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  1. Late starting appts

    Being late without communication is not good. If you at least say something along the lines of”sorry I am running late”( half hour or less with communication works wonders with me.) Sometimes there is horrible accidents and situations of that nature that come up in our lives. I get that totally. However, taking someone for granted is never cool as a provider or a client. It is also not acceptable behavior with other aspects in our lives. It is all about respect. I give it to my clients and to my day job. I should hope we all use tact and I am sorry if you’re experiencing trouble FW?
  2. What’s your ATF book to recommend??

    Love Dracula! Color me dark...I love a good old fashioned 15 century haUnting! 😈
  3. Time for Another Gratitude Post

    Thank you Hunter for being there and really caring as a friend ❤️
  4. Sexiest Commercials

    Pretty Sexy I will say. 😉
  5. What do u do for r&r?

    Power walk hard twice around Sloan’s and I also started journaling in the evenings. Staying away from electronics as much as possible.
  6. Not sure why its blocked

    At one time I gave two references to 1 client. I also know that at one time it was really easy to hand out references too. Now it is more like an electronic magic act!🤔🤩🥳
  7. Pinky had a problem

    Said the bamboo!😂😂
  8. Followers are gone

    Whooot said it was in your head? 😂 you must smile! 😁
  9. New to this forum part of TOB

    Welcome in!
  10. Followers are gone

    I wrote about this same subject a year or so ago. The Whisper calls it a glitch when they do updates it happens. Nothing personal! 😊
  11. Not sure why its blocked

    Could you please post the instructions again for the electronic reference signal for clients to send to the provider?
  12. Someone tell me WTF is wrong with me

    Kundalini Awakening Vessago? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6s-v1_8aQeg Ida (female) and Pingala (male) energies travel up the catalyst staff (human spine) and awaken your spiritual self. Your charkas will become activated as the energies travel up your body hitting each one of the activations of the chakras to cleans out and work on enlightenment. The individual going through this process will grow and feel self-growth in many ways. I had a Kundalini Awaking back in 2008 it was amazing "Saktipat". You must be ready and if you are not? Please contact a Reiki practitioner to help you with your journey. My reasoning for not walking the path of the awaking alone is because it will affect you physically as well as your spiritual life in very profound ways. You could also have a physic attack. Personally, I was up without sleep for 48 hours it was intense and incredibly beautiful as well as being journey very gentle and exciting! Millions of bubbles traveled up my spine from within my body and then it exploded with a beautiful shower of purple/lavender out of the top of my head/crown chakra. (viewed through my "mind's eye") So, much has since happened to me from that day back in 2008. Please always feel free to open up to me through PM or email if you wish. Physic protection is highly advised. Please feel free to also contact me on how to shield yourself. Deon Fortune wrote a very good book on physic protection. Here is her ebook http://hpri.fullerton.edu/Community/documents/psychicSelfDefense.pdf Possibly you are being funny? Hey, I don't know...However, I can seriously tell you that I am very serious about what I am saying to you now through this post of mine. I can and have in the past taught this stuff before. Yeessss, it's all reiki!
  13. Describe your cooking

    It Sounds wonderful Bora Bora!
  14. Describe your cooking

    What is the first picture of Bora Bora? Looks like fancy rice?
  15. Describe your cooking

    Hunter that looks delicious 😋maybe we need to go to that fresh Mexican place we can catch Laci when she gets back in town! Anyone else who wishes to join?