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  1. Happy Birthday Lexy Skate

    Have a fantastic day
  2. Happy Birthday Audrey Astor

    Happy birthday hope your day is filled with all the fun you can fit in
  3. Happy birthday Laci French

    Happy birthday Laci wishing you the best day ever

    Wishing all a fantastic year full of fun and excitement
  5. Hope you had a fantastic birthday

    Happy birthday hope your special day is filled with fun and laughter
  7. Happy Veterans Day

    Thanks to all who served in every way
  8. Brace yourself...

    thanks for the laugh
  9. Great weather for a nice fire

    Is there a reset button that you need to hold down
  10. What do you believe in?

    My God, my country, myself and a modified AR-15
  11. Life and times; Notorious RBG and moving forward

    Over our history there have been many occasions during an election year where a supreme court vacancy occurred every time the president has done his duty and sent a nomination to the Senate. It is then up to the Senate to do their job. When Harry Reid tampered with the filibuster rules this whole process became completely partisan leaving no need 4 compromise and intelligent thought thanks Harry
  12. Hobbies Outside of :the HOBBY"

    Love to travel and see different places specially Nature's beauty in all its forms have been to 49 of our national parks, all 50 states, 41 countries and five continents need to work on the rest of the parks and the other two continents. Other than that always willing to try something newπŸ˜‰
  13. Just Had My First Palisade Peach

    Aurora Kiwanis Club has sold them by the flat in the past could not get enough of a supply this year due to the frost
  14. During quarantine

    Nothing πŸ˜‡
  15. Fireworks

    A fantastic amount a fireworks in my neighborhood from all sides this morning the smell still lingers in the air reminds me of a day in 68 that I would just as soon forget