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  1. Happy Birthday Samantha

    Happy Birthday Beautiful Lady:)
  2. Seeking with REDACTED that loves REDACTED.

    Yes Dani the guys should keep it clean. Come 1/1/2019 the new laws come into effect. This thread should be deleted.
  3. Happy Birthday Kandi Apple

    Happy Birthday Beautiful Lady
  4. Homework WTH!

    I know what you mean it is like some of the guys do no research at all. I do not understand why some guys do not take the time to read our personal websites and such. I also spend quite a bit of time answering questions that can be found on my site or I just send them the link to my site. It is crazy how many guys I have blocked from contacting me because of stupid behavior and not following the rules. It is like we are dealing with a bunch of children who simply refuse to do any type or research before contacting an ASP.
  5. Careful with screening boys.

    Being a newbie friendly provider myself I do require a guys info to be able to verify him. I have some that will give the info I need to be able to screen them and others who will not. For myself it is simple if I can't verify you I will not see you. This being said I think that if you are a reputable seasoned provider such as myself who has been around for quite some time you would never think of outing a client. Outing someone is just plain wrong. I want to build my business up not destroy it. To the OP when she asked you for a D pic that should of been a big red flag right there. legitimate ASP'S do not ask for D pics...heck we see enough of them why would we ask for a pic of a D...LOL And besides not sure how a D pic can help verify a person.
  6. Punch card or lick it stamp card

    Honestly I think this is a nice idea. It gives regulars a financial break also for myself I like repeat clients. I know what to expect from them and it is nice to know who will be showing up at my door.
  7. SNL skid on Escorts

    OMG that is too funny. Thank you for the laughs:)
  8. Reading is fundamental

    Maybe the guys do read the ad title and choose to ignore it. I have a pretty detailed website with rates and such. Yet I still get guys asking me what are your rates?? And asking about other info that can easily be found on my website. I have had guys admit they only read the first page of my site and decided to give me a call. This makes me want to pull my hair out. I have pretty run out of patience with the guys who do no research at all especially when the info is so easy to fine.
  9. New to this site and wanted to say Hello !

    Welcome to the board pretty lady:)
  10. what is up with the no black guys thing.

    I have no problem seeing AA clients and I will continue to do so. Whenever I see an ASP who will not see a black guy I think to myself WTF. The AA clients that I have seen have always been clean, polite and very respectful.
  11. Pre Plan vs Spur of the Moment

    I agree with you Laci we are not sitting around in lingerie waiting for the next call. Pre planning is always best. Whenever I get a guy calling me asking if you are available now. I want to say "this is not a drive thru" However if I have seen you before exceptions can be made.
  12. How to treat a client

    I really do not use board handles or reviews as means of verification. As both can be made up by LE as we all know, and any other person who may want to cause an ASP harm. I recently read a rebuttal in the reviews from an ASP a client had put up a review and he never saw the ASP. Now I have made exceptions for clients that I have seen in the past or if they have been a member of the board for a long time and are well established.
  13. Thank you BadBoy for posting this. I feel for the providers who are dealing with idiots because I know what they are going through. Ever since BP went down I have had a lot more idiots to deal with. It amazes me that even though I have my own website guys still ask stupid questions that can be answered by reading my website. So I have had my share of blocking numbers and deleting time wasters even more so with BP gone. So my fellow ladies hang in there and lets hope things improve rather quickly.
  14. Prices dropping and shoes are hard too find

    OMG...go away already. Who are you to tell us that we made poor life decisions. And just because we choose to be ASP'S does not mean we have made poor life decisions.
  15. Prices dropping and shoes are hard too find

    Yes you gotta have thick skin to be in this biz. This I have learned over the years as we can't please everybody as you can see from still looking 2 posts and his negative attitude. Oh well I'm with you Miss Hunter let's just concentrate on the true gentlemen who enjoy our company.