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  1. Fitbits fer yer junk

    Here's an interesting new stocking stuffer! Use once and discard? or rinse and repeat....?
  2. VeroVeroCam01 411 Colo Spgs

    I'm curious about her too.... Anyone?
  3. Two Questions

    So, what's going on here? Obviously the ad wasn't real, but what is the source? Is this an ad being used by LE for entrapment? I'm really curious what you all think....
  4. Gentleman you might want to not read this

    Fluffys! I LOVE IT!
  5. What is Your Must See TV Shows

    I just stumbled across Catastrophe on Amazon... some great coupling going on in that one, with 4 seasons to soak up! The Knick took care of my fetish for gritty historical recreations Shameless hit it out of the park!
  6. Favorite sexiest accents

    almost anything European gets a rise outta me
  7. Date ideas that are more than just the bedroom

    I love the GFE idea of a concert or hike, then playing hide and seek! My problem are the Benjamin's.... Average Red Rocks show is $120, shows last 3-4 hours, preferred hide and seek session is 90 minutes - that's a total outlay of $1840 at standard rates! I'm normally a very generous guy, but.... Yeee-OUCH! I'm curious how YL's would approach it...?
  8. "Owns Toys"

  9. "Owns Toys"

    I love to see a woman loose her inhibitions and play with her toybox.... the female orgasm can be such an incredible, sexy thing in and of itself. To see a woman use whatever means is necessary to reach an O is lovely!
  10. Sex toy

    Do the ladies go for this?? Kinda seems like a dildo should treated like a tooth brush - not just anybody should be using it.... REALLY curious if the providers would use a used toy....? Absolutely not? or yes if it's clean?
  11. These great United States

    I noticed there seem to be a few states missing - Wyoming, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine .... What, not worthy? Too red? Too cold? Maybe those places just suck and no one should even think of having fun there.
  12. Tattoos

    I kinda think we all want what we can't have, and sexy ink free women are pretty hard to find nowadays... Just sayin'.
  13. Angela Aspen expose

    From crazy-slow-motion-train-wreck to grounded-individual-with-hopes-and-dreams! Way to go Ms. Aspen-Neely! I hope the tide carries you in this direction for a good long while...
  14. ...but, as the article says, "at the end of the day, it doesn?t matter whether your carpet is as elegant as the drapes in your house. Most men are just happy to be home." Why Do Men Like The Brazilian? Science! Evolution = Science!
  15. Junk Food Initmacy

    You've really nailed it Jade....Junk Food Lifestyles! I can readily admit to binging on a multitude of people, places and things over the course of my life - all in a futile attempt to avoid having to be with myself. Cigarettes, alcohol, [snip}, food, porn, sex, work, exercise - at some point, they have all provided temporary release from a general feeling of dis-ease when I am alone, stationary, and in myself. I'm so grateful to have crossed paths with loving family, friends, and partners who have actually been comfortable and happy to hang out with me, even when I am not.... I think that's what we're all really looking for - someone to say it's okay to be who we are, warts and all. Someone who won't run away screaming even after we have convinced ourselves that our core/pain is just too fucked up and ugly for anyone to choose to be with. Great OP - thanks for dropping it in here! Flush that shit out and get it published! I'll buy a copy!