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  1. Suggestions about verifications!!!

    It didn’t come across badly. I can only imagine the hassle you have to put up with.
  2. Suggestions about verifications!!!

    That's fair.
  3. Suggestions about verifications!!!

    I've seen lots of methods. I'm sure all come with their own risks, but from a non-provider position, it looks to me like the most trustworthy path would be to ask for 2-3 references and check them.
  4. Worldwide Economic Slowdown

    Things are tight over here (not in the good way). I haven't been able to help the ladies nearly as much as I'd like.
  5. What to wear

    My preference is for you to be in "normal" street clothes when we first meet. Unwrapping each other slowly (or ravenously) is part of the seduction.
  6. New In Colorado

    Welcome Aboard! I'm partial to the Northern areas like Thornton and Westminster. Of course, I live well North of Denver
  7. Hi, TOB.. I'm Stephanie 💃

    Welcome aboard!
  8. MissBee Tryst

    Her presence looks legit to me. There are lots of ladies that have the same set of constraints... You have to decide if you're comfortable with them.
  9. Football this weekend

    I love conspiracy theories
  10. Air Fryer Recommendations

    I just got one! I chose the "oven" type since it seems more versatile, especially for reheating things of various sizes (think large pizza slices). I got a Cuisinart TOA-65 and it works great!
  11. Is it worth it?

    I just DM'd you.
  12. Football this weekend

    I want the Ravens and SF. I expect to see KC & SF. Why do I want them? Ravens, because I'm tired of seeing KC make it there. SF because I like Brock Purdy.
  13. question

    For the most part I frequent General Discussions and it's sub forums and the Colorado forum (since that's where I live).
  14. Is it worth it?

    @Lucylucyloveland I know an awesome young lady who advertises on TOB but doesn't really participate in the forums, who's looking at retiring soon. We've somewhat become friends and the last time we had lunch, I sensed a little concern on her part about stepping away. Would you be willing to share your experiences with her? If so, I'd connect the two of you in what ever way you'd like and step completely out of the way. Feel free to DM me if you'd like.
  15. Welcome aboard! I hope your time here is fun and profitable!