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    Happy birthday, sorry we can't celebrate this year
  2. Let’s play a Game ;-)

    Who drank all the beer?
  3. What are your holiday plans???

    Is new Mexico still requiring a self quarantine period to visit?
  4. RIP Alex Trebek

    First Regis, now this...Pat Sajak might want to watch his back
  5. What are your holiday plans???

    I saw some lawn decorations up for Christmas already, i never even fully decorated for Halloween, but we were quarantined after my daughter had covid (very mild symptoms all better now). I'm hoping it doesn't snow too much before i can get the lights up. House faces north so once it snows it takes awhile before i can put stuff up. My mom and sister are not up for family gatherings this year so I'll be laying low.
  6. Faces - natural? Or makeup?

    I lean towards c, but if b makes her feel more comfortable and sexy then who am I to say no. And I've definitely experienced d before.
  7. GFE vs.PSE I Love Both But.......

    I'm gonna vote for gfe, but really with the right girl and the right comfort level anything can be just perfect
  8. Adding New Locations to the Listings

    On one hand i like the additional information, on the other it's not used properly. Some post in all areas just to be seen, others still just use Denver.
  9. Anybody know what happened

    I had the same thing happen, had a time prebooked, texted to confirm and nothing. Really hoping she's ok.
  10. You know that feeling...

    I hope I've left the lady with that feeling too
  11. Profile/Ad Pictures

    I once saw an ad and really liked one of the outfits, i asked if that was a possibility and she didn't have it with her. Still met up and had a great time, the outfits are only there for a few minutes anyway.
  12. Would you rather? The game!

    I would never go back and change things, with my luck even making a seemingly better one off choice here or there would get me to a worse place overall.
  13. Looking for a lady with small hands

    Insert Austin powers carnie meme here
  14. RedRocks

    If you come from the north arrive early and park in the upper north lot, if you come from the south arrive early and park in the upper south lot, did i mention arrive early? Otherwise it's a hike