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  1. I Find it Odd

    Yes I totally agree with Despreado and Good guy! Some of the clients are painfully shy and nervous. In the past I have sometimes when a head and answer ed a deleted email like it was not deleted. After doing that the messages become a bit easier. Just like anything else in life Hunter the client is doing his very best to make a good impression and those feelings of anxiety can often reek havoc on them. I find that just pretending like the message was not deleted is the best way to go. 😊
  2. Hello Everyone!

    Welcome Back!
  3. I Find it Odd

    Many of these prespective clients suffer from anxiety issues and fear of being discovered by others. Anonymity can become tricky in this world for many of us on both sides I am sure. You are not alone with not seeing messages at times Hunter
  4. Any one have a good ghost story?

    You are just SO sweet Sparkey600 I agree totally with you. Cemeteries are great for learning about the history of a community. They are not meant to be a place of fear. I believe it is a place of rest. Too much sensationalism? Yes! I agree! In all honestly, I could stroll around a graveyard for hours and have also encouraged a few of my friends to do the same! Hope you are having a wonderful night! XO
  5. Greatest movie scenes / quotes

    It has been many years since I saw it ! Thank you for the full quote! TheFinerThings! (now hopefully nobody has posted this one) “The Last Details” https://www.quotes.net/movies/13562 https://www.bing.com/entityexplore?q=the+last+detail&filters=ufn%3a"the+last+detail"+sid%3a"cf04f26c-ad90-8d70-8580-c5bcd70e92f6"+catguid%3a"cd436cf4-ea96-3573-09f6-c4e0fbe773cb_645a7530"+segment%3a"generic.carousel"+secq%3a"Movies"+supwlcar%3a"0"+segtype%3a"TW92aWU%3d"+ctype%3a"0"+mltype%3a"2"+eltypedim1%3a"Movie"&eeptype=EntityFull&FORM=SNAPCR Just better if someone else does the writing at times. Thank you again, The Finer Things. 😊
  6. Balls really are tasty

    My mom is in fantastic shape I hope she gets drunk and silly! It’s been a hard couple of years for her with my dad in a nursing home and all! I bought her an Apple Watch. Just wish to see my mom smile is all. 😘
  7. Greatest movie scenes / quotes

    Need points thanks for pointing it out BB sorry to repeat! It is a great one! 👍
  8. Balls really are tasty

    Out of points again Hunter! I don’t go out much for dinner. Most of the time I am fasting. My mom is turning 80 so I want to do something special thank you!😘
  9. Balls really are tasty

    Yes sounds delicious! Taking my mom out tomorrow for her birthday! We are going to the Acorn Restaurant. Have any of you been there? I am like Hunter we both are adventurous with food!😋😋
  10. Any one have a good ghost story?

    Mr. Pink, I have been there several times in the past a few years back. I got a message to get out! I felt in my core and that was the first time I was there. I may be scared when I go to such place and get a message but I always return back again. Guess, because of being me needing to always face what is scary in life. Also, I know one of the people from that group that he talking about. Laughing because I was going to come on here and just post something from one of my faves...Williams S. Burroughs. Was also talking to another provider friend about the old "Seth" books from the 60's-70's a few months back (Jane Roberts books). Oh, the stuff you can learn and experience through becoming more aware of the energy of just about anything or place in life! Something to be said for Meditation...How many of you do meditate? Learn to work a simple pendulum? Ya, sure call it Paranormal. It's all reiki to me. from Antony Balch, called "Bill and Tony": https://youtu.be/zFrTAJUQKq4 Now I am just more intrigued but need to stay quiet. Hahahahaha!!
  11. Anyone notice a lot of men low balling them

    Thank you Hunter I love you!!! XOXOXO
  12. Anyone notice a lot of men low balling them

    Most ladies have a website and P411 allows the ladies to list their rates
  13. Anyone notice a lot of men low balling them

    I think we are all in with you Queen Rylie! Keep your head up and a big smile your face and us ladies together will ride this storm out. Clients please note Denver's cost of living is outrageously expensive and some of the ladies can't work from home or don't even have a "home" and live out of hotels. I talked to a lady a few days ago that told me that she glady get a cheaper hotel in a rougher part of town. However, she feared a bad review or something worse (I won't out her so don't even ask)! I told her the same as I am saying to you and to the others! We all must do what we must do to keep on trucking! My heart is with all the ladies gentlemen please reconsider your approach and tip the lady if you can! Now i am crying because I feel this...sorry. Need to go and hide. I know that sounds a bit sapy coming from me, but it's the honest truth! Please take care and be safe!! XOXOXO
  14. Former providers -Do you miss it?

    I took a five year break. My only advice to you is to enjoy your journey in life! Make it all about your own happiness!💓
  15. Greatest movie scenes / quotes

    “You want the truth, you can’t handle the truth” from “A few good men” https://en.m.wikiquote.org/wiki/A_Few_Good_Men