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  1. Enjoy Your VD

    Best thread title
  2. Ironic

  3. Minneapolis

    It’s actually not. If a provider went to sign up, there is no option for it on the site. So they’re just supposed to magically know the requirements?
  4. Price of adds

    If clients take our rate and divide it by the amount of days they thirst for a session, then damn I think we all might be under-charging!
  5. Price of adds

    Lol. Wow you know it all, don’t ya.
  6. Minneapolis

    Like I don’t think you even read my comment, you just downvoted it lol. Y’all get so heated and just can’t wait to tell your opinion about the other side of the biz.
  7. Minneapolis

    You missed the entire point? Tob and p411 are some of the only useful sites left, I was saying the others are lackluster.
  8. Price of adds

    Yeah I wish at least there was some kind of upgrade to the ad or site. Or even more featured spots. Or maybe being notified when someone shares their profile. But in reality we’re lucky to have this, in this day and age there’s not much left for safe tools. And of course people will complain if you raise your rate at all. There’s so many threads about it already.
  9. Minneapolis

    Thanks for the info babe but they get no luck getting referrals because the guys who see their ads on these lackluster sites don’t have p411 or simply “don’t give reviews”. It’s such a struggle and I feel so bad for them.
  10. Minneapolis

    My info is from friends who are providers who’ve been struggling to get on p411 and tob for years so it’s not misinformation. We talk about it every week. Maybe you should put yourself in less privileged providers’ shoes. Because you have no idea what they go through and the dangerous situations they get put in. They can’t get referrals from clients bc they cannot get p411 clients on the sites they can use. So it’s a vicious cycle and it hurts to see them go through it when I have the tools simply because I signed up before sesta/FOSTA. It’s not as simple as you think, and it affects them more than you know.
  11. Minneapolis

    I have a friend out there and she’s wondering the same thing. And she hasn’t had any luck signing up for the p411 because they don’t allow new providers to sign up.
  12. Text message Response Etiquette

    I try to keep my texts kinda vague if I’m late responding. But I also specify to let me know contact instructions in my contact form. If they don’t... that’s on them, right? I tried. Unfortunately not everyone uses the contact form.
  13. S. NEVADA

    Once I had a guy say “wow you live in the hood” and it made me so confused bc I definitely don’t... Some people are very sheltered I suppose. They are so fickle, it’s a little excessive.
  14. Death Threats

    They’re not linked to any profile so not sure what mods could do. They can dm me as well if needed.
  15. Death Threats

    Hey y’all just wanted to share that I’ve been receiving hostile and threatening texts from someone tonight and if you’re a provider(especially if you post in Boulder) and wanna know this number please let me know, PM me.