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  1. How's everybody doin"?

    I'm always for sale!!! What if only part of me is midget-sized?
  2. Stuff we really need to know...

    Math rules!
  3. Recent text message-

    Even though this is a business, the lovely ladies in this business are still ladies and need to be treated as such. Especially meeting someone for the first time, we as men should act like gentlemen and take the minute or so it takes to be polite and not overly curt. A little sugar goes a long way towards helping everyone feel more at ease.
  4. Worst Movie

    "Out of Africa" It was without a doubt the worst movie ever that won an Oscar for Best Picture. I lost complete faith in The Academy from that day on. I fell asleep 4 times.
  5. Range

    If you're up in NoCo, there are at least 3. I've been to all three and they are all good. Rocky Mountain Shooter's Supply (Fort Collins), Liberty Firearms Institute (Loveland near I25):, and Front Range Gun Club (Loveland):
  6. Post Your Funnies

    Fish! You're killin' me!
  7. Recent text message-

    Personally, I try to laugh off the communication styles of some and move on to the next. I recently had this exchange with a provider I've been wanting to meet for quite a while... Me (text): Good morning! I hope your day is going well. I have been seeing your ads on TOB and wanted to know if you have a screening process that I should follow before I set up an appointment. Her (20 hours later): Hi Oh well...
  8. Favorite Parts

    Nothing better than a beautiful smile!
  9. Right partner makes all the difference. have a smile

    Awesome!!! Thanks Gr8owl!
  10. Hello Everyone!

    Welcome aboard!
  11. Menu items....wanna hear from the ladies...

    Meanwhile, back at the topic... Check the profile for a website link. Most ladies have one. Their menu is often there.
  12. Review board

    A little?
  13. Beautiful women

    Perfectly said!!! I wish I was creative and eloquent enough to express my admiration for you lovely ladies. Thank you all!
  14. 411 on this lil spinner

    With the similarities in their pictures, I'd watch out for a "manager".
  15. Socks and sex

    I guarantee I wouldn't say "no" to Lacy in socks