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  1. Cancelation epidemic

    I am fully open to entertaining our out of town guest, as long as they show up. I love to travel, and have a week planned for a real world trip to NYC. Maybe, someday I will actually be able to plan a working trip. Thanks for making the world a brighter place, Kali.
  2. Cancelation epidemic

    I have a felling, we would find the guys are playing a lot of girls... I did get four reference request for the same guy in two days. I am sure he did not see all of them. Again, I just wanted to thank the real men our there, not really revisit the issues. Thanks for the support!!!!!
  3. Cancelation epidemic

    If gentleman only knew how much time, energy, and effort it takes to schedule a day of clients. It seems only about 5% of guys will prebook. The cancellations are happening within only a few minutes of the appointment, leaving it impossible to have anyone else fill the slot.
  4. Cancelation epidemic

    And to make matters worse, we are now paying $200.00 for hotels. I am so glad you are home, beautiful.
  5. Cancelation epidemic

    And who says it has to be hard to be good?? LOL
  6. Cancelation epidemic

    I have the felling from other posts, that some of the guys are hedging, and booking multiple providers. One cancelled appointment I understand, but Four plus a day is unexplainable.
  7. Cancelation epidemic

    After reading so many post about the NSNC, and the cancellation epidemic we are experiencing, I would like to take a moment to THANK all the wonderful gentlemen that are truly gentleman. Thank you for keeping your commitments, and being men of Honor: You are greatly appreciated!! To the men that NSNC, and set appointments last minute and then cancel, may you suffer DSBU and be unable to find a release let alone a provider to see you. DSBU( deadly seamon build up) Also, a huge thank you to the friends that listen to the complaints over and over again. Kisses
  8. Convenient Areas to Stay in Denver

    sorry to hear your location was so awful. You can always contact the CO girls to find a better spot next time. That is why I am apprehensive to go to NYC. I may end up in bad area.
  9. Convenient Areas to Stay in Denver

    I have enjoyed Westminster on 120th, and will be back often. I will not be going back to Boulder After that many no shows and time wasters. You are correct, this is a business, and some do not respect that. Even if someone no shows for a 30 appointment, that takes 90 minutes out of their schedule. Sure once in awhile cancellation happens. It was the six in two days that made me decide to never go back. Time are most valuable commodity!!!
  10. Convenient Areas to Stay in Denver

    I would avoid the boulder/Broomfield area. I have had no show no call and five cancellation within a few minutes of their appointments. Just across from flatiron crossing is beautiful, but not good for business. I see few girls work in this area, now I know why. Being professional and on time should be of up most importance for both provider and clients. Hotels are not free, so bad clients make it stressful. The hotels here were double of South Denver. Just my experience!!!
  11. Sex toy

    NO.... They are community, and used by one and all. Ewwww.
  12. Introduction

    Yes, it sounds more like a advertisement for his business. I do not believe he will be joining in for any fun. I did not know you could post on the forum to promote or draw attention to yourself!!!😞
  13. Spring has Sprung!

    Flowering trees, flowers, afternoon rain storms, my bikini, sun dresses, sleeping with the fan on. I love summer time!!!
  14. What makes you beautiful souls happy?

    Photography, I love to capture people of all ages. Cannot wait to take some beautiful pictures of my new friends. Traveling. I turn the GPS off, and get as lost as I can in a new city . What fun to find where the locals live, eat, and work. Exploring is so exciting. Ballet and the opera ; something co is missing.