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  1. Ummm, Mom in the other room....

    Dont know about breaking my heart, but I found it pretty sad to the point of tragic, for a whole lot of reasons.
  2. Tattoos...

    Slow day at the office, eh?
  3. Never Gambling again. Lol!

    It wasn't built on profits from Blue Man Group or Wayne Newton.
  4. A lot of fun things can happen in an hour of mutuality!
  5. P411 changes 2019

    Yes and no. It was entirely speculative. However, it's about a closed information system, not total market potential. And in the case of p411 its a closed pool at this time, so the only real question is how long can it last? Raising rates in a closed market is typically a bad strategy because it creates a lot of ill will (people seem to dislike feeling like hostages) and customers become vulnerable to the next product. There will be a next product. The answer to How long it can survive, even with hard numbers, it would be difficult to guesstimate. But if you think the ave age of the p441 women is 30 and the ave age of guys 55, this could easily run as is for another decade. The market reality is it will go on until the pool fades or the next product comes along. One can and should milk the proverbial cow until it drops.
  6. Where is best Burger in east Denver/Aurora

    Thank God you specified East Denver/Aurora. Otherwise you might have received a shitload of responses about Central Denver, Downtown, Cherry Creek, Boulder or what the butcher's at Whole Foods are brewing up. Now, let me cast aside any false modesty and say a few words about cheese and my culinary skills since you asked.....
  7. Favorite summertime beverage

    Ice water with a slice of lime.
  8. Please remove your piercings

    If she has piercings, chances are pretty good she falls into the category of those who like them. If you're that grossed out, screen for them for crying out loud. I believe she's either "beautiful" as she is or not. You're more likely to have a fabulous session if you think she's beautiful just as she is.
  9. The other board

    TOB is limited to Colorado at this point.
  10. There is nothing I can conceive of that would cause me to argue with a provider. I vote with my wallet as others have said. Nothing to argue about. This is supposed to be great fun. If it's not, kindly and quietly do something different.
  11. Visiting Alamosa Co.

    Long term success in the "hobby" depends to some degree upon the anonymity found only in urban settings. Hiding in plain sight as it were. Anyone who's lived for any length of time in a rural setting knows that virtually everyone knows everyones business. Including local law enforcement.
  12. Visiting Alamosa Co.

    If you've got a notch up there, it's likely that your knot has already been removed with extreme bias.
  13. Dilemma

    How this is a "dilemma," I have no clue. How this is worth a post let alone 26 responses, I have no idea. You all could complicate a spoon. In the right situation, "no" is a complete sentence.
  14. Marathon and pre-race sex

    Becoming blind, growing hair on your palms or ending up in hell, were too long range to deter 13 year old boys, so we came up with Achilles, Sampson and sapping your athletic performance....

    Actually, it's "shared" at every opportunity..... Getting old.