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  1. cloudy head light lens

    The problem is some form oxidation and the headlight film or plastic is breaking down. There are some products you can buy that essentially remove a layer but you’ll end having to do it again and again. The “best” solution would be to replace the headlights. eBay or just a general google search will give you parts. I did it on my old dodge.
  2. Settling Down

    That actually makes sense. I was just saying, kinks withstanding, that for me online now has so many categories to choose from that it’s almost hard to narrow down. And that if you went that route you’d probably be ok considering the options. I also have friends like that so yeah, I know exactly what you mean.
  3. Settling Down

    There really isn’t a single answer. If you’re going online there’s a site for pretty much any and every kink you might be into.
  4. Throatpie

    Posts a thread asking for shared info. Gets the info and then gets upset when people ask him to share as well.
  5. 411 on Esme Isabel

    I messaged her a few times and never heard back so I moved on. She had a different number posted on Tryst ad, but that ad is no longer available.
  6. Boyz, tell us about someone you miss!
  7. Anal

    It hasn’t been an option in years. Or at least hasn’t been in the description since at least SESTA and that was 5yrs ago now.
  8. Air Fryer Recommendations

    This Ninja is supposedly ceramic coated if you like that brand. But google “ceramic coated air fryer” and adjust start digging from there.
  9. Gas War

    While I think the notion of 100% emission free is disingenuous it is true in the sense that electric vehicles produce 0 emissions from their nonexistent tailpipe. And even accounting for your “smoke stack” the generation of charging and even manufacturing is still roughly half the emissions of a gas powered vehicle. And that number drops more if the power generation for charging comes from renewables. It’s not perfect but it’s moving in the right direction.
  10. New P411 ?

    Having more than before doesn’t seem possible. As you ladies have to give that ok. And unless I’m misunderstanding it my oks have always been in chronological order from I last received it. Or rather the most recent ok is the first I see in my list. From a mobile web design I’m not a fan. On desktop it’s actually not that bad but still feels dated. I’m not saying people aren’t having issues but so far I don’t have any technical problems. All my oks are there, my home button works, my old messages are there. Having the quick access dropdown on the provider ad is definitely an improvement. This feels like a “facelift” vs site rework where “everything” is broken or you’re getting oddball database returns.
  11. New P411 ?

    From the mobile view: Old Messages is under My Notes Client Home is a house icon in the bottom nav Visiting dates are on providers’ ad To me the update feels weirdly outdated. Like an old version of what an escort site is supposed to look 10 years ago. I was just hoping for a native dark mode.
  12. Digital currency

    Only looking at the app… 1. Open Coinbase 2. tap Send 3. pick the currency you want to send 4. In the To field put their wallet address 5. hit continue 6. Enter the amount (not there is a max you can send based on the total currency you’re sending and whatever fees) 7. Hit preview 8. Send Now

    I knew this was going to go this way. I offer up a fun wager, you up to something ridiculous, I accept but you fail to offer up the goods. Which then plays into you “winning” because it goes like this. I pay you and you actually show proof. I don’t pay you and then you say something along the lines of “guess we’ll never know BUT MY STORIES ARE REAL.” I was in a no win situation the moment you offered up any sort of wager. But let’s be real, I’m not giving you anything to prove your elaborate stories, especially one that seemingly “just happened” yet can’t be found in recent time is actually true. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Do I think you came across some crackhead on a trip? Possibly. I’d say we all have but I don’t about others so I can say I sure as shit have. Crank bugs, naked, and bleeding. And it’s especially weird and unsettling.

    Fuck it. Let’s do it. Post the links. Let’s get this party started! Put up the link(s). With specifics on the date, location since you mentioned it, and full description.

    The rest of your sentence was you speaking and not quoting him; right? “but something was in his BUTT because it was biting him.” In the immortal words of Ms Whitney Houston, “I want to see the receipts.” Please. Prove me wrong. I’ve no problem admitting I was wrong or losing a bet for that matter. I’m up to a fun $20 wager. That’s a nice beer and a half. Or whatever your drink of choice is. It’s cold, I’m tired, and you’re offering up some good entertainment!