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  1. Go Topless Day

    I resemble that remark!
  2. I'm falling, but not for you...

    Ummm... There's a simple answer that question. Why aren't YOU doing it?
  3. Text or talk?

    Being an introvert, I prefer text or email. I realize that the ladies often need to have the comfort of actually talking to someone to make sure they are real. So, if possible I text/email first and then follow directions.
  4. Ladies be careful...

    Stay safe!
  5. Will East Colfax make a comeback?

    You definitely ARE too hot! You'd be stopping traffic for miles if you stood on Colfax...
  6. I missed everyone

    Welcome back! I, for one, have missed your input! It always seems like you say what I'm thinking.
  7. Definition of a timewaster

    Absolutely! I wish all ladies listed their general location so I don't have to look like a time waster to ask the question.
  8. 411 on SidWild

    I get the feeling that she is a TS. Does anyone know?
  9. Pregnant OMG I didn't know there were so many... Oddly this one doesn't appear to be on the list. Obstephilia?
  10. Pregnant

    Search listings for the keyword...
  11. Be Careful Out There, Boys! (A tip for newbies and in general.)

    I always park 1 or two blocks away (unless requested otherwise by the YL), then remove all jewelry and empty my pockets completely, taking only 2 or three things: 1. The cash (donation + tip) 2. My car key, which is only the key, not the fob and I remove it from any other keys on the the ring 3. Real World ID if the lady has requested it. In the past, I've taken a bar of soap and deodorant, but now I usually limit my self to ladies that mention that a shower with soap is available. I do it for many reasons, mostly to avoid the situation where I've accidentally forgotten or dropped something at the YL's place, which would require me to go back and ask about it which could be uncomfortable.
  12. Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday!!
  13. What happened to beautiful touch?

    @Dani Panti @MissMadison75 @NatalieXSensual @Paige Love Sorry to hear that there was drama behind the scenes, I never had a bad experience there and all you ladies are BEAUTIFUL inside and out!! I'm glad that you all are making a go of it.
  14. It’s not you, it’s not me, it’s Countess Oreo.

    Apparently, I've been over thinking my choices... I've already got a plethora of Oreos and can probably scratch up a dollar coin (Will a S. B. Anthony work or do I need to put tape over her eyes?) I need to get a crystal...
  15. Cheating

    I need a popcorn emoji!