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  1. What does this holiday mean to you

    Lots of judgement in that last sentence. Why shame someone for asking a question that you deemed too personal to answer? Perhaps there's someone out there who would hold space for this convo. Not answering the question is one thing, but making him out to be an ass for wanting to learn is stark rude.
  2. What does this holiday mean to you

    Me too. It's hard to actually get out of celebrating when society and religion has brainwash the masses and make anyone who deters from the "norm" feel left out. So this is what my house hold celebrates - "Easter was originally the celebration of Ishtar, the Assyrian and Babylonian goddess of fertility and sex. Her symbols (like the egg and bunny) were and still are fertility and sex symbols (or did you actually think eggs and bunnies had anything to do with the resurrection?) After Constantine decided to Christianize the Empire, Easter was changed to represent Jesus. But at its roots, Easter (which is how you pronounce Ishtar) is all about celebrating fertility and sex." "Or did you guys actually think that bunnies and eggs had anything to do with the resurrection of Christ?!" 🤣😘
  3. Harassment from other providers

    Firm believer in Your vibe attracts your tribe! You have to actually be above the drama in order to stay clear of it. I've met soooooo many women in this industry (for the last 5 years) and have never had an incident like this. Perhaps your friend picker is off? I am in no way shape or form trying to victim blame but giving them even more attention on a public forum is silly to me. More fuel to the fire. My advice - seriously stop following them on sm, unless you like to drive yourself crazy. Best of luck to you! Xoxox
  4. Outcalls to Idaho Springs, CO

    I'd say mostly upon request only, could be wrong though. Good luck. Xo
  5. Deal killers and the opposite

    I wouldn't call them deal killers I'd say more like mood ruiners but here are mine -- Facial stubble - I hate you, and so does my pussy. Dudes with no daty/dato couth- no you may NOT lick my ass then my pussy. Gtfoh with all that. Delusion - in any way. No I will not fuck you for free bc you are "so good in bed or have a huge cock" you can actually add "huge cock" to my list as well. Just not my thing. I might catch some shit for this one but - I'm also a little off put by someone who can't finish or takes foorreevveerrrrrrr to cum. I'm definitely not in a rush, but do I want to marathon bone the entire time we are together? No. Not you or brad Pitt could change my mind. Flaccid penis' jack hammer fucks Men who can't take direction. I know you've been licking pussy for 40 years but when I politely direct you to what I like, but you continue to do your own thing - well that's just fuxking rude.
  6. #SESTA #FOSTA- Who's been following...

    I'm not so sure it matters if they are off shore if they are targeting an American audience. The review board was hosted overseas. Wish we could get some perspective from the owner of this board and p4 about what their plan is or If theres a plan in place even? Time to get your passports ladies. Let's take this show outta the country. 🤷🏽‍♀️
  7. Is Denver overated ?

  8. I am a Golden God

    You reek of a RIPE Asshole. Since pussy isn't good enough for ya, EAT A BAG A DICKS !
  9. Vegans in the Midwest

    City O city is pretty tasty. I know they could also point you in a ton of other directions but its the only vegan place I've really been. And it was surprisingly good.
  10. Just gonna put this out there.

    This thread reminds me of a skit Amy schumer did in her Netflix leather and lace special. She says something like " On my pussys BEsT day - it's not everyday! It's almost no days... but on my pussys best day, it smells like a small..... barnyard animal" 😂😂😂 Oh man I died. If you haven't seen it, today's a great day for couch cuddles and laughs! 😘
  11. Latina Providers

    Rio grande valley? I'm guessing.
  12. A True Blue Local Agency???

    Any info on what happened to them? Another inquiring mind wants to know 😘
  13. Shower and GFE

    My problem with the shower is how is my war paint to look it's absolute best for you in the shower? I've showered with men before but they are super regulars whom I feel comfortable being seen without makeup with. I wouldn't mind having a client want to come right after my gym sesh. That's nearly the only time you'll catch me without makeup. My advice is to find a GFE that you enjoy, see her a few times and then start asking if she'd be willing to do that. But upon a first meeting I do think it'd be hard. Also my hair is naturally curly. If I wet it, and don't apply product the fro is truly something to see! 😂 Do you really want me primping on your time? Cause i will 🤷🏽‍♀️
  14. Creampie part Deux

    Sushi den has the best banana cream pie around!
  15. Halloween

    I'm going to be a zebra! I'm super pumped about this costume.