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  1. Hot tub

    It's in downtown Denver
  2. Best place for sex toys

    Etsy has some fun and unique sex toys lol and it's always entertaining to read the reviews
  3. Historical in the Springs?

    There's nothing like going to Garden of the Gods early in the morning like 6, 7am. It's so peaceful & almost echos. This post just reminded me of that but I know everyone already knows about that place of course!
  4. Hot tub

    The Beer spa Lol it's honestly fun and much different than you'd expect. They put the same herbs that are in beer in the water if you want, but you can opt out. It also has a private sauna and shower
  5. New Mexico

    I was just there! I hope Taos is warmer for you then it was me, but I still had a great time. I just didn't post since I was adventuring around. Hope you enjoyed your time
  6. To Greek or Not to Greek

    Lol I think my mind is playing tricks on me, because when I first read this I thought it said best orgasms according to her from having it dry hard and fast! I was like Wow! why dry?! Must be getting late hahaha then it dawned on me that all the details are already here.
  7. I'm having major SMS issues as well with Verizon today. Anybody else? I've switched to Email for the time being. I wonder if it's the weather...
  8. Strap-on Pegging

    I find it really hot and fun I agree
  9. Iowa

    Hi Joey That's actually my hometown and where I started being a provider back in 2012! Back then we used Grainbeltnews. I haven't visited in so long and have no idea if that website is still up.
  10. What is YOUR KINK?

    My kinks are role-play, older than me men (#1) lol, uncontrollable cumming outfit requests, shower play, edging, playing outside or remote vibrators in public, I could go on.....
  11. Pic from the old days

    haha omg Look at those tea cups. She's awesome, I wonder if I could do that with my booty cheeks LOL
  12. Who brings up round two?

    Msog is great, especially if the first time is quicker and there is plenty of time left to do so. It’s not so black and white it really depends. I always ask if they’re up for it if there’s plenty of time left but no pressure. Everyone should have an idea of what their usual abilities are. There’s also something really energizing about slowly building up to the climax or taking small breaks until it’s finally achieved. It’s really all about what someone’s bedroom style is like and if you mesh well too. Sometimes it even takes a couple of sessions to get to know what someone likes. Being able to be compatible makes a 2nd round more fun. I totally understand boundaries with providers but I personally feel like for me, msog should be included if it’s doable and I always bring it up.
  13. how about some aftercare...?

    I agree, this is so important. Even if the fun is totally casual, aftercare makes it so that everyone leaves feeling better than they did before! Connection comes in many forms. And who doesn't like to cuddle, drink water, take a breather after a Wiiiild sesh Lol
  14. What is your Zodiac Sign ?

    Me 3 ☺️🐠🌙 pisces
  15. I just accidentally came upon Bob Dylan's birthday party while getting dinner in Santa Fe recently and walking back to my car At first when I heard the music I thought to myself, that can't really be him. But then I saw a sign that said "Bob's birthday" and followed it. There he was with a very small crowd. So of course I joined! And got to have a nice convo.