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  1. What an amazing year! How about The Lions!!!!

    Couldn’t agree more about Barry, and I have been a disappointed Lions fan for decades.
  2. Plastic surgery is it worth it?

    Your body may not be perfect, but it is awesome. I agree, make the best of what you have. Mine is good enough…
  3. Good Deeds

    Doing good things, yes, expect something, no. Give up a seat on the bus, open a door, help someone change a tire. You never expect something in return. It is just the right thing to do
  4. Ummmmmm Hi Old Friends!

    So good to hear from you, you sexy thing
  5. Talkin WWIII….

    You are so right. The politics are getting worse, we need more states people (as opposed to statesmen?) you can be in my dreams anytime
  6. My Tryst Ad Has Been Stolen!

    That really sucks, so sorry it’s happened to you
  7. You just can’t cure stupid!!!

    Well that brings up a lot of questions
  8. Bye Colorado HELLO WORLD💕

    Have fun in your next adventure. Hope to see you when you visit
  9. Happy Birthday Heavenly Bella

    Happy B-day young lady!!
  10. What is YOUR KINK?

    Oh I would love to watch you try them on
  11. What is YOUR KINK?

    Heels, the taller better would love to be picked up in a bar for a threesome
  12. Happy Birthday MileHi Jasmine

    Happy belated
  13. Trying not to get your feelings hurt…

    You are one of my favs and the Dick face that sent that to you has obvious problems. Ignore and know you are loved and appreciated
  14. Tasteless Thoughts

    I think that sums it up best