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Found 12 results

  1. It's. Been. Years.

    It's been perhaps years since I've been active here and wanted to shout out to some old friends. I see many familiar usernames still! Took a break during the pandemic and shuttered my business (both the sexy one and my vanilla one and joined in and worked in a health worker capacity. (hard, hectic time but so glad to be beyond that now and poking into former ventures) My fitness competition training and endurance sports days have meshed to fly fishing, camping, and an occasional trail running race. I'll occasionally pop in here and there in the hopes someone starts a fly fishing thread! and hoping those that I might have lost touch with know that I am still alive and thriving! Fond memories, xoxo Mel
  2. Chiara720 720-772-1579 Colorado Massage Thing maybe TGTBT?
  3. Isabel Jade 231-412-7010 Colorado Companion Does any one have any current experiences with Isabel Jade? She seems to be new to Denver, has reviews that are 2 to 3 years old on various sites. P261844 on P411. TER. isabel-jade-2314127010-337352
  4. Maia-Lohi

    Maia 720-590-7427 Colorado Companion anyone have any information on this provider? Thanks
  5. I’m just curious how much would you say is saying too much? Personally I’ll always check with the provider before I list a specific's but I’m just wondering if there’s something that every time you read it it’s instant cringe or even anger. Where is the line between respecting the right to privacy and informing the people fairly? Just curious not trying to start a whole controversy mostly just looking for opinions and insight. Btw gents I would recommend sending a review to your provider before posting just to check.
  6. quick question

    so I'm new here and Denver is my first city to ever hear of TOB in is this the place it is most useful to use it at ? or should I continue using along my travels ? are there and other specific destinations TOB is popular in such as it is here? or iis it mostly just for Colorado id appreciate any helpful hints thanks XoXo
  7. Hi I am in DTC & am new to TOB. I used to use backpage but now am shifting to TOB. I do not have reference as I am new here but I could give u a reference from BP. If you can see me please let me know. I want someone who provides gfe. I am a nice gentlemen, 26 yr old.
  8. TER perplexes me a bit. If I've read correctly, in order for an account to become a provider account so you can set up a profile, menu of services, etc., someone must write you a review first , and only then can you set all of that up. So how do I know if someone has already written a review and I can connect it to my account? Does anyone else see this operation as working backwards?
  9. western slope grrr...

    I am mostly local provider on the western slope. I've noticed a lot of posts asking why there aren't many over here, and why people don't travel here and what not. So, there actually is a lot of providers right now if you are looking in the right places-- problem is, most of them are traveling straight through and onto other parts of the US. Another issue is that there aren't many "verified" girls out here. No one is willing to review or verify you! I don't know what the deal is. So it's very hard to get a good reputation. Another issue is location. Finding my own location can be very very difficult after being around for a couple months. There are a few LE issues as well-- not necessarily confirmed LE issues...Just encounters and conversations where it is clear that they are LE. Finally, there are TONS of flakes & hardly any prebookings that *actually* go through. The reliable ones just aren't around enough to maintain. Yet...I would rather deal with all these issues than deal with the big city issues. So, guys (and ladies), what are your complaints about this area regarding providers? (Always looking to improve.)
  10. Hello all, Ive been seeing providers part time for several years. I've only had one provider that could twerk RCG. It was ah-mazing. Looking for recs of a provider who has great twerking skills. Thanks!
  11. Hi, I am Charismatic Dione, but you may also address me as Charisma or simply Dione. I am totally brand new to the Industry, I will make 24 yrs of age on the 23rd of this month and I currently reside in Colorado Springs [Snip} I do plan to move over to the Denver Metro area by the end of this year so if you have leads on nice Hobby friendly incalls please send them my way! [Snip} patience please as this is all a process and I am learning more and more day by day. *Any good logical advice toward helping me be successful in this Industry is welcome from both providers & clients. Also, I am in need of a good professional photographer. Thanks in advance for your time and assistance. Charisma D
  12. We all love a hard pecker, men and women do. But, we also know that sometimes, it just doesn't happen. Medical, is what causes it many , many, times. Seems to me to be the root of the problem. But , guys, I don't care how much we suck on it, lick it, caress it, play with it, it is not going to wake Mr. One-eyed Willy up. When you guys insist we keep trying, and this is after we've already given it a way beyond the norm effort, it tends to become -not fun. And chances of us wanting to see you again are slim indeed. This isn't because you can't get it up. No, not at all. It's because it became not fun anymore. When at your insistance our jaws became tired, mascara that has ran clear to our knees(ok, slight exaggeration)our lips, well, guys, do I need to say more? When Willy won't cooperate, why can't we just enjoy the moment for each other's company? There is something to be said for cuddling naked. But when a provider who used to see you -does not, it is generally a good reason behind it. This is one.