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  1. 411 on Elsi Skies?

    Hope you report back.
  2. 411 on Elsi Skies?

    She has a current ad on TNA.
  3. What do you believe in?

    30 Caliber.
  4. Very slim providers

    Nicole Darling https://theotherboard.com/users/94004
  5. 411 on sas1991

    I believe this is the one. https://theotherboard.com/users/118572 She has several reviews.
  6. Love SoCal

    happy Labor Day to you. If you would get you sweetness to Denver, We could have some fun.
  7. Enhanced vs natural

    It depends on the lady wearing them, I have experienced naturals that are fantastic and also enhanced that are out of this world. I like them all and the important thing is the lady is comfortable with them.
  8. Trina from Adultsearch

    Another one that is Too Good to Be True. Thanks JG.
  9. Providers for older dudes

    I would look for the mature providers (over 40), there are several on this board and they are fantastic.
  10. Trina from Adultsearch

    Trina 719-493-7873 Colorado Companion Hoping this may be one of the hidden gems. http://adultsearch.com/colorado/denver/female-escorts/1978614 Local telephone number (Colorado Springs area) and no hits on Google image search. Anyone see any red flags?
  11. Hello To Colorado

    Good morning to you and have a lovely day.
  12. Faces - natural? Or makeup?

    Door number B for me. Leyla you wear the perfect amount.
  13. STG any luck boys?

    Another one to be very cautious, Adultsearch.com. It's full of fake pictures and I believe scams.
  14. Please, stop asking....

    What do you consider pre-booking? I aways schedule 36 to 48 hours out and I consider that pre-booking.
  15. Curious statistics

    You are from the green area?