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  1. Reposting professionalism

    I did have to laugh when one of the agencies use to post on here more often... The second I would post an ad their ad would be over mine... maybe, that they just paid extra to always be the top ad, or they had someone that was really busy posting every time they became second....
  2. It must be me

    You should never text someone at 3:30 to 4:00 in the morning. I delete those as soon as I wake up. We are not on call 24/7, so be thoughtful when you are texting.
  3. Getting References

    Make a great first impression; "Hello _______, my name is ????. As a new member of TOB, I look forward to meeting you: I do not have references, but would like to inquire about your screening protocol. { if she is newbie friendly } lots of girls are! Not a good impression: Hey, rates, u avail, Hi, hello, where are you........ not a complete sentences gets blocked!
  4. Connecting

    We are all different... Text, call, email, website contact, PM, DM are all fine with me.. Just do not start with Hey, u avail, rates.
  5. What is your dream vacation?

    I was an artist model for many years, I held some very difficult poses for my sculpture classes, so each one I admoire from the models point of view.
  6. BP advertising techniques that need to go away.

    The greatest thing about this business is, you do not have to see anyone with a messy bathroom, or Bunny and puppy dog ears...
  7. headed to seattle

    On switter you just have to go into your search, and then it will list anyone in the exact area you are looking for if they have added that to their advertisement.
  8. BP advertising techniques that need to go away.

    A reference is not your personal information. It is the other girls you have visited that can say you are not law enforcement, and you are a safe client to see.
  9. What is your dream vacation?

    I spent three days in Florence... During my trip there I was more interested in architecture, then I was just the sculptures. But, of course I had to see David.
  10. What is your dream vacation?

    I spent a week in Paris, I saw Versailles and the Lourve. I was the only person that did not want to see another baby Jesus and the modonna painting. I know burn me at the stack. The sculpture rooms at the Met in NY were amazing, and much more interesting. I love Scottish beer, dark and malty, so that sounds good to me!!
  11. What is your dream vacation?

    I would love to follow my favorite opera singer around the world. I have stayed on the beaches and mountains of central America, traveled through Europe, been to the Bahamas a few times, lived in the PNW, and CA, and mid-west. Time for some Ballet and Opera in my life....
  12. Hello.... I hope to visit soon. I use to live on the plaza.
  13. This just in: Pussies are all different

    I worked in ob/gyn, I saw at least 15 ladies a day. That would be over 3,300 a year. Trust the study, they are all very different. Just as different as penis size and shapes.
  14. Favorite snack

    Laci, bought me my own bag of cashews, so I was saved from the cashew crime. LoL. Sounds yummy!!!
  15. Favorite snack

    OMG.... I had one once, I was jittery for hours. It was like having a straight shot of adrenaline.