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  1. Rachel in COS

    Rachel in COS 402-590-9814 Colorado Companion Anything? anyone?
  2. playdate start ups

    So, it looks like the replacements for BP, Eccie, TER are springing up.... It will be interesting to see what takes root. I recently received an email inviting me to join a membership based "kinky dating" site called "honestly dating" that combines elements from Bookface, SugarBaby, and Fetlife. Here's the website BONUS - every referral gets the user $5 Whaddya think? Is it the new ordinary?
  3. Why even review now

    My suggestion to all the providers out there is to develop personal websites that answer some of the questions previously addressed in the TOB/TER review processes - a review section embedded in those personal websites that clients could post to might help to answer basic menu options and add some color to the otherwise limited research tool of TOB. Of course, the provider may choose to edit the reviews, but some descriptive phrases could go a long way in helping clients choose a playmate....
  4. ellalynn8989 info???

    Ellalynn8989 720-495-1647 Colorado Companion Any info anyone? If so, PM me pleeeeeeze!
  5. Interesting article. Thoughts? I think it's very enlightening. Whenever an ASP can provide some perspective on how it works on their end, I can get a better knowledge of myself... a good thing, right? The #MeToo movement has definitely made me open my eyes to how women are often times treated, and, as a horny male, I must re-examine all of my approaches to sex and intimacy. I'm always trying to think about the Golden Rule - treat others as you would have them treat you. Empathy is a characteristic that we ALL need to develop in ourselves.... Be nice.
  6. Real world dating as an adult

    I've tried, POF, Tinder, and Fetlife..... For me, building the intimacy that happens in a matter of minutes with an ASP seems like it takes light years to get to in the real world dating game.... I'm with Pfunk - I'm lazy and I've lost my drive to keep trying to cultivate interest by ladies I'm attracted to....
  7. Pornstar

    hmmm - from one extreme to another....
  8. Pornstar

    How about Angela Aspen? That girl was feisty! I wonder what she's up to now....
  9. What do you prefer, independents or agencies?

    At some point in my research, I seem to have read that the term "agency" can be skewed to read "pimp" by LE - maybe I read it wrong, maybe the aspartame is messing with my synapses, maybe it was filtered that way because of my newbie anxiety at the time. But fact remains, I have personally steered clear of agencies simply because more cooks in the kitchen usually screws things up in my opinion, aaaaaaaand because I really like to experience some direct communication with a potential provider prior to meeting. Just a little back and forth can add a lot to my attraction of a provider, and agencies seem to be a firewall in that respect....
  10. Is this even possible!!?

    this... I've been up against the same
  11. P411 Service Unavailable....?

    hmmmmmm - I hope it's just an internet/computer glitch and not something more nefarious.....
  12. P411 Service Unavailable....?

    I'm hoping that it's nationwide - anyone else having problems accessing p411 in the last 24 hours?
  13. This article made me wonder how many of the ladies (and guys) are "out" with family and friends.... Personally, I'm UTR. On my blue days I'm a bit ashamed that I must resort to paying for companionship, but then on the days when I'm feeling productive and autonomous, I'm kinda okay with owning what I see as the healthy eroticism that I'm allowed through paid playtime.
  14. HOBBYISTS: Team Downtown or Team DTC?

    Factor in the group of horndogs from Colorado Springs who travel the distance, and I think DTC becomes the favorite
  15. Old ads

    I worked the nerve of a visiting ASP recently after responding to an ad that was up after she had left town. Does TOB provide some sort of "ad package" that automatically posts, say, at 5am, 7am, 9am etc? After having been ripped a new one, I looked at the timing stamps of the ASP's ads, and they all fell on the same time at the top of the hour.... My guess is she bought a "package" that extended her stay, yes?