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  1. Everyone has their breakpoint. At some point a good/service is not worth the cost.
  2. Question for providers as well as gents.

    CBJ is a deal breaker. Never had any problem with 3bj.
  3. Missed retired providers

    Jackie of Wicked Surrender.
  4. Avoiding attention at a hotel

    I call when I arrive to confirm all is well. Then I turn off the phone.
  5. Avoiding attention at a hotel

    My phone is off.
  6. Gfe

    "GFE Lite" is an oxymoron.
  7. A tough one for me

    Better safe than sorry. This has happened to me on one or two occasions, and I backed off too. But definitely try to make it up to her.
  8. Cancellation Notice

    I had an appointment today at 2pm - at noon the lady let me know she couldn't make it. No big deal - we'll just reschedule. I appreciate this consideration and will always provide the same as soon as I know I can't be there.
  9. Time?

    And I found that review to be extremely helpful. At least you know not to schedule an hour. These are the reviews I find to be most valuable in avoiding a waste of time and resources. And yes, if you book an hour you should get an hour.
  10. Asking about the Menu

    I send a polite e-mail outlining the services I prefer, and I ask if the lady believes we would be compatible. That has worked quite well for me.
  11. Total hip?

    I've had both replaced - 10 yrs ago. That was when they did them from the side. I was back at work in 4 weeks - you just have to take it slow and watch the restrictions in range of motion - I certainly never felt "as good as new", but I felt a lot better than before.
  12. What’s the first thing you notice?

    Definitely the demeanor - including a welcoming smile, hug, and kiss. Usually, these portend a very nice time.
  13. Questions from Newbies about the Ladies

    All good advice, gents. The three review rule seems prudent. But I didn't want to ignore the inquiry. I was new once - long ago, in a galaxy far away - so I know the difficulty in getting established. Still, my principal concern is reserved for those who known to me. Molto grazie, e buona notte.
  14. With our Brave New World, we will have to rely on others privately for their experiences. But today I received from someone who just signed up 3 hours previously a request for specific information about one of the ladies I reviewed. My question for the ladies and the gents is: would you answer? Do you think it is safe, given the current state of affairs, to provide that information to someone without any history? He said he had been thinking of seeing her "for some time", which led me to wonder why he hadn't checked previously posted information. I have no problem helping out - but I want to be careful and not put anyone in jeopardy. Thanks for your input.
  15. Too many bp are coming to tob

    It works both ways - there are plenty of ladies coming from BP as well with less than stellar reviews on other sites. Best to be careful on all sides.