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    Somewhere in the general Colorado area

    30 years in the army. Only a few in each place.

    Lots of service in my family as well. Highlighted by my Father who was a PT boat captain in the South Pacific in WWII and my uncle who was an infantry officer in Japan immediately after WWII and he served for a total of 30 years in Korea, Vietnam and various places around the world.

    Thank you, it was and is our pleasure to serve.
  4. Finally on TOB

    Welcome to the board! I hope you are successful and happy here in Denver.
  5. Introduction.

    Welcome Aboard! I hope you find us friendly and profitable!
  6. Hot Springs & Hiking Recommendations?

    Rocky Mountain National Park near Estes Park has some excellent hiking trails. Both easy and challenging. Also:
  7. Missing Hunter Van Dyke

    Hunter, if you happen to read this... May you have - Walls for the wind And a roof for the rain, And drinks bedside the fire Laughter to cheer you And those you love near you, And all that your heart may desire (Celtic Blessing)
  8. Hot Springs & Hiking Recommendations?

    It's more that 2 hours, but Steamboat springs has a few nearby. The most famous is Strawberry, where clothing is optional after dark.
  9. New to TOB :)

    Welcome back on board!
  10. Missing Hunter Van Dyke

    I have the same question.
  11. Day Rental Hotel Rooms

    Is it against the rules to post a link? There's a website for that...
  12. hello everyone

    You too!
  13. Football season is here

    Evoking memories of two-a-days...
  14. Football season is here

    Congrats to CU! I say that as a die hard Husker fan. My dad played for the Huskers and I grew up in Nebraska. GBR!