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  1. I wish Michael Jackson was still alive

    I heard that guys don't like girls with brains, so I will just say I noticed there was an impossibly empty place with light, peeling paint, and green stuff just out of reach...
  2. Bar flirt game

    I'm not sure if I ever see dtc hotel bars busy, but maybe be Marriott or Sheraton. Otherwise the Tavern DTC might work.
  3. Roommates or apartment share

    Yeah. True. Just if the right situation comes up.
  4. I'm happy to have reviews since I'm kinda new ish, but I don't think I want like a hundred reviews. If I had a review from someone I hadn't met I'd report it, so I think you are pretty safe on TOB and p411.
  5. Roommates or apartment share

    I keep hoping I'll find a good situation for a place not too far from i25. South-ish if possible.
  6. MWM or bi/pan or gender fluid

    Never see requests like this... But maybe there are guys out there that are bi/pan. I'm open to women visitors, too. Why are guys the ones that generally have to pay?
  7. Visual turn ons

    When a guy is dressed nice for work!! Tattoos Fun socks Abs Whiskers A smile Curly hair
  8. Grrr! Human trafficking reports

    It's an issue we should all keep up to date on since others will always confuse and mix up our work with it. Maybe we can find a way to be more vocal about both
  9. Mile High Exxxotica 2018 Schedule Released

    Chaturbate.com is a sponsor of the event. I think some of the guests at the event might come from that site or start there. I just like more intimacy. ButI am interested in going to this sha-bang!
  10. Mile High Exxxotica 2018 Schedule Released

    Everyone can be a pornstar at chaturbate.com. I just don't like it. ❤️ Although I was considering doing x-rated evocative poetry readings, like in the movie, The Handmaiden. ❤️
  11. New here

    Meet someone and ask for a reference.
  12. Its a heartache, nothing but a heartache

    We all have our own ways. I'd bury myself in the covers for a couple days, (not saying that's healthy), and then distance myself with no contact and other tasks. Drink water. And tell yourself you'll feel better soon. No big decisions in the mean time.
  13. New here

    Hey! Lots of recent discussions that might help. Scroll through Colorado and General Diacussion, after all the pinned notes. Enjoy!
  14. Food suggestions in Denver?

    You've probably got enough suggestions, but my two cents are: Urban Sombrero, Urban Egg, Torchy's Tacos, and tons of Indian food places. 🍳