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  1. What would your gang name be??

    Pootie Tang Gang
  2. Does "CIP" in a review mean what I think it does?

    I agree enough of this. {Click}


    That would be 'yes' to your question.
  5. Really???

    Erin Andrews settles for 55 million in her video stalker case, no hotel management is willing to risk getting caught.
  6. That will cost you extra
  7. Serious question

    In this forum we change or delete almost anything. But we can't change human nature.
  8. Serious question

    The path he chooses in life should be his and his alone. Be the good dad that I sure are and offer your advice when he comes to you.
  9. Just read me

    An exotic dancer at a club called Lookers in Elizabeth, NJ in '05 open my eyes and I never look back. I realized I'm a slut.
  10. 411 on 310-795-7905

    Try sending them a PM
  11. Alexa-4988

  12. Anyone think it's LE bait?

    Perhaps you're correct Providers changes names, numbers and cities they visit, like they underwear. The easy fix for not the same girl in the ads when you first meet. Is to say "I'm sorry I was mistaken, I was looking for someone else" and peacefully run like Forrest Gump.
  13. Anyone think it's LE bait?

    Lets think here, I see three individual outfits, the same cell phone, three individual location and the same girl in each photo. I put my money on she's legit. If this is LE bait, I'm hooked line and sinker, reel me in.
  14. Thank you....

    This thread has enough shilling {click}
  15. Over texting

    Over texting sound like a fetish, you should have charged extra for it.