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  1. I like a good negative review

    I would only give a negative review if she lied, scammed, or abused me in some way. Pretty much everything else is pretty much a matter of opinion, which is not worth writing or reading.
  2. Stock Show Time

    I was born and raised on a real beef cattle ranch in TX. Hopefully, that counts. Done everything Cowboys of old used to do except for the multi-day cattle drive sleeping under the stars...
  3. Christmas wishes

    I echo AirAmericaVet’s Christmas wishes and want to add that this eclectic little group of people has been like a 6 month Christmas gift to me during a low time. I thank you all and wish nothing but happiness and joy!
  4. A BIG Thank You Ladies! 💋💋

    I’ve been thinking about how to say thank you to everyone on this board and I can definitely not do it better than this post!! Everything said is exactly how I feel about you lovely ladies and I wish you nothing but the best! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!
  5. I'm a Prepper

    I’ve been working on making usable lists of contacts to prepare. I hope the ladies are preparing as well. No matter what happens regarding LE activity, I think there will be a business slowdown for the ladies after the 1st of the year due to clients being worried about what might happen.
  6. Quality vs Quantity

    Right back atcha!
  7. Smoking...

    I agree this could be better. For me it’s a real issue since even smelling the remains of smoke in her hair or clothes or on her breath can trigger a migraine. So, I always ask. Usually as long as it’s been at least 2 hours since last smoke and she’s taken a good shower beforehand it’s good enough. I still would like another option on the “smokes?” Question: “yes but not in session”
  8. Advice on Scary Experience

    I’m guessing the ladies are now updating their “do not see” list to include this guy.
  9. Total hip?

    That’s my plan!!
  10. Total hip?

  11. Total hip?

    Hmmm. Where can I find a Chrissy-shaped body pillow??? 😁😘😍
  12. Total hip?

    Thanks! I’m doing the Anterior approach too. Hoping it’ll be similar to yours. Apparently my other side is a couple years behind but likely.
  13. Total hip?

    Sorry to hear that. On top of the surgery I also have an issue I got in high school that causes similar sciatic problems... I too, have to do stretching and exercises every day. I feel your pain.