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  1. Perfume or not ?

    Glitter on an eyeball is painful! I think most glitter lotions and perfumes are mild with the glitter. Just remembering arts and crafts with my kids and how dangerous that glitter can be. Damn fairy dust!
  2. My 1st ever tat...

    Why not a Rabbid Raccoon?
  3. Strangest Request

    The guy who wishes to pre on a provider contacted me 2 weeks ago.
  4. Low-Volume vs High-Volume

    Was thinking the exact same thing...shame,shame,shame! Guess we all need to repent! Great call F.W.
  5. The Nice Guy

    Providers are a special breed seldom do we pass judgement on looks. We will however become upset if you stand us up for an appointment, cancel last minute, hurt us, come dirty, not leave the donation. Anything else of that nature. seldom do we ever become critical of the looks of a client.
  6. Leaving TOB...

    Love you Bella Marie!!!💛💙💜💚❤
  7. Independent, intelligent women

    Everyone feels threaten by what they don't understand, or what they have been told by others is "evil". It is only when you learn and study the truth for yourself on any given subject you are truly free to see and are able to live that of your own freedom in life. Something to be said for allowing the Dogma of living life rule you. Most people that know me have heard me say that I am pretty fed up with "Rules and Regulations" anymore. Wishing you the best with finding greater understanding and meaning in your attempts to find your own self Expression and love with how you choose to support yourself in life!
  8. The Nice Guy

    Read your review I thought it was very nice and honest. If a woman does not look like her pictures. Regardless of what is going on with her health it is considered false advertising. When the pictures no longer look like the provider. Some might see this as cruel to say? Yet, it is a fantasy the person is paying for and the pictures should best represent the provider. Even if it showed a slimmer younger woman. That also would be considered false advertising. If the pictures did not match the provider.
  9. Condoms - Yes or No?

    I agree totally with Bad Boy! Very cool avatar Mr. Purple!😀😀
  10. When a person writes a review THAT NEVER SAW YOU😡

    If you click on his profile it goes to Alf with numbers. So he is proudly portraying two personalities with two different names. I have never seen this before?! He does have several reviews. Just curious and find it confusing at the same time how someone can do this? How can you attach two names together? Two different handle names?
  11. All Things Greek

    Was a foreign exchange student in Turkey back in 84. Ephisis is a must see (if you get close to Turkey). The water in that area (ocean water) is so incredibly beautiful! Hope you share some great pictures 😘😘
  12. The Nice Guy

    Others will find out eventually. Pfunk has a great suggestion! Who claims that honesty hurts?
  13. Did I Ignore Your Request? Oh Jeez, Im Not sorry.

    the pleasure was all mine Boink! A true masterpiece of art!!!😀😀
  14. One and done or multiple visits?

    If you are paying why would you pay for repeat awkwardness?!
  15. How much sex should I be having and at what age?

    Eggs, legs, stacks, & racks what's more to love? Purfume and lotion? The answer is probably low or high volume?! Defiantly no more snow please...😈🐣💨