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  1. Love

    One of the world's in which I travel makes a sharp distinction between love and attachment. The former is giving, accepting, empowering while the latter is clinging, constricting and selfish. In my practice today, love is a feeling of immense connectedness, which gets expressed as caring but not possessing; supporting not directing; for examples.
  2. Black mail & Being Outted

    Come down. Come down hard and let the chips fall where they may. This kinda shit is intolerable. You're faced with a great life opportunity here. No matter what your decision, you'll never be the same.
  3. Real men of the forum...

    Perhaps, but at the end of the day, I find "friends" a very fuzzy concept, especially where sex and money are involved. A lack of clear expectations can really ruin a relationship.
  4. Real men of the forum...

    I don't loan, I gift. Period. If I expect anything other than the good I feel in giving, I'm going towards a bad place. I always terminate any discussions regarding pay back. I'm always surprised when the other reciprocates, or otherwise is appreciative, but I will not set expectations.
  5. Married guys and outcalls

    I think you're so nuts for even considering in call under your circumstances, that words escape me.
  6. Hungry

    I do a lot of culinary things once (including tamales), just to prove I can. But at $10/dozen, I can't possibly compete with La Casita for basic red or green tamales.
  7. Shopping questions

    The crucifixes and pictures of Jesus all over are kind of a drag, but at least they make the mandatory prayers before checking out non-denominational....
  8. The Picture Issue

    Please tell me you're kidding. Pajama Parties in college? You go to school with Ozzie or Harriet?
  9. Vent...blow off that steam of negativity

    Over the long term, the board seems to balance itself out. I don't get too concerned with the sudden influx of a few attention-seekers spewing whatever they spew. They are generally short-lived. And in those few cases where they are not, they settle into such a predictable level of noise, that it's nearly impossible for me to take them seriously. I hope neither of you (nor any of the other interesting and helpful members) succumb to the urge to vacate.
  10. Constructive Criticism

    I have a bit different perspective. There's really no "but" here. You feel that strongly about it, it needs to be one of your screening questions.
  11. Observation

    Positive is one thing, denial is quite another. My "cup" is simultaneously half full AND half empty. I need to accept both conditions in order to reach one reality. I ignore either at my peril.
  12. No Love for AA?

    Not to be snarky, but this topic has received more beatings than Beverly's horse. If you're sincerely interested in answers, the search function on this board is your friend. Best wishes.
  13. Generations

    The most widely known lament about the next generation is from Socrates (470-399BC). If more Sumerian (2800 BC) tablets had survived, I suspect Gilgamesh would have had something to say about it too. Lots of people think it's speech, nakedness, clothing, posture etc that make us uniquely human. Personally, I think its that every 15 years we are invaded by alien beings who take over every 20 years.
  14. What's for dinner

    I got traumatized by a serving of Chef Boy-r-dee when I was 4 and have been in recovery ever since.
  15. Labor Day

    We have an all island pot luck and party that has been going on as long as anyone can remember. Locals only. We'll also do some healing in memory of Irma which f'd things up pretty good. It's been a laborious year.