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  1. Air Fryer Recommendations

    I have this air fryer and really like it. We cook rotisserie Cornish hens in it and many other foods. You can go online and get yummy recipes for the Cornish hens. I recommend this air fryer because it has many different ways you can use it. They do sell it on Amazon. Power AirFryer XL, 5.68L, 6 QT Red, Electric Stovetop Compatible, Air Fryer with Rotisserie and Dehydration Features, Bonus 3 Recipe Books
  2. I was so in love......

  3. I am based in Denver and I have never traveled. As Pfunk said Nail Salons often shape nails the same way. Not sure why some one would think that we are the same person based upon our nails. XOXOXO, NicholeofDenver
  4. Drone surveillance or phone tracking for "virus"

    Honestly if they want to track me so be it my life is not all that interesting. And I have nothing to hide, it is not like I am a mass murderer or anything crazy. The most exciting place I usually go to is Wal-Mart and Starbucks..LOL Now I can see how being able to track the bad guys and murderers is a good thing.
  5. He would have turned 17...

    I am so sorry for your loss of your precious son may he rest in peace. My thoughts are with you during the difficult time hang in there. You know if you EVER need anything I am here for you.
  6. the right to refuse 😳

    Geez not sure what this guys issue is you were nice and professional. Sorry you had to deal with that kind of crap.
  7. For some providers this is the norm especially when a "client" is wanting an outcall or wanting us to travel a long distance for a meet up. As long as the provider is "legit" and well reviewed it is highly unlikely that you will get ripped off. So before sending any type of payment do your research first.
  8. Helping each other...what do you need/have

    I agree with Kali a price break on TOB would be nice. As things have slowed down due to all the chaos that has been going on lately. As it would mean a lot to the ladies I am sure.
  9. The Gambler

    Oh that voice...RIP Kenny Rogers A legend lost but not forgotten
  10. Suggestions for getting references

    This topic has been discussed quite a few times before on TOB, try doing a search on this topic and you may find some useful advice.
  11. Ghosted

    Us ladies love the nice guys, not saying you are not a nice guy Turtle. Just thinking that maybe your posts are a little "off" today.
  12. RIP Kobe

    I feel so bad for his beautiful wife to lose her precious daughter as I know this pain myself she will never be the same. May her daughter and Kobe rest in peace.
  13. Happy New Year!

    Glad to see you back. Hope all is well with you pretty lady.
  14. Happy New Year’s

    Happy New Year to everyone. I hope it is a great year for all of you.
  15. Welcome me