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  1. A newbie for how long?

    when you get into the secret desert sex society, can you pm the locale so I can plug it into my google map machine...?
  2. Generations

    I'm old enough to remember when there was no internet and I had to slink into the corner store to get a skin mag to fuel my hetero lust. Today, it's an entirely different game - I can have it all right here in front of me on my monitor by typing my kink into a search engine, or even using voice recognition commands.... I think the digital age has fundamentally changed humanity, and any person born since the rise of the internet in the mid 1990's will have an entirely different outlook on life and living than those of us who had to use a road atlas to find our way....
  3. Thigh highs or pantyhose !

    um.... yeah, cfmp's are kind of a given apart from footwear, almost anything sheer or mesh that teases at what lies beneath short tight stretchy dresses and/or tops sans undies can whip up a furor in a public or private setting but that's probably just me... lol
  4. Question About Excuses.

    I have actually had a flat tire on the way to an appointment AND I still made it on time! It was like an INDY 500 pit stop minus the crew!
  5. WARNING Blondiesweets91-FAKE

    How 'bout that chirpy fella in the sombrero in the back...? Looks like quite the party though!
  6. Infatuation…

    I am totally sincere. I'm truly curious what the motivations are that drive men to pay for, and women to accept money for the most intimate connection that people can have.... Thanks for your response Audrey.
  7. Infatuation…

    This rings so true for me. For me there is something painful about being alone - I mean REALLY SOLO in life, and I find myself resorting to this "transaction" all too often to avoid that discomfort. The sad part for me is when I know in my heart that someone I desire won't give me the time of day unless I pay them to.... I'm genuinely curious about the ladies' motivations - sure there's the obvious money factor, but what's underneath that...? What is it that makes you open up for any guy with money? Are you looking for a momentary connection? Do you feel loneliness at the end of the day...?
  8. 411 on Kimberly Summers

    I'm having a hard time following who is who....
  9. 411 on Kimberly Summers

    picked up on the tattoo discrepancy right away....
  10. 411 on Kimberly Summers

    yep - did a little of that...
  11. 411 on Kimberly Summers

    Kimberly Summers 702-827-9535 Colorado Companion Looks stunning! anyone? anything?
  13. Share your favorite naughty vid links
  14. Icing the Vagina

    yeah... like sports terminology "ice the knee" in football, or the tennis/baseball phrase "ice the elbow". different sport, different body part... "ice the va-jay-jay"
  15. Ultra-high-end

    I think I'd have one of my sexy, lithe assistants in high heals take care of it for me.