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  1. Enough "honeybee's"

    In addition to the swarm of honeybees, I’m getting more and more confused by all the Sky suffixes....
  2. What Are You Reading?

    I'm really ashamed to admit it, but I never learned to read.
  3. Red Dawn 3???

    Gotta love the Trump Towers connection!
  4. What's your pump up theme song?

  5. 411 Jades Pretty

    thanks fellas my technical ineptitude precedes me
  6. 411 Jades Pretty

    JadesPretty 719-310-9824 Colorado Companion Oi! Anyone? anything?
  7. Polygamy

    But do his wives know about him seeing and spending household finances on the ladies...?
  8. Positions

    So, I've been around a while, seen a few things, had some interesting experiences in life.... how did this never cum up for me before now??? you kids! yeesh!
  9. Careful with screening boys.

    Is that a thing? Do you ladies really get dick pics on a regular basis??? Seems like a goofy tactic for a guy to send a shot of his junk to you in hopes of swaying your interest. Maybe I just don't hold mine own in high enough esteem. I do know that a shot of a provider's pieces parts can definitely peak my interest..... hmmmmm - I'm genuinely curious. Maybe I should build a portfolio....
  10. Screening Question

    Maybe she just wants to know whether your ride is a rusting 1989 Oldsmobile with a bungee chord holding the trunk down, or if you're the type of fella whose Sunday-goin-to-meetin' car is a sexy red 2019 Tesla Model S with tinted windows..... Maybe it's the kind of info she needs to get her juices flowing.
  11. Collecting

    wtf are Match planes????
  12. New here

    Um.... just did a little digging Ms. Wild, and your TOB profile links to an ebony p411 provider named AudreyWild Same girl?
  13. RIP: Bustop

    Yessiree! I used to put my fake i.d. in my worn out wallet, and walk there and back from my apartment on the Hill when I was a student - in the snow and cold with no coat and holes in my shoes.... Now the kids have scooters, and motorbikes, automobiles and mass transit! Golly! The times they are a changin'! _____________________________________________________________________________________________ I'd have sold that chunk of property to the highest bidder too. Any build-able space in Boulder is a goldmine.
  14. Question for the ladies and gents.

    I think Kavanaugh was an entitled, belligerent, drunk, frat boy as is evidenced by his entitled, belligerent, beer-loving supreme court nomination. I think Ford is a wounded soul.
  15. What do you prefer? photoshoots

    That would be just fine - please, and thank you.