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  1. Beautiful People

    Pictures never tell the whole story and occasionally are not flattering in person is always best
  2. Taking chances with secret encounters

    On my list of things to do
  3. Happy Birthday to the Cutest Puppy face- Wranger05!!

    Have a great day
  4. No show

    I don't count being in a state or country unless I have spent a few days at least. Some I have gone in quickly and only spent a day or two but still count them
  5. Happy Birthday Nina Faulkner

    Enjoy your day happy birthday
  6. Twitter down😳

    Twitter on my phone is back up Glory Be
  7. Long reach of Mark Zuckerberg

    Good to know your real feelings about Facebook Bit
  8. Twitter down😳

    Even my simple existence has deteriorated to chaos without Twitter😉
  9. Happy Birthday Sundance

    July birthdays are the best
  10. Happy Birthday Sundance

    Best wishes on your special day
  11. Happy birthday America

    Celebrate what our Founders created and have a great party
  12. Oh No!!

    As long as it doesn't spread to the Jack Daniel's plant I'm okay
  13. Beaches

    Are there any great lakes with private beaches in Oklahoma??
  14. New to Denver...suggestions for food in dtc?!

    Pappadeaux's, Shanahan's for steaks just for starters
  15. This should be fun

    Love the humor that fish brings into the board