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  1. To Greek or Not to Greek

    Taboo: a subject people aren't willing to discuss or acknowledge. A line in the sand can not hold us back, but in the mind it is like a wall. tejáschuck seems to be giving an introductory outline on which we can expand with ideas or move on. Discussions are so funny. Some control, lead, manipulate, play devil's advocate, or simply give some hints about their own experiences. Luckily subjects have a way of coming up again. And there's always the search function. Probably private conversations may feel more productive in the end.
  2. What is Your Must See TV Shows

    1) I loved SMASH w/ Katharine McPhee! 2) I would like to see a spoof called The Big *Band* Theory. I also don't watch much TV, but shows I have loved in recent times when binge-watching have been... Carnivàle, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, New Girl, Mr. ROBOT, and The Last Tycoon.
  3. Does a full moon affect you?

    Yes, I love seeing the moon and I act loony about it! It's always so beautiful! L. Lune
  4. Shopping questions

    I know a lot of people stay off social media, but I like the Facebook groups usually called "Xyz-town Buy/Sell/Trade" and the Nextdoor app.
  5. Not sure how to handle this, advice?

    Whining drama gets blocked. Don't feel bad at all!
  6. question for ladies: P411 PM

    I don't see any type of indication on messages, or anywhere, that a client has logged in or is online, only the date and time the message was sent.
  7. Fort Collins sting

    The press release didn't cite the National research from which they listed those stats. In addition, info reported on anti-trafficking efforts is often misleading, so it's difficult to take away much of value from it. (But the discussion and advice you all share is important and helpful.) I was surprised to find a site that looks like BP... https://fortcollins.adlist24.com/escorts
  8. Gremlins

    Finally getting around to refollowing people. Follow me, too!
  9. Where is best Burger in east Denver/Aurora

    Yes! So amazing!!
  10. Just the Little Things in Life...

    Flower anatomy is very... ...Sexual Re: lower lips and orchids https://photos.app.goo.gl/BqEqs5WRcw6QX3mNA
  11. Favorite summertime beverage

    Plz invite me... All of the above.
  12. Just the Little Things in Life...

    Push the little sideways V to share ...maybe set the privacy to "only me" on whichever site(s) u use.
  13. Just the Little Things in Life...

    Dang, I ran out of likes.. Likes all around... All of the above... I think I'm turned on by y'all discussing oral! And massage! Although I have trouble letting loose myself, u should definitely not be worried. We'll let u know what's good or we might adjust without u noticing. Just enjoy!
  14. Exclude ads/providers

    I don't think this will be exactly what u need, but u can usually use a "minus" symbol to mean "exclude" or "except" a term in a search field. So u can get results, minus that person, but it requires typing in her name or something about her description in the right blank with a hyphen in front; so then u have to think about her if you were trying not to, ugh. But maybe it can help you and others in some way -- Maybe searching for the perfect "black shoes" + mens + leather -sneaker -italian -oxford -"penny loafer" ?? Have fun!
  15. To sweat or not to sweat?

    ...Thank goodness some like it (or don't mind), or I'd b turning the a/c down farther. And u know it's already cold in here. ...*Giggling to myself + scrunched up face about how hot I get* :/