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  1. Looking for provider

    I was reading OP and sort of laughing at the guy like yeah, ok good luck buddy but then you show up and actually find her?! You deserve an award or something! That’s wild. 💋
  2. Goodbye Aretha, the Queen of Soul

    Omg! RIP to the QUEEN. I hadn’t heard. I haven’t even turned my telly on yet. This is my favorite Aretha song. It makes me so happy!
  3. Mr. Number

    It works but all the info is gone. It’s no longer helpful. I’ve heard ok caller whispered about out there. But I have no personal experience...
  4. Stay all Night

    I love all of your ideas except the quiet walk. You sound like a ton of fun! I hope this works out for you!! 💋
  5. Stay all Night

    Used how? Used for your bedroom skills? 🙊 Did she take $$ without giving you time? Did she steal from you? Or did you fall hard and get hurt when you realized it’s “fantasy” and when the clock was up she was out? Rule number 1 — don’t fall for anyone in the business. If you think she’s doing this to find her prince charming your sadly mistaken. It’s all about the Benjamin’s baby! 😘 I can’t and won’t entertain everyone for an overnight. I actually have to like you and there be some chemistry otherwise it can be awful. Learned that the hard way. All money isn’t good money.
  6. 411 on SidWild

    I met her at a provider party recently. She’s legit. And I wouldn’t call her weird either, more like interesting! But I like different. I’d say if you like her look, you’re silly to not pull the trigger. I don’t doubt that she lives up to her name in the sack. 😜 She seems fun. Lol
  7. Ultimate Fantasy

    There was one guy who came who was actually fucking gorgeous who hooked up ever single one of us. (8-9)🤣🤣 he was a stud and an anomaly. It’s supposed to be exclusive. Not everyone can or should be invited. Only the best of the best :-) But seriously all of your wildest fantasies come true. It was amazing. And my client says - totally worth it. We stayed the night since we came from out of town. No regrets from him! I think that says a lot. I should try to get him to chime in here...
  8. Ultimate Fantasy

    You could be that lucky too 🤑🤑
  9. Ultimate Fantasy

    Yeah it is. The caliber of this party was high. And with all of the hhr and q.v. requests I feel like it’d be hard to find a client willing to shell out 3500 for 4 hrs of play or 4500 for an overnight. But I do have my guy locked and loaded. He’s the best. 💜
  10. Ultimate Fantasy

    Ladies if you’re seriously interested let’s do lunch! Tell your friends and let’s brainstorm. The hard part is finding a gent to tag along willing to pay the price. It was not cheap. But they got the freakin pick of the litter. No short stick for them that’s for sure. Lol
  11. Ultimate Fantasy

    I went to a provider soirée in Seattle a couple months ago. It was at a sex posisitive bnb (which was so fucking rad you’ll have to pm me if you’re interested in the place it’s provider friendly and even gives industry rates!) and it was amazing. There were about 11 ladies and maybe 8 guys. There were food, drinks, and lots of sexy to go around. We played in private in the living room and in the hot tub with other couples and thruples it was sort of a free for all - something that I originally thought too wild for me to actually enjoy but you know what? I had a fucking blast. It was sooooo hot! I’d love to bring something like this to Denver. It was truly an experience. In fact talking to a couple providers currently about pulling something together. Let me know if you’re interested!
  12. tgirl listings

  13. Ladies, please be careful...

    Not excusable but let me offer a stab at an excuse but still say it’s not cool. *Eyes are rolling out of my head right meow* What a silly comment. That attitude is what keeps the perps perpetrating. Smash the patriarchy! Please pm me with his info too.
  14. I do this ALL the time in regards to television. Every single one of my friends suggests GoT for me but I like you have just written it off for whatever reason. Glad to hear you’re enjoying it, makes it slightly more intriguing to me.
  15. Your First.....

    Oh my gosh, these were so fun to read, great topic OP. I used to get like a crazy weird awesome high from being someone’s first. I loved that shit. But then I had a bad experience so now I prefer them to be trained I know you asked the dudes but I wanna play too. My first was at a SUPER seedy motel (my doings 🤦🏽‍♀️🤭) He was an Actually handsome college kid around my same age [ 26] from India. From the way things went down, I made the assumption that I was his first ever EVER 🤣 But fuxking A (hahah) - it was the easiest most thrilling thing I had done in ever and I’ve been an addict since. 💁🏽‍♀️ I truly do miss the newbs though. It’s a special thing. LOL