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  1. Review Bullying

    It is very sad that people think the only means to get ahead it by being a bully! Men and women alike need to watch their manners it's not a good thing to get caught up with BS in this business due to all the drama that is already going on in our everyday lives with trying to make a living, raise kids, go to school, outside relationships. Plus, all the idiotic bureaucratic crap with all our reviews, and ads down. Please let's work together and not against! If anyone needs support or just need an opportunity to vent? Please feel free to reach out! You would be surprised! On some level or another we all have been humiliated or hurt on some level in or out of the Hobby world. Just living in Denver is difficult and it is also very expensive! Sending very positive thoughts to those in need. XO
  2. Just wanted to let you know I'm not  completely gone just old and hurting. Tax season was a disaster and I was hospitalized twice- getting old is NOT for sissies   You are still on the top of my list if i can get better. Enjoy your posts would rather enjoy your company!  

    1. Kali Sensual Reiki

      Kali Sensual Reiki


      I am so sorry about you getting so sick! Hopefully now you are on the mend. Because i am excited to see you my dear friend! Handsome man Pointy!!😘❤️😍


  3. How's everybody doin"?

  4. How's everybody doin"?

    Going to go see Yes in August!!!! So flipping excited!!!😍😍
  5. New Business Names

    Now that one is awesome!
  6. Tease

    Gemma, I know? What’s up with that strange tease?! So not fair!😤😤😳😳😝😝
  7. Thank You!!!

    Travel safely dear beautiful lady! I am going to miss you! On to a better life you go! With better adventures heading your way!!! Let us know where you are! Feel free to call me anytime!😘😍
  8. New Business Names

    I can’t wait to see and give you a kiss Laci love! 😘😍
  9. New Business Names

    Audrey’s company names make me smile! I like them😊
  10. Parking lot questionable vehicles?

    I’d say! Give that man a metal!🤩
  11. greetings from a new member and just thoughts on pics

    Thinking about eventually having someone do my pictures. Just hard to coordinate the time.
  12. Things I don't understand

    Hair extensions Decaf! Now that would look prettier on your fur face! I can help with makeup! Lots of us ladies are pretty damn awesome with our magic wand applying warpaint! 🤩
  13. New Business Names

    Charge backs scare me also!
  14. Mine is Budweiser...

    Kombucha for Kali.( I brew it myself)😘 lemon or lime in water, ACV and water. sparkling water once in a great while.
  15. summer coming ... what do you look forward to

    Oh NEVER forget the bacon and eggs in my spring leaf salads! Just wish I could find a great salad dressings without canola oil!