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  1. Any Denver ladies heard of the NFL

    I have been planning my NYC trip around the ballet, opera, and now Mario Franglous. He is my favorite of all time. I am going to try and work to pay for all my fun.... I am hoping one of my NY clients will want to attend with me. You are right, the ballet and courtesan should be a thing....
  2. Twitter

    That is very good to know, Lucy. I need to chat with you about a tour to NYC. I cannot wait to go back, and may try to cover my expenses while there. I will PM you soon....
  3. Twitter

    I just signed up with a work account last week. I am not sure about finding new clients this way if that is what you are looking for...
  4. Any Denver ladies heard of the NFL

    Sorry, I do not really like football. You have free tickets to the ballet count me in for a free date..... Or an opera
  5. You know a video game is good ...

    I would like to have my ex husband's head in a burlap sack. Does that count??
  6. For the love of...

    I am over the rainy cold days: Winter is coming, and I still need summer. Little ms raine is tired of the competition... LOL
  7. I'm New to the board

    You have been here less then a week, give it some time dear.
  8. Saying Hello

    I hope you have some fun soon...
  9. Going rate quattro large +

    I am sure the gentleman have also been hit by the outrageous cost of living in Colorado. We are all having to pay 100 to 200% more for housing, and it seems everything is so much more here. I paid the same for a nice hotel in Midtown Last week as I am in cos and Denver. So gents, I feel your pain!!! Playing is so wonderful, but is not always in the budget.
  10. Non work visit to Midtown

    I am coming back for a working week this fall... I loved Manhattan..
  11. Non work visit to Midtown

    I am visiting the city, and need help finding restaurants. I am here just for a holiday, no work for me this trip. Thank you for any suggestions.
  12. If you could...

    My grand parents are from Russia, so I have always wanted to go. I hope you can go someday... I think next year I'm going to do Prague, Croatia, and Austria.
  13. Hot men alert!

    I am going with my favorite. BBB .... Big black and bald.. he is just yummy!
  14. I'm not sure what to do these days...

    I had several weeks of this exact experience. It is beyond frustrating. T PM me and we can work on getting some photos watermarked, so no one can steal them.
  15. Travel? What to do? Why?

    I am sticking with my photography theme. I love to take a million pictures. I think going to St Petersburg with a few beautiful Russian women in only furs to do a shoot at Katherine's palace or the winter palace. Then off to Brazil for a steamy hot beach shoot with some local couples... Oily and Sandy!! I have traveled through Europe, central America, Bahamas, most of the US, and need a new adventure...