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Found 22 results

  1. Hello all...Been over 5 years since I met with a provider (in relationship). Have had experiences in the past, but only a handful and do not have references. I feel like I am trying to get a new job with no work history lol. All providers want refs, even "newbie friendly". How do I get a date? I am happy to provide any info required, nothing to hide and just trying to have some fun, soon!
  2. Welcome me

    Hi Everyone, After months of being a guest user and following threads each night, I have taken the next step of joining this fun and intimate group. Hope to know all though forum post and/or DM soon. Not new to the hobby, but for sure new to the TOB as a new member. I have been hobbyist for 5 years now. Some of the providers were TOB members and now retired ;(
  3. New to TOB

    Hello everyone! Oh how much fun is this!? Great Forums, Great banter and so welcoming! You are all incredible people and I cannot wait to meet more! xo Dani Panti
  4. I’m new to the hobby and really need to see who is newbie friendly so I can get references. I know I’ll need at least a few before I’m taken seriously . So any newbie friendly providers . Let me know . I would like to meet up soon. Thank you in advance.
  5. Newbie to TOB

    Hello! I'm new to this site and living in Denver. A repeat client of mine recommended I join so here I am. Looking forward to being part of this community.
  6. Newbie

    Hey everyone. I’m new here and would like to gather some references. so any newbie friendly providers out there. let me know .
  7. Hey all! Excited to be posting here. I’m relatively new to the hobby and to TOB. I’ve always flirted with the idea and the fear of something going badly would prevent me. Figured it’s time to join the community, get registered on P411 and start having some fun! I’m located in HTX I’ve read numerous threads for newbies but would love to hear anyone’s rush of adrenaline and first time experiences glad to introduce myself and thanks again TOB community!
  8. hotels Denver Hotels

    Hey there Denver has been on my TDL for some time after researching some things online and I came across this site it seems to cater more to Denver then any other site I'm currently using so hopfully one of you ladies or gents can Pm of some hotel info Where to go and stay away from PM Me as I am aware we need to keep our community safe much love-Alexis Fierce
  9. Colorado Escort Hey I’m new here and need some help. I have no references or anything and was wondering if anyone knows how I can get started.
  10. How much info is too much info?

    New to the forums and I am a newbie. I have been on this site a few weeks now trying to learn the ins and outs of this community. Ive read a lot of ads and reviews to get an idea how things operate. I do have a question though that Im sure I will have a range of answers. But, how much information is too much information to give out about yourself? I see providers asking for references which is fine. But I also see providers asking for selfies and photos of drivers license. I've seen providers asking for a linkedin account information. I understand the need to be safe and know who you are dealing with. I guess I want the same assurances. But I also know the first leap of faith needs to come from me. That being said, Is it normal for a provider to know basics like your real name, where you work, where you live? I see people saying they use burner phones that they only use for the hobby to keep their identity a secret. I also see people not going that far. I guess YMMV? (also learning all the lingo) I hope to learn more and take the plunge someday soon.
  11. Young Newbie Searching

    Hello all, so I'm a newbie to all this and I'm relatively young. older than 18 obviously but younger than 35-40 which I've noticed a few models specify in their profiles. So I guess my question is: who are some good newbie friendly providers that can give me a reference for the future? I've been watching the ads the past few days but have had little luck. So can anyone help me out by giving some recommendations?
  12. Hey I'm Jeff a my work has had me stuck here in Denver for the last 11 weeks. I joined TOB about a month ago and love the site and reviews but I have no reference for other members to review. So what's the secret ? How dose a out of town guy with no referencies get any quality company that's not a scam found on the other sites ??? Thanks Jeff
  13. Hello my name is indyanna. I am new on this board. I want to figure out how to get verified as an established provider on the other board. Any help would be grateful. Any reccomendations for travel destinations?
  14. Questions from a newbie

    I'm a newbie to hobbying, and I have been wondering the best way to approach a provider. I have no references yet as I am totally new. Any thoughts or recommendations of providers who are comfortable with newbies?
  15. Hello, newbie alert!

    Hello TOB, Brand new here but had a couple questions if anybody would be willing to answer them for me. I was over on the ECCIE forums (have had an account over there for a very long time but never posted, different username) and while looking through the provider ads and also the review sections it was said that TOB was the place for Colorado users as ECCIE is hugely popular in Texas but not up here as much. So I am thankful to the post referring me this way to a more engaged meeting spot. One of the things I have noticed from several providers (the ones who actually have great reviews and seem like real legit people) is that they require usually 2 references at the minimum. Well for a newbie this obviously proves a problem when the top tier want to be cautious, and the newbies want to make sure they too are cautious. I have never used a provider before but have been lurking for years and finally want to get into this hobby. Any advice from seasoned members for newbies on how to secure a couple great references safely? Next question, is there a list of what a lot of these acronyms mean? I have been able to google/figure some of them out, but a list pinned to the forums would be wonderful. The reviews guys leave are immensely helpful but as a newbie to the lingo it can be hard to decipher what exactly was done. Looking forward to spending lots more time on here getting to know people, and eventually popping my hobby cherry!
  16. I believe every woman should screen any way she sees fit, and I also believe in ultimately trusting your gut feeling (Spidey Senses). I rely extremely heavily on my gut feeling about a person, or the situation surrounding the day's slew of events/patterns. Some days I sense absolutely zero danger, and screening is easy breezy. Some days I have every dangerous person (intent on doing me harm) on planet Earth contacting me, and screening is like Fort Knox. It's a day-to-day battle having to figure out what my level of safety or danger is for each particular day. However if every dangerous element (people trying to cause me harm) is contacting me on a certain day those who are Newbies (innocent bystanders) may find themselves getting screened heavily, and unfortunately turned away because the danger level is just too high that day to take any risks on seeing anyone with no references. Another example... I have had a string of negative incidents with men under 40 years old lately. Unfortunately now every man under 40 who contacts me is being treated like a suspicious suspect due to a handful of undesirables who have tried to pull fast ones on me recently. I automatically assume everyone under 40 is going to be a troublemaker. Consequently I treat them as someone trying to cause me grief. I hate being put into this position of having to screen heavily, or choose to only see men over 40 years old. An additional example... When it's time for bee "stings", and "they"start contacting me... I am hesitant to take any phone calls. I will only text. "They" typically most want you on the phone to record your voice talking about the intended transaction. Why do I only text on these days? Probably because psychologically it makes me "feel" more safe and secure. Not necessarily true, but it appeases my anxieties. This may make the normal, innocent people who want to place a phone call feel nervous. Again though... I'm willing to shit can potential appointments if some refuse to text on these certain days of "Operation Round Up of Low Hanging Fruit". Now I would not start screening the exact way I do because there is always room for error especially when one is desperate or greedy for money. I have been on both sides of the fence in the adult industry/service provider business. When my gut told me "No", but I saw them anyway, even though they "appeared" safe... This is when I have had problems with clients being pushy, aggressive, abusive, over stepping boundaries and shorting/ripping me off. All because I didn't heed to my internal warning system that went off before actually meeting them. My only regrets have come from seeing someone in spite of my gut feeling telling me "Oh hell NO!", or having even just a general uneasiness about agreeing to see them. This feeling is different from the regular nervousness we all get from seeing a new client. This type of business is like a box of fireworks... Most will go off without a hitch, but there are always a few that blow up in your face. It's the nature of this beast. If I say "No" to someone one day, it could very well be a completely different story a few days later. Timing is everything. I hate having to be the Soup Nazi some days saying "No Soup For You" lol. It strips the fun out of my job because it adds a lot of extra stress, pressure and disappointment for all parties. But... My safety is paramount, and ultimately my number one concern. Hope this helps shed some positive light on why some of us screen the way we do. There is often a method to our perceived madness lol ;-)
  17. Sayin HI!

    Hi guys! Just wanted to introduce myself-I'm new around here. My name is Giselle Monroe I'm a Sacramento transplant hoping to fall in love with the desert. I am based out of Las Vegas but travel all over. SoCal, Denver, AZ. Hope to make some new friends! XO Giselle
  18. i'm new in town

    i'm rae. i'm not new in town (if town means colorado). but i have been doing this only since november-ish of last year, took a two month break to professionally make breakfast burritos, glad i found this place before i hopped back on. i've read & am heeding the warnings to not post on here drunk and i'm like a pint of whiskey deep so ima stop here soon haha. i drink with my dogs frequently but we can change that, right? that's what we're all here for, right?? i look forward to posting on here and getting to know some more rottwei-- people. not rottweilers. i meant people. nice to meet y'all(:
  19. Hello Denver!! I will be visiting your area {snip}! Looking forward to making some CO friends!! then into Utah.,,
  20. Hello! I am new to your board and ready to make some new friends in Utah & also Colorado . Here’s some things I adore: Weak knees and long glances, kind words, smiles and last but not at all least, the touch and feel of bare skin. I'm excited to be a part of this "new to me" board.
  21. Hi, I am Charismatic Dione, but you may also address me as Charisma or simply Dione. I am totally brand new to the Industry, I will make 24 yrs of age on the 23rd of this month and I currently reside in Colorado Springs [Snip} I do plan to move over to the Denver Metro area by the end of this year so if you have leads on nice Hobby friendly incalls please send them my way! [Snip} patience please as this is all a process and I am learning more and more day by day. *Any good logical advice toward helping me be successful in this Industry is welcome from both providers & clients. Also, I am in need of a good professional photographer. Thanks in advance for your time and assistance. Charisma D