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  1. Anyone doing Decadence this year?

    Rock and metal since when? It’s more edm. Tonight big wild is there and I bet it’s going to be AWESOME. I went like 3 yrs ago and it was a night to remember. There were tons of really young, really f’d up people there which was alarming and entertaining. Lol Have fun OP. This is my favorite big wild song when you hear it, dance it out for me! Happy New Year everybody!
  2. P411

    I saw it but I thought it was in the ladies only forum 🤷🏽‍♀️
  3. Best board for Hawaii?

    I don’t have much to offer as far as a board but every time I’m in Hawaii I’m always baffled by the amount of ladies I know are escorts who are walking the Waikiki strip. It’s wild! Look for the gorgeous babes in Louboutins approaching the single dudes :-)
  4. Fire in the Sky

    Same! I never met him he lived an hourish from where we were but she promised me (at least in the 90s) that he was drool on yourself crazy after that. Not sure how much he’s come around since then. But I’m going to ask her to refresh my memory next time we chat. We still talk once a week for a couple hours via FaceTime. Lets hang out and chat aliens soon, eh?! We can FaceTime her so you know I haven’t embellished a thing 😉💋 It’s kinda CRAY. Lol
  5. Fire in the Sky

    Here I am thinking you were going to be talking about the movie fire in the sky. Based on a true story about a guy who claimed he was abducted by aliens. That guy happened to be my eldest friends uncle! Crazy shit. Idk which fire In The sky is cooler 🤷🏽‍♀️ Haha 🤣
  6. Calgary, Alberta

    I follow at least 50 hot babes from Canada on Twitter.
  7. What are you wishing for?

    Oh my mom shows up alllllll the time! So much so that I HAD to go to a medium a few years ago. And she confirmed it! Told me my mother was grateful that I light a candle for her and described this little ritual I do with the candle, a pic of my mom, and her ashes almost every night. The medium said my mother is with me more than my other siblings Bc she worries. Leave it to me to be keeping my mother working in the afterlife! 😂 (maybe something only her, I, and my siblings would find funny ) but Like she couldn’t have possibly known this and she described it to a T - and it’s kind of extensive/ obsessive. It was everything I needed. Highly suggest if anyone needs some sort of closure or just to get in touch. It was EVERYTHING. 💜 I’m so sorry for your loss. But I love your attitude 😘
  8. What are you wishing for?

    The holidays are sad without my parents who are deceased but I try to make sure the people I love do not feel my sorrow around this time. Which is also exhausting AF. Just once I’d like to have something under the tree (for me) I didn’t buy my damn self. 🤣 Mama wants a trip to Morocco, if anyone’s wondering :-) Thinking about going in march, I found a flight to Madrid for 200 then a flight to Morocco for 130 just need the flight back home .... or do I?! 🤣🤷🏽‍♀️ All complaining aside, I truly am one lucky girl! I know this. Just hard to feel super jolly around this time. I’m Grinchy AF. Big hugs to all who are misssing part of their tribe. 💜
  9. What would your ad say fellahs?

    Omg this is fantastic. Please write my next bio 🤣🙏

    I love this post! We all need to take time to smell the Flowers and be grateful for what we have and who we are and what/who surrounds us. I went “home” this weekend for a friends funeral ( wayyyy too young to start this shit) and it really just put This whole life thing into prospective for me. Do what makes you happy, leave everything better than you find it, spread as much sunshine as you can, take the trip, and most importantly eat the damn cake! 🙃🤣 People are priceless and I’m working on creating as much fun and meaningful memories that I possibly can. Life is beautiful, and please check on your friends, especially your strong friends. also made me think of this song. I hope everyone’s doing alright!
  11. Favorite Chick Flick?

    Ps I love yooouuuuuu! Awe, so good! Add that to my list too. Lol
  12. Favorite Chick Flick?

    Beaches, dirty love, superstar, one fine day, trainwreck. I also hear the notebook is good but I’ve yet to give it a try. I’m always late to the party 🤣
  13. Favorite Playlist?

    I like a lot of things with no words. Like: also been on an internet kick lately. I think there’s nothing more sensual than women singers here’s my favorite from her, turn the bass up! I love this remix: and this one for sending obvious subliminal messages 🤣
  14. California and a prayer.

    Well that’s kinda of f’d up. :/ I have so much compassion and respect for veterans. War is seriously fucked up. I just finished watching the Vietnam war documentary on Netflix. One veteran said something that really struck me about killing a person for the first time. He said “there were two causualities that day. The man he strangled to death and the death of his civilized self” I thought that was super powerful and made me so so so sad. Like how do you come back from that shit?!
  15. California and a prayer.

    Do veterans get free or low costing health insurance? How does that work? I can’t believe I don’t know this actually. Lol Someone give me the scoop.