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  1. 411 on Nikki Nichole

  2. Members you miss

    Couldn't agree more...
  3. Flurry of providers disappearing last month

    I noticed the same thing. Literally overnight a couple well established ladies profiles completely deleted. Made me wonder.
  4. Lexi from Texas

    Well if her OnlyFans page means anything, I would said she's definitely legit. Lots of pics/vids of her hobbying.
  5. Biden Wins!

    Yes,, Biden will speak the truth as he knows it. I just hope he can remember it long enough to get it from the teleprompter to out of his mouth. I’m just not sure if we are looking at 3, 5, 7, or 9 years of Pres. Harris. It depends on how long before the Curse of Tecumseh claims Biden. ^^^
  6. Members you miss

  7. Members you miss

    Sorry to duo this to you gents., but I just saw Kelsie Blaine and Hayley Quinn this week. Phenomenal.
  8. Very slim providers

    Doesn't get any slimmer... Mia Lamour
  9. Members you miss

    Hayley Quinn Kelsie Blaine Mya Midnight Jayden James
  10. Private Delights

    I’ve used it (and still do) with great success. I also like the format of it and it’s ease of use. It has a broader audience than people realize IMO. Having said that TOB is very unique in how it serves our “local community”.
  11. 411 on Jennifer Grace

    Thanks for the insight. I’ll have to take a pass.
  12. Jennifer Grace 303-704-4331 Colorado Companion This gorgeous lady has listings on several sites and looks legit. My concern is that when I search her photos it pulls up ads for other ladies in the initial search but when I click on the ad it’s a different lady. Just can’t figure out why Jennifer’s photos link up with these other ads. Has anyone seen Jennifer Grace or have an opinion if she is legit?
  13. Where did they go?

  14. reputable San Francisco providers

    So I just sent the OP a couple names. But what is the protocol? Is it ok to respond on the forum with specific names of ladies??? Didn't think I could do that but not sure.