while you realize it's a problem. Best of luck I hope you get to sleep you want
  4. Protocol?

    Never a good idea to get lost and end up where you're not supposed to be
  5. Are car dates the future?

    As a teenager car dates were really all I could get or afford as I've gotten Just A Pinch older I love the ambience of a space with plenty of room and plenty of comfort. Not being as flexible as I once was comfortable fun is a much higher priority then affordability. A nice house also has the advantage of being able to have a drink or two because you shouldn't drink and drive. Fun should be just that fun
  6. Ghosting practice

    This does happen even with p411 just move on to the next possibility
  7. Where to start?

    A full circle is always good like you said.starting points make a great place to linger and end
  8. Where to start?

    Every Journey has a starting point no matter what where are you choose a great many good things happen. I've always preferred to start centrally located I'm sorry
  9. No Shave November - Are You Doing It

    Yes I am but it really doesn't look any different
  10. Visiting

    Going to be in Salt lake soon what's fun
  11. Cuddles and pets. Late night thoughts.

    A true friend animals other than humans provide you with the warmth and true friendship that asks nothing in return keeps you company without complainant and is always there for you to give love
  12. Are relationships overrated? Fell hard for a married woman.

    Be smart stay away from relationships very seldom do they workout the way you hope
  13. Sadie Hawkins Day

    Got 15 messages what about the rest of you
  14. I love Audrey

    Saving my last post for the best she is absolutely a fantastic lady
  15. Since some ladies still can’t access TOB

    Second what Laci said and add my own Praises for a wonderful lady