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  1. RubMaps No More

    Recently, we've had quite a few perfectly free people staging demonstrations to have a right taken away....
  2. Something Lighter, It's Much Needed.....

    I "grew up" on radio. Before I could read, my Sunday morning was spent with the SF Chronicle comics section and KCBS radio on. A local personality would read the comics on air and I'd follow along. Those of you who predate Gutenberg or Marconi feel free to wade in.
  3. Is it Time yet??

    Back at the end of the 19th Century, wealthy easterners left the city for their pastoral summer "cottages." There, one could reasonably walk around without the constant threat being sprayed by mud and manure from the crowded city streets. They could also escape the soot generated by the use of coal-fired everything. Cotton was thinner, white and more comfortable than wool garments as the temps heated up. Cities at the turn of the century were dirty places. So, far from being a conspiracy by money-grubbing Nazi fashionistas intent on enslaving an unsuspecting populace, the origin of "white" was an eminently practical practice.
  4. Nothing to see here

    Ah. A man with no shoes....
  5. do you think....

    I have no certainty that I will, thus it makes the most sense for me to fully enjoy what I've got.
  6. New Services

    Trust me. Nothing standard normal going on there.

    Throughout history, the purveyors of gloom have always received better press than the more reasoned, despite all data to the contrary. A good number of evolutionary psychologists have come to believe that as a species, we are innately and uniquely wired to be gossipy, over-sexed problem solvers. The problem will be solved.
  8. Interesting article. Thoughts?

    It's generally not a hangable offense, but this is a pretty angry person.
  9. Let's Talk About Switter

    Great way to stay UTR. No one will ever catch on to that.
  10. Let's Talk About Switter

    What marketing genius came up with the name? All I can think of is cleaning my toilet bowl.
  11. BS

    Actually, there's quite a bit of research out there and I suspect not coincidentally, much of it has been fueled by Israeli psychologists. For the original work, look especially for papers by Tversky, Kahneman or Ariely. Despite claims about age and wisdom made here, their data show that most of what we think about our abilities to detect BS is... uh... BS. Both Kahneman and Ariely have written books aimed more at lay readers if you don't want to wade through the original papers.
  12. Review not showing

    You'd rather have him go back to what he was cooking for dinner or thinking about while on the crapper?
  13. Review not showing

    Probably best to ask the mods directly. Or not.
  14. Lilly Taylor

    What is it about her 25 reviews since November that concerns you? And she's "probably still legit"?? because she sometimes tours with some whose phone also changed. Sometimes I just feel like I've slipped down a rabbit hole somewhere on some of these posts. LMAO!
  15. Favorite in Session?

    When you're trying to be exceedingly clever, it helps to not blow the punch line.