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  1. This reminded me of you...

    I like the way you think!!
  2. 411 on Lauren

    Well, that was the first place I looked too.
  3. 411 on Lauren

    I was looking at her face, she's pulling her lip down as if to show something in her mouth.
  4. 411 on Lauren

    Pictures are pretty, but I don't get the "duck lips" look... Also, what is she trying to show in the last pic?
  5. Computer vs Cell

    I think your ass looks good on any size screen!!
  6. More strange hooker math...

    Maybe you can just book two single hour sessions in a row...
  7. Computer vs Cell

    I use both. Pictures seem fine, but then I like them big . If I can, I'd be happy to help you troubleshoot any issues you're having.
  8. Happy Valentine's Day

    Happy Valentine's day to all!
  9. Warm drinks for snowy days?

    Plain old Black Tea with a touch of citrus (not lemon). No sugar!
  10. Visual turn ons

    Genuine, toothy smiles... A, B, C cups.
  11. years on TOB

    Good advice. Might even try the idea that @SultryKitten posted on twitter a while back of a "Nap Session".
  12. Careful out there

    I just want to throw this out. People should be allowed to do as they wish with their own bodies as long as both people are doing it of their own volition. We are justifiably suspicious of the police, but I am sickened by any type of human trafficking!
  13. Latina Providers

    When doing a search from the ad listing, it helps to check the "Profiles Only" box. Then it gives you all the registered ladies even if they don't have a recent ad.
  14. Someone I Used To Know

    There's a provider on here that reminds me of a really good friend from a long time ago that passed away in the last few years. We were never more than friends, but since I was attracted to her, many times I considered making an attempt at a dating relationship. I go back and forth every time I see her ad, part of the reason I haven't seen her is I don't know if it would be weird for her if I brought it up and knowing me I probably would.