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  1. Greek.... I don't get it.

    Comes a point where things don't just "snap" right back.
  2. Greek.... I don't get it.

    In my experience, anal sex is not a turn on either in concept or practice for the majority of women. That said, I have known several women in civilian life who were very aroused by their own anal sex. Their anus's were errogeneous zones. They always enjoyed arousal play and frequently, penetration. They claimed their orgasms during anal sex were very different than those they achieved in other ways. They also were aroused by the "nasty" aspect. For me, its incredibly tight and can be very fun... Especially, as with all things sexual: when your partner really digs it.
  3. BP-COS

    How much would you like it to? They probably visit regularly.... Play out the fantasy.
  4. My BP Experience

    I wasn't helped in the slightest. I'm curious how you were helped?
  5. How old are you guys?

    It started slowing down 20 years ago. I thought it was me. I was talking 60's and 70's which apparently were the golden years for casual sex. On the other hand, I had to walk 7 miles to school through the snow....
  6. Creole or Cajun?

    FWIW: enter 'Denver Cajun Creole restaurants.' Trip Advisor had 8-10. Denver isn't a hotbed. But if you know what you're looking for, you'll know it when you see it
  7. Should a review be made out of spite?

    In answer to the title of your post: No.
  8. How old are you guys?

    When I was 23, if I couldn't hook up between the library and the time it closed or with one of a small handful of zipless playmates scattered about the campus, I just really didn't want to get laid that night. Go away and become normal. Being here at 23 can't be a good thing.
  9. My Kind Of Brothel!

    You're holding it upside down. Right side up it says: "Fish, you got trolled."
  10. My Kind Of Brothel!

    If you were a tuna, you'd be sashimi; a catfish, a filet or a bass, you'd be mounted. A truly "Advanced Member" would have saved his moral indignation for some deserving schmoo who posted about fs in a 5 minute drive by and simply viewed @Bigs Christmas Missive as the gift it is....
  11. Twas the Hour Before Bangin'

    It's not uncommon for men to lose interest immediately after ejaculation. A combination of factors from a drop in hormone levels to strict sexual upbringing can contribute. If it bothers you, talk to someone qualified to help.
  12. Who's Got a Good...

    Your green beans silly.....
  13. Who's Got a Good...

    Best standing rip roast recipe: don't f with it. Take your horseradish, a stick of butter and pulse to a paste with thyme, a lot of garlic, sage and rosemary (in whatever proportions float your boat) to a paste. Rub all over your roast. Salt. Oven to 325 and for gods sake use a meat thermometer. 130 is on the rare side of medium rare. No canned French fried onion rings?
  14. A good conversation

    Limited to one person? An evening with Jesus would have to be pretty high on my list. Buddha, Shakespeare or George Washington would be acceptable alternatives if Jesus had other plans.
  15. FS QV

    Not to be sanctimonious, but the idea of sticking my dick into someone within a minute or two of meeting them is not my idea of a good time. Give me a good ten or fifteen for gods sake.