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  1. Icing the Vagina

    Or the opposite... Like no work, and she is so frustrated she is cooling the desire down... Like a cold shower.
  2. How your mood effects your day.

    I have noticed when I am really really crabby and not having a good day, are some of the most amazing rain storms ever.. like I am allowed to take all my frustrations out.
  3. Punch card or lick it stamp card

    But all the negativity and personal attacking keeps 96% of others from posting in the forums. The same 4% post... Zzzzzzz
  4. Careful with screening boys.

    That is why so many ladies are not newbie friendly. I agree, your references are enough, but a newbie still needs to provide some sort of screening. We should not have to put our safety at risk for any client. Way to many crazy people in the world.
  5. Quick Car Date

    In high school, it was my BF with a triumph spitfire... That was so much fun. I am 5'7" is was 6'2. I lived on the beach for many many years.... I still miss those sunsets.
  6. Quick Car Date

    I was going to ask if he got his gofund from Laci for the parsley....... I still need my gofundme for my cashews. If you want to pitch in the 6 to 8 cents I have taken...... LMAO
  7. Quick Car Date

    I dated a man in the RW that was 6'4 240lbls. You just have to be a bit creative..... But it does actually work, he drove a AMG C64. Oh the memories...
  8. Punch card or lick it stamp card

    I think only wearing strawberries would keep them returning.... With grapes in the shower.
  9. Punch card or lick it stamp card

    Okay ladies, who wants to do a photoshoot covered in potato chips to keep the guys coming back??
  10. GUILTY...

    Very very sad... This is why 96% of ladies choose not to post in the forums. Thank you for our kindness. XOX
  11. A Screening Conundrum

    I am also running into this problem. You need to do what makes you feel safe. There are guys that are just never going to want to be screened in anyway. Those need to be blocked immediately... Your safety is absolutely imperative.
  12. GUILTY...

    Hey fish... Laci is setting up your GoFundMe account for your parsley.... XOX I guess I better have her set one up for me and my cashew caper... LoL
  13. GUILTY...

    This provider was saying stop being judgemental. None of us are perfect. As I said laws are laws, and Sin is Sin. Those should not be throwing stones. I have been shorted many many times so yes I have been the shopkeeper that has been robbed as well. Why do you think there are certain laws that you can follow, and certain laws that you think that you do not need to follow??
  14. Looking for provider recommendations

    He may just have to look at the ads... We post our location; Such as, lone tree, cherry Creek, Off 6th....
  15. GUILTY...

    I guess I do not view it that way. The law is the law, and sins are sins. We do not get to pick and choose which ones we follow or not. I was just asking some people not to be judgmental, because we are all in this together. None of us are getting out of this without being guilty.