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  1. BP-no AA in the ads

    Kabalaha =man must give to woman.
  2. Don't Be A Hobbiest....

    Thanks Sparky600! Just riding the storm out with you! We can do this.😀😀
  3. Don't Be A Hobbiest....

    Bluesbroker! Best Revenge in life is living life well! My right eye has been twitching today while at my office (RW job). Not that this dream world is not real...Exausted i came home and have spent the last couple of hours in meditation. We are all a part of the Divine. However you Wish to see it and live it! I am good at saying stupid too. Thank you for being supportive and speaking up for those in need. Just understand that some people need to learn their own lessons in life and are stuck and will not move forward until they're ready to do so. Natural consequences often work best for such people. I think I am a pretty damn good woman lol! Honestly, I am happy and realized many years ago that I am personally responsible for my OWN happiness within this lifetime. So, in a round about way I can say nothing exists outside of self. Unless I allow it to do so. Nonduality either you are a part of me or you are not. Yes" I work on me and me alone. Kisses to those who are a part of me. 😘😘
  4. Don't Be A Hobbiest....

    Oh man!! I have that same problem Uncle!!! Kundalini often becomes kindiling. Well you do know that both fire up!!! Thanks for the clarification!😀😀
  5. Where are all the providers?

    Welcome Alex!
  6. Don't Be A Hobbiest....

    Sorry I am lost what does this mean? Bluesbroker I liked you post and Laci French is a wonderful person to have as a friend in life! Posting Negitive drama is not a good thing to do. If you have a problem with someone? Take it up privately please. Retrograde season has been horrible this time around. Lets all try and use some discretion and think twice before pushing the "send" button. Bad juju to hurt others with words. See what I am saying about Retrograde with Mercury (the planet of communication)? Just not a good idea to get into problems or question people. Too much shit. Thinking that Lucy was having fun. Please lets just leave it alone for now. I love you both and have yet to meet either Fishndude57 or Lucy Kitten in person. I know they both are quality peeps!
  7. Warning LE problems, wierdos, and creeps

    Sorry Panda! I am going to send you another pm. Not good!😰😰
  8. Star Wars! Nothing but Star Wars!

    I have a friend who lives Star Wars her wedding everything purse, finger nails you name it all theme Star Wars. Love her dearly! My eyes have a hard time tracking the fast action movies. Royal pain I know!
  9. New to the area

    Welcome Luna! Today was the last day at Winter Park for asking/boarding. I grew up skiing! Find you interesting! Have fun!!!
  10. Don't Be A Hobbiest....

    A friend that I like a great deal! We are all friends regardless if you choose to see me or not as a client. We are all friends. No need to be petty k?! Drama free zone please...
  11. Providers that complain

    Ohhh Lucy nailed it! Pealing back the layers of the human mind we are able to connect more deeply with an individual. I call that "intamacy". 😘
  12. Providers that complain

    Own it and be proud about it! Take your uniform off and lay down on the providers bed! There is no judgements only pure pleasure with a chance escape from the outside world.
  13. Providers that complain

    Great Rebbutal****just read the review
  14. Uber Driver Distraction

    I am so sorry! Couple weeks back I had a client who took me out for dinner with left. The drivers were wonderful. My date tipped big too. Sucks when people are stuck with their snooty noses in the air!!! I greatly appreciate the ride too! Romatic music and all. 😘😘🐩🐩 thank you Moe!! (Driver's name).
  15. I love intellect!

    Samantha you are pretty damn AWESOME and I can't wait to eventually meet up with you some day too!! Now every time I hear this song I am going to be thinking of Samantha!!! OMG!!!!! Sorry I just could not resist...LOL I am horrible!! Kisses!!!