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  1. "Treat her right"

    ... and, "I'd like to keep her for myself" gargh
  2. The wonerful cyber world

    Provider posts have DEFINITELY had an effect on me - just like her profile pics do. There have been many times when I have gauged a lady's playful/kinky/accommodating/humorous nature based on what she may have posted in the past....
  3. The wonerful cyber world

    I think cyber bullying is the new playground for those kids who haven't grown up yet.
  4. Useless reviews

    Me too! damned if you do, damned if you don't.....
  5. Turned down by my looks-yikes!

    ah yes... that works
  6. Great article! Maggie McNeil is now on my wish-list.
  7. Incall or outcall

    I prefer an incall initially. After I'm reasonably sure the lady isn't a bunny boiling, roofie slippin', psycho killer I'm more than happy to host. Problem is, some of the ladies on my wish list feel the same way about me....
  8. September in COS - TGTBT?

    September 719-297-7737 Colorado Companion Has anyone visited this lovely lady?
  9. TER

    Nothing. Nada.
  10. interesting findings and trends about relationships in the 2010s
  11. Tell me about your sex life

  12. TER

    I've reached out to the TER admin to see it they could fill in some blanks - we'll see if they have time to respond. There's a gap of 2 years with no reviews since the SESTA/FOSTA debacle, and only seven new reviews have been submitted in the last week and a half. It's too bad. TER was always such good reading - it put Penthouse letters to shame. But I don't now that the hefty TER subscription is worth it for so few current reviews right now. It's kind of a catch 22 - they need new VIP members to write/read reviews, and new reviews get the bnew VIP members.... I think it would make sense for TER to offer some kind of introductory rate for previous VIP members, or perhaps credit members with the time that was left in their memberships went the sight went dark...? Either option would help to build up a solid review base, and get us hornsters reviewing and reading again.
  13. TER

    So, what's behind TERs return? Anyone know? It's interesting that the site went down so quickly, and then resurfaced without any fanfare.... My guess is that the website is now hosted off-shore, yes? no?
  14. TER

    Well would you look at that! I've missed the ol' erotic review!