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  1. Want a better retirement?

    My comment was not intended to open up a debate about the merits of unions, only to comment on your understanding of the hydraulics of economics. To claim that your benefits came at "no cost" to you simply cannot be true. I'm sorry if that smarts, but there is no such thing as "free." That's not a cynical view, it's the way things are. Somewhere, someone produced your apparent gifts. I guarantee they didn't do so for free. And in some similar way, perhaps remote, indirect and unclear, you paid.
  2. Want a better retirement?

    I glad it all worked out for you, but if you really think all those benefits were "at no cost to you," you're seriously ill-informed. I don't believe there is anything "free."
  3. Review Comment Option

    I imagine some will remember the fun times we all had with rep points....😱
  4. Hoosiers

    What's not to like. Major crush on her when she was in the TV western the Monroes when I was in high school.
  5. Oui

    Sorry. It's still the only one you'll ever have. Your choice what to do with it.
  6. Oui

    Or your Monday. It's the only one you'll ever have.
  7. When will we stop shooting our youths!

    My, my such venom. You've been apparently been seething about a COVID post I made two years ago?? Damn. I guess this means that date night this week is off? 🤣🤣
  8. When will we stop shooting our youths!

    And chiming in from the cheap seats is little Rudolph.....That popping sound you may one day hear us when your head clears your ass.
  9. When will we stop shooting our youths!

    I knew your response would be filled with your usual balanced assessment. As usual, I'm overwhelmed by your genuine introspection and thoughtfulness.
  10. When will we stop shooting our youths!

    Clearly displaying your healing soul, spreading love and union wherever you tread. "etc." indeed....
  11. When will we stop shooting our youths!

    1)I think it's pretty insane to suggest guns are the problem. None of mine have ever gotten out of their safe and initiated anything on their own. 2) You can't possibly have ever legally purchased a firearm if you think a driver's license is harder. 3) As to mental health, over the past three years suicide is up, overdose up 50%, alcohol abuse up 30%, pot has gone from $12B to $30B, our life expectancy is at its lowest level in 50 years, only 40% of school kids in public school meet or exceed grade level in math and reading (in Baltimore not one student does) ... But it's all the fault of gun owners? Wake up. Slap masks and isolation on 300M people for another 24 months and see what happens.
  12. Ironic Topics About Getting Screwed!

    Damn. Sorry. I don't have much belief in "justice," but I am a heavy karma guy. You might take some solace in the fact that for every minute hereafter, he'll be the guy who stole $320 from and stiffed a lovely hearted lady. Toxic erosion may take awhile, but it's very effective in the long run.
  13. Too sensitive

    Thank you so much for resurrecting a 7 year old post to share with us about your swollen testicles. Special kinda stuff.
  14. It's. Been. Years.

    It is addictive. I fly fished fresh water from 1960 to '87, when I caught my first salt water fish on a fly. In fairly short order, I abandoned the West for the end of the road in FL, where I remained until circumstances drove me slightly north, but still tropical salt. I highly recommend it. Many lovely people and warm waters. Salt Life! Best, HM
  15. Why is uber "better" than a taxi?

    Certainly so in NYC, Chicago or some other east coast metropolis. In Denver, you'll likely hail a hearse before a cab.