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  1. Ultra-high-end

    I have. More than a few times actuallly with no regrets about it. From an ego boost I’ll say yeah it makes me feel good knowing I have enough disposable income to be able to shell out that much and not notice. Were the sessions any better than lower rates? Some were and others no but those that were no’s were easily comparable to some of my better dates at lower rates and truly only outclassed by a few, so not terrible by any means. I’ve seen pornstars (as wild and crazy as you’d imagine but also chill), over the top doubles, and individuals that hit that dollar range. So yeah, I’ve done a bit. This shit is just fun to me and I keep that in mind with person I see. No expectations, no demands, no regrets. They are just people as well. I didn’t experience any classism or looking down upon others during conversation and in truth there was generally not too many things different in terms of interests and passion in life as a whole.
  2. Looking to prevent chafing?

    This is actually the first thing that came to mind.
  3. A Screening Conundrum

    I’m surprised you haven’t gotten a response to this but the first couple of things to answer the bold point would be: 1.) The absolute legality of the nature of this business. So a general fear of being busted. 2.) Fear of being busted by a spouse and/or job should a provider suddenly decide to become vindictive. This point comes up a lot on this board if not more so than the first. You don’t have to look too far to see someone say “I have too much to lose should X find out.” Often this is rebuked with one of three responses. “don’t give out more than you’re comfortable with”. “never give out personal information” and finally “if you have that much to lose pick a different past time.” So really if anyone were to actively read this board and take any advice you’ll overwhelmingly seeing “don’t give out personal info” more than anything else. Which, again, should anyone actively read and heed could cause problems when it comes to screening. Now that doesn’t explain the gross responses that are received. That’s something else entirely.
  4. Stormy Daniels

    Indeed. We’ve tangled plenty on here so you know I’ll stick by my guns on something I’m adamant about without question or pause, and will leave no room for an out.
  5. Stormy Daniels

    I don’t mince words. If I wanted it to be a direct insult I’d have done just that. No need to dance around on here.
  6. Stormy Daniels

    I was careful in my wording though. There was a modifier of “some” in there. Not saying all would negatively be impacted. That’s like I’m going to say you can’t attest “all” wouldn’t be. We’re saying pretty much the same thing but from different sides.
  7. Stormy Daniels

    Man I love your tag says “always treat a lady like a lady” while you call Daniels a bitch.
  8. Stormy Daniels

    Hey look man, everyone has a reason for participating. I can’t say I always agree but fuck it. Live and let live. If it works for you, cool, run with. I’m not even taking umbrage with that. If anything I’m just applying a different lense while looking at the situation and making a general comparison to things said on this board and in this thread not by me.
  9. Stormy Daniels

    I’m not making any assumption whatsoever and only going with what was directly said. I personally don’t care why the women on this board or in this industry do what they do, and don’t hold them responsible for the actions of others. Period. I don’t knock Stormy either foe trying to cash in. You can find it insulting all day long, and I’m not going to try to convince you otherwise.
  10. Stormy Daniels

    But don’t you and most of the ladies participating in your line of work benefit from doing something that would negatively impact someone else? Mainly the spouces of some of the married men you see who have not or would not agree to their husbands extracurricular proclivities. I like to play devils advocate so not throwing shots here.
  11. Stormy Daniels

    I think you meant #42 and #45.
  12. Stormy Daniels

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I’m not going. She never did it for me (yes I knew who she was well before this) back in the days of slow internet dialup/DSL in my bedroom, nor does she do it for me now with high speed and tube sites. And I’m cool not spending $30-40 for a ticket plus driving down from Boulder and so on. I don’t knock anyone for going for whatever that reason may be, but would like for people to keep it 100 on why they’re attending.
  13. A Shameless Plug

    My man went to the throwback Miko Lee scene. And not just any scene. No. The anal horse tail and fishnet body suit scene. Well played, sir.
  14. Stormy Daniels

    I get that but The WSJ pretty much told her they were going to run this story with her front and center regardless of how she felt about it. Again I point out she sat on this for over a decade, and some snooping uncovered the payments. As you all have said countless times don’t leave a paper trail. And the paper trail didn’t start with her So why should she sit quietly and be dragged through the mud instead of at least turning it into a profit for herself? Also, why does she have to absorb the brunt of this? Like I’m trying to understand why she’s the bad guy. Also, in all of this; the cheating, the payments, an NDA and she’s the disgraceful one?
  15. Stormy Daniels

    I have to ask but why exactly is she a disgrace?