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  1. Holiday season

    Geezus. It's the first of November. How about Easter?
  2. Next Month is my Birthday

    If you want a truly special experience, make sure to ask about a birthday discount.
  3. Sears declairs bankruptcy

    Seriously? Sears has been dying for the better part of a half century. Perhaps the finality is a shock, but the enevitabilty has been apparen't for a long time. And for cripes sake, don't buy stock.
  4. Help about losing the erection

    I sometimes get the sensory overload that Melissa was describing. At that point, I need to let him sit for a bit; take a break, stretch, do something special to/for my companion. He will come back! With my regulars over the years it's a playful challlenge.
  5. Fancy DateS?

    Congratulations on the double hijack. Back in the day, that would have been 15 yards and loss of down.
  6. Looking for incall

    As I said, you're obviously an expert. Who could disagree with 35+ years of hearing something about something. I expect an operations manual is in your future.
  7. Looking for incall

    Obviously based upon your extensive experience sharing incalls.
  8. Who would you bring back?

    I always enjoyed my time with Aqua, Leigh Morgan, Jill, Chloe Bloom, Emily Hunter and Justina Carter.
  9. Love

    One of the world's in which I travel makes a sharp distinction between love and attachment. The former is giving, accepting, empowering while the latter is clinging, constricting and selfish. In my practice today, love is a feeling of immense connectedness, which gets expressed as caring but not possessing; supporting not directing; for examples.
  10. Black mail & Being Outted

    Come down. Come down hard and let the chips fall where they may. This kinda shit is intolerable. You're faced with a great life opportunity here. No matter what your decision, you'll never be the same.
  11. Real men of the forum...

    Perhaps, but at the end of the day, I find "friends" a very fuzzy concept, especially where sex and money are involved. A lack of clear expectations can really ruin a relationship.
  12. Real men of the forum...

    I don't loan, I gift. Period. If I expect anything other than the good I feel in giving, I'm going towards a bad place. I always terminate any discussions regarding pay back. I'm always surprised when the other reciprocates, or otherwise is appreciative, but I will not set expectations.
  13. Married guys and outcalls

    I think you're so nuts for even considering in call under your circumstances, that words escape me.
  14. Hungry

    I do a lot of culinary things once (including tamales), just to prove I can. But at $10/dozen, I can't possibly compete with La Casita for basic red or green tamales.
  15. Shopping questions

    The crucifixes and pictures of Jesus all over are kind of a drag, but at least they make the mandatory prayers before checking out non-denominational....