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  1. Ready for winter?

    With Ferious...forced to enjoy the cold winter elements. We have no idea what the snow shovel lady is because her head is turned.
  2. Looking for gal in Rockies for tonight. Must take cc

    Check the ads is your best bet or take Laci up on the shinny penny!😀😀
  3. Harvey Weinstein, why are people shocked?

    Marshmallows?! I'll find a nice stick. 😂😂
  4. Denver Night Entertainment

    I will text once I get the info Samantha!😘😘
  5. Thank you

    The green button= 👍
  6. Mans Dinner Menu

    Never was able to try the Indian food while I was studying in England. However, the Chinese food I had was fabulous!! I could talk in lengths about other countries and their cuisine...I think Turkey was my favorite country for food. Sorry, I am taking this conversation off topic.
  7. Denver Night Entertainment

    Nutcracker is next let me know Ferious I can possibly get you a deal?
  8. Thank you

    We need more "LIKES" see I am not the only one Boink! 😀😀
  9. Colorado Winters..

    One thing Denver does not have that many of the more humid states. Is that horrible wind chill! Many people in Denver tough it out with a thick sweatshirt hoodie I notice. Today I was thinking about possibly buying a new winter coat. Still on the fence with that. I have one but it is not a very thick coat. Maybe next week I will get one? I am also thinking nice dress shoes too. Have to be in the mood and motivated to shop. 😂😂
  10. Harassment and threatening on this site

    Hope things are improving! Sending reiki!!! When someone is being harassed or threatened it affects us all as a community! Please consider your behavior towards others and refrain from hurtful words and action. We are all in this together. Best bet is to step back and instead of reacting? Please give it a break and meditate on issues before reacting with hostility towards others. This sort of behavior is SO not needed here in Denver or any place else! I am also very hurt by the actions and behaviors of some of the individuals...not good!
  11. Thank you

    Out of points but thank you for noticing the ladies and our hard efforts also! 😘😘
  12. Thanks to you

    Thank you Amber!!! Very nice post!❤❤
  13. Denver Night Entertainment

    https://www.coloradoballet.org/performances/dracula2017 Saw this performance last night. Dracula was not only spooky! He was quite talented slithering across the floor as an incredible ballet dancer... Sexy too I must say! If you know the story you will be very surprised to see the presentation performed so well! The special effects are amazing, costumes, as well as set! I make a point to go and see a live production at least 4 to 5 times a year.Ballets, Operas, other sorts Concerts, museums, (like many of you too I am sure). Think it is important to enrich our lives in one way or another. Also great to give back to our community. The performing arts is Kali! 😀😀
  14. Mans Dinner Menu

    I had the very best Chinese food in London. Chrissy no need to fret they will love whatever you prepare I am sure!! Home cooked meals are best and men who have been away for service will forever love what you prepare for them especially being that it is coming from your heart! ❤❤
  15. Cause every good drama has one

    Not me mind you but every time I see this provider speak on the forum I get a silly little smile and think about this song. Oh an NO I have never spoke with her before. I hope she is not offended?! I do love her song!!! Cecilia https://g.co/kgs/X7qG16