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  1. Dirty Talk Do You Like It ?

    As long as you do not use the C**t word. I do not like that during a sensual sexy encounter. Total turn off. What I want to do to you graphically is the best for me. Miss AA is the best at dirty talking... Turned on for days just thinking about it....
  2. Taking a break

    ❣️❣️❣️❣️ wishing you all the happiness your heart can desire.
  3. Tips for First Timer

    But damn, only a towel can be so sexy. Sometimes we do not have time between appointments to wash, dry, and style our hair. I would rather be 100% on time with wet hair then really late with perfectly styled hair.
  4. Happy birthday America

    Stay safe ❣️ and love your friends and family, because tommorow is never promised.
  5. Pet peeves

    Sadly, ass pictures sell the best. We use what draws in the most work. I have done my research on this.
  6. Pet peeves

    **Newbies that do not think they should have to screen. ** Ghosting is so rude for any reason. ** Cancel appointment, and lie about why you are cancelling, just to find out you saw another provider. Set up one appointment at a time. ** The use of C**t in a session ** Requesting full lingerie, stockings, heels sexy LBD for 7am appointment.
  7. Where the Fuckery Comes From

    You should have left a "NO" review. She is flacky and ghosted me.
  8. Happy Father’s Day!!!

    A big THANK YOU and Happy Father's Day to our service men that cannot spend the day grilling for his family BBQ. Thank you to the mom's that hold the family together while he severs.❣️❣️
  9. Does a connection count?

    I have found the phone calls seem to be a free phone sex session, and endless menu questions. Never just a PG talk. We are working, getting ready to work, or are in the real world, so phone calls need to be limited. We cannot spend 10 minutes per inquiry, or that is all we would do all day.... I agree, I have an online presence, and do not want to be interviewed.
  10. The big Apple

    I was very busy, so I missed this one. I did get time to walk the two miles to my favorite bagel place. I needed to walk to Brooklyn to burn off those carbs.
  11. Happy Birthday Goodguy 🎉🎉

    Happy birthday 🎂 day five 🎈
  12. Happy Birthday goodguy69

    The birthday month has just begun, so much more fun to come. 🎂🎂
  13. Is there such a thing... Asking for a Friend

    HH appointment does not lend itself to more sensual time; an hour is all about the light fingertips run across the bare soft skin, a passionate kiss, carresed from head to toe while body to body.
  14. Happy Birthday goodguy69

    I hope your day is filled with happiness and love. @Goodguy_69
  15. Do the ladies mind ?

    Not a problem, as long as you are a gentleman.