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  1. 1.) For you to talk so much about how we're all Americans you sure as shit don't mind pointing out all "the wrongs" black people have done in your eyes. And increasingly seem to overlook why black people might be so angry while also indirectly feeding into white fear. 2.) As for attacking Bernie; just because someone gives your praise doesn't mean you have to be forever grateful to them. Hell, you couldn't even get Trump to denounce the Klan as they heaped love onto him. Bill was cool but he was responsible for huge amounts of black Americans being locked up. A fact often brought up by our white counterparts the moment anyone black praises either of the Clintons. "Violent predators" usual pops into that conversation as well. 3.) BLM is not the reason Trump was elected. The Electoral College takes that one. Remember half the voting population turned out. Of that, Hillary won the majority so Trump didn't even get 25% of total possible votes. 4.) But you know what? You do you.
  2. Why is twerking a thing?

    Don't think of it that way. Everyone has a thing and maybe this one isn't yours.
  3. Weiner - The Documentary

    That seems a bit skewed. I mean, it could've been the case that some wanted to capitalize on his position of power, but to me the takeaway is fucking get a divorce if you want to bang everything on the side. Or just don't. Or get out of the limelight. There's so many options that don't involve his conduct. You see it on this board about "having everything to lose" and in this case even after the shit hit the fan his wife stuck by him very well for her own reasons. But he didn't stop and wound up in prison for sexual conduct with a minor.
  4. Let's Play TALL TALES The TOB Edition

    The sound of of a door closing and jingling keys, closely followed by a familiar voice, "Honey, are you home??" The garage door opening and closing went unheard, and the Mrs wasn't supposed to be home for hours. The look of terror on Hobby Bobby's face was all too apparent as the footsteps drew closer to the room when suddenly...
  5. Texted a date request to the wrong number...

    Did you google the number? Try to follow up? Call? Attempt to make a legit appointment?
  6. I"m actually impressed you managed to salvage that beer, and really had the patience to let it do it's thing. I thought you were doing something extra strange with your yeasts/bacteria with the lambic comment so it threw me off. As for sours, they range in pucker intensity and flavor that you might be able to find something in there but it can be tough. I'd almost say start with a flanders red ale (Jacobins Rouge or Duchess) and work your way into a full blown sour (Crooked Stave Nightmare on Brett with Raspberries if you can find it). Either way, good luck!
  7. 1.) I assume you put "Colorado" in that because lambics technically only come from a specific region in Belgium. Yes? 2.) You're blending IPAs so bitter, not tart like an unblended lambic. Though some lambics are blended, and then there's oude and jonge which is its own thing... 3.) Why is yours a wild ale? Did you intro brett or any other foreign yeast or bacteria? 4.) Lambics often are wild fermentation so they're just left open to allow microbes to enter. Did you do that? 5.) Lambics are also often allowed to intentionally secondary ferment in the bottles. Was that something you tried? 6.) Not all have fruit flavorings. 7.) I love lambics. They, like all beers have a time and place for enjoyment. So, why are people calling it a lambic?

    TOB I Need Your Help... So I'm hoping you ladies & gents can answer a question for me. I recently started dating a really nice woman in her late 40's. She's pretty, kind, and extremely intelligent. We were slow at the beginning-not rushing into sex. That has changed and we are now intimate. Never before have I experienced the following: During intercourse I feel, for a lack of better words, nothing. No muscle control, pressure, or really anything touching my "little" John while inside her. I've never been one to last long because of sensitivity I have when being inside a woman. Last night I actually faked an orgasm after a long time indulging. Any thoughts, ideas, or words of advice?

    @Kissit40: since creating this thread have you seen your lady again? Did you guys have sex? If so what did you do? Did you fake it again or try new angles with any success? -Personal favorite is face down ass up or surfboard for the super snug fit.- Offer to bring another girl into the bed, Ben wa balls, or grab an escort to satiate your woman's lack of? There's usually not much of a followup from the OP of threads asking for advise so I'm hoping you can fill us in. Hell, maybe you did those things and she was cool with it, which could open up the bedroom for all sorts of possibilities.
  10. Ok, I've seen it all...perhaps...

    Why even respond to him? If he's blanketing providers with the same email I'd say he's likely not a "newbie" and really just looking for someone to bite. Why not treat it like spam and simply delete it?
  11. Significant Other. SO.
  12. Deposits

    You'll have to go with whatever works best for you. I do have a question; how does PayPal and Square know you're a sex worker? Why doesn't the goods and services option in PayPal not an option?
  13. Deposits

    PayPal isn't really friendly to anything, but it's secure and unless people put in there what they're paying you for it should be ok. Do friends and family and there's no fee. Goods and services will likely work better, but again you have to be discreet. I've never heard of Gift Rocket. I try to keep my money transfer sites limited to those two and only those two.
  14. Deposits

    I prefer PayPal, but I've also got a Venmo account. Venmo asks 0 questions and looks like you can damn near put almost anything you want for the usernames and so on. You do have to put a description for each transaction but they seriously don't care what you put.
  15. Please screen thoroughly !!

    I disagree. The talks are fairly surface level. And really can you beat it to death? An illegal and unregulated sexual industry based heavily in trust and honesty amongst all the consenting me there doesn't seem to be a point in ever not having a constant safety reminder.