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  1. Making friends vs. being a loner

    I go back and forth on this. Hope u all are healthy and happy. I trust easily and then I am a skeptic. I've been used and abused. Want to network but also want to be independent. Definitely a control freak, but also respectful .
  2. Nebraska?

    If it's worth the trip I think some gals will go to SW NE from Denver.
  3. Escort Ads by State Cheat Sheet

    Did u post this in general discussion?
  4. Boulder fun? Things todo and where to stay?

    Chatauqua Park has little cabins. Enjoy the outdoors. Shopping, I don't know so much, but Flatirons Mall is nearby.
  5. First time posting

    Hi. I like the forums. Enjoy.
  6. any providers

    Make plans to meet someone in Raton. More options.
  7. Breaking Bad

    Definitely. A great drive. Nice weekend trip.
  8. Wyoming?

    2 hours from Denver. I love the drive. Weekend trips are fun.
  9. Oops I drank *** before ***

    Love u guys!!
  10. DTC dinner

  11. Oops I drank *** before ***

    What's your oops?
  12. I like "the Friday after Thanksgiving", myself. Maybe, "stay in bed for 12 hours day"
  13. Overnights, Your Opinion Please.

    Last request to has obviously a scammer... I'd prefer to meet and then if they are for real figure out the details. i quote the amount I would need or want for that night or weekend overall.
  14. Northern Adventures..

    Estes Park, steamboat springs, Ft Collins ...and even Berthoud is super-cute
  15. Littleton area

    Usually DTC, Centennial, or SW Denver would be listed as the closest areas to Littleton.