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Found 2 results

  1. I was a model many years ago, and a bit on the Artsy side when it come to photography, so the black and white pictures are my favorite: Especially the one with creative lighting. Ladies and Gentleman, I would like to know if the color or black and white photos capture your attention more. I am sure it depends on the quality of the photo, but if they were exactly the same photo which one would you pick as your favorite.
  2. Escorting is pretty much ingrained in every society around the world. It has been around since the beginning of civilization, and regardless of the laws, it still continues to be a certainty. You know that saying "nothing is certain in life but death and taxes"? Well I like to say "nothing is certain in life but death, taxes, and harlotry". I'm afraid that western civilization tries to take away the art form in escorting, when truly it is a craft that is mastered through practice. The geisha, for example, is a fading entertainment trade mainly due to Japan's adoption of modern westernization, letting go of traditional geisha customs which go back to the 1600s. Amsterdam is slowly shutting down the red light district, which some could argue is making it more dangerous for women to work. What is it about this industry that is so menacing? Two consenting adults, exchanging one power for another is not wrong. How can we end the stigma and bring back the culture and education in the scene? Or better yet, how can we bring education to the people and end the ignorance?