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  1. Crazy guy

    What a little bitch boy. Bet if you stooped to his level it’d scare the piss out of him.
  2. stop posting for premium snap or only fans

    You’re always on my dick so you never read context. I’m just re-using OPs syntax... don’t see you berating them though. I’m not butt hurt bc they’re not a fan. Once again I’m standing up for women on here so y’all can understand there are consequences to dehumanizing us. Why get upset at a providers other business when you could just mind your own?
  3. stop posting for premium snap or only fans

    “You’re a whore for doing online sexwork” -annoying dude on an escort forum
  4. stop posting for premium snap or only fans

    I don’t get it. Please explain. Nothing to be ashamed of here!
  5. stop posting for premium snap or only fans

    Keep lesser dudes like this in the trash. Fuck you.
  6. 40 is better than 20

    This gives me hope lol.
  7. Blacklists

    What’s funny is for some providers, it doesn’t deter biz at all. Infamy can draw a lot of attraction... Plenty of clients just don’t post reviews that often. I’ve seen plenty of people with accounts on here and only a few have left a review. Hmmm- maybe both providers and clients like to keep up with appearances in their own way.
  8. Denied Booking....Not Sure Why

    A few reasons why I’ve rejected potentials: they didn’t take the time to read my ad or website and want me to provide a menu, they told me after reaching out to their refs that they found someone else/aka they wasted a lot of my time so I will never see them even if they reach out again, they were annoying or rude, sent me ???? when I don’t respond within two minutes, the refs they provided had sketchy reviews, the ref they thought would give them a good ref actually let me know they don’t wash their ass, the ref they sent me is someone I’d never reach out to, the ref they sent is someone I’d rather not share clientele with, etc. Your refs aren’t always gonna tell you what they share with another provider, so if they didn’t enjoy having you over, they’re gonna reflect that in their reference. This solidarity with providers keeps us safe. And hell, maybe-just maybe, a provider doesn’t want to share you bc you’re that special. Just tell yourself the last one if you’re stressed about it. Or do other forms of screening.

    The Taco Bell analogy was better.
  10. ==== COVID-19 CREDIT ====

    That is beyond kind, thank you for thinking of us!!

    Sorry, not op. But the Taco Bell guy.

    I was talking about OP. I still don’t think you can compare them. There must be some novelty about seeing people you know irl/follow on the internet naked, and that makes certain people pay more due to their desire. I know you could go find a million videos by well known p0rn stars, processionally shot and as hardcore as you want, but OF is booming for lots of amateur xxx creators. There’s something different about it. I gotta say, having convos and the option for custom content is super hot.

    No worries, I can put it into simpler terms for you: paid content isn’t for people like you. You say compensating creators is a waste. So the small fee we charge is to keep people like you away from our content. Banger, in the capitalistic market, non-essential goods/services like this can’t really be compared to another. Just as we’ve all discussed in rate threads, it all depends on the provider and their needs. I could spend $5 at Taco Bell(I’m a cheap date) or $10 at a similar establishment. Maybe I just have a preference but I’m not going to say spending that money is a waste. Supporting people is not a waste. That’s the operative word here, and it’s very rude. Just say you don’t care to buy content and move on, you don’t need to insult a whole industry of people.

    Exactly why a lot of content creators have a small fee like $10, to keep away from people who would never support you where it matters. They’d probably rather rip them off and find free content- which someone worked hard to make. It’s good to know that people who dehumanize creators and think supporting us is a waste won’t get to see our content for free. Unless you’re the scum of the earth and participate in pirating/distributing content you don’t own. Which is another reason creators have more content for purchase that isn’t on their page, because $10/mo is a very nice donation, but it isn’t worth having ALL your content leaked by subhumans. I also follow pretty famous stars on OF and they do exactly the same thing- probably because they’re tired of being ripped off.
  15. If you really care what the magic nectar is made of, you don’t deserve the wetness explosion. /thread