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  1. Does DTC cover a massive portion of Denver?

    DTC is a large area, but it has ample parking and a variety of hotels and condos. The rates are less than Downtown (which is a large area also). Parking in town is a Royal PIA.
  2. Need some TOB for Dummies Help

    BB, when you are in the forums do a search in upper right and select members.
  3. Whats Your Steamiest SeX Dream ever...?

    Happy birthday Fish, Have a great one.
  4. Were Is Everyone Posting?!

    TNA has an Arizona section also.
  5. Happy Mothers Day

    Special Mothers day wishes to all the lovely ladies who do so much for us. My your special day be filled with all good things.
  6. Hello Everyone!

    Welcome and enjoy experience.
  7. 411 eyepretty733 (Ashley)

    She now has a review.
  8. Suggestions Please

    I have asked "What is the hourly consulation rate?"
  9. End of the line for this hobby?

    Audrey you know how much work there is on a ranch, just get the prime property and develop.
  10. fake # and email list

    Yes it is most difficult to determine the quality of both ladies and clients. With LE having an easier time to sting both. Its hard to hit the report button after you have been arrested. I for one am sticking with the established Colorado girls who have stuck by us (clients) in the past.
  11. YourUnicorn

    Telephone number (307) 655-6308 is in her ad
  12. Seattle

    Bellview is preferred lncall location for most providers
  13. Smoking

    Bit, You need to go across the boarder and pick up some Cuban Montecristos. You can walk to Garcia's.
  14. Smoking

    On snowey days like today a good cigar and brandy are in order.
  15. A hell of a night

    A big thank, so interested and caring for everyone's interest and well being.