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  1. Snow

    Peanut butter topped with walnuts
  2. Big Brother Is Watching

    even having consensual intimate relations is not breaking the law
  3. Escorts at strip clubs

    Great reasons for never being dumb enough to do that
  4. Any fun plans this week?

  5. Oral Delights go both ways

  6. Anyone ever played 2 words??

    Sweet spot
  7. Oral Delights go both ways

    Having discussions with several lady friends about the joys of oral excitement during appointments and it appears that many gentleman are finding that giving oral Delight is not on there to-do list. I find this truly amazing that someone does not wish to enjoy the thrill of close up sight taste and aroma what's wrong with you guys
  8. Haven't we all....

    All the relationships can become difficult especially when emotions are unrealistically imagined on one side and misrepresented on the other. when things reach that certain point honesty as brutal as it may be is the only way
  9. Anyone ever played 2 words??

    No control
  10. What are you thinking

    And Jack Daniels for the sophisticated alien
  11. Tell me about your sex life

    Frankly Scarlett I don't give a damn
  12. Our hopes are dashed.....

    Me three
  13. Happy New Year’s

    Have a great year
  14. Happy 2020 my loveys

    Have a great year
  15. Guess Who Has a Birthday Today?!?!

    Happy birthday samantha have a wonderful day