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  1. Date ideas that are more than just the bedroom

    The Denver Polo Classic. A chance to see some of the finest horses and riders in the country. A chance to dress up in our summer finest afternoon attire and enjoy good food and drink. Tickets are pricey but for a good cause. I even dress up for this old cowboy its like croutons on a cow pie. The ladies all look outstanding.
  2. Prepping For an AM Appt My Crib…

    Go for it - sounds like you have all bases covered. You may need a nap this afternoon.
  3. Kyra of Denver, responsive???

    Have you tried a P411 message?
  4. Happy Father's Day

    Thank you ladies, you do bring joy into our lifes.
  5. Couples Massage...

    Inverness hotel and spa has great facilities for massages, etc.
  6. Soccer mom and secretary

    This may be the girl. Has ad today. https://theotherboard.com/users/113249
  7. Does anyone here have a....

    Suggest to start with spin classes at Rec center or health club to see if you are really into the spinning or high intensity cycling. Many of the clubs have spin bikes that are in the workout area so you do not even attend classes if you are short on time.
  8. Amazing Heights new to the board

    Welcome and enjoy Colorado.
  9. Convenient Areas to Stay in Denver

    Ally, We would love to have you visit.
  10. Does "CIP" in a review mean what I think it does?

    Do Not Schedule or See Both Provider and Client
  11. Does "CIP" in a review mean what I think it does?

    Write it in a review is best way to get on the DNS list.

    This kind of says it all.
  13. Convenient Areas to Stay in Denver

    I prefer DTC for ease of parking over Downtown.
  14. 14ers with my dogs

    Longs Peak is a good place to start. Dogs sometimes can be an issue in Parks.
  15. 411 on RyanLikesIt

    She has an ad on Backpage http://denver.backpage.com/WomenSeekMen/ryan-a-night-youll-always-remember-a-woman-youll-never-forget/36093838