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  1. From the hoses mouth

    Sorry hear that. We have some of the best docs in the world here in CO. Hoping for a speedy recovery!
  2. I would love to hear recommendations on where to look, online and otherwise, to find hobbying fun! thanks in advance and looking forward to my trip. PM me with suggestions! CountryGent
  3. RIP Gomer Pyle

    RIP. One of my favorites.
  4. Northern Adventures..

    NoCo, is awesome! We have reasonable access to all the fun of both the urban and outdoor areas with far fewer people and traffic! I second @Leonalune's suggestions, and would add that we have some of the best outdoor amenities (national and state parks, camping, fishing, hiking, etc.) in the whole state. If you like just enjoying the mountains, try Red Feather Lakes a little North of Fort Collins. The Pawnee Grassland is beautiful to see, but not a lot to do except that a lot of people use it to set up targets for marksmanship practice. Estes Park is a quaint little tourist town, and also the gateway a to of the premiere national parks, Rocky Mountain National Park (Just make sure you go to the park before they raise the rates from $20 - $75 per day). One thing about the town of Estes Park is that they have a regular slate of events happening and if you go there without checking, you may find yourself in the midst of a mob with little parking and traffic that's worse than Denver. Also, the main road from NoCo to Estes (HiWay 34) is closed for construction this Winter, so you have to get there through Boulder via Hwy 36. Steamboat is my favorite skiing destination and they have a ton of summer activities on the mountain as well. Same caution applies to Steamboat as Estes regarding checking the schedule of events before going. The drive up the Poudre River canyon is awe inspiring. If you're looking for more specifics on fun things in the area (dining, etc) feel free to PM for my recommendations. If you're talking about business trips, then my only suggestion is to avoid the I-25/Mulberry (Exit #269) interchange area. Lots of inexpensive hotels, but the LE keep a close watch on that area. I recommend Loveland.
  5. The direct approach?

    "Morning Bust" is on today's ad.
  6. Paris (dayum!)

    Private residence only makes me think I will be serial murdered! Or robbed.
  7. Holiday Ideas

    I really like German food, so I enjoy the Denver Christkindl Market.
  8. Will the real Kylie step forward

    That would be great! As far as I'm concerned, I'd also want to know if she smokes at all. I'm probably the only person like this but I get serious headaches (migraines) from cigarette smoke and if I can smell even the slightest amount they start almost immediately. I've never known anyone who can clean it off sufficiently, especially out of their hair.
  9. Will the real Kylie step forward

    It might be good if there was a "Yes, but not in session" option for the smoking question.
  10. Happy Veterans Day

    On behalf of myself and I'm sure many other veterans, Thank you! It was our pleasure to serve!
  11. Anyone know anything about Mel Bae, on BP

    I'd bet my last dollar the pics are fake.
  12. elegant stress management

    She advertises on BP with several different personas and email addresses. I've texted her a few times, and she seems generally nice, FBSM only. Here's her website:
  13. Seen Alexis recently?

    Alexis Vix 720-360-7194 Colorado Escort Been thinking about visiting Alexis, the only issue I have is that it's been almost a year since anyone has posted a review. Just curious if anyone has visited her lately. PM me if you have. Thanks!
  14. Advice please before court.

    I'm also curious how people determined the OP is a provider, not a client. I assumed "client".
  15. New to Denver! What area is safe and not too far for clients,

    There's at least a few of us up North that need luvin' too!