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  1. Any one have a good ghost story?

    I have so many stories. When I was a child we would find things Left on the floor that were put away when we all left the house. The brothell;. I was invited to my boyfriend's best friend's birthday party that I had never met. After half an hour of being there I felt exhausted and asked to go lay down. After an hour of resting I was more exhausted like something was pushing on my ribs and I could not breath. I told birthday boy that, he explained that the house was a brothell, and he had the same thing happen, and would see a man in a brown suit outside his window. One woman had the strongest energy. I think she died having a baby or terminating her pregnancy. Just my sense of her... Staying at a friend's house while she was out of town. I felt like my hands and feet were constantly being pricked by hot needles. When she returned home she had told me of the old ladies death in her home... I don't think the old lady liked me very much because she kept pricking me. My best friend was with me when I tripped down some concrete steps holding a birthday cake, and some napkins and ended up at the bottom without ever touching the steps.... we both looked at each other, because I was still holding the cake and the napkins had not moved but we were both at the bottom.
  2. Any one have a good ghost story?

    Interesting, my birthday is April 15th, and I only wear black clothes for the past 20 years. Maybe, we are connected.
  3. Men's only area

    I have really enjoyed the girls only forum. I would hope you guys would be able to do the same. I bet the guys only would not have the drama we do. You would probably end up talking about non hobby subjects half the time.
  4. Conflicted

    I am sure you did not leave her a bad review because she was not feeling well one of the times you saw her. After reading his other reviews, I stand by demanding and not mutual.
  5. Conflicted

    There are many ladies that will only let you go once, and you are done. It sounds like all other five times you were able to have two to three. Wrong, you do not need to review an encounter that was not 100%. You sound demanding.... She should not see you again, if you review her for only getting you off once....
  6. Men's only area

    We are all on and open forum, can you explain how this is safe, and the other is not?
  7. Halloween costume

    Thank you.... I like belly dancers. I still think hotel towel and heels in are going to win.....
  8. Halloween costume

    Can someone find their favorite belly dancer picture? My files are too large to post.
  9. Halloween costume

    Just keep all the gold, forget the green.... That would be a hot look.
  10. Knowing her real name

    Within our girl groups we use our Fantasy names only. There is no way we could remember real names and our ho names... So, Steve, Jeff, Bob, Mike, and Joe we really are not going to find you in the RW. For me, I am the only one within the US. So no more sharing for me. I forgot and gave Raine at Starbucks....
  11. Halloween costume

    Done!!! Problem solved.😘
  12. Hello to all

    Maybe, he sells ice cream or just loves ice cream. Coffee ice cream is amazing.
  13. Halloween costume

    What should one wear to a Hooker Halloween party?
  14. Here's a Tip - Don't Drink and Drive

    There are many free websites that are very simple and are set up for ecorts. Just add some basic information a few pictures, and you have a website. Doing a little work before contacting a lady is so appreciated. "Location.... Donation" was an actual first text. After proper introduction, and screening information, I would have no problem confirming the amount. "Rates" is your first text will get block.
  15. Similar Names

    😈😈😈 I see she is being a copy cat again. That is just wrong!