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  1. Ladies, Please Don't....

    With all due respect 2big, we don’t do those things for you. So your opinion is null and void. We do those things bc it makes US feel good. And there’s not one lady here that’s going to change her mind bc YOU don’t like it. Sounds like you may be looking for a Male escort. Come out of the closet already! ((Not that there’s anything wrong with that))
  2. References

    Couldn’t agree more! Y’all can’t trust US to host us in your home, don’t want to share references, or real world info but want us to host ya in our homes no questions asked? That’s how we get robbed, raped, beaten, killed or those shiny silver bracelets. The fuckery is real around here.
  3. No Love for AA?

    Totally agree and With Jon bringing up the client side of things I have a story to tell. About 2.5 years a ago I had a gentleman reach out to me on p4. I ended up enjoying at least 10-15 sessions with this guy. He would always tell me after his visit that I’m his atf and how much he was looking forward to our next meet. Fast forward to the last time I saw him - we were laying in bed pillow talking and he causally mentioned how he had in fact never had sex with a black woman. He went on to say that actually he didn’t find black women attractive at all. So I decided to burst his bubble and ask why he chooses to pay me? His jaw dropped, face turned red, he was mortified but how the fuck do you think I felt?? That was in fact the last time I ever saw him. He reached out to me about a year later (he’s older and on some meds so truly I think he just forgot he had seen me) and I could not wait to tell him that we aren’t a good fit remember, because I’m black? He never did reply back. 🤣 Bit - the difference lies in the fact that I will ALWAYS be black. You can change your weight, hair color, boob size etc. But to dismiss a whole class of people based on their blackness is absolutely wrong. We cannnot change it to gain more clientele. The above mentioned can be altered.
  4. ‘Hobbiest’ being a bad thing

    I wasn’t aware of “hobby culture” really until I joined Twitter. I don’t think we have a lot of that going on this board. Have you guys ever read the Eccie posts? That board is sorta vile towards women. And I think that kind of attitude and behavior are what some people think of when they call clients “hobbiests” in a negative way. Its a different vibe around these parts, and I’m thankful for that, so hobbiest isn’t a bad word to me. To me it simply means a man who’s been around the block - lots of oks or references - and it’s no secret that I like them experienced We don’t all agree on everything but I believe that most of the people that participate here are good people.
  5. Hungry

    Also the taste of Colorado is going on this weekend if you’re into overpriced regular food 🤣
  6. Hungry

    My new favorite fancy shmancy place in Denver is guard and grace. The ambiance, food and service are to die for. Makes for a great date. I don’t have any suggestions for the springs. Don’t make it down very often. Boys if you haven’t taken your favorite SW to guard and grace you should! She’ll thank you and you’ll thank me later ive been itching to try the flagstaff house in boulder. But it just seems so faarrrrrr.
  7. No Love for AA?

    Again you’re confusing racism with Prejudice. Words are important. You must believe those words are interchangeable but, theyre not. End of story
  8. No Love for AA?

    I think you’re confusing stereotypes and prejudices and I don’t have time to break this down to you. Also, reverse racism isn’t real. Annnnddd I’m done with this thread. Quote me if you want but this is now just a waste of energy. ✌️
  9. No Love for AA?

    Thank you babes. Thank you for saying this. 💜You are one of the chief counsellors on this board and People listen to you. I hope they’re soaking it in now. 💋
  10. No Love for AA?

    New Jos Rules - I no longer provider references to providers who clearly state they do not see African American men. It’s my preference. Ladies and Gentlemen, don’t call me for that shit! 🙉
  11. No Love for AA?

    and cherry - the problem doesn’t come to light when they do make the cakes it’s when they don’t that people scream discrimination. That is the slight coralation is what I was going for. I hope I didn’t offend you too hard. That wasn’t my intent. We all have opinions right? And sometimes those opinions are asshole opinions. I’m sure we’re all a little guilty in that. I just feel strongly about this as a WOC. Ok now everyone, let’s go bone about it
  12. No Love for AA?

    I wouldn’t trust JC himself to book my appointments, Kind of a strange point but you are right / you are free to see whom ever you choose. That does not Make it the right thing to do but by all means gf - run your biz. It’s the same flawed thinking that’s got people out here not making cakes for gays. What fucking century are we in?!
  13. No Love for AA?

  14. No Love for AA?

    Nothing slanted about it, darling. 💋 The truth makes people uncomfortable sometimes, I get that. But no take backs.
  15. No Love for AA?

    You can it up dress it up any way you want but it’s still racism. The second lady you speak of just sounds completely uneducated, Misinformation is Worse than being ignorant imo. White dudes (and I love ALL dudes) but white ones are more likely to be rapists, serial killers, and psychopaths as opposed to other races. Don’t believe me? Just watch the news, and open your eyes. I do not mean for my comment to offend. Just want some of these ladies to pull their heads out of their asses. Or just want all the brown guys to call me hahaha