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  1. Is perfume verboten?

    I don't want to miss an opportunity to get extra credit!
  2. Lady's Choice

    Of course there are male escorts, ...but if the females chose the guy and the guy still offered a donation. ...Cool!! On the other hand, I truly enjoy everyone I meet and am usually quite impressed by their bodies. I love all types, tho... U guys should be taking more pics!!
  3. World's biggest orgy in Las Vegas

    I would be interested if I have magically paid my rent by then and then magically find a ride or airfare...
  4. How's everybody doin"?

    There may be no freedom that feels more liberating than sexual freedom. (and yet it connects us!)
  5. Traveling tips please

    Airbnb, Google reviews, Priceline, Nebraska i80 is better than Kansas but ok if u just plan to keep going, otherwise grab a Runza, visit Kearney (the big bridge over i80), maybe Mahoney State Park, ... Be safe, be a leader, stay healthy!!
  6. Mine is Budweiser...

    Yes!!! Wow!!
  7. Las Vegas

    Just take me with u....
  8. Would you complain?

    I know I am too loud all the time. Cannot help it, although I try. So I can't complain.
  9. Does DTC cover a massive portion of Denver?

    When scheduling, I let someone know cross streets, and where/when to update their eta for further details. Definitely understandable for lunch visits. Of course weekends and late nights, DTC is only 30-40 min from Thornton/Westminster. Bonus - Usually earlier check in is available, whereas it is not as often in other parts of town.
  10. Fucking National Geographic

    Hard to know which of us is truly living and growing towards our full potential. Definitely some shit to swim through.
  11. Fucking National Geographic

    I hope so, but life looks so good.. she's so cute when she smiles!
  12. Were Is Everyone Posting?!

    .Guys, preferred411 is still accepting new clients. Ask a provider u have seen to send u the invite. So that's still a good site if u were already signed up as a provider, but they are not currently creating new provider accounts from the US.
  13. Need a cosplay / costume girl

    Wow. I was about to say, I can't do role play, but costumes in general and nerds, I like.... Lmk
  14. In need of some suggestions

    SW corner of metro... South Valley Park. 90 S Valley Rd, Littleton, CO 80401h https//goo.gl/maps/Cc3idxgV9pv In/near dtc Urban Sombrero is fun, Los Dos Potrillos is better Pierre Michel French Bakery @PierreMichelBakery so many choices. Colorado/Denver is amazing! Hanging Lake Chatauqua Park (all of Boulder) Garden of the Gods (C Sprngs) Estes Park YMCA, state and national parks
  15. Avatar

    So I think u go to menu bars, account> "forum stats" and then the little photo symbol on the upper left. It does say Gravatar is an option.