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  1. WARNING Blondiesweets91-FAKE

    How 'bout that chirpy fella in the sombrero in the back...? Looks like quite the party though!
  2. Infatuation…

    I am totally sincere. I'm truly curious what the motivations are that drive men to pay for, and women to accept money for the most intimate connection that people can have.... Thanks for your response Audrey.
  3. Infatuation…

    This rings so true for me. For me there is something painful about being alone - I mean REALLY SOLO in life, and I find myself resorting to this "transaction" all too often to avoid that discomfort. The sad part for me is when I know in my heart that someone I desire won't give me the time of day unless I pay them to.... I'm genuinely curious about the ladies' motivations - sure there's the obvious money factor, but what's underneath that...? What is it that makes you open up for any guy with money? Are you looking for a momentary connection? Do you feel loneliness at the end of the day...?
  4. 411 on Kimberly Summers

    I'm having a hard time following who is who....
  5. 411 on Kimberly Summers

    picked up on the tattoo discrepancy right away....
  6. 411 on Kimberly Summers

    yep - did a little of that...
  7. 411 on Kimberly Summers

    Kimberly Summers 702-827-9535 Colorado Companion Looks stunning! anyone? anything?
  9. Share your favorite naughty vid links
  10. Icing the Vagina

    yeah... like sports terminology "ice the knee" in football, or the tennis/baseball phrase "ice the elbow". different sport, different body part... "ice the va-jay-jay"
  11. Ultra-high-end

    I think I'd have one of my sexy, lithe assistants in high heals take care of it for me.
  12. Punch card or lick it stamp card

    this thread is GREAT! you can really get a sense of who's just doing business and working the factory line, and who's out to get creative and have a bit of fun.... thanks for opening it up Leigois
  13. Stormy Daniels

    Yeah, definitely don't want to find the kid's bunny boiling on the stove! Then it becomes a family affair....
  14. Stormy Daniels

    I just read through this entire post and could not help but thinking about the humiliation of the F.L.O.T.U.S All of us likely have a story behind the reason for our kink, but when our actions betray and hurt the S.O.'s we profess to love and honor, well .... that's messed up. I'm not a fan of our First Family, but I can empathize with how awful it must feel to be played by the partner and parent of your child like that... Bill, Don, John - all those guys need to be smacked upside the head. But, it is nice to hear you opted for a nice time Chrissy!
  15. I won the T shirt

    I actually have a Kum n Go t-shirt! It's such a whacky marketing scheme - I couldn't pass it up the opportunity to endorse the newest convenience chain!