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  1. 411 on Lexi from Eros

    I googled her phone number, which is how I got here, but the twitter that showed up is an Asian provider out of Dallas. Seems off, but the girl in the pics is smokin hot so it would be disappointing if she’s a fake.
  2. Milking table?

    I have seen providers posting about milking tables in other areas, anyone know of providers in CO who offer services with a milking table? If you don’t know what it is, check any porn site.
  3. Best providers for kink play?

    I've been seeing alot of girls on Twitter who offer bondassage, just not any who are local. So that, edging, tease and denial mainly.
  4. Best providers for kink play?

    Looking for best recommendations for providers specializing in kink/domination around Denver area?