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  1. Lawyer Recommendations

    My suggestion is to submit a review.
  2. This forum seems lonely! What's your favorite dessert?

    I'm old school, Apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top
  3. Undecided

  4. You have the right to refuse whoever you chose and he has the ability to submit a review. Note you have the opportunity for a rebuttal. If he does, he better be correct or this forum will beat him down like a Narc at a Biker rally.

    Ask Santa for one of these
  6. So this happened...

    Whoa Bro, I'm a Dick, I'm a Slut and I'm a freak any day of the week.

    Do you have facts to back up your claim (in one week).:confused:

    What exactly do you mean facts as far as what that ive never been busted or what

    I was asking, does he have facts to back up his claim, that you will be back up on that site in one week time, once you make the corrections I suggested in an earlier post.



  8. Need Advice Can you help

    Do you have facts to back up your claim (in one week).
  9. Need Advice Can you help

    Don't waste your time filling out some bogus website form. Just handle what you can control, your street creds (Your name and Reviews). Change your number and photos and the Internet (Google or Bing) has nothing to link to that website. Your regulars will follow you and rebuilding new client will come easy.
  10. Spam! I had to laugh

    Clicking on a link from an unknown sender is a not smart move.
  11. Can Anyone Help Out This Little Lady?

    Board members for this young lady safety and security, it's best to send your answer via PM.
  12. In the spirit of Halloween

    Send in the first Responders with a box of condoms
  13. Quoting someones post

    Try disabling your pop up blocker