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  1. Kinky GFE

    Lots of fun beautiful established ladies! I hope you have an enjoyable stay! We are looking forward to your review too!
  2. OH YEAH!

    Monday tomorrow! Sorry! Hit the snooze button a few times!
  3. Ladies in the Rockies this season?

    That freedom feeling! So unreal! @gnarley_boy12 I grew up on the western slope, age 10 on. So, of course I grew up skiing! Now I worry about people slipping on the ice. My kids still ski however my mom and are on sabbatical 😂! Still dance naked! No, get naked! Please do! Wild wester slope stories! 👀😁
  4. Want a better retirement?

  5. Want a better retirement?

    Pay yourself first! Amen to that! I said that first @gr8owl 🤣 AISO it is not about how much you make. It is better to note how well you save or invest. https://www.nerdwallet.com/m/credit-cards/make-all-the-right-money-mo Check your interest rate out and compare it with otherbans
  6. Ladies in the Rockies this season?

    So wishing my eyesight was better>! I used to spend my weekends skiing all winter! Elementary age up through college times. Hearing people talking is making me sentimental as hell! I remember Buddies run when there was only a poma lift to get you to the top of that peak! Don’t do this to me! 😭
  7. This One Is Going To Sting

    Yes, the ones who come and see me are respectful, and kind, as well! You know, I genuinely caring for them and they care for me. Indulge me, these men are often very generous coming with thoughtful gifts, words, and sometimes tips, clean, and ready to enjoy and be engaging while with me. I think honestly the ones who play games never planned on making an appearance and it has nothing to do with rates! It’s all about them playing stupid and I will shake it off and hit the block button. They lost their opportunity and that is all on them! 🙃 I am healthy, happy, and stay centered! 😊
  8. Want a better retirement?

    @Mustang87 dental insurance is not worth it to be quite honest. It is better to pay out of pocket for dental needs. I have yet to find dental insurance that pays for implants. I am fortunate I don’t need implants! thank goodness. Those implants are as much as an education at a university. No not really, but they do cost quite a bit of money!
  9. I'll take penis IQ for $500 Alex

    Let’s faces facts, you can’t beat a beaver full moon! 🦫🌝
  10. I'll take penis IQ for $500 Alex

    Hmmmm, Alex I will take penis for 500!🧐😂
  11. What feels right for you to say? And when making verbal reference, what feel most comfortable, saying? Heck, maybe neither of those two words feels right to you? (SW’er or Provider). They are both accurate descriptions of what we do too. I call us all ladies because we are! TS ladies are not biologically female women. Yet I group them in with us also. I provide a service and I am a SW because that also describes what I do to make a living. Stick around and get a feeling for what works best for you to use.
  12. @OscarDG sorry our court jester took you down the hobby rabbit hole. I think he gets a high off of behaving like that. Hopefully you got some great advice by everyone else on here!
  13. Some of the ladies are more thorough with their screening. Just understand it is essential to be safe, and a great deal can happen behind closed doors. Nobody cares if you’ve been through bankruptcy; or if you’ve been through a divorce, if you are beautiful. The questioning pertain more towards finding out if you are a violent person. Are we safe being women and not knowing if you might hurt us? And no nothing is ever 100% safe. I just was looking over many of these websites and I notice how expensive they have become and how much you need to pay extra for finding such information that is needed. That element of safety is and will forever remain a risk to the ladies and we will need to continue to take that risk as long as we participate in this realm. I wish you the best and remind you to play it safe on your own end also!
  14. Want a better retirement?

    @Sparkey600, I'm so happy you have everything mapped out for you and your family. I also have a savings plan with life insurance and annuities with a modest Roth IRA account and small stock investments through Black Rock. I feel as though I am an exception. I fear for other ladies in the business who are not actively planning for their futures. Go on ahead and laugh at me if you wish. Mind you, my investments are simple for my future. And my future is closer than the majority of the ladies. Yet, this is vital, ladies, and it is better to start early than later. I am thankful I at least started when I did—enough of me on this topic. Just happy I can afford to stay in Colorado if I wish after retirement.