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  1. Best places to eat and go out in Aspen?

    The establishment has you take your ski boots off and gives you slippers to wear. I remember that too. Aspen is a lovely place to ski and their entertainment and restaurants are fabulous!
  2. Newbie question about hotels

    WALK like you belong there and smile a real smile as you move through the lobby with grace! You are a normal human being and not some flamboyant circus show! YOU HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO ENTER A PUBLIC ESTABLISHMENT that you have been INVITED TO meet up with someone who has paid for the hotel room! ENJOY THE ADVENTURE and write your review! XO
  3. Funny things our animals do...

    Mister Reuben worships the refrigerator just like Henry, Laci, and AmericanVet65. Burmese cats are very interesting...makes a cry like a cougar often at 3 am. Lives to eat and sleeps with me most nights. Especially, in the Winter.
  4. Ladies why be so flaky?

    I am glad you are saying doubtful! I truly believe that is the case here. As to knowing what goes on behind closed doors? Leave what happens behind closed doors the way it is! You don't NEED to know! You don't need to EVEN think either. It's just none of your business to know, due to it happening behind closed doors! Go out get a nice meal, call a friend, go see a movie. Do something kind for you and you alone. This is a quote from my friend the dragon, (not sure if it is original from him) but yes he is the one who made me say it over and over again until I started repeating it. It is a lifesaver. "Best REVENGE in life is living life well"! Damngoodman, please repeat this as the mantra and start to live it! "Best REVENGE in life is living life Well"! Look at your face in the mirror while saying too, please. Om Shakti!
  5. Ladies why be so flaky?

    Damngoodman, How do you know that you are blacklisted?! Are you sure on that???
  6. Hello!

    Welcome in!
  7. The Picture Or The Thousand Words?

    I agree with Hunter, I have some nice dress clothes and none of them are brand named clothing. I don't follow fashion much, however, I know what I like and what feels comfortable and looks tasteful on my body in my own opinion that is. Same goes with makeup, cell phone, purse, anything else of this nature. I spend my money on higher quality food, electric, mortgage, insurance, home repairs, long before I buy clothing. My lingerie comes from VS because I love the quality and it's really comfortable fabric and wears for years. I am now in love with Body Spray from Body Works, "In the Stars" (think that's the name)?
  8. Best places to eat and go out in Aspen?

    Last time I was skiing in Aspen I remember the ski lodge Bistro at the top of the mountain was an incredible meal, Cloud Nine. When I was there you had to ski to it! https://www.aspensnowmass.com/our-mountains/aspen-highlands/dining/cloud-nine-alpine-bistro I do believe that was the name of the place and it was incredible.
  9. Ladies why be so flaky?

    Happy Birthday!
  10. Sunday people.

    Cali8 said it perfectly Thank you, Weekend Warriors! We love you when you come out!
  11. Is It Immoral to Fap to Dead Pornstars?

    frappuccino with your fap
  12. Investigation into Geolocating Smart Phones

    Thanks Kaduk! Funny but very true situation for me with my cellphone is through T-Mobile/iPhone I honestly get it. Just see all of this as being big changes of what is yet to come. So many changes going on. Just not sure how to take it?! Kind of lost emotionally in an odd way. If you can understand that?! No nothing personal towards anyone either.
  13. Investigation into Geolocating Smart Phones

    How do I get the article to pull up? Not working on my laptop
  14. Quality vs Quantity

    Welcome In!
  15. A twin mattress will only work if your name is Polly Pocket (Provider) and your Clients names are Slinky, Pokey, Gumby, and Silly Puddy. Note that all the above participants are of legal age -Baby Boomers! Polly claims to be reference friendly ladies be happy! However, one short side note from lady Pocket, be sure and have central air for Silly if you see him during Denver's hot summer months.