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  1. Found this online

    I cannot for the life of me get my formatting to work. I no longer have the trash can to delete so apologies if this looks weird. my thought is you currently have to show ID to get into legalized brothels; so how would national legality and heavy regulation where one of the biggest issues true or otherwise is underage victims and those forced into it suddenly not require some very real and legal form of identification between all those involved?
  2. So you lead with “If you are someone who thinks all criminal activity should be linked on net I cant help you out.“ and then proceed to list a couple of stars you’ve personally seen, as well as how they’re attempting to skirt things, and yet me asking you to point to facts vs telling me to scour yet another message board is a step too far??
  3. Please post a link with actual proof to the bolded portion otherwise stop with the hearsay.
  4. Found this online

    1.) Agreed. You have to be careful in the argument that’s for sure. S certain nuance is necessary to see the actual ramifications. 2.) do you not show ID in NV? I assumed you did which could be my issue here. But it seems like regulation would be a mandatory ID check.
  5. Found this online

    I’m only quoting you, but not entirely directing this at you. You really touched on it about it not being the norm so it can be difficult to segue into the conversation but I have to ask; how many of you on this board complaining of government infringement, misuse of “trafficking”, and whatever else actually did something about it? I don’t want to hear “well it wouldn’t have matter!” because yeah it maybe wouldn’t have made a difference but rolling over and complaining on a board sure as hell didn’t help. And secondly, if this were legalized how many of you would still actively participate? Because at that point anonymity goes out the window.
  6. TOB is dead

    How does that work? Denver has 680k people and the entire state is over 5 million. COS is at almost 500k and it’s incredibly conservative. That’s still several million people not accounted for in your argument. Or are you saying the people in the rural conservative areas simply don’t vote? It’s hard for me to imagine all of Denver is the reason the state voted Democrat and became a swing state. Even if you took Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, and Pueblo which is ~1 million people all of which aren’t voting dems or simply ineligible to vote. But still those areas only account for 20% of the total population for the state. Help me understand.
  7. New sites?

    I get what you’re saying but it wouldn’t protect you. It’s not difficult to make logical associations especially if the reviewer shared the same names on your hypothetical account and TOB. Logging in also doesn’t present all barriers of entry unless you attempt something like p411 and even that system is flawed.
  8. Listing gone forever?

    That seems to be wishful thinking though. There’s an announcement with age requirements, renamed sections, reviews removed, and so on. I’d image if new rules were in place that would or rather SHOULD be front and center.
  9. Listing gone forever?

    People keep mentioning the new rules but have they been explicitly stated on the site by the mods? I easily could’ve missed it. I see the announcement up top and pretty much everywhere else is unchanged except for “Listings” now appearing sitewide.
  10. More changes

    I’m not sure what the expectation was though. BP started implementing pretty much the same measures that you now see here. And people, on this very board, complained about how useless it had become because of that. So to get around not being able to type messages girls uploaded screenshots of what they considered to be permanent information. Diamond Joe came in HOT on his threads and pissed off a lot of people but he wasn’t far off on the changes now occurring.
  11. BackPage SEIZED

    It appears to maybe be browser specific. Safari instantly gives a seized message. Chrome redirects to but all the “seeking” links error out. And was just a simple click through. It would be interesting to see what comes back if you dove deeper and decided to provide more, helpful input.
  12. How long does it take?

    Not even just deserve it but actively participate and stoke the flames. It’s not the first time the mods have done this either. And you’re absolutely right in everything you said.
  13. Let's Talk About Switter

    I can’t speak for the playstore but it’s not in the App Store. And that’s not surprising either. It’s highly unlikely it would pass the Apple submission process. But with that said look for Mastodon and you might get something back.
  14. Social Media for us Exiles from Proper Society...

    Yeah I read that and saw Assembly Four but couldn’t find anything about it. Thanks though.
  15. Social Media for us Exiles from Proper Society...

    Can anyone actually figure out where the company switter is based? Not the domain, but the company itself. A few things about offshore domains and data. Th first being the US can request access to the data. The hosting government has to consent though. Some countries actually have openness to the US when it comes to data access so just because it’s legal there doesn’t give a free pass here. Finally, The Cloud Act is being pushed through which means even more so that offshore data (data hosted in another country) but controlled by a US based company can be subject to forfeiture of that data.