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  1. Going dark

    Welcome back and hope you get well quickly.
  2. New P411 ?

    After trying to utilize the new system, I am not at all satisfied. Will not renew my subscription.
  3. New P411 ?

    It lacks functionality, old messages, client home button , does not give dates for visiting providers.
  4. Spokane Recommendations?

    The St Joe river in Northern Idaho near the border of Washington and Idaho is very good for fly fishing.
  5. 411 on Nikki Nichole

    Her ad states she is back in town.
  6. Going dark

    Keep well and enjoy yourself.
  7. 411 Hard Body Mona/Mona Rae

    I am interested also.
  8. John Fielder

    His work is truly fantastic, he did a great job of showcasing our state.
  9. So Long A Week!

    Looking forward to a less hectic week in this cumming week.
  10. What’s the best restaurant in DTC area?

    Ted's Montana Grill is good for steaks either beef or buffalo.
  11. Father's Day!

    Thank you it was a great day.
  12. Sprinkler Start Up

    I had a new sprinkler system installed, don't know why. I have not even used it yet.
  13. What is TOB to you?

    To me TOB is a place to keep in touch with the friends whom I have meet with mutual interests. We have shared cooking advice and even recommendations for services outside of the hobby. Of course keeping in touch with the ladies is a big part also.
  14. FishnDude

    I am sad to report one of our own, FishnDude has passed away. He passed sometime last week and was found in his condo Friday. Apparently of a heart attack. He was great friend and benefactor to many. His services have not been determined at this time and will probably be at a later date.
  15. Eros

    As of late, I have had good luck with Eros a couple of high quality ladies. A few years ago that was not the case, upsetters and very old photos. But as always do your research.