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  1. 411 Hard Body Mona/Mona Rae

    She’s extremely active on Reddit if you want to see more.
  2. Football season is here

    Exactly. Like Oregon was supposed to be a “real” test?? Oregon. A powerhouse with state of the art training facilities and dopest uniforms backed almost 100% by Nike and has been a realistic football program for at least a decade was supposed to be the litmus test for CU. The same CU that, outside of that one year about 6 years ago, has been trash since Kordell Stewart played in 1995. Looking at almost 30 years of absolute trash. And people want dude to be humble even though he just energized the whole town for a sport they couldn’t care less about. He got that old, curving twin dancing with Gronk! But that’s too much. GTFO with that nonsense. If anything, people should be in support and hope the school is good instead of a laughing stock. It’s sad he literally tripled the win record from last season by winning 3 games and yet people are angry at him and the program.
  3. Football season is here

    I’m not even a Deion fan but it’s weird how many of you wanted to see him fail. Dude came in, took an absolute trash team that no one talked about, not even locals, and now has the program on the lips of everyone in the country. A first year, full turnaround team that packed out the stadium and bringing in an ungodly amount of money in only a few weeks, and people want him to be “humble.” Why? I want him to keep that same energy and hopefully push CU even further in the next years.
  4. Day Rental Hotel Rooms

    It’s worth checking out. Super limited participating hotels in Boulder but definitely more in Denver. And I can’t emphasize this enough; be prepared for a weird look or maybe a question or two about the booking if the person has never seen one before. You honestly don’t have to say much of anything because it’s a legit hotel booking and they’ll honor it. Just know to mentally prep for that.
  5. Day Rental Hotel Rooms

    There’s supposed to be a change, or maybe it’s been instituted where the fees are already shown so you’re not surprised at the end. I also thought there was going to be a reduction as well. But I could be very wrong in this assertion.
  6. Football season is here

    You know the students rush the field after every win, right? Not just this one. Every year. Every home game win. They rush the field. Rivalry or not. As for the sunglasses; seems like a lot of hate from people wanting Sanders to behave a certain way. I also noticed CSU’s couch didn’t remove his hat when approaching Sanders or, you know, talking to any of the adults around him at any point during the game. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. Day Rental Hotel Rooms

    It’s a weird combo of both hourly and daily. At least that’s what I gathered. So the upside with DayUse is it gives way more flexibility on the checkin where normal check in is generally 3pm. I’ve seen 9am and earlier as well as later in the afternoons going into the night. For me it’s just easier and quicker than an Airbnb.
  8. Day Rental Hotel Rooms

    I use Dayuse. The first time using it was a little weird because the hotel didn’t get a ton of traffic for that kind of booking but I just kept it cool while checking in. The idea is/was basically around business travel just play that angle and you’re good. So yeah, now I use it without issue or hesitation if I want.
  9. Football season is here

    Sko Buuuuuuuffs!
  10. MissBee Tryst

    Same as @gnarley_boy12
  11. Useless reviews

    Man I had to think back to this one given how much time has passed… Your comment makes sense and I followed up here. The LE callout when it was a thing assuming it’s no longer a thing just seemed…pointless.
  12. Our wild animals? This is so sad!

    How do you figure it’s “tax payer money”? The university she teaches at is private and the Center for Wildlife Studies is a non-profit which can go either way with funding.
  13. What’s the best restaurant in DTC area?

    @babygirladriana have you tried any of the places listed?
  14. 411 on Kate The Fairy

    I do have VIP TER. The reviews are fine and read like you’d expect. Reach out and see if anything seems odd.
  15. 411 on Kate The Fairy

    Shit my bad, dude!