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    My dad died back in December and we had the funeral back in December in Denver also. So today we had his memorial putting his ashes in the ground next to my grand parents. Tomorrow there will be another gathering in Minneapolis. My dad was a great man loved everyone he ever met. Very loud and the life of the party always! All of this death stuff for my dad is finally over tomorrow and then I will be back in Denver again! Thank you for your sweet words! My dad’s death was a true blessing. He was so out of his mind and very sick XO
  2. Deal Breaker: Her/His profile said . . .

    “Hi” nothing more we all get this daily. Most of us don’t respond much. Please provide more information please. I love full introductions! 💕💋

    I have a really hard time with getting on escalators. I was out at DIA early this morning ridding those scary fast moving steps. 😱😱 if you know me well you’ll understand my fears and why. I was pretty proud of myself! I looked a bit silly possibly? However, I did it my friends several escalator rides through DIA and into MLPS/St.Paul! I did it!!!😘😘 Up in Nisswa,MN to bury my dad with family tomorrow. Flooding my mind with childhood memories in addition to riding escalators!🥰🥰 Nothing like dealing with fears head on in life!😉😉
  4. Introduction

    Welcome in!
  5. ATFs

    He treats like a GODDESS! 💕
  6. I have so missed you guys!

    Welcome back!!
  7. Seeking Advice

    You have been a great friend to her! I am sure she appreciates you a great deal. What exactly is it that you need ? I think it might be nice to tell your friend how proud you are of her with pulling herself together and doing better for herself is giant! !🥰 Just telling someone a heartfelt “hey I am proud of you”! Does wonder with making you feel incredible inside.
  8. So does it really matter

    Taking your time getting to know someone before you totally open up possibly? If I take my time. I can work on getting to totally immerse myself into your bliss... (Maybe not your answer you were wishing to hear?)
  9. HH vs HR

    I don’t offer half hours for the record only for special occasions will I do a half hour. I enjoy my Muliple hours 12 hours works wonders with Reiki
  10. HH vs HR

    Half hour=mechanical can take care of the needs but not too much extra as far cuddling and things of that nature sorry you got angry with me
  11. Orgy

    I remember the ladies involved! It happened in Denver too JR Something I am sure could be organized again. However, not sure about who would be the ladies involved? The event would be $$$$.00 interesting for sure! Love to hear about it if it happens?!
  12. HH vs HR

    Another thing I have seen from ladies is a full blown ad in their text messages which should work for most of you just fine too. Lol unless you have only a rotary line. Enjoy every moment of your personal Adventure and see the/those misshapenings as being learning lessons as you go! (Not sure if that’s a word “mishappenings”) however I own all my quarks in life 😂😜
  13. HH vs HR

    Did you checkout her website? P411? Every day I get the question. Please feel free to check my website. If a lady doesn’t have a website or P411? Possibly she advertises on Twitter and posts her rates? Please do yourself a favor and do the research and if you are still in the dark? - some ladies don’t have websites- So.at that point please do ask her about her rates.
  14. More than one round?

    Totally with Kandi sounds like we speak similar language 😜
  15. Things that go bump in the night!

    Morning, Evenings and most weekends are the best for me because I work an RW job during daytime hours.