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  1. Day Rental Hotel Rooms

    I'd be happy to chat with anyone about what's really the best deal, imo. solved my main scheduling problem completely! msg or text thx!! ~ LL 🌕
  2. It is SILLY how stuck-up cheap hotels are!

    I have input and tips on this for anyone who'd like to discuss. I do have helpful ideas and info to share. ☆ 🥃 🚿 🏊🏼‍♂️
  3. Why is uber "better" than a taxi?

    i have a lot to say about this, but you'll probably have to ask me in person. i definitely encourage most anyone to use more modes of transportation than they currently do.
  4. What’s your celebrity look alike ?

    these two I've been told many times over the years: molly ringwald / juliette lewis. You've heard their music, too, haven't you? Juliette's Rock Bands 🎸 (see also: Juliette & the Licks -or- the New Romantiqies) & Molly's 🎙️ 🎶
  5. Are there any left

    (oh, & search profiles and forums for your preferences, but also get creative, look for keywords, look at reviews, look at location, send a msg even if they haven't posted lately.)
  6. Are there any left

    Life's been crazy, there are new sites, new things to deal with, barely time or money for any of it, but make connections, keep in touch, share insights... Bustang *the purple bus* & Google Maps, for example, etc, can help you or your invited friend get across the state easily, so ask, invite, plan ahead, travel, explore! Also, some sites don't have the exact location you might be looking for in their pull-down menus. -&/or- they've added fees / passes, etc, which helps cut out some of the extra layers to sort through, but can also make posting more difficult. So I'd suggest reading profiles thoroughly, looking at any listings within a larger radius, gifting points, passes, and cryptocurrency to your favorite people, and checking on ppl you haven't heard from our seen lately. There are also a lot of seemingly professional amazing profiles to be seen on social media that are able to tour. The world is bigger and smaller at the same time. In that sense, yes you might have to invite someone from a distant city if you don't have plans to go there. 💋
  7. Creative art?

    I'll probably have to review what I'm allowed to post... under such a head-line.... but definitely a favorite thing of mine -- Art (automatically Creative. ...unless no thought nor heart was put into it.) I am pretty sure we are All Artists! ...[snip]
  8. Helping each other...what do you need/have

    I'm resourceful. Just LMK what you're having trouble finding or figuring out. 😃 esp *South suburbs* & *downtown* ~LL
  9. GFE vs PSE

    I was surprised about some of the comments above that imply GFE is less experienced or more limited than PSE. ❌ I have always thought of them as: Being Yourself with someone or Putting on a Performance -- Both are great! The difference may correlate with personality or relationship style... or the opposite - an escape or chance to be different... or shaped by a business-metality / focus / precision. [& now for the next pull-down menu & search bars for us to contemplate! & Many More Fun things to Rehearse (?) ... or Consider... *just ideas* 💋
  10. GFE vs PSE

    -- Either way: That was just spit-ballin' ... oh, hm! ... (the carrot metaphor.) ... So, I mean, if we really just compare our girlfriends to p***stars -- well, for one there are a lot more similarities than one might expect, but i suppose the stereotypical ideas are the basis for the terms. Regardless of those differences, every rabbit has a mind of his own and the things he likes may fit into a list or a box, or he might be trying to figure that out. -- So many possibilities, freedoms, and choices! i ♡ it! -- Lastly, spoonuniversity.com/lifestyle/the-heartbreaking-truth-about-baby-carrots
  11. I haven't really kept up on discussions and topics lately, so if there are some other threads about this just share the links (or PM, twitter, txt etc)... thanks! For example, since ppl are not working from their offices in high %'s yet, I thought that if someone could do someone's shopping or errands prior to an appt, that might allow some ppl to free up their rare moments out. other ideas?
  12. Fremont

    privatedelights dot ch
  13. travelin hobby insights.

    * NOLA and Dallas both inexpensive flights from Denver often. * Search TOB Listings & Reviews for Keywords (Dallas or NOLA etc) privatedelights.ch www.slixa.com/louisiana/new-orleans
  14. Sad Suprise .May It Not Happen To Anyone

    wow - hope things turn around for her! squeezes for u & your ♡ JR!
  15. Messaging providers

    Her mailbox could have been full. » Click "Go to inbox." » 2nd line down shows a "bar" to indicate how much space is being used and a __%. I'm always trying to delete / etc. I'm on 92% -- agh! (of course, go to a provider's website or profile to check her preferred contact method.)
  16. A novel approach...

    Besides FB & our usual sites, there are lots of interesting ways to make money and/or advertise... i even see tons on Google Maps and LinkedIn... at first i was shocked, but I see some of the methods in the madness now... "modeling agencies" "night clubs" "adult entertainment" "dating services" "therapy" of various sorts" or "lodging" with random names
  17. State of play

    Grand Island has a bad rap / rep... but I am near there sometimes.
  18. you should definitely feel free to write a negative review. if it was challenged / investigated, you should have received an email and message about it asking you to respond so that admin could make a decision based on the information they have available. really serious issues should be reported to admin directly right away.
  19. Denver vs DTC

    i like Google Maps... it's pretty cool... i can even search for neighborhoods and measure distances between places. DTC to Denver ... uh-oh Denver is a big weird blob... oh well, just search "downtown Denver"... it's a 19 min drive / 11 miles (40 min by light rail). We can all specify what part of town we are in or looking for.
  20. Ladies Do You Love Bald Headed Men ?

    i don't think saying yes to liking a bald head automatically excludes liking hair to touch and grab onto. pretty sure... or my logic is just skewed.
  21. reputable San Francisco providers

    in San Francisco, seems private delights is a thing, but many of the callers aren't "trained".
  22. Guys visiting from California, esp San Francisco, seem to use this site: private delights dot ch
  23. https://www.coloradoburlesquefestival.com/
  24. Sold out

    Theoretically, on crazy summer days, if there were no places available, i bet it would be nice to have connections that might be able able to coordinate something. Of course probably only via PMs that could include other vague or random thoughts about anyone anywhere doing some traveling or visiting this summer.
  25. Eco-friendly sex?

    Wow, didn't know where that was going to go... Don't flush them. Can't recycle them with your single-stream bin... But there are options for unused, expired or ...I suppose used... ***GOOGLE: "CONDOM ART"!!*** AND mentalfloss.com/article/70950/15-non-sex-uses-condoms www.verywellhealth.com/three-things-to-do-with-expired-condoms-3133128 Guys who don't want to leave anything behind could wrap it up and take it with them far enough to get it to a more random trash bin.... And I learned a bit more about condom options to consider: Vegan, non-nitrosamine and fewer other chemicals, less lubricated (which slows down the biodegradability timeline), charitable, specific sizes and how to determine, female condoms www.nytimes.com/2017/02/17/business/condoms-nontoxic-vegan-.html www.verywellhealth.com/sir-richards-condoms-906649 www.thegoodtrade.com/features/ethical-condoms