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  1. Can We Have A Lil Fun With This?

    It's his Confidence that attracts people to him, and what people see as his positive quality for being able to run the country better than anyone else. Be it he is abusive, intolerant, angry and scary lol... BUT... He has an abundance of Confidence. Think about all the people you are attracted to... They most likely have an abundance of Confidence. I seek a certain "type" of confidence. It is my surrendered self that acquires Confidence from the Source to which I surrendered everything to. It to me is real, stable and eternal through all shit storms, through all failures, through all negative feelings and through all dealings with other people. I have, at least in my opinion, developed a pretty good radar at detecting a faux confidence (cocky assholes possess this lol) versus a genuine, true, internal Confidence. One will attempt to pull the wool over other people's eyes with hidden low self esteem & self hatred issues, AND the other will give others a wonderful sense of peace, trust, acceptance and love because their confidence comes from a pure place and a good energy. It's what makes Trump a huge success. Whether his confidence is real or faux I could truly never know something like that at this time and place. He is running for the president of the US. Why would he let it all hang loose lol? But... Everything all usually comes out in the wash sooner or later lol. It's Trump's ability to keep taking abuse from all sides, and yet still keep truckin' a long without letting anything, anyone or any situation to ever be a road block to his agenda and path in life. No matter what he just keeps on going without skipping a beat. This I can respect, and appreciate in a person no matter who they are, or what they bring to the table. I personally do not like the man. He is a wolf in sheep's clothing in my personal opinion. I do respect him as a business tycoon though. Man does he know how to influence other people, take control and make a ton of money lol Think about the people that the world finds extremely attractive and desirable. The one quality they probably all share is... Confidence... Deep rooted... Unmovable... Unshakable... Self Confidence. In Trump's case he could benefit from toning it a down just a tad lol
  2. One of my Favorite movies... Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo
  3. On rate haggling.....

    A lot of Newbies don't understand the simple rule that you never ask about services & what our donations are before we spend our time together, OR that you never ask us how much our donation is after our time is up. I honestly think they just look at our photos, get excited and then call to make an appointment without doing their research on our rates. They just stuff a bunch of cash in their wallets so they're covered financially no matter what the cost turns out to be. I don't operate like this in life, but some men do. I want to know exactly how much something is going to be before I take part in it lol. One could think a truffle was only $100 when in reality it might actually cost $1,000 lol. Unfortunately they don't realize asking these incriminating questions makes our hearts skip a bit with fright. I wish it didn't happen. But it does a lot. Not all men who ask these questions are trying to cause us any harm. Being a sensual body rub provider I deal with a ton of Newbies who are absolutely clueless about the do's and don'ts of the hobby world.
  4. On rate haggling.....

    That's actually a Hilarious joke LMAO Sadly there are tons of men who have real issues with being addicted to masturbation. So much so that it affects their daily activities, their ability to get an erection and causes many problems within all their female relationships. When you masturbate excessively to porn videos or photos you are actually reprogramming your mind to only get turned on by what you are seeing. Thus making real world experiences less than stellar (disappointment) which end up causing the ED issues and the relationship troubles. If you're single, and have no desire to meet, date or marry women then I say go ahead... ravish your own body as much as you want LOL. But... If you are wanting a real relationship or active dating/sex life then it's probably best to keep your hands out of your pants, and focus on trying to get them into a woman's pants instead lol.
  5. Can We Have A Lil Fun With This?

    FYI... I was just posting this video because it seemed to have more intriguing information about this topic. For the record I am not Muslim. I am a Christian. I am sure most of you already figured that out by now by my other posts, LOL, but just thought I'd throw that out there to you since the ending of this video is a bit odd (in my opinion or maybe I should say something I don't believe in). I just felt this video has more great information concerning the Golden Mean (Ratio). Carry On lol
  6. A little music

    My Current Favorite Song...
  7. On rate haggling.....

    If masturbation was satisfactory, and thus working so perfectly for men, there would be little to no demand for escorts, body rub or fetish providers...
  8. On rate haggling.....

    Food For Thought... I did not join Colorado Athletic Club because it costs $100 a month to be a member. I do not want to pay $100 a month to get the requirement exercise that my body needs. I did NOT call up Colorado Athletic Club to tell them their rates are too high for what they offer, I did NOT badger and belittle them in attempts to get them to lower their monthly rate JUST FOR LIL 'OL ME so I could join without feeling like I was paying too much each month for my membership and I did NOT get online to post negative things that bad mouth the way they choose to run their business. I simply just choose to run, walk, hike and bike outside because it's free. Moral Of The Story... Cost to join Colorado Athletic Club: $100 Learning to walk away peacefully AND joyfully when something is out of my preferred/expected price range: Priceless
  9. Incorrect Advertising?

    You are correct in the fact that many things in life are negotiable. However... Not all providers are open to or appreciate a man who tries to haggle their posted donation rates. Why would we post something we didn't actually want? With that said, you do run the risk of upsetting or offended a provider if you attempt to ask for a price reduction. Then again you may find yourself fortunate to receive said price reduction you ask for. Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get... You ask not, you receive not. My personal opinion is this... If you ask for a discounted rate, from me personally, I just automatically save your number into my DNS List (Do Not See). When you first call/text I perceive you as an asset or profit, BUT... when you ask for a lower rate I now perceive you as a liability or loss. Coming from an extremely heavy corporate business background I see most things in life as an asset/profit (something Good) OR as a liability/loss (something to avoid). I have a painting on my wall that reads... "Use it when it's to your advantage. Abandon it when it becomes your limitation." I live by this. It does not mean to use and abuse people/things to my advantage. It simply means if something is an advantage then I use it to its fullest. BUT... If something becomes a limitation/liability I choose to let it go, and move on to something more profitable/good/advantageous. I love to swim in Good, and I love to run away from things that are not. Men who respect my choices, decisions, options, activities and posted rates get sooooo much more out of me than men who try to deceive me, lie to me or finagle the system in a way that takes away from me in order to give more to themselves. Simply Put... You get back what you give out. (Cycle of Return: Give and Take - Don't break the cycle) I am definitely NOT telling you to stop asking for discounted rates. You have Free Will to do as you please while on this Earth. I am just giving you some background information as to why you may want to re-think and rearrange your negotiating tactics. We, providers, are not a covert military operation, corporate business take over deal, or a law enforcement plea bargain before going to trial. We are women who are probably taking care of more people and things than you may be aware. Example: Both of my children were in a horrifc car accident back in February. They were driving out here to Colorado with friends when the driver lost control of the car on I-70 flipping the car 15+ times. My daughter was in the backseat laying down asleep with her seat belt off. She was ejected from the car, and thrown 40 feet from the car. My son was in the front passenger seat wearing his seat belt. His side of the car receive the MOST damage. The driver was ejected from the car, and walked away without a scratch. Both of my children had to be life flighted to two different hospitals in Denver (30 minutes from each other) because of the severity of their injuries. My son was in a coma. He broke his back in two places, crushed his jaw in 5 places, crushed his temple, crushed his nose, his face was severly sliced open and he had literally bit off his tongue. My daughter's back was crushed and massively broken in 7 places. Her knee was so severly injured it was if the leg had been ripped off her body. They both under went massive/lengthy emergency surgeries to repair everything. They both spent 3 weeks in ICU. Then they both spent months here at my place learning to sit up, eat, talk, hobble, etc again. (Probably now explains why I was Outcall only for a few months lol) Now they are finally back home going to physical therapy, and making a full recovery. My son just went back to work for his first day yesterday. My daughter still can not work because she is still learning how to walk again. Praise be to Jesus for their miraculous lives being spared. If my daughter had been in her seat belt she would have been killed. If my son had not been wearing his seat belt he would have been killed. My daughter was supposed to be paralyzed, wheel chair bound and not be able to use the bathroom again on her own. My son was supposed to have severe brain damage, and not be able to take care of himself any longer. I never for one moment bought into anything the DRs told me, and I did NOT let one word of what they told me in the beginning come out of my mouth to anyone. I just believed they would be fully healed through the power of Jesus. Jesus is mighty, powerful and to be praised for sparing them their lives, their brain and their ability to walk again!! I will always give Him credit for their miraculous healing that should have never been humanly possible!! Both of my kids were sound asleep when the accident happened. They do not remember even one thing related to the actual accident except for when they woke up injured. Thank God for that! The driver has had extreme PTSD, nightmares and flashbacks every day since because he was awake the whole time, and saw everything. He was also filled with mind torturing guilt because of how badly my kids were injured, and their lives so horrifically altered. God's Divine way of allowing that accident to happen at just the perfect time allowed my kid's lives and memories to be spared. I am forever grateful and thankful for all He has done for my family. Why the driver walked away without a scratch is still a mystery to me, but I suspect God knows... and that's good enough for me. I forgave that young man the day of the accident, and have repeatedly told him I forgive him. He said it has immensely helped with his burden of guilt. There was nothing that would change even one moment of that situation, and I knew in my heart if I did not forgive him I would be hindering those miracles of healing for each of my children. Forgiveness is vitally important in everything in our Lives! I don't question anything anymore because rarely does anything make sense or seem fair. But... I know and believe from my own personal experience that God works all things out for Good in our lives... if we surrender everthing to Him and allow Him to find a way to turn them for Good. Because of this accident there has been so much Good , Healing, Change and more Miracles that have come out of this senseless accident for me and both of my children. It is almost unfathomable to reflect on all He has done for us since that frightful day in February. God is truly a Magnificent Mystery, and I love Him more than anything! All I know to do in every horrible, negative or fearful situations is... I just give Thanks in all circumstances. It really works. I'll stake my Life on it. I 'VE BEEN PAYING BOTH THEIR RENT and OTHER BILLS, IT IS EXPENSIVE TO PAY ALL THAT PLUS MY OWN SET OF BILLS AND NEEDS. [snip] A lot of these women, especially younger providers, have kids they are taking care of possibly with little to no child support or help. Might be why they entered into this business in the first place... to adequately support a family. So maybe you can see why I do not entertain anyone who contacts me asking for a discounted rate on my services. To me it says, "Hey I don't give two shits what you want or need out of life. All I care about is me, and I'm going to get what I want no matter if it hurts/affects anyone else or not." I can NOT stand people like this. I want to get as far away from people like this as I possibly can. Simply Put... You get out of Life what you give back to Life. Do you want to be a Blessing, or a drain on someone's Life? Me personally... I most enjoy being a Blessing because it gives me Joy, Peace and Satisfaction
  10. Can We Have A Lil Fun With This?

    LMAO You are Hilarious. No... Don't leave the party. We are smoking meats out back, and have craft brews on ice lol. I'm happy you posted something. And... for the record I'm definitely not MENSA material. I just get woke up in the middle of the night, and shown things like this. I keep a notebook by my bed so I don't forget any of it.
  11. Can We Have A Lil Fun With This?

    "And Now here's something we hope you'll really like" (Rocky and Bullwinkle lol)... I am a HUGE fan of Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones!! Use them alllllll the time They can be used for all sorts of things for healing, brain development/increase, progress, depression, happiness, raising your frequency vibration, making changes within yourself/personality, etc etc etc. I predict the future of medicine to move to using a lot of Light and Audio Sound Waves (frequencies) to heal people in the future. They have already begun. Check out the various Red Light Therapies they offer now. Super Exciting things to come!! Yeahhhh Have you ever seen the movie Elysium? They use light and sound to heal the rich people on Elysium... Awesome flick!! YOU MUST LISTEN TO THESE WITH HEADPHONES ON TO HEAR EVERYTING AND GET THE MOST OF THE SOUNDS. (Close your eyes too if possible.) DO NOT DRIVE, OPERATE MACHINERY, OR DO ANYTHING MOTOR SKILL RELATED UNTIL YOU KNOW HOW THESE AFFECT YOU. It is honestly best to put on headphones, lie down, close your eyes and just absorb everything while relaxing. 15 MINUTE LINK: 1 HOUR LINK: OFF TOPIC... BUT ... NOT REALLY.... Raise Frequency Vibration (Binaural Beats) Link: Don't Even Get Me Started On "Triliminals" lol. They are super Cool!! TRILIMINAL LINK: >>> DISCLAIMER <<< Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones are Good and Useful as long as you Know and Believe your source for ALL things comes from This and This Enjoy
  12. Can We Have A Lil Fun With This?

    Donald Trump's ear LMAO ha ha.
  13. Can We Have A Lil Fun With This?

    It's Order and Organization at it's finest. Why they call it "Irrational" is beyond me lol. All of creation more Balanced than empty scales. Ask yourself... How could something like this link all of creation together? It's absolutely Fascinating! All of creation from the beginning of time uses this (see examples below) I Love Orchestrated Beauty
  14. Credit cards

    With all that change... I guess we could call him Dirk Jiggler instead of Dirk Diggler (Boogie Nights / John Holmes) lol.
  15. Can We Have A Lil Fun With This?

    I love this! The dot in the middle must be the zero. 0+1+1+2+3+5+8+13+21+34+55+...