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  1. Harvey Weinstein, why are people shocked?

    Actually no I’m not surprised because I’m also not in their home to hear the conversations they had. You can argue that her shaming some of the women was wrong but people also like to say how she should’ve reacted as well as being held responsible for Bill’s actions. And do you think the wives of TOB members actively seeing escorts should divorce their husbands while also taking responsibility for their husbands’ actions?
  2. Exxxotica WILL Return ! Dates Announced.

    Are you saying they don't escort when doing conventions? Because I remember several P411 "visiting" profiles of feature pornstars with several of those showing up on the Exxxotica site for their respective booths.
  3. Harvey Weinstein, why are people shocked?

    I guess I’d ask what exactly would you like for her to say in regards to Bill? And also, why is it her responsibility to answer for his transgressions? I get she went after Gennifer Flowers, and that’s actually still questionable as to her full involvement with that, but what would you have her do?
  4. No towels!

    True but they’re people. And people make mistakes.
  5. No towels!

    So where do you guys draw the line of “these women are people and should be treated as such” and “they’re a business and should be treated as such”? Because right now all the talk of how these ladies are, you know, people that make mistakes sometimes is kinda going out the window. So I take it none of you have left towels in the dryer, gotten in the shower, reached and suddenly remembered you didn’t put them back? Or had guests over and forgot to set out fresh towels for them until they went into the bathroom and asked for towels?
  6. DPD officer in hot water

    I think there was a touch of sarcasm with your last bit but I also know there’s s thought on this board that actually feels that way. So my question is; why do you think new members asking newbie questions are cops when all information is readily available on the site for free? And really the only thing someone needs to do is actively participate to gain trust??
  7. Athletes and Politics

    High five!
  8. Athletes and Politics

    It still, in the face of all that’s presented, boggles my mind at how many people are willing to jump through Olympic level mental gymnastics to justify why these players shouldn’t take a knee. “It’s about the flag! It’s about the country! It’s about the soldiers! They aren’t really making a difference so why do it! They’re not getting paid to be people! Obey the cops and nothing will happen!” How can it be down played when a tells an officer he legally has a concealed weapon and still winds up dead? Fuck everything else said. “Fuck that people are being told when and how to legitimately protest peacefully. Fuck actual FACTUALLY documented cases of police brutality or excessive force against unarmed and innocent individuals. Fuck this board’s own acknowledgement of the fucked up things cops are known to do and lie about later when it comes to catching johns and escorts. Fuck that these players ARE WITHIN THEIR CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS. Fuck the weird being ok with Charlottesville because they were defending their heritage and US history. Fuck the soldiers saying these men are doing exactly what soldiers are fighting for. Fuck their freedom.” - mental gymnastics But really, fuck every single one of you that believe in rights and freedoms as long as it doesn’t inconvenience you. What kind of shit is that? I am absolutely disgusted and appalled. Some of you should absolutely be ashamed of yourselves. I am so goddamn angry right now. I try to keep it cool most of the times but fuck that noise. Disagree all you want. You’re entitled to that. But as many have said of the opposition, don’t be surprised when someone calls you a bitch to your face. While I’m handing out fucks like candy, fuck this hate monger bitchmade president.
  9. Athletes and Politics

    You are absolutely right that people can disagree. That’s irrefutable. I haven’t once said people are not allowed to do so. Whether or not it’s made a positive change is besides the point and almost undermine the protest as a whole, and again begins to cross into the lane of telling them they shouldn’t do it. You know the actual positive to me with this whole situation? It’s brought out the true nature of our president and put it on full display for those that questioned where he stood before. In what world do we live in when it’s practically impossible for our president to take a nice steaming shit on radically intolerant speech and violence by nationalist extremists, even referring to them as “very fine people” but guys silently taking a knee are “sons of a bitch” and deserve all the negative they receive and should be without jobs?
  10. Athletes and Politics

    I don’t think anyone is so much “surprised” these players are being booed even the players themselves. But you are saying they shouldn’t protest when you’re watching because that’s not the entertainment you’re looking for. You are in fact saying they should choose another time and place to do so. I fail to see a difference of you dictating when it’s appropriate, and the outright denial of constitutional rights. These players are breaking no laws, but in fact upholding the rights and freedoms people fought and died for. If anything they should be viewed as the most patriotic of the bunch because of this. “These athletes are getting paid a huge amount of money to play a sport and entertain those who attend or watch the games on TV. Once they are done with their athletic career then by all means, take up politics and make a difference in this world.” Also, the argument is they’re paid to play a sport, but that’s exactly what they’re doing. They play football when the time calls for them to play. They aren’t out on the field in the middle of plays taking a knee, unless it’s an actual play to do so. They do exactly what they’re paid to do when the clock starts or at least what people say they’re paid to do which is “play a sport.” Are you guys equally upset when players and the NFL do their breast cancer awareness drive? That has absolutely dick to do with football, right? “Damn all that pink! You’re not allowed to raise awareness of an issue killing millions of women because that’s not what I’m here to see!”
  11. Athletes and Politics

    It doesn’t matter what these athletes are getting paid or how much you don’t want to see it. It’s literally their 1st Amendment right to protest ANYTIME they choose to do so. What’s crazy is so far it’s the most nonviolent form to spring up and people are up in arms about it. Not pissed about what’s happening in the country and the truth these guys speak but how they protest and when they choose to do it because those 5 minutes leading into several hours of a game is an inconvenience. Not pissed at others choosing to mass protest, and spout some of the most vile retortic possible because what they protested “is part of our history and those statues are important and because they had their paperwork in order!” It sickened me to defend those bitches’ rights to protest and march despite the pure nonsense coming out of their mouths that I sure as shit didn’t agree with or sympathize for, and sickens and disgusts me even more that any and everyone ok with that bullshit is now suddenly distraught, annoyed, and demanding these players change their tune or choose an alternate venue or avenue to speak their mind. Where is the unwavering defense of these players’ rights? It’s absolutely mind blowing...and sad that most people would rather turn their head and shut it out instead of actually listening. If it were in a press conference how many of you would watch it? And to anyone thinking they should be fired or forced to behave a certain way do you apply that to yourself? I know companies can fire you for their own reasoning, but that’s not what I’m asking before anyone reminds me how they must behave according to company standards and so on. Because if that’s the case those participating in an illegal practice would be totally ok with their company firing them for said participation.
  12. Provider Olympics

    While not the same didn't @Laci French attempt to do something similar with proceeds going to those areas? How did that go? I vaguely remember reading it but never saw a followup??
  13. Speaking of Screening…I got a Text...

    Why even go that route? I don't understand what hearing her voice would accomplish. I get if someone else maybe has her number and is seeing who might respond but what if it's actually her on the other end and he still winds up in a shitty situation? I guess I don't get why the OP's post, or the one that started is such an issue. Ignore the text. Ignore the call. Ignore the emails. It's so easy to block numbers and emails, and people in general that it should never be an issue. If the gripe is escorts randomly contacting people when the claim is no contact info is ever kept, then that's a different issue entirely. But with this, simply ignore and keep it moving. No need to cause unnecessary headaches for yourself.
  14. Just silly questions :-)

    1.) Amazing sex for 47 seconds: if it's amazing I don't really care how long it lasts. I personally don't look at sex like pizza. It's not always good. 2.) Silence: annoying sounds, especially grating ones, kill it for me. Give me some heavy breathing and body movements. 3.) Give up sex for a year: having sex with someone isn't a guarantee or always an option. At least I could get the release even if it's just me.
  15. I got a text

    Or just block the number. It's weird for sure but it doesn't do any good to worry at this point. And if you're not going to reach out to her then block it and keep it moving.