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  1. Keeping rescheduling

    If they have booked and rescheduled last minute they need to pay a cancellation fee. I find that stops them!!
  2. Hanging Out....

    I do not have a hive at this time. My bee friendly garden is finally three seasons now.
  3. Hanging Out....

    I love to spend time in my garden. My bee garden is doing very well this year.
  4. Best BBBJ in Denver

    Might want to invest in a snorkel....
  5. FishnDude

    Thank you for posting. Hopefully, there is plenty of fishing for our dear friend.
  6. Etiquette for meetups

    Only glucose and sodium water for me!!!
  7. Etiquette for meetups

    I do like to be asked if I would like anything. I love fresh berries and water 💦💦. And sometimes an IV would be beneficial, but calling the EMT might be awkward. It is always always the thoughtfulness that counts ❣️
  8. Doxxed on Twitter

    why would you assume that the blacklist is a LIE. Guys no call no show, are true time wasters, and are also dangerous!!! It is like our reviews, they are not lies. I am guessing you must be blacklisted since you know so much about how a provider uses it. Another sad day in TOB
  9. It’s air bath weather!

    Wait... What... You already took your tree down?? LoL.
  10. Ass Photos

    Maybe, we should start a TOB ass day... All the girls can change the pic to their favorite ass ass shot.
  11. It’s air bath weather!

    With your English tea set, a beautiful way to start the day.😘
  12. If You Won A Million Dollars What Would U Buy

    I would buy a one way plane ticket, and travel. I travel very lightly, so I could travel for years and years.
  13. Are you ready for spring

    I am so ready for sundresses, and to sit in my 🐝 bee garden. And a warm spring rain.
  14. No Burner Phone/App Numbers?

    I do move on for my safety, and do not see men that think their anonymity is more important than my life. I have a family to protect. Yes, their are stalkers out there putting GPS trackers on our cars. Samantha is 100% correct... The guys that get a new app number are 99% complete waste of time. We need a no show list, so we all do not have to deal with him.
  15. No Burner Phone/App Numbers?

    Some just don't want to share their information because they have way more to lose than YOU do.................................... This literally makes me physically sick. I cannot believe you would think that my life has no value. I should risk being beaten, or killed because John does not want his wife to find out. If they have everything to lose, they need to stay home. where is the block button??