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    Reiki, tarot, passion, laughter, great friends, Red Wine, chocolate, paranormal, healing, and an active flowing stream of sexual energy!
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  1. Prepping For an AM Appt My Crib…

    No this is better answer...
  2. Something Different

    Welcome. In Johnny!!!
  3. Rocks, neat/up, shaken

    I am fruity...seldom drink. Sangria, rootbeer floats with Bailey's & home made ice cream. I am very much a whimp when it comes to drinking. I can never finish a glass or mug if alcohol is in it.
  4. Prepping For an AM Appt My Crib…

    Dusted, polished and stored under the bed Admirel C. Neatly stacked in two piles.
  5. Recommended doubles?

    Damn! Just sounded delicious to me! 😍😍
  6. New to TOB

    Welcome Johnny! 😎😎
  7. Recommended doubles?

    Can I say peanut butter and chocolate?! 😋😋
  8. off the clock time and extended dates

    Agree!! Bashing is not original
  9. Any you nerds going to ComicCon?

    Why rate them?! Sounds like TOB?! You will need to let us know who preformed best with the pen signature!!!😳😳😂😂
  10. New to the board and the hobby

    Welcome Colorado Guy!
  11. Hot Violet is a nice lady and she provides a great service! What she says on a forum board is of her own opinion and as long as she harms nobody...ya we are all cool! Violet you are a lively Soul thank you!! 😘😘
  12. P411 being a pain in my tuchas..

    Lol the first time I had a P411 account back before when I was "Kali of Denver" P411 pretty much gave me the account without needing to ask too much or request a bunch of personal information. Now anymore security has really tighten down the hatch on who they allow into their circle, same with Eccie. I am sure things will losen up for you soon!
  13. P411 being a pain in my tuchas..

    VERY! Everything is so bent on proving who you are. Yes this is a great website. Yet you need to get a client to vouch for you and your legitimatcy. I am sure you can find someone to entice!😃😃
  14. Happy Father's Day

    Happy Father's Day Laci and all the men that are dad's!
  15. New To The Board