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  1. Stood up twice in one day

    Totally agree
  2. This reminded me of you...

    With proper exercise it can do wonders
  3. Stood up twice in one day

    See a lot of comments from men but don't see any explanations or rebuttals from providers do they think this is acceptable behavior???
  4. Stood up twice in one day

    Showing respect for another person through a little bit of communication while it may be difficult to admit you're going to screw up another person it should still be done. Ladies don't like it when there's screwed up so they shouldn't do it to others regardless of what the reason is. The same holds true with men they should live up to their commitments as well. Back to the simple fact of treating everyone with Dignity & Respect just not being done these days
  5. Really crazy!

    Get the find my phone app and it will locate it my granddaughter lost her phone in the Baltimore Airport and my son was able to find it exactly from Denver with the app not that that'll help you in this instant but it might in the future
  6. Okay, What Is The Deal-io?!

    It seems to me that this goes both ways all seem to be willing to waste another persons time and in some cases money for trivial things. Living up to a commitment that is made is simply treating other people with respect. The common courtesy that you should expect from others is being given less and less. Maybe this is part of society's bigger problem
  7. Fun in Vegas

    Going to be in Vegas for a week at the middle of next month what are the fun places to meet ladies
  8. I am a Golden God

    It seems to me like you have forgotten that if you treat people with dignity and respect it will be returned to you
  9. The olympics...TOB style

    The horizontal soixante-neuf
  10. Fresh Start !

    Glad you got things straightened out computers can be such a pain
  11. Valentine's gift

    What is the most significant Valentine's event in your life gift or otherwise. Mine was spending the 53rd consecutive Valentine's dinner with the love of my life
  12. Happy Valentine's Day

    A truly happy Valentine's Day to all if you can't be with the one you love Love the One You're With
  13. Longest Orgasm: 30 Minutes

    Have bacon most days for breakfast haven't noticed any of the hope for benefits
  14. Super new here.

    Would love to find a good knitting club
  15. Visual turn ons

    Eyes that look straight into yours and a sparkling personality