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  1. 411 on this Lady?

    A reliable and esteemed provider occasionally offers a duo with this individual in question!
  2. Favorite places an must see wonders of Denver

    Welcome, and thanks for making Denver your permanent home! Can’t wait to meet up , hopefully soon!
  3. Tragedy in Our Community

    Marilyn, So sorry to hear about your loss, my deepest condolences , thoughts and prayers for you and your family. As others have mentioned, please take time to grief and reach out for support. Please take care.

    Happy Birthday, have a day filled with fun and laughter!!
  5. hobby computer security question

    Raspberry Pi4 kit, comes with a Linux image, tons of YouTube vid to guide on how to, and off you go for about $100. You may use any old usb keyboard, mouse and monitor or get a touch screen monitor for $30 . Literally the size of a cigarette packet, so easy to hide or have it out in plain sight and say honey it’s for a hobby. It’s a bit complicated for regular pc users so less chance of getting snooped around by kids or grandkids lol.
  6. I always wondered, for those who have/ had SO and still have this hobby. Did your SO do or not do things that forced you into this hobby? For me it’s yes to all of the above, . Still hanging in there, cause I have this TOB fam and support ++ plus the extras
  7. Newbe

    Under listing : Select State—>City—>Hit the + in the Search Button —> type “Newbie” under listing description. It will show all listing with Newbie or not Newbie listing. Be careful who you contact from that list, my suggestion would be someone with enough reviews over a period of time. Be safe !!
  8. Lilly Lavish Colorado Companion Happy New Year to you all. Lilly Lavish: One of my fav GFE from BP days ( 2015-16), research shows she was on TOB as well during the same time. Is she still around??.....can’t seem to locate her here or otherwise: Thanks much!!
  9. Welcome me

    Thank you all, for the warm welcome!! I will continue to rely on research for my next steps, plan is to meet some of the lovely ladies in person very soon through proper channels:)
  10. Welcome me

    Hi Everyone, After months of being a guest user and following threads each night, I have taken the next step of joining this fun and intimate group. Hope to know all though forum post and/or DM soon. Not new to the hobby, but for sure new to the TOB as a new member. I have been hobbyist for 5 years now. Some of the providers were TOB members and now retired ;(