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  1. p411 down?

    I’m not defending anyone here so keep that in mind. But where in the article did it say our military wasn’t getting paid? It did say any military activity not associated with defense would be shutdown, and collegiate sports clearly don’t fall into defense so technically the essentials are still up and running and moving as expected. I just googled it! So they aren’t paid but operations will continue.
  2. p411 down?

    Except it’s not just politicians not working. Government services like national parks will be closed and the people that work there aren’t getting paid. So yeah, it is a bad thing.
  3. Greek.... I don't get it.

    With kids I’m certain they vomit and spit up a bit as well. Do you avoid mouths? Jokes aside it’s a different sensation just like everything else. I’ve done it a few times with no poop though caution is still taken to prevent contamination of other areas. I’m trying to describe why the appeal but struggling to do so from a personal stand point. There’s a visual component to it from behind. A different sensation. And another level of exploration. I realize no everyone is into it just like not all providers enjoy. The most I can say is give it a shot. Or don’t.
  4. How old are you guys?

    But even this is still a generalization. And I'm not knocking why you say it, but still I wouldn't go so far as to say someone is better or worse. I think it's just two different things happening. I'm going to generalize as well so bear with me. From my perspective I'm not looking to make a connection, or looking for comfort, or that special intimacy or really any of the things some my older counterparts are attempting since they're married and not getting it at home. I treat all with respect so i'm not just going in and beating the walls in unless that's what she likes; however, i think we're just in different places in terms of what we're looking for out of encounters. So I'd say the better advice is find providers, and clients, that match your needs more than simply learning from one particular group.
  5. How old are you guys?

    There seems to be a prevailing thought of being in your 20s means you’re way to young while seemingly overlooking how much life a 20 something could have lived. I started at 28 after going through a divorce and being with my ex for a decade and not wanting to date or even go out on the prowl because emotionally I wasn’t ready yet still had urges. As for income. I work in tech and fell into a nice niche tech market that’s put me at a great income level since getting out of college. Enough to buy a few houses in Boulder and not have to worry about finances. So things have changed tremendously since the 60s.
  6. Bull Shit

    You didn’t explicitly say what you’d do but I’m struggling to understand then what this means. “After an extensive exchange, which included a need to know my stats, the "hung for wife' dude first asked if I was bi-curious, to which I indicated I might be if properly motivated. What he didn't know is this meant if the wife was so hot the little head had gotten the best of the bigger and it had become the price to pay but, it's not what I would have responded to so, on with the story.” Are you saying you were just lying OR that you’d be in for some man love if the wife were hot enough you became distracted by what the guy was doing to you?
  7. Bars in Denver

    Not entirely true. Malt, vinous and spirituous liquor may be handled, dispensed, or sold (this includes wait staff and bartenders) by anyone who is at least 18 years of age and under the on-premises supervision of a person who is at least 21 years of age with the following EXCEPTIONS: in Taverns (which do not regularly serve meals) and Retail Liquor Stores, malt, vinous and spirituous liquor may only be sold by persons who are at least 21 years of age. A person of any age may bus tables or handle empty alcohol beverage containers. A person must be 21 years of age to possess, purchase or consume beer, wine or spirits.
  8. Help me out with this one; the newbie friendly. If I search for it in ads I get 54 hits. Several of which are repeat ads. On the second page you’re already back to ads in July. On the 4th last year. Most active ads returned state they’re not newbie friendly. Though the few that are ok are well known. “References required” might return a better result?? So I don’t there’s tons of them or if they do they’re not advertising it. Also I’m playing devil’s advocate here.
  9. With The Repeal of Net Neutrality Today

    Actually the basis for net neutrality began in 2010 when the realization that major corporations we’re priming to start charging streaming services more money. The Obama administration’s FCC stepped in and setup regulations. ISPs sued the FCC and won because they weren’t considered common carriers like phone companies. In 2015 ISPs were classified as common carriers, regulations enforced, and here we are. Further the term “Net Neutrality” was coined in 2003 putting it closer to your 1995 example than 2015. I’m also fairly certain we can all agree the internet we have today is vastly different than 1995. And given the age of streaming as an example when most ISPs own services are inferior to most other competitors it’s not hard to see or understand the potential for disaster there when it comes to options or possible future competitors. And really just the basic dissemination of information. I personally think of countries behind proxies with extreme filtering of information. I’d rather not have that be it by the government or a corporation.
  10. Looking to make some new friends

    Given we have active mods on this board I’d almost guess they’d step in and delete the threads and issue out warnings to those in question if they deemed these to be in conflict with the rules you posted above.
  11. Well, she’s not stripping it’s burlesque. Stripping and burlesque are two very different things.
  12. iPhone Users: Heads Up! Crashes!

    They’re on the 8 now. I didn’t even know there was a problem with iOS so it seemed to be certain phones which is pretty much like almost all software updates. Shit happens.
  13. iPhone Users: Heads Up! Crashes!

    As an owner of the X I’ll say I love the phone as a whole. There are a few annoyance (3 I can think of after having it for a while now) but as a whole it’s ridiculous. The camera is amazing to say the least. And the lack of a home button takes some getting used to but once you feel it out you’ll never miss the button.
  14. To incall or not to incall...that is MY question.

    As for PayPal both sides would risk having their accounts shut down. Users can’t simply “reverse” a charge. You dispute it, but you also have to say what the goods and services were before they’ll step in. And when they do step in they contact all parties involved. At which time both accounts could be killed. So it’s a different challenge, but not as one sided as it may seem.
  15. I Fired Myself...

    She remembered them well enough to make a financial fortune. I don’t care most of her music but that can also be said for loads of other stuff that are “classics.”