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  1. Has anyone seen Vivi in Boulder?

    Thanks for the responses. Sorry for the trouble.
  2. Viv(ian) Damore 917-426-7232 Colorado Companion She is listed on P411 and Twitter ( Nice pics but only TER reviews shown on her Twitter page which are old. Wonder whether anyone has seen her recently, say in the last 6 months. I hope I did this right.
  3. I really don't know where to start with this. My experiences overseas have been far superior to what I have experienced in NoCo but there are many dimensions to this. Note: I am not really talking about Thailand. I have seen escorts in London, Brussels, Kiev, Nairobi, Ulan Bator, N. Australia, Bali, Bangkok, and others. The biggest difference by far is the ease of scheduling. It is great to have a sexy woman show up at your hotel room door. Or to be in an exotic location, traveling when seeing escorts. No offense to those that have spent most of their lives in this area! Driving any significant distance to see an escort and then paying the current rates is a bad deal, unless you are pretty well off. Some women have said that clients that drive a ways to see them create 'drama.' I did have one provider say that she was flattered that I drove 100 miles each way to see her but I am sure such attitudes are very rare. And I have read on this board that many providers only take seriously those men that are good prospects to be 'regulars.'; i.e. weekly clients. I am not sure how many men reading posts here realize this. I have had some great times with women in this area but I have also had some horrific experiences; probably 2 of the worst experiences with women in my life have been with escorts out here. If either of them had been working for an agency, especially one overseas, they would have been fired immediately. But I am still trying to see women here even as I write this. Frankly it is almost too much work; the prices are higher and providers respond much less frequently. I have 18 OKs on P411 but I am older now; safe to say this does not matter to many if any providers. I could go on....
  4. Deposits Deposits Deposits!!!

    Thanks to everyone here. I decided to not pursue this potential meeting. The young lady in question had told me she was going to move on date X but could maybe see me as an outcall the next day. When I told her I would prefer an incall she said either way was fine but I needed to make a deposit. So the risk of me showing up and her being elsewhere was hard to ignore. She did not respond when I asked about how to make a deposit. Thanks again!
  5. Deposits Deposits Deposits!!!

    Glad to see this topic being discussed though I suspect that I am behind the times. For the first time I have been asked to make a deposit to be on the schedule of a provider. Apparently this is required whether for incall or outcall. She has verified my references which I gave via email (for some reason I could not send her a P411 request). So my question is; what are the best ways (for a client) to make deposits and what should I look out for? She is a well reviewed lady. Thanks for your help in advance!
  6. Hi everyone, It has been a loong time since I have posted here and did not do so often even then so thanks for reading this. For obvious and no-so obvious reasons I have been away from the 'hobby' for about 1.5 years, which is far too long. I have been wondering how people in the community have been dealing with covid-19 - meaning those that are still active. Is there any sort of common practice about how often to get tested for covid-19? Are both parties usually careful about asking who the other has seen and when? You get my drift I am sure. I would like to play again. I apologize if this has been covered elsewhere on TOB and of course I realize there are likely to be 'bad apples' or whatever you might call them regardless of any such 'community standards.' Feel free to direct me elsewhere if you are so inclined; I am way out of the loop. Stay safe and thanks, Nairobi08
  7. Greetings and Salutations

    Nice pics. Thanks for saying hello.
  8. Re #3; attitude is everything. I would prefer a younger provider but there is always the chance she would be uncomfortable with my age. Older women generally have better skills. My preferences have now shifted from early-mid 20s to early mid-30s over the last ten years.
  9. Expectations

    I recall one time that this was OK with me. She had three phones going off and kept bitching about something; maybe women who spent 2000 for shoes. I was laughing my ass off and watching her tits bounce as she jumped between phones. Hard to pull this off though.
  10. Yep. Pining, whining, clinging, etc. are signs that you should 'spread it around', something I first heard in a strip club. It gets easier as I get older.
  11. Maestra aka Maestra Monet Colorado Companion I see that someone asked a similar question over a year ago but she posted that she was doing a 'farewell tour' late spring of this year. When I saw here I did not realize that but it fits what she said about her situation. Does anyone know anymore? She just took down her P411 account recently. Of course, we never really know in this hobby.
  12. Speaking of Golf, Do any of the ladies play?

    This has not occurred to me. On the other hand, having a golf course taken over by strippers and clients always sounded like fun. Your ladies do know how to frame a hole.
  13. No excuse for shorting the donation. I accidentally forgot once but made good on it soon after I got the call. As for the 'mutual satisfaction,' I see it as something that I want to have happen and do my best to achieve. However, I have had some women who just want me to get off. These are ones that I do not see again since they usually accomplish their goal!
  14. Connection with a provider?

    I have never had a provider want to stay overnight. In London I met providers willing to go out for dinner, etc. In Chicago I met a European woman who went out for a late dinner with me. Still I have met some women around here where felt some sort of connection, just based on a combination of personality, the physical connection, or something like 'feel.' We can tell when I provider is not interested in you in any way other than $$. At the risk of sounding 'corny' I think men want women with a warm heart, even when they are paying.
  15. Cheyenne wy?

    There are just not many providers up there and I mean on P411. More and more you will see providers 'make a trip up north' but this usually means Ft Collins. I have been told that about 70% of the activity is south of Denver city center which explains a great deal. I have been hobbying from Cheyenne for a while and it is not easy; makes me wish I was still traveling to major city centers regularly. Sorry for the grim news. You will have to do some research, looking at reviews to find women that sometimes makes it up there.