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  1. Most Walkable/ Picturesque Neighborhoods

    Take the time to drive up to the Maroon Bells outside of Aspen great hikes with great scenery
  2. Who would you bring back?

    Robin it's been gone for 10 years would love to see her again
  3. Love

    Good advice
  4. Love

    You were the first and so was I We made love and then you cried so many songs about love in all its forms. So many good points are being made
  5. GABF

    This has been around since the 80s long time for any kind of Celebration must be pretty good have fun take advantage of the free lift drives
  6. Love

    Laci you really know how to turn a phrase
  7. Truth in Advertising

    Has always been gorgeous since the day I met her a truly special lady probably was gorgeous before I met her also
  8. Love

    Thanks for a great response
  9. Are you ready for the fall and what do you like about the fall

    Fall means beautiful colors nice hikes in the mountains and football go Broncos
  10. Love

    A very versatile word depending on what you want. As a noun or a verb it can be use both physically and mentally with true meaning and emotion or casually to signify little or nothing. I know I'm going to love the massage I just signed up for. What does the word mean for you.
  11. Spoiled

    Modern technology is certainly an advantage can remember when the brief description in an ad was all you had to work with sometimes things were exactly what you were looking for sometimes they weren't but still was always an experience that you could remember and learn from. In reality with all of the modern technology it isn't much different than it used to be the object is still to have fun and enjoy the person you happen to be with
  12. Anyone know of any providers offering nuru?

    Look on p411 22 ladies listed for Nuru
  13. Favorite Hiking trails

    My favorite trails are mostly in southern Utah The Narrows in Zion trail to the bottom in Bryce Canyon any of the slot canyons in Escalante but Colorado also has fantastic trails none of which Miss the scenic beauty of the state especially at this time of year. Right now hiking Vail Mountain headed to Aspen for a hike to the Maroon Bells. A great time to see Mother Nature at her best.
  14. Real men of the forum...

  15. Real men of the forum...

    I prefer to think of others as friends until they show otherwise through there words or actions