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  1. ...The Other Bored...a Parody...

    Have to check those shots tonight on my p.c. the screen on my cell is too small. Just hope whatever Bit saw is not catching lol well other than a big fish!😀😀
  2. ...The Other Bored...a Parody...

    I have some glassware!!!
  3. Profiles...

    That is a great suggestion. In that you also get to know a little about the person and their favorite likes and styles.💐🍰🍇🍧🍷🍻🍸 🍹
  4. Role play ideas

    What would you do for extra credit??😈😈😇😇
  5. The broker

    Sims Landing is excellent in my oppinion! It is also fun on a summer's evening to watch the airplanes land at DIA. All the way out West of DIA. http://m.simmssteakhouse.com/?utm_source=Yext&utm_medium=website&utm_campaign=Yext#2655
  6. Role play ideas

    I said this last week, I would like to be The Naughty School Principal. I want to have a special faculty meeting with my staff! Mandatory meeting mind ya!!!😀😀📔📒📙📐📏📕📖📘📂✂📌📎📊📈📉📁🍎
  7. Loving the cooler weather....

    Cider days is coming up along with Itailan days. Late summer early fall Lakewood festivities.😍😍 Makes think about my past I have lived in Denver area for 17 years now. Hard to believe so many changes. No more South West Plaza.Yep a few changes. Lot's interesting things to do.
  8. Loving the cooler weather....

    Walking around Old Town or Belmar can be fun and close by. I also enjoy walking around Idaho Springs, with the hot springs. That I hopefully will be able to try out some day! Lot's of interesting places to go!
  9. You're reviews are great, and that's ALL I know.

    Laci makes a great point. We do have some wonderful men!! However these individuals who are playing us are costing us dearly.
  10. Question for providers....

    Samantha, Was wondering if you have ever seen old accounts being hijacked? Not sure if this could be a possibility? Cracking passwords. Just makes you wonder a bit.
  11. Asian man, white woman porn

    [Snip} is wrong from all perspectives. Noting arosing about holding or hurting a defensless woman/man against their will friend!
  12. Burning Man

    Santa Fe (damn autocorrect)
  13. Burning Man

    Drama is about intentions. Think about the Fool card in tarot. "Beginners mind" there is also a Burning man festival in Santa Dr too. From my heart I am wishing you the very best in life. Where ever you path may take you in life. Remember, "Begginners mind"! Open and honest aim your arrow on your target. You will never miss. At least not intentionally!
  14. You're reviews are great, and that's ALL I know.

    Sorry ladies, I have had some crazy messages too. Call it what you like, just so stupid when you have received countless emails back and forth then that someone ask's for a picture. Who are you again? Read the ads. Lol the guy even sent me an email through my website...what the??
  15. A lesson the Hateful Ladies and Men...

    That is EXACTLY right Bella!!! Don't be so dependant on a website to protect you! because the moment you claim that P411 is going to free you from any harm ? Yep that is when you are in trouble. Learn how to VERIFY better and on your own. Use more of your god/dess given intuition!