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  1. Who would you bring back?

    Two that have stuck in my mind, Jessica Kent, and Dakota a(Blonde &Blue). Wish them both the best.
  2. Real men of the forum...

    I have helped out several ladies in the last five years. Paid utility bills, horse boarding, and given spending money. Never asked for anything in return. *Note when I paid bills always made a check to utility company or stables.
  3. Thank you!

    Laci is a great caring lady, she has been a great help to me and I hope to be able to return the kindness.
  4. Dang, You're Beautiful

    You are just beginning to live. I have a boatload (269) of jumps and not one malunction. Just remember you have the gray hair because you Cared. The wrinkles because youLaughted, And the scars because you Lived. As the British say "Just proceed with style".
  5. Where has Reese Reynolds gone off to?

    Her P411 is still active.
  6. Happy thoughts

    Nothing like opening the throttle and blasting down the highway. BB, Pay attention on the road from Canyon to Salida or you could end up swimming.
  7. Hasty La Vista

    Best of luck and you will be fondly remembered by many.

    Glad you escaped and are ok even though you are visibly shaken.
  9. Dinner and some s...

    Look what plummers and car mechanics bill per hour, plus windshield (travel) time. Most of the ladies are worth that for a social hour.
  10. Dinner and some s...

    Several of the ladies offer a dinner date and private time, it's about four hours. Others have a social rate and BCD rate. If you have one that interests you just ask.
  11. Enjoy your Hoilday Everyone

    Wishing everyone a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend, but before you do something crazy remember the Judge will not be in until Tuesday.
  12. Guilty as charged

    BB keep the dirt bike and other wild activities. And keep the good attitude toward the ladies and gents.
  13. What's for dinner

    My fav is what you are having, even though it a heart attack on a plate. Eat and drink well.
  14. HELP!!!

    There are some outstanding Gentlemen on the board who help out when needed, and ask for nothing in return.
  15. Visiting another city

    The major board in PNW is TNA.