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  1. I am a Golden God

    You reek of a RIPE Asshole. Since pussy isn't good enough for ya, EAT A BAG A DICKS !
  2. Vegans in the Midwest

    City O city is pretty tasty. I know they could also point you in a ton of other directions but its the only vegan place I've really been. And it was surprisingly good.
  3. Just gonna put this out there.

    This thread reminds me of a skit Amy schumer did in her Netflix leather and lace special. She says something like " On my pussys BEsT day - it's not everyday! It's almost no days... but on my pussys best day, it smells like a small..... barnyard animal" 😂😂😂 Oh man I died. If you haven't seen it, today's a great day for couch cuddles and laughs! 😘
  4. Latina Providers

    Rio grande valley? I'm guessing.
  5. A True Blue Local Agency???

    Any info on what happened to them? Another inquiring mind wants to know 😘
  6. Shower and GFE

    My problem with the shower is how is my war paint to look it's absolute best for you in the shower? I've showered with men before but they are super regulars whom I feel comfortable being seen without makeup with. I wouldn't mind having a client want to come right after my gym sesh. That's nearly the only time you'll catch me without makeup. My advice is to find a GFE that you enjoy, see her a few times and then start asking if she'd be willing to do that. But upon a first meeting I do think it'd be hard. Also my hair is naturally curly. If I wet it, and don't apply product the fro is truly something to see! 😂 Do you really want me primping on your time? Cause i will 🤷🏽‍♀️
  7. Creampie part Deux

    Sushi den has the best banana cream pie around!
  8. Halloween

    I'm going to be a zebra! I'm super pumped about this costume.
  9. Ladies: Doubles - Am I doing something wrong?

    I've met a few lovely ladies in exactly this manner. I'm not too Leary of these sorts of things but perhaps if you had the guy reach out to the lady, once you've picked her, you might have better luck? Happy Hunting! Xo
  10. My kind of Tits!

    Didn't see who originally posted the video before I commented. Oops! Nice add BBB ! She does it for me too! Xo
  11. My kind of Tits!

    Ugghhhh *Swoon* I LOVE this chic! 😘 Like best ass and bod ever! On this I think we can agree :-)
  12. My kind of Tits!

    This is kind of what dance parties look like in my house. You should come hang with me and my friends minus the bush Great song btw!! It's also my first time seeing the video! Kind of fucking LOVE it. 💜
  13. My kind of Tits!

    Hawt Daammnnn! I've never seen that video before but have def heard that song multiplies times in the strip club. I love it even more after that video! 😍 Thanks for sharing! 😘
  14. My kind of Tits!

    I am binging on The Weekend right now. Going to his show tonight at the Pepsi center. I swear he wrote this song about me 😂
  15. My kind of Tits!

    While I understand that this isn't going to be the music choice of most here, if you know me you know I'm Super eclectic with my music vibes and thought this would be a great place to share this video. If you can make it to the end, she gets butt naked and ohhhh boy! Those tittays just dooooo it for me! I also like the fact that she's just fucking shit up throughout the whole video. Kind of my mood this morning 😂 Happy Friday! Enjoy!