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  1. Where the Fuckery Comes From

    Your complaint isn’t the first time it’s been posted on here with the last I feel was a request that was then shat on by the usual because that person hadn’t contributed enough and the girl was accused of being young and new, and of course the BP slap and so on. I could be wrong on that last part but know it’s for sure not the first time someone has asked for this specific option with them also saying their review was rejected for the same pretense.
  2. Where the Fuckery Comes From

    Please explain how that bold is true.
  3. Could it be?

    Fair enough.
  4. Could it be?

    Except no one is going to refactor anything. Instead just building on top of bad.
  5. Could it be?

    “Small portion of the population” is true; however, it impacts those individuals all the same. Plus as a whole it’s nice to remove the government from your bedroom and general privacy which includes telling you how or what you can do with your body assuming you are of age and under your own volition.
  6. Attn all fish seekers

    Well if you’re genuinely asking you could simply switch to “angler,” or “piscator” if you want to get old with it. Though if I were a betting man I’d wager on you simply being trite with your additional question.
  7. Do the ladies mind ?

    I looked this one up when it was posted. You can find it said starting about 4 years ago and then repeated almost yearly with most, if not all, stating it either repeating the previous years with some changes. And most, if not all, coming from pro-gun sites. It was difficult to find much beyond that.
  8. No Springs Reviews...

    Then you know what must be done.
  9. I am an ENFJ, like Johnny Depp

    To my fellow know what I’ll say next. “Weirdly” enough I also get the ENTJ just as often as the INTJ.
  10. Pondering life and other random thoughts.....

    The “c” in scent is the silent of the two.
  11. P411

    Can I join in on this? 4. STOP posting in unrestricted, very open and extremely public forums the content of those internal messages they send out. So much dry snitching on here.
  12. Who buys these?

    Now I need to check this out and see what’s really good.
  13. Who buys these?

    I looked it up and cotdayum! But I mean, gotta invest in yourself! Keep it soft and smooth as they say.
  14. Do the ladies mind ?

    I won’t get into a gun debate because it generally goes nowhere. I have my views and I’ve found on this board you’re not changing any opinions so I’ll leave it there. With that said there are several threads, posts, even ads with content referencing screening, or rather the pain points of people not wanting to be screened. Further, there are seemingly even more threads and posts about how one should obfuscate their personal information -fake name, fake email, burner phone with a fake number, don’t park too close so they don’t know your vehicle, don’t ever give out whatever particular personal info a provider might ask for fear of retaliation, retribution, and total loss. Even whether you should do outcalls to your actual home- for their own protection. And even providers put up a barrier of sorts for their own, and often, physical safety. All of this on some level I actually understand. So with all these secrets, coupled with a general and healthy fear surrounding this entertainment, why would anyone be ok with an absolute stranger bringing a very loaded gun into their home or room? And why would anyone even want to bring one without the lady knowing? It’s such a huge shift in power dynamics it’s almost laughable.
  15. LOL! I wish. I actually always wish when someone directly or more often the case vaguely brings attention that they’d just post it. And it not then don’t say anything at all.