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  1. Colored Contacts

    I'm coming to the realization that fake ANYTHING is kinda a drag... its the real stuff that usually gets me the most excited
  2. Colored Contacts

    loose 'em
  3. Can't say I've ever actually seen a Russian ASP in person, but I have occasionally thrown a token or two to the Russian cam models.... The trend is for all U.S. business interests with Russia to be severed, and it seems to be a universal truth that women have tremendous sway over their men.... I suspect that many Russian women might even side with that rascal Putin and his aggression towards Ukraine. So, what makes sense...?
  4. This is a truly f-ed up hypothetical. In this scenario, the husband and wife should both be bitch slapped! Not thinking far enough ahead to when the kid wants/deserves to know who his/her father is should automatically disqualify them from parenting. F-ING IDIOTS! The sad truth is, this (or something similar to it) has probably happened in modern society, and will leave some innocent kid with the burden of carrying heavy baggage around for the remainder of his/her life.... I repeat. the "parents" should be bitch slapped! HARD!
  5. What is TOB to you?

    I think FOSTA/SESTA was the party pooper. Insta and Snap also prolly put a dent in things.... Yep, TOB definitely seems to have lost it's luster. I still check in pretty regularly though in hopes of stumbling across a racy thread or saucy ad that will get my heart pumping.
  6. Sprinkler Start Up

    lol I can't believe you guys are geeking out on sprinklers and kentucky bluegrass on this site! I mean, WTF? You're fixated on THAT??? Listen - take a break and jump on over to the listings section! Get your priorities straight fellas!
  7. What is YOUR KINK?

    how much older...?
  8. Annie 719-600-3532 Colorado Companion I hope someone might be able to fill in the blanks regarding Annie in COS
  9. Is Tryst taking over?

    I had no idea! So, you as an established provider get booted if someone you "refer" f-s up??? That's kinda f-ed up!
  10. Ass Photos

    picked it straight off one of the providers here.... the fun is in the search my friend
  11. The Old Man

    jeez! CHILL! dude was just asking a question - don't take the bait if you don't like the taste
  12. Ass Photos

  13. Ironic Topics About Getting Screwed!

    the dude is a major asshat - sorry you got ripped off
  14. Is Tryst taking over?

    I like the optics on Tryst. TOB provider listings seem to be confined to a recurring handful of ladies - it would be great if more ASP's used the "hook" of photos to peak client's interest.
  15. Ass Photos

    agreed - a good ass shot goes a looooooooooooonng way
  16. It's. Been. Years.

    Melinda - you were my first ASP a few years back, and I must say there was no one better suited (and un-suited) to ease me into a wonderful, sensual experience. Thank you for breaking the 4 year dry spell I had endured during the waning years of my marriage. L
  17. I could use this right now.....
  18. COS 411

    719-353-9683 Colorado Companion Anyone? anything...?
  19. 411 on Jessica - Tryst

    correction: 2 years old!
  20. 411 on Jessica - Tryst

    wtf? this inquiry is nearly a year old....
  21. Banned companions

  22. Guys and Gals

    loneliness mostly
  23. Ms. Torrington

    kinda curious too....
  24. Club Q shooting

    So, I wake up this morning to learn of yet another mass shooting - this one happening in my own city, and likely involving friends who may have been celebrating at Club Q. It's so sad, and so frustrating - this gun thing is simply out of control and it's unrealistic to think about containment. There is so much anger and hate, and too many guns available to most anyone who wants one. Perhaps the only thing that is realistic is to hope for the acceptance of those who are different from us - to truly support all aspects of sexual, racial, religious diversity.
  25. Favorite Female Body Pary

    Yeah, probably have to be the whole person answer for me. However, a woman's personality is usually the starting block that gets me off to the races...