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  1. Dominican Republic : Crime against American tourist is concern here. Big Poppy a national hero was a victim of a shooting there. DR. Nights is nice for a short stay resort. Colombia : Crime against American tourist is concern here too. Philippines: Is nice but you do get more options in Thailand Thailand: As far as weeding thru Ladyboys just check their ID the government does allow individuals to falsify their gender. There are bars that do not allow Ladyboys to enter. Check this link out a bar in a basement of a hotel link
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    I have an idea...
  4. I Love You Colorado But Why Are You So Cold

    There's plenty of warm bodies in Colorado to snuggle up to.
  5. To all the fellow hobbyists

    It's Pootie Tang one of ATF movie. Private Messaging is still allow. but Please think before you push the 'Submit' button!!!
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    Respect people for a lot of different lifestyle choices just as I hope they have the courtesy to respect my decision to be a super horny squirrel in getting as many nuts that I can.
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    OOO= One O Only GE = Great Energy