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Found 8 results

  1. New Provider

    Hi! My name's Jaz. I'm a newish provider, I've been on here a bit in the last year but never really said hi so now I'm fixing that.. I'm a metal chick! I love scary music and stuff I can jump around and lip synch in the mirror too. Oh and I love Trailer Park Boys! I'm outspoken and into the FemDomme lifestyle so if you like meek and mild maybe keep moving? What else oh yeah I'm trans - hormones, mood swings, the whole bit I'm happy to answer questions if anybody cares lol... Anyway hi!
  2. Hi TOB let me introduce myself

    Im Fiona Originally from San Antonio TX and brandnew here. I started on Eccie in 2014 but took a year long break but ready to dive back into the fun. I love people and diversity. Im excited to find what kind of love is out there to give and recieve.
  3. Finally saying Hi

    Hello I'm Nicole (Nikki) I've been On TOB for a few months and I've always kinda kept to myself and been a little shy but I think its time I introduced myself to everyone. I've read forums posted by other ladies and everyone seems so welcoming and I'm usually a shy keep to myself kinda girl but with everything going on with BP Its good to know that I do have TOB !!
  4. An ancient Chinese proverb, often attributed to Confucius, observes “As the water shapes itself to the vessel that contains it, so a wise man adapts himself to circumstances.“ My heart goes out to the many beautiful women of this community who no doubt are feeling a sense of uncertainty about how changing public policy, legislation, and these trying times may impact them. And certain fellow gentlemen may be understandably reticent to pursue certain extracurricular activities or reach out to a young lady with whom they may not have already shared private moments in light of the lack of details and general climate of change and transition. I crossed this particular Rubicon about five years ago, relying on many of the reviews and postings in this group, as well as p411, to screen and contact potential partners. But I confes that I have rarely posted in the various forums and only occasionally posted reviews on TER or TOB when the young lady requested it, generally preferring to err on the side of discretion and keep private times private. I have had the pleasure of getting to know some remarkable, genuine, and incredibly beautiful young women, and shared moments that are now memories I cherish. In light of these changing times, I feel compelled to do my part to become a more active member of the TOB community, to help watch one another’s back, and help out the beautiful women who give so much of themselves in the moments they share with gentlemen, in the hope they will always spend such time in the company of those who treat them with respect and appropriate consideration. I’m happy to accept PMs from other respectful gentlemen seeking a discreet recommendation from any of the young ladies I may have seen or reviewed on TER or TOB, or who may be listed in my p411 okays. And if I can be a resource in any other way, or simply share my perspectives and answer questions for others in the community, don’t hesitate to ask. I live in Denver, but travel fairly frequently in connection with my profession. The warm sunshine of this beautiful spring day here in Colorado is making me smile, and despite the recent challenges, I feel a sense of optimism about the future that we will all find a way to adapt, just as water shapes itself to the vessel that contains it. Here’s what I believe: A gentleman always stands when a lady enters a room, always holds the door open, and always picks up the check. Most importantly, a gentleman always makes sure the lady comes first -- preferably repeatedly. I also want to add how much I appreciate all that the admins and mods on this board do to help ensure the rules and legalities are all being followed, and what they and all TOB members do to help instil a climate of mutual respect. Nice to meet all of you.
  5. i'm new in town

    i'm rae. i'm not new in town (if town means colorado). but i have been doing this only since november-ish of last year, took a two month break to professionally make breakfast burritos, glad i found this place before i hopped back on. i've read & am heeding the warnings to not post on here drunk and i'm like a pint of whiskey deep so ima stop here soon haha. i drink with my dogs frequently but we can change that, right? that's what we're all here for, right?? i look forward to posting on here and getting to know some more rottwei-- people. not rottweilers. i meant people. nice to meet y'all(:
  6. New to TOB and new to Colorado!

    Greetings, everyone. My name is Brielle Devonshire. I am liking how simple TOB is to navigate thus far and am very excited for my first visit to Colorado. I am based out of a location not that far away so I am not quite sure what took me so long to put Denver on my tour schedule. Looking forward to exploring the city and making new friends.
  7. Greetings board,Happy New Year! I'm Adara Monroe, formerly Lorelei Jesse for the veterans of the board. My services have changed, [snip] Looking forward to sharing my craft with you and creating magical moments here on the board! I hope you all have blessed new year!Warmly,Adara
  8. Hello Everyone

    Just wanted to introduce myself to all of you fine folks. I've been involved in this "hobby" for several years, but the urge to be abused by discussion board members didn't hit me until recently. I have lurked on TOB for quite awhile, so I figured why not jump in and have fun? SixtiesDude at your service!!